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 Post subject: 05/October/07 - Live 9
PostPosted: Sat Oct 06, 2007 12:42 am 

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Hi Folks,

Welcome to Live 9! There is still much that needs to be done, but we could not pass up the opportunity to take advantage of the testing that can be done over the weekend. Your patience while waiting for the server to open up has been much appreciated. The following is a list of testable content for Live 9:

- *Ahnonay is now ‘officially’ available (but still with lots of work to do).
- Clothing item available in Ahnonay in the engineer's hut
- K’veer is now available (but you have to figure out how to get there)
- Myst Island (Library) is available
- Clothing item in available in the Myst Library
- Storm Yeesha page is available
- Clock Yeesha page is now available
- Fireplace Yeesha page is now available
- Sparky 11 is available...somewhere
- Sparky 12 is available...somewhere
- **New 'Friend Invite' system implemented
- ***Autoshout feature has been added
- ****New Great Zero stained glass added to the Neighborhoods
- More Bahro appearances...of a different the City
- The Bahro stone in Ercana to the upper pellet cave is now tied to the instance you came from
- The Bahro stone in Ahnonay to the lower pellet cave is now tied to the instance you came from
- Plus some story related content that we have not yet made a decision whether or not to test on rehearsal.

* There have been a few changes to Ahnonay that will change the way the Age is solved. The sphere rotation switch has been removed from the inside of the hut on the island in sphere one (so don't report that). Also, the shell cloth save point near the vogondola chair has also been removed (also on purpose), so if your avatar has that particular save point as a bookmark, you will need to delete your Ahnonay book - which works now. The missing water texture is still not fixed, but it is being worked on.

** Typing the command /sendinvite <email address> <friend's name> will send an email to the specified address inviting the recipient to join you. The email will contain a code that can be entered at the time a new avatar is created. Using this code will automatically assign that player to the same neighborhood as the sender. The <Friend's Name> parameter is optional, and will be replaced with "Dear Friend" if nothing is entered. The <Friend's Name> parameter is also checked against the profanity filter.

*** Autoshout has been implemented the same way it was in Until Uru. Type /autoshout to activate it. Using this feature will cause your chat to be visible to everyone in the Age (so be careful what you say).

**** There are three varieties of stained glass, and they will be randomly assigned to each hood, much the same as the other implementations. They are located above the Great Zero book in the linking room.

The following is a list of some of the more notable bug fixes:

- Neighborhood: The player list on the imager should now update properly when people come into the Age
- Neighborhood: Adjusted Classroom Vis region
- KI: Fix so you can select the buddy/hood player list in the ki without opening/closing the list
- KI: Fixed chat so when you send to all buddies or all neighbors it shows that instead of just the first person you sent it to
- KI: Various changes to player online state tracking to hopefully finally fix the problem of people appearing offline even though they really are online
- KI: Fix for KI journal scrolling causing "black boxes" to appear sometimes
- Relto: Fixed deleting the Ahnonay book
- Ahnonay: The Bahro cave link in the Engineer Hut now goes to the correct age
- Ahnonay: Fixed a bug preventing multiple people from reliably getting into the Age (please test this as much as you can!)
- Ahnonay: Removed the balcony doors in the engineer's hut
- Ahnonay: Fixed the avatar animation while descending/ascending in the Vogondola chair
- Ahnonay: Added footstep sounds to the new balcony
- Dereno: Made the book pedestal collision higher
- Fix for a small problem with the mouse containment that appeared with a particular sequence of steps involving moving the window in windowed mode and then switching to full screen
- Jalak: Fix for players being able to kick a sphere out of the forcefield

Finally, I want to add that it is my intention to eventually replace all of the Delin books that went missing in Live 8 as soon as I can. To help expedite this, you may send me a PM with a KI number from an avatar belonging to a hood with a missing Delin. I will be replacing these as time allows.



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