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 Post subject: Use of Exploits
PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2006 9:46 pm 
Cyan Employee

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The Superjump and other bugs of the game might be fun to do, but as soon as you use them as an exploit to get to an area of the game that is not opened or to get a piece of content that has not been rolled out you are exploiting the game.

Exploiting the game is against the Terms of Use and is an offense that you could be banned for.

If you find an exploit please report it to the support team and don’t tell it to anyone else.


Update –

Some of you are concerned with the rollout of Bahro Stones and other things. As we all know some Bahro stones and Yeesha pages are turned on overtime. If you come into an age and everything is turned on, this is a bug. Relink and see if you can reproduce the bug, if you can send in your logs to the support site. If you happen to get a bahro stone or yeesha page in a questionable manner, check the forums. See if it’s mentioned on UruObsession in the library section, etc. If you determine that something that is off at this time. DON’T SHARE IT. Not only are you affecting your character, at the point you start sharing it with other you effect their characters too. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be the person that screwed up other users avatars.

Here is an example from another MMO. A user finds a way to double their gold via a bug. They then give the gold to everyone in a guild. Then the company who runs the MMO bans everyone who has the effected gold.

Since in Myst Online the only currency we have are areas and Yeesha pages, look at these items as gold. We don’t want to have you fear looking for these items or be worried when you get a new one. But if you are using Superjumps and other bugs in order to get these items you are obviously exploiting the game in ways not designed.

Speaking of SuperJumps and barriers, here are some examples of good and bad things.

In the neighborhood the barrier leading up to the stairs is jumpable..., but no cones needed. – Good

Using the superjump to get into the courtyard. – Bad

Using the superjump to get into an area not opened and get a Yeesha page. – Bad

Using a cone in order to get a SuperJump to happen. – Bad

More to be added later.

Ryan Warzecha (greydragon)
Obduction Project Manager

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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