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Like I.H.P. announced at the April All Guilds Meeting, The International's Hood will have a Public
Open Hood Day on Thursday 24th
of April from 12:00 till 20:00 KI Time or even beyond that.

This I.H.P. Open Hood Day happens for several reasons. To sum it up briefly:
(more further details and updates below)

1. / During this week there's The D'ni New Year that happens on 21st of April
I.H.P's One Year Anniversary... The International Mother Earth's Day...
The Guild of Linguists become one year too. So why not try and have a Party?!

2. / We will at the same time try to gather together as much as possible of the
Creative Talents we have in the cavern. Writers, Artists, Age Builders,
, what not. And give them the Stage, let them tell about what they are
creating or doing, inspired or not by the Myst Universe. We'll try also to get
hold of the Shard crews, so they can come and tell about their present state
and their future plans.

3. / We're also trying to set up a series of Guided Age Tours on a European Time Schedule.
-- Would you like to go on a A Guided Age Tour, if suited for an European Time Schedule?
-- Have you some knowledge of the D'ni History and the Ages and could you do Guiding yourself?
-- Do you wish that either of these would happen with a Non-English language support?
That been as a back-up, if guided primarily in English. The secondary languages used could be
French, Dutch, German or Italian. Come and have a chat with us about this...

For later added UPDATES.... watch this space

Here's some more detailed Info regarding all of the above mentioned. (more to be added)

1. / This is happening during April 21st to 27th:
-- The D'ni New Year on 21st of April. We'll get Banners up in the Hoods and Fireworks,
I hope... The same day I.H.P. has a One Year Anniversary...
-- The International Mother Earth's Day on 22d of April. We live of this earth and we are
(IC) within this earth... And we should take good care of it!
-- Guild of Linguists have a One Year Anniversary on 23d of April
-- We have chosen 24th of April for this event. Thursday is already an established
Time Slot at 13:00 Ki Time for Janeerah's Age Gatherings. (see 3.)

2. / There are lots of talent in the cavern, I'm sure Talent we almost never get to see or hear.
Creators inspired by the Myst Universe. We give you the Stage. Come and talk about your
creations or ideas, play your music, tell what this place means to you... Anything goes!

We would also like to get all of the different Shards to come and present themselves. Talk about
their plans and ideas, history and the future. As far as I know there are at least 5 different Shards.
-- Deep Island (that has a plenty of Fan Made Content)
-- Gehn's Shard (more info to be added)
-- The Open Cave (more info to be added)
-- Minkata Test Shard (more info to be added)
-- The Lost City of Atlantis Shard (non-active? more info to be added)

Shards presently under development:
-- DIRT (as presented by Chloe Rhodes at AGM April)
-- ??? --

3. / r'Tay, Frank LeDeay and zeke365 have (with help of Stone) been doing a series of
IC Guided Age Tours. They consist of visits to an Age, getting to know the background
of if, who wrote it and about its wildlife and fauna. Each visit takes some 2 hours and
we get some great insights into the Ages and the D'ni Culture itself.

Thursdays could be a suited day for Tours. Janeerah has already done "Magic Age Visits" with some
additions to Ages by Michel (Mister Magic) for a long time. They too are in the planning of this.

Feel free to contact either me max.2.0 or Keir by PM on these Forums or in
MOULa: KI Mails to I.H.P:Max (KI# in sig) or Kaaja/I.H.P.X or [X]...

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