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 Post subject: Live 6
PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2007 11:14 pm 

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Hi Folks,

Live 6 is upon us! Hopefully the wait was not too painful, with "Scars" to help fill the void. Below you will find a list of the new content available for testing (including a vast landscape with hours of unique gameplay that can be played single player or with friends), as well as a list of some of the more notable bug fixes. You may notice that the list of fixes is a bit weightier than usual. As always though, not every bug fix is on the list - just the ones that we feel are significant. ANYway - on to the good stuff...

New Content:

- A vast landscape with hours of unique gameplay that can be played single player or with friends
- A link to the Watcher's Pub is now in the Nexus under 'City Locations'
- *The Ercana linking book is available in the Watcher's Pub
- The Ercana Plants Yeesha page available in Ercana (which you already knew)
- Sparky 7 available in Ercana (which you already knew)
- Firemarbles page is not available (yet) in Ercana
- The KI light now functions for one minute when activated by the KI machine in the Descent
- The KI will now track your 'pellet score' when you drop pellets into the lake in the Silo
- **User Created Marker Games are now available after a player has uploaded all of the red mission markers
- Tie Dye shirt available in Teledahn (Oracle)
- ***Lake Light Meter can be found in the City near the dock area at the far side of the Ferry Terminal
- Memorial Imager - for those who have fallen - can be found in the City in the Pub hallway

* We have removed the Ercana invites from your Nexus, now that you will have your own instances to test. Please verify for us that your invites have been removed from your Nexus. If you still have a link to Ercana in the Private Links section of your Nexus from either myself or one of the Ercana(x) avatars, please delete it. Also, the Ercana oven times have been adjusted and are now as they are going to be when released to Live. Basically, it will take a lot longer to create pellets than it has previously. We had the oven timers at an extremely abbreviated setting for testing purposes, but now the time has come to test it in earnest. At least there will be a vast landscape with hours of unique gameplay that can be played single player or with friends to keep you busy in the mean time.
** We have temporarily disabled the ability to send User Created Marker Games to others. We still have a bit of work to do before we turn this feature on, but we hope to have it available for testing before the push to Live.
*** The lake currently does not light up when pellets are added, and this is by design. Please do not submit any tickets about the lake not getting brighter in the cavern at this time.

Some of the more notable bug fixes:

- City: Removed a duplicate maintainer's marker that was causing problems with the KI coordinates in the cavern
- City: Added the Yeesha symbol to the Minkata Book at rest on the podium
- City: Fix for players getting links in their Nexus when other players in the Age resister at the MT stations
- Negilahn: Collision added to prevent 'jumping-onto-the-Nexus-Podium' shenanigans
- Payiferen: Fixed the 'mirror-image' linking panel on the Nexus book at rest on the podium
- Minkata: Fix for the avatar not blending with the crater underneath the tower.
- Nexus: Added Ercana linking panel to the Nexus book machine
- Ercana: Starting the ovens while you already have a batch of pellets cooked closes the pellet machine and flushes the current pellets as soon as the next batch is complete
- Ercana: Fixed a bug which would render the pellet dispenser button unclickable if you pulled the flush lever before the dispenser opened
- Ercana: Fix for the backpack not appearing on the avatar or the Relto closet
- Ercana: Multiplayer sync fix for the harverster behavior when entering the silo
- Ercana: Fixed a bug preventing a player from linking to the Bahro Cave without a pellet
- Ercana: Removed the Yeesha symbol from the silo linking book
- Ercana: Fixed some inconsistent behaviors with the harvester levers
- Ercana: Any players on the harvester ladder or retractable platforms will fall to the ground if the machine is engaged
- Ercana: Fixed the warping issues with the harvester ladder
- Ercana: The clickable hot spot for the harvester directional lever now moves with the lever
- Ercana: Changed the D'ni numbers on the control room buttons to be 1,2,3,4 instead of 1,2,2,4
- Ercana: Fix for an intermittent bug where the pellet would sometimes fail to link with the avatar
- Ercana: Fixed the 'one-way' collision problems with the grates at the end of two of the drainage pipes
- Ercana: Fixed the issue where avatars were being transported around the Age when another avatar performed certain actions
- Ercana: Refined collison for the camera when going from the power room to the vats area
- Ercana: Extended oven scope GUIs for widescreen support.
- Ercana: Removed the prophecy reference marker from the factory exterior
- Ercana: The avatar should no longer get stuck in the silo railing after using the tram lever to send the tram back
- Ercana: Pellet machine sometimes does not display the right amount of pellets
- Ercana: Other players in the Age don't see the pellets flush



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