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PostPosted: Wed Dec 08, 2010 4:06 am 

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Another week another breach I went into...

Here are some pictures ...

That is the most high up I went in Delin :

I started my trail from the left side of where I'm standing on previous picture to end up at....


yes up there next to this mighty thing we call Delin's Door. Once up there and very near it, I took the chance.... :lol: and...


:D . Ok will let you discover it real soon

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 7:19 am 

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Latest news...

Someone in cavern ask me to send him or her (hard to tell with that avvie's name) my Grand Tour serie of quests.

The main problem is this serie is under complete rework and might be old history real soon

For instance,

for Teledahn Grand Tour:
All Teledahn Grand Tour markers that are identical to Swampy Teledahn quest markers will be remove from Grand Tour as they are no longer needed. Therefore, Teledahn Grand Tour will be renamed and reworked to make a new quest or will become a private quest for my explorations purpose.

for Ahnonay Grand Tour:
After excluding Ahnonay Trees, Ahnonay Deepwater, 4th Sphere Journey markers from Ahnonay Grand Tour, I wonder if I will keep it or completely delete it.

for Kadish Grand Tour:
forget it it is completely broken

for Eder Gira, Eder Kemo, Relto, GZ and K'veer Grand Tour:
They will be soon reworked

for the creepiest and the hardest of them all, Hood Gahreesen and Gahreesen Grand Tour :lol:
I will see. They are hard even to edit. Looking for markers in complete darkness trying to figure out if this white spot is the good one or is the one beside it. And I'm not kidding at all. I also fell a lot making those quests without even knowing from where because I was in a black area so hard to tell. I even cannot use one pc for these areas since its screen goes on sleeping mode as soon as I hit the black areas.

Newest released quests:

Kadish Vaults
Kadish Pillars
Swampy Teledahn
Teledahn 4th Level
Ghost Avvies
4th Sphere Journey
1st Sphere Xit
2th Sphere Shortcut
Ahnonay Trees
Ahnonay Deepwater
X's Gahr Rings
Gahr Platform Launching
The Spine Network serie (9 quests)
A crack in the Cleft
Cleft Sunny-Side Up
Delin Heights
The original seed

Older quests still shareable:

Cracking Ahnonay
Skydiver Anna's Library Cliff Climbing
Museum Hardcore
Kadish Great Fall
Kadish Underfloor
Maintainer Wall Yellow
Maintainer Wall Purple
Annabelle's Phil's
Guilds' Pubs serie (5 quests)

All other quests are no more shareable, they will become shareable again after minor or major editing, some might be split, other deleted.

I have more or less 20 to 30 quests on hold. But I will give explorers time to play my already released quests, not to much tough. I don't want to wait months before releasing new stuff. Will try to find a new formula for 2011 releases, maybe 1 quest every 2 weeks.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 24, 2010 6:14 am 

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How to play Ghost Avvies Community Quest :

This quest is harder to understand than to do it. You will need to be at least 2 explorers to do it.

What is a ghost avvie?

A ghost avvie is an avvie that is really on the 1st sphere but when not moving on 1st sphere will appear to be falling from the sky in 3rd sphere. Even when « touching ground » on the 3rd sphere, the ghost avvie will be able to use emotes and put themselves AFK.

The funny thing is that, for the ghost avvie, they don’t see them falling from the sky at all in 3rd sphere. On their screen, they will appear to be alone on 1st sphere.

On the 3rd sphere, the explorers that will play the role of the observers will see both of them, the ghost and themselves.

There is already a trick looking like my quest on a kimail that is distributed by Mouski. He might have found out that trick or it might already be known for a long time before he published it. His trick is to make crabs fall from sphere 1 onto sphere 3.

Mine is somewhat similar but the crabs are replaced by avvies. Though, it might be possible in some cases to make both (crabs and avvies) fall from sphere 1 to sphere 3.

Mouski uses the trick of touching the cloth of sphere 1, the one on main island and put the sphere 3 active. With his trick you must wait a few days for crabs to repopulated the sphere 1 main island.

Mine is instantaneous and the initial settings are different. The active main link can be on any sphere but the 4th one. Though it might help to have the main link on the 3rd sphere since the observers have to wait on that sphere. The main difference is the active cloth.

You must have the Kadish office’s cloth being the active one. From there, you will go back in maintenance area, you will jump over the door and then will reopen it. The result of all this will be to turn the sphere and put the 4th sphere active, while some explorers will be waiting on sphere 3.

Once the previous instructions done, you will turn again the spheres by running around the 4th sphere main area to make the 1st sphere active. Since there are observers in 3rd sphere and you are now in 1st sphere, you can now become a ghost.

Since you cracked the age by going over the door and reopening it, you broke the age logic and therefore are able to have a funny time inside Ahnonay.

STEPS to follow :

1) Touch the 7th cloth (the one inside Kadish Office at the end of the chair rides in middle of Ahnonay Falls)

2) Invite one or many explorers to your Ahnonay Cathedral or directly open the Ahnonay main link in your Relto to let them go in the 3rd sphere.

3) If you are many explorers, you can split the MC role and the ghost role between 2 explorers. If you are only 2, there will be an observer and a MC-ghost.

A MC (Master of Ceremony): the skilled explorer that can jump over the door in maintenance area 4 and cracked it to open it while observers are waiting in sphere 3.

A ghost : the first explorer to enter the 1st sphere main island after the MC cracked the door and turned the 4th sphere around to make the 1st sphere active. So this is why, with only 2 explorers playing this quest, the MC becomes de facto the ghost.

Observers : explorers who are waiting in 3rd sphere for the ghost appearance.

The MC can be the owner of the Ahnonay Cathedral / Ahnonay ages but not necessary. The only necessity is to be skilled as you will have to do a double-jump, just one but that is a special technique not master by every explorers.

4) The observers will have to wait on the waiting spot – easily foundable in sphere 3, just have to find the right marker telling you to wait on a certain spot. Reset quest and center the marker. If you are many explorers, wait all piled up on each other. You don’t have choice.

If you are waiting on any other part of the sphere 3 main island, the trick won’t happen has you will be detect by the sensor and disable the sphere turning to happen (the door crack will work but not the sphere turning afterward)

5) The MC links to the Kadish Office and take the chair to come back to maintenance area. They will just have to follow my 13 or so steps (instructions inside markers) to crack the age and then turn the sphere to be on main island of sphere 1. Meanwhile, the observers will stay on sphere 3.

6) Now the MC becomes the ghost or if many explorers, it can be anyone who have been waiting in Ahnonay Cathedral instead until the MC finishes their 13 steps.

7) Now the fun really begins…

The ghost just has to link to main island of sphere 1 and stand still on a spot until the observers in sphere 3 tell them they are now visible on sphere 3.

You have to wait 1 min and a half or 2 mins in order to become a ghost. As soon as you move (the ghost avvie), you will disappear from the sphere 3 and until you stand still for the same amount of time, you won’t become visible to observers on sphere 3.

This trick will work until the ghost avvie use the Cathedral link at the end of the main island to turn the spheres and therefore put the 2nd sphere active.

If the ghost is not ghosting anymore on sphere 3, the ghost avvie must relink to their Relto by their Relto book and come back to Sphere 1 again. The waiting time for becoming again a ghost on sphere 3 is always around 1 min and half, 2 mins.

As a ghost you can :
Use emotes like /dance, /wave, etc. All emotes works.
Put you on AFK.
You can chat with observers on sphere 3

As a ghost you can’t :
Move. As soon as you move a pixel you will disappear and the observers on sphere 3 will have to wait for another 1 min and a half, 2 mins for your reappearance.

8) You will have to stay in constant communication between the ghost and the observers. My quest is built so every ghost (spot # XX) on sphere 1 is related with an equivalent ghost appearance (spot # XX) on sphere 3.

That means that if the ghost avvie will stand still on the spot 4 marker. They just have to tell observers on sphere 3, I’m on the spot 4 marker. The observers will just have to go on their spot 4 and they will, after a waiting time, see the ghost avvie falling from the sky.

Important notice :
After the ghost avvie links to sphere 1 after the door cracking by the MC, the observers are free to move anywhere they want on sphere 3. There is just a catch though. Since sphere 1 becomes active, as soon as an observer fall from the sphere 3, they are doomed to be unable to relink to sphere 3.

It is quite hard to explain and it might be hard to understand also but the mechanisms are easy to follow with some practice.

Good luck. I hope you will enjoy this trick as I do. I use 2 pcs for that. One of my avvie is the observer, the other one is the MC-ghost. But it is feasible with 2 explorers. You must have good communication between each other. That is all!!!!


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PostPosted: Sat Jan 29, 2011 6:16 pm 

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Hello everyone,

here is the latest news, some are good, some are bad, there will be no particular order so read what suits you :wink:

End of December fun time :

Here is a picture taken in Sharper's Office of the Skydivers Hood. We see SkydiverKen, Skydiver Jacsn, Skydiver Sut and Skydiver Anna2 (me :D ). We were even 5 later on with Skydiver Sanctuary. I must have another pict on my 3rd pc.


New Developments in Er'cana :

In the first 2 weeks of January I was mostly active in Er'cana and what came out from my searches is far beyond what I'm about to show you but anyway this is already great by itself so enjoy my picts. There is no trick in these pictures, I'm really up there about 40-50 feet (d'ni ones :lol: ) above ground near the wheel and in MOULa server using uruexplorer.exe not the plasmaclient.





New PC new possibilities :

There is something nice about having a new PC, we can go hit the Cavern Walls like in this picture taken by zipping away from the lamp at the top of the Great Stairs:


Very impressive :D

But if you think combos and double-jump will be easier with a fast PC with a fast videocard, a friendly-advise, keep your money. This game was made in 2003, stick with PCs that are 2-3 years old, enough fast to beat the game but too slow to be beating by the game. I don't really like the fact to be able to do combos and double-jumps only in a crowed public city or a crowed hood. :cry:

I still have my other PC the one that is suit perfectly for my way of playing the game :wink: .

K'veer :

This age has long been forgotten by explorers. I did a marker quest back in June 2010 but was completely ignored by explorers. At that time we werent much explorers mastering combos so the whole community wasn't even aware that some explorers like me had made development there.

My quest is called K'veer Grand Tour for now but will be completely rework to include extension found out by Jacsn that doesn't suffer from a big lack I have. I won't tell which one it is but Jacsn always get a step forward ahead of me in such situations.

I don't know when it will be completed since there is something that I'm working on and that takes almost all my "play" time. So be patient I will try to get a quest, a suitable one with Jacsn's extension real soon. Don't hope for an easy quest though, it takes combos and you are starting them in the other room the one's that Atrus was in to write down Riven.

Here is 2 picts one with Jacsn in it, one with me :D



The new upcoming project : (Please if you know what is my new project please don't tell everyone what it is :lol:, I'm far from the realisation of it for now.)

Here are some picts...wonder what I'm up to this time :wink: again those picts are taken on MOULa server, though my project will include MOULa, shards and a word that I can't type in here which contains 2 "z" :lol: :





Musical events in Cavern:

1st) Karaoke Hood, each Saturdays at 16:00 KI time:

Each Saturday at 16:00 KI time is the Karaoke Night. This hood is maintain by Cavern Skydivers, yep we aren't all doing stunts and climbing everywhere, some of us are good singers and entertainers too. If you want to sing, ask them the link to record yourself and Donahoo will give you a spot on her weekly program. The concept is fairly simple, she plays the music on an stream, you just have to copy the link in your favorite media player.

I wouldn't use the Windows Media Player for this, I would use some other Media Player like VLC which work really great.

DJ_Donahoo is the permanent DJ in this hood. She is also member of our hood under SkydiverDonahoo. Karaoke TOOO is the entertainer guy and yes he is TOOO too :lol: and by extend Skydiver TOOO.

If you want to see SkydiverWatashi, there is a good chance to see him there, yeah he is back. I'm flattered to hear from him that he must learn from me now, he was my first teacher back in April 2010. :D

We are mostly gathering around and inside fountain and we dance and chat all the night. Great explorers come in, the only thing to take with you when you visit the karaoke hood is your joyfullness, keep problems away :D

You can also simultaneously attend the same concert in Second Life. The Cavern Skydivers community is very active in SL too. With an event like Karaoke Night, the 2 lost communities are mixing up a little more nowadays which is great.

The stream for karaoke night is at this address :

2nd) Weekly scheduled concert in the DMR starting at 18:00 KI time:

This hood presents a different type of concerts. Christine and Mouski are the resident DJ and set up each week a nice blend of world beat, exotic music or simply good old american rock music. They gather music around a theme. They are funny and entertaining, they form a great duo. Christine is always the one that makes mistakes and Mouski the one that tries not without a good laugh repairs thing behind Christine. They live hundred of kilometers (miles) apart and do an amazing job to make magic happen every saturdays.

On some occasions, Musica takes her turn behind the "stream" and gives us marvelous nights, she is a musician so often, she is playing music behind her mic and record it live.

There is also other performers that present concert of their own in the DMR. I can think of Piboc, a french composer and Ranting Thespian, an american composer.

Don't be afraid of the extensive french language used in the hood, the hood itself is bilingual, we are almost half-half. Most of us can talk or write in english as well. Come in the hood and enjoy the atmosphere.

The stream of Christine and Mouski is at this address :

Yep multiplying myself gives me headache each saturdays, which hood to attend concert :lol: Karaoke hood which is own by Cavern Skydivers (I'm a member of them) or DMR hood which I'm also a member of with my infamous Annabelle X.

Bad news section :

I already had 1 quest that was broken and was totally unusable : Kadish Grand Tour. Now I have 4 quests in that situation :evil: :evil: :evil:

Kadish Grand Tour
Kadish Underfloor
Delin Heights
Archview Xpress (the 8th quest in my The Spine Network serie of quests)

Some already told me: "Can you do something about that?"

What about cry? I can't do much more than you but I can ABSOLUTELY be more mad about that than you.

You can't go to these places now, this is not a nice situation, I agree, but...

I lost many days of work in those quests which makes me wonders if I will keep doing new quests. I still have on hands a working copy of Kadish Underfloor, but again... just to set things up in a new brand quest will take me approximately 5 hours of work.

I don't see when I will be able to do that and if the need is really there.

Delin Heights for now forget it, I spend almost 50 hours working on that quest , just to think of reworking a new quest, I will get a migraine. I will maybe make 2 split quests out of it. By any chance I have in hands a working copy of the Delin Door crack. I would have kill some explorers if I had lost this part. :wink:

Archview Xpress is not a great deal, I can do it in about 2 hours. But again, time is not always there. I do that on a voluntary basis so I will have to find free time to redo it.

And again...the bottom line question? What if the new quests are broken too in few months from now? You can be as mad as you want, I'm the only resource out there to provide such quests. I'm always amazed when a guy tell me: "Oh you did a quest there in that particular area, I won't make one then..."


I prefer spliting the risk between some skilled explorers.

What if tomorrow I disappear from the Cavern?

Some of you may think that making a quest is easy, it ain't, not at all. I make them as easy as I can even if you find them hard as fiery abyss sometimes. Sometimes to put one single marker, it can took me 25 attempts, on that 24 send me directly to my Relto and it can take me up to 10 to 15 minutes to get back to that spot. No wonders after making a quest you become more skilled, you get a good pratice while making such quests.

I will told you again something I already told you and please don't take that personal to your own case, don't come to me in Cavern telling me, what you say on forum doesn't apply to me.

When it is possible: close the quest before exiting the game. It is plain logical, if there is 100 quests open with 100 markers in them, the server has to remember where not 100 markers are but 100 times 100 markers are. Once it got fed up of keeping track of them, it send a blocking message and disable the quest simply as that.

Don't tell me that you crashed the other day so you wouldn't be able to stop it. You is not you you but you as a whole, 100 explorers. There wasn't 100 explorers crashing at the same time.

If you crashed, there is a good chance that you relink, close the quest then. Stopping a quest won't make it disappear, I mean the progress, it will just free the server a little bit.

Try this: open a quest grab 100 markers out of 110 in grand total, link out to your Relto, turn your headset to maximum volume, open your ears and relink to the age where you were playing. You will hear an awful 100 markers been taken sound that will last for a few seconds. Why is that? Because the server has to recalculate each marker position and figure out which were taken and which werent yet.

The server is taking an action in order to not crash, I can't do much about it.

Anyway, I'm not mad at you, the quest wasn't made for me, like I always said, when I release a quest I mostly redo a soft version of a working copy of the quest I'm making. I put instructions in it to help you going further in it.

I will never release working copies since they are my only real backup and they are aim to explorers that knows what to do when they see a blank marker to get to the other one further down the road which will be a blank one too and so on.

Thickle the Bahros :

Here is a nice pict I took friday January 28th after 10 days of tries to get as near as I could to the Arch in public city to take some flying bahros for the benefit of the whole community that never really saw flying bahros before, whether you never played with Myst 5 game or never play with URU CC offline with the I can't tell the word but it contains 2 "z" in it :wink: or just wasn't aware at all that bahros were winged creatures, like bats.


Little teasing picture:


I already shown the trick to Stone. He succeeded very well at that one and sent me a pict of his victory. It isn't hard.

Ingredients you will need for all that :

MOULa server connecting by uruexplorer.exe
An empty Relto, empty like in empty :lol: no Relto pages at all. If you keep some pages like the firemarbles that won't make any difference, so use your head, look at the pict and figure out what to take off, all those missing features have been taken off by me in my Relto.
Hability to find the Combo elevator that is hidden somewhere in this empty Relto.
Double-jump to hop between the 2 islands.

Note for the ones that are always on the sceptic side :lol: , you CAN'T turn Relto pages in your Relto book and see changes occurs if you stay in your Relto, you must link out and in so don't think it isn't possible. You may just have a bad PC config or not the skills to do that.

About URU Cavern Skydivers:

If you have attend the primary school, you are aware that Cavern Skydivers means Cavern Skydivers :lol: :lol: :lol: , so anyone, yes I'm targetting someone directly here :twisted: comes and says to you, these guys are not real skydivers and to become a skydivers you must take a test to project yourself out of a plane and tape you and post it on YouTube, give this person s**t for me please.

If you want to know about Cavern Skydivers ask a trust source aka me or any other "Skydiver (put whatever name aside)".

We are a sweet mix between party goers and skilled explorers. We aren't taking us as seriously as other hoods down in the Cavern, you know why??? :wink: Because it is a game for God Sake :lol: Take it easy relax enjoy chill and don't listen to bad mouth down there they don't know us, they might even not talk to us so whatever... :wink:

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:14 pm 

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I break my vows of silence :lol: :lol: :lol: no i'm kidding...but I'm working way too hard these days to have a little time to keep you inform of my adventures down there.

In fact I want to take my privilegied position in this community to talk about a serious matter that was brought to me by 2 distinct groups of explorers.

Don't ask me names or whatever I won't tell you. I'm known, I have social interactions with lots of groups in this Cavern so the good thing is that, let's say, I know all what is going on in a public age without having been there for 2 weeks in a row.

Ok you know where I'm going...the Black Hats hackers in public Ae'gura. :evil: :evil: :evil:

Just one advise : DON'T send me (or any of my "so many that it is nearly insanity at this point" avatars) on a public city roof, I will put a red target on you :evil: and I'm not kidding.

I know the rules, I play by them, I want everyone in this Cavern to have a fun and have playful playtime when they are online and if some mean person/people, young punk comes in and begins to make trouble I won't accept that at all.

I will crush you like expletive and I will be happy to do it :twisted:

Because what you think is that : oh i will send avatars up there they will be happy to explore this new spot they won't even take time to note down my KI number. I have social conscienciouness and I know what are the limits of the game without hacking (remember that I'm a proud member of the Skydivers Hood and what we mainly do is testing limits of this game without hacking), so I will know there is something fishy.

And I'm an extraordinary person, I will track you as fast as the speed of light, not kidding here:

First thing, on linking in I will have spotted you because I know everyone who is already in that age I'm linking in because I always inspect my list on arrival, then if you link in after me I will know it because i will spot your name popping in my screen, same thing with the linking out, i can tell in which order people are linking in or out of a public age because I memorize the popping in or out order of names, unless there are more than 25 people in the city.

Just beware of me, I'm not an ordinary explorer and I'm putting a red target on your back, join the Grey Hats ranks or be doomed.

I urged everyone to maybe not behave like me but be aware that going to any roof in the city that are not in the trajectory of zip line and if you didnt even do the zip line you might have been a victim of an hacking action. As far as I know the Law of Gravity applies in this Cavern :wink: so unless you find an elevator to help you "break" the Gravitation Law, it is likely a hack on your avvie that occured.

You can support my organization by sending me money :lol: :lol: :lol: , the AABH : Annabelle Against Black Hacking...just little amount between 100 US and 250 US will be just fine :lol: :lol: :lol: .

Ok for now I will return to my subteranean adventures...but you should be aware that flooding in spring is a high frequency thing if you are always following my thoughts... :wink: Enough said :D

See you around

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PostPosted: Sun May 29, 2011 6:48 pm 

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Annabelle's Ages Journeys (MOULa version)

After my Christmas 2010's Advent Calendar Quests Release event, I didn't rest long and I worked real hard these past months to bring the community none other than over 100 new quests.

I've worked mostly in MOULa but I also worked on Alcugs Shards. Since I cannot really talk about this matter here, please go read the same topic on the Guild of Writers where the freedom of speech is greater than here.

Officially, Sunday May 29th, 2011, I stand at 35 public released quests (to have a breakdown of those scroll down to the end of this post).

The 25 first quests are the ones I already thoroughly explained in my Christmas 2010's Advent event. Therefore, I don't see any need to reexplain them.

The 10 remaining quests are previous quests, previous to November-December 2010 period which didn't end up in my "rework this quest, break down this quest into smaller quests" lists.

Scope of Ages Journeys:

I would say that nearly 60% of my new quests to come are made of content that I had already discovered before November 1st, 2010. The remaining 40% are things I add up between November 1st, 2010 and today.

The main reason why I decided to cancel all my previous quests but 10 is because they were too monstruous: ranging between 200 and 500 markers each, without any or merely few instructions. The 10 remaining are smaller quests that are up to how I make quests these days.

My Journeys quests will be covered by two means: forums topics (here and on GoW) where I will publish texts and each quest one by one with pictures and my quests themselves (on MOULa or on Alcugs shards).

The schedule will be very extended in time,meaning that I can adjust myself to the rythm anytime. I will publish 73 quests in MOULa (this number can increase during the next few months, as I'm still exploring some parts of the Cavern) and 41 quests in Alcugs shards.

73 + 41 = 114 quests, yes don't be surprised, this is my official number!!!!

Ages Journeys Schedule:

The countdown has already begun since this week (each week will start on the sunday to end up on the next saturday) is WEEK -3. What does it means? It means that this week is a preparation week, a week where I will begin to introduce my 10 previous quests officially so when the WEEK 1 will start, you will have a complete coverage of the official 35 quests to this date.

Starting at WEEK -2, I will begin to publish officially quests on Alcugs shards, so read my topic on GoW to know which quests will be publish starting next week for the next 20 weeks or so.

To let you enjoy my quests and to keep self-sanity (I'm talking about me here), I will publish 4 MOULa quests each week starting WEEK 1 until completion. (This rule can be changed anytime by me if I see it is too much hard work to keep up with it)

Each week starting WEEK -2 until completion, I will publish 2 quests on Alcugs shards, with at least 1 of the 2 quests in which no cheating is allowed (jump command), the 2nd quest of each week can be of the same category or will resolve on cheating (jump command) which won't make it easier, I must tell. (Same schedule delaying rule will apply to those quests as the one in MOULa)

I will open a topic for each age on this forum and a last one for miscellaneous ages as I have for some ages more than 10 quests. It will be easier that way. Annabelle's Adventures topic will remain the Information Center. I will tell you when a new age journey topic will be open and when I will update information on it. The updates will follow the quests releases in that particular age since I will add quest infos and pictures.

For the GoW forum, all will be concentred into one topic, my main topic there. I can't give you the link, just browse the forum and you will find it quite easily. (If you think of publishing the link to my topic in GoW here to make a good action, I will ask the moderators to delete your post, I don't want any link between MOULa forum and GoW forum, the opposite is ok though.)

35 public released quests already:

Before December 31st, 2010, I released many quests which included my 26 quests release of that month.

From that number, unfortunately, you must substract 1 quest named Delin Heights which is borked.

All my previous but 10 has been completely reworked which means that actually and officially, I have 35 public quests, all the remaining are working copies, backup copies or unreleased quests.

Here my actual breakdown, from Christmas 2010's Advent event:

01 - The Spine Route
02 - Upper Forks (Spine)
03 - Annabelle's Gem (Spine)
04 - Gallery Forks (Spine)
05 - Lower Forks (Spine)
06 - Ae'gura By-the-Lake (Spine)
07 - Docks Magnificent (Spine)
08 - Docks Great Loops (Spine)
09 - Archview Xpress (Spine)
10 - X in Cath
11 - Sphere 4 Journey
12 - Ahnonay Deepwater
13 - 2nd Sphere Shortcut
14 - Sphere 1 Xit
15 - Ahnonay Trees
16 - Ghost Avvies (community quest)
17 - X's Gahr Rings
18 - Gahr Platform Launching
19 - Kadish Pillars
20 - Kadish Vaults
21 - Cleft Sunny-Side Up
22 - A Crack in the Cleft
23 - The Original Seed (Neighborhood)
24 - Swampy Teledahn
25 - Teledahn 4th Level (community quest)

Those above 25 quests are the ones I published in December 2010.

From all my previous works, I just kept 10 quests, here is a breakdown, those marker quests are officially published and therefore can be shared. Apart from those, all my other previous marker quests are unauthorised by me to be distributed or played.

26 - Maintainers' (Guilds' Pubs 1)
27 - Messengers' (Guilds' Pubs 2)
28 - Cartographers' (Guilds' Pubs 3)
29 - Writers' (Guilds' Pubs 4)
30 - Greeters' (Guilds' Pubs 5)
31 - Kadish Fall
32 - Annabelle's Phil's
33 - Cracking Ahnonay Door
34 - Library's Cliff
35 - Museum Hardcore

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