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PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2007 2:44 am 

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I also tend to beat myself up when a solution does not just slap me in the face so to speak. However, I can feel good about the fact that I begin each new age with the intent to solve it on my own! I personally prefer NOT to visit forums upon the release of a new area or age, nor do I let people tell me how to do it! Most players ARE respectful in this regard, and most posts are either marked *spoiler* or are in a spoiler thread. But nevertheless there are spoilers that slip thru the cracks and players that tend to *blurt*.

So.... for those players who prefer walkthroughs, hints, and spoilers, that is GREAT! Enjoy the game as you want! URU is all about options.

For those players who prefer to do it on their own, never give up! If you can't get it on the first try and even have to ask for help, or are finishing your age WAY after everyone else, remember this..... You at least TRIED! Pat yourself on the back for that!

Then, we can all convene here and pick up on anything we may have missed, share our conquests, air our gripes, post sweet pics, and just share the love! LOVE IT!

URU until death (or the next fatal exception)! They can pry my relto book from my cold dead fingers.....


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PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2007 12:39 pm 
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On my own, I kept wandering until I met avatar oblivion in the sand storms.. and.... kept ... falling asleep in front of the keyboard (combination of several years' worth of insomnia catching up with me, and the mesmerizing quality of the environment). I loved the atmospheric quality and the mystery, but I never even once [spoiler]fell into a cave![/spoiler]

Myst was the first computer game I ever played and I completed it in 2 months with no help, and enjoyed every moment of it.. I still have my little notebook :) ... but I know I was slow, and perhaps then, I reached the extent of my puzzle-solving sense.

Years ago in Kenya, as wife of a game warden, I went along on many safaris... I enjoyed every moment of these safaris without needing to be in charge, navigate my way, or hunt animals.. I filled my eyes with the beauty and enormity of that world, and felt enormously lucky to be there in the wildness of the adventure.

Well, I'm an artist, and I'll always be an observer...

So, when I realized that Minkata was surely beyond me, I squeaked for help, and a kind friend who has a better puzzle sense than mine, came to to the recue. I thoroughly enjoyed Minkata with my friend leading the adventure. He even [spoiler]kicked my football all the way back to the base and caged it for me[/spoiler] ... so now I can play with it whenever I want ^_^

We sat and admired the glorious night sky, and it was impossible not to get up and dance to the wonderfully primal music... our avvies really 'got the beat' :lol:

I am delighted that Cyan made the age in this way.. it appeals to different people in different ways. (alone or together ... great concept wonderfully executed) bravo!!

BTW I enjoy making puzzles.. but I suspect mine will always be fairly easy to solve :wink:

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