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PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2007 1:37 am 

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Hi folks,

As you can see, there was an update to rehearsal today. The following is a list of the bug fixes you will find, followed by a few other notes:

- Myst: Fixed the clothing item
- Myst: Fix for the sparky not appearing
- Myst: Fix for the fireplace not showing
- Myst: Removed the clickable for the fireplace
- Relto: A Myst book is now added to your bookshelf in the proper place if you've linked there
- Relto: Storm Yeesha page SFX added
- Cleft: Fix for an old bug where we now make certain that a player sees the intro Yeesha speech the first time through the Cleft if the finale code generated happens to match the intro speech code on the wall in the Cleft
- Neighborhood: The imager with the pellet scores should now update properly
- Neighborhood: The Great Zero stained glass items are now lit properly
- Nexus: Prevented Myst from appearing in the Nexus
- Nexus: Prevented the pellet cave from appearing in the Nexus
- Nexus: Prevented the Kveer link from appearing in the Personal Links
- Ercana: Fix for linking to the Silo with a pellet and winding up in the pellet cave instead
- Kveer: Adjusted the position of the Myst linking book on the podium
- Ahnonay: Fix so that the pellet cave solution won't match the original (orange) Bahro Cave solution
- Ahnonay: Fixed a bug preventing the clock Yeesha page from showing in sphere 3
- Ahnonay: Swimming sounds added
- Ahnonay: Fix for the high quality water not drawing
- Ahnonay: Fix for the sphere 4 maintenance room door not opening/closing properly when the sphere is rotated accordingly
- Ahnonay: Sphere rotation sounds added for those remaining in the age when the spheres rotate
- Ahnonay: Removed the clock/timer and the '625' clue from sphere 4
- Ahnonay: Removed the Watcher's clue from the back of the facade in sphere 1
- Ahnonay: Lots of work for multiplayer support for the Vogondola including (but not limited to) not getting warped to the chair when another player uses it
- Ahnonay: Lots of work for better multiplayer interaction for the pressure plates in sphere 1 and sphere 2 Ning (crystal) trees. Please test this as much as possible.

Finally, we would like to add that in order to make Live 9 the best it can be, we would like you to focus on the live 9 content as much as possible in the coming days so that you can find and submit as many serious bugs as you can, as soon as you can. We want to get as much fixed as we can before Live 9 goes to the Live server. We would like Ahnonay to be as clean and as robust as possible, so please give that age your utmost attention and scrutiny. We are especially interested to know how well sphere 1 behaves itself with lots of people in the age near the pedestal book and linking out. As stated above, we also would like to know how the pressure plates and the Ning trees behave with lots of people in the age. Thanks!



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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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