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 Post subject: 23/August/07 - Live 8
PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2007 8:31 pm 

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Hi Folks,

Live 8 is upon us (finally)! There are some pretty exciting things in the near future, and there's a lot of (non-'threadzillalicious') work to be done, so we hope you are all prepared to roll up your sleeves and dig in. First, the Live 8 content:

- The Spyroom link is now available in Teledahn - we're certain you know where to find it. (This is definitely not a "vast landscape with hours of unique gameplay that can be played single player or with friends"). It is hood instanced, however.
- The Phil's Relto link is now available in the Spyroom. This is now a public Age.
- *The DRC vest is available in Phil's Relto
- **The 5 guild pubs are now available - accessed through the Nexus
- Guild pub imagers are available for uploads, and can be accessed from anywhere in the Age
- ***New stained glass is available in the Neighborhoods
- Sparky 9 is available - somewhere
- Sparky 10 is available - somewhere
- Birds Yeesha page has been moved to Live 8 from Live 7 (I know some of you were wondering about this)

* Currently does not appear on the avatar. Coming soon!
** There are 5 different guild pubs. The guild shirt you own (you don't have to be wearing it - as long as it is at least in your Relto closet) determines which guild pub you will link to from the Nexus. You may change guilds at any time, and the link in your Nexus should update accordingly.
*** These stained glass options are from the player created Eder Tsogal and Eder Delin stained glass competitions. There are three stained glass versions for each of the Garden Ages - randomly assigned - and they should correspond to the Garden Age book found in that neighborhood.

You may notice that Ahnonay does not appear in the content list above. The reason for this is that Ahnonay is not, in fact, scheduled to appear in Live 8 - which as you can tell will be weighted much heavier on the storyline than new content in preparation for the first season finale. It is, however, still much in need of your attention, especially where multiplayer gameplay is concerned. To that end, we would like you to first focus on the Live 8 content and find as many bugs as you can, and then move on to testing Ahnonay. We are relying on you, the rehearsal community, to pull together and make a concerted effort to help us make this Age all that it can be. You will notice that some of the cosmetic details of the Age (like the high quality water, among other things) are still not fully implemented, but we have made quite a few bug fixes to the Age. Even though Ahnonay will not be appearing in Live 8, please treat it as if it would be in terms of ticket submission. That means that anything and everything is fair game, testable and ok to log tickets on. It is imperative that we get as much of the testing for it out of the way so that the rest of the finale content can be tested properly when the time comes.

Another thing that we would like you to be aware of is that starting from the time that Live 8 is pushed to the Live servers, in order to improve gameplay performance there will be no more gameplay logs generated (on the Live servers only). That means that if you are submitting a bug that you have found on the Live server, you will not need to include gameplay logs. This does not apply to rehearsal. Please continue to include gameplay logs for all gameplay related tickets on rehearsal that you submit in the future.

The following is a partial list of bug fixes included in Live 8:

- Fix for not being able to put away the KI after taking a screenshot of a GUI
- Fix for the Relto book being disabled if you logout while riding the Garrison elevator
- Fix for some KI entries not opening
- Disabled global clickability when doing at emote - fixes breaking any chair's clickables by clicking on it while doing an emote
- Fixed a case where players online state was getting saved to the db
- Potential fix for missing 1st month t-shirt
- Fixed cutting off the beginning of avatar's names in the KI display in some cases
- Jalak: Fix to ensure all kickables present are destroyed when the GUI button for this is pressed
- Jalak: fixed MP syncing - should prevent any weird sync issues being seen.
- Jalak: Eliminated double-triggering of kickables’ spawning and forcefield on/off effects
- Added a few more apostrophes to the Jalak journal
- Jalak: More work on preventing avatars from sinking through the pillars
- Jalak: Fix for the force field button on the control panel not working sometimes
- Jalak: Fix for the GUI not working sometimes
- Also, I'm just going to make a broad statement about 'a bunch of fixes for Ahnonay', as there were quite a few of them and since none of you have been beyond the first sphere, most of the fixes were about bugs you never saw.



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