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PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 3:58 am 

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I agree, but with one caveat: we also need to believe that what we are doing has an effect. Otherwise, with no way of confirming that we are having the desired effect, we have no way of knowing if we're on the right track. This leads to disgruntledness (if that's a word) and destroys the impression of a physical, cause-&-effect type reality.

As for the announcements from the DRC about lighting the lake...always remember that we have no way of knowing their true motives, and KI-mail is effectively hearsay. "They said..." sometimes becomes "they lied"... Maybe by making the lake brighter, they're trying to kill off the algae by getting it to burn out faster than normal. Who knows? Not me. But nor do I swallow everything the DRC tells me without at least a pinch of salt...

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 Post subject: The set of questions
PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 7:58 pm 

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I do not expect any immediate answer but this thread points up questions on more than one level:
IC: Does the DRC know what they are doing? Are they honest and forthcoming with what they do know? Is what they know defined for them at some other level but not explicated so the complex explorer requests for information tax them beyond their capacity to answer or inform. They know but they do not know.
OOC: What impact or influence does Cyan propose explorers will have on story direction? Does Cyan have two tracks, enough explorers get enough pellet points the lake lights, if not enough explorers or not enough points the lake remains dark? OR do explorer (gameplayer) proposed scripts influence the direction of the scriptwriters at Cyan, if they do, in what way? Does BrettM's considered response to the script change the way the scriptwriters see their own project and require them to incorporate previously unconsidered directions?
OG: has Cyan set up a story/world that has a vitality and viability which stretches Cyan's capability to control it with out significant wrenching of the player/explorer community? If URU Live follows Rand's stated vision of player generated ages and content, how will that be managed?

I just think the notion of "lie" has to be thought out in a vast and multilevel manner. Where does the virtual end and the real begin? When does the virtual become the real? Is there a relto page for this and where do we pick it up?

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 Post subject: Re: The set of questions
PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 8:24 pm 
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beachrm wrote:
Does Cyan have two tracks, enough explorers get enough pellet points the lake lights, if not enough explorers or not enough points the lake remains dark?

Unlike the Great Zero, which presumably has an on/off switch, I don't think the lake will exist in only a "light" or "dark" state... I think that would strain credibility and realism a bit farther than it can reasonably be stretched, even considering how many other concessions to obscure machinations have already been made. I would make a definite statement about RAWA and GD both being rather adamant about what we do to the lake dictating what actually happens to it in-game, but RAWA's comments are largely jumbled up in my head with older ones he made using the lake-lighting as an example, and I don't at present have time to go looking for GD's comments on the subject. However, the impression I get from this whole thing is one in which Cyan simply reacts to what the community does. How well they react, and how well their reactions are displayed to players in the form of feedback is clearly a matter of continuing debate, but I doubt Cyan would be so brash as to simply "turn on" the Lake at some point. I think that the light meter was removed because Cyan is aware that broken methods of feedback aren't acceptable, and so they've opted to just remove the feedback mechanism until it actually works as intended rather than just leaving a busted machine out in the open (ala the GZ Calibration Image).

Turning on the GZ at a seemingly arbitrary time I can understand – and even forgive, given RAWA's comments about bugs in the feedback system – because there's no way to negate calibration progress... you can't undo marker missions, for example. Barring absolutely nobody in the Cavern ever doing a calibration mission ever again, the thing would have turned on at some point simply because it's nothing but a cumulative thing. The lake lighting as the potential for destructive activities, and as such, I don't think it could even be considered a possibility that it just be turned on regardless of players' actions.

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