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 Post subject: Live 4 - Server's up!
PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 11:47 pm 

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Live 4 is upon us! Tofer is indeed an oracle (at least about this, anyway). Here is a list of the new testable content, as well as a list of some of the more notable bugfixes, as usual. Enjoy!

- Payiferen pod now available in the Museum (Yes, yes - The sky is bluer)
- Tetsonot pod now available in the Museum
- Descent Bahro stone available in the City (originally Live 3's Old)
- [sneaky edit which no one will notice] Music player Yeesha page available in the Descent
- Deciduous Yeesha page available in Eder Delin
- Grass Yeesha page available in Eder Tsogal (Grass]
- Lush Relto Yeesha page available in Negilahn (Greener)
- Pith helmet available in Eder Gira
- Sparky 5 available...somewhere
- *Bahro begin making appearances in the City (more on this below)
- New male dance animation
- New male clap animation
- New female dance animation
- New female clap animation
- New /askquestion emote
- New sweet dynamically updatable patcher messages directly from us
- **New Mysterium '06 shirt available on an individual basis (more on this below)
- **New Mystralium '06 shirt available on an individual basis (more on this below)
- Delin returns to the non-winter state

- New male walk animation (a bit more Manly, even) *postponed*
- New female walk animation (a lot more girly, even) *postponed*

Some of the more notable bugfixes:

- ***Thanks to Tofer's dream, we now have what we really really hope is a fix for the missing markers bug.
- Another, more robust shot at fixing the Zero seconds bug
- Fixes for a whole bunch of random crashes (sorry - too many to specify, but let's just say that you should see fewer and fewer of them)
- Heek table should be fixed and fully functional
- Disabled KI when looking at the pod map
- Some more work to the Library and Museum doors. There are definitely still some issues with them, but they should no longer get stuck open or closed. If that happens, it's a bug.
- Plus a multitude of sundry texture stretching issues, minor adjustments and a few tweaks and nudges here and there
- ****Made a change that should hide all 'secret stuff' if one were to link into the 'everything on' state. Hopefully this will now be called the 'everything off' bug.

There is one minor issue with the patcher that we are aware of (and so we don't need you to log it). Instead of seeing the text "Checking for updates" when there has been an update to the server (so you may have already seen it if you're a bit jumpy to get in :)), you may see "Connecting to Server" instead of "Checking for updates". We know about it and it'll be fixed before Live 4 goes out.

A second item of interest that you will see (and again, we already have a handle on it so no need to submit a ticket): The Buddies, Recent and Neighbors player list buttons in the Big KI are broken. You didn't lose anyone... you just can't see them. It'll be fixed in the next beta patch next week.

*The Bahro will now begin to make appearances in the City, much the same as has already occurred in the Neighborhood. As before, I'll toggle them randomly for a while, and then much more frequently towards the end of the cycle. For now, there are three locations where you can expect to see this (includes hood instances of the City):

- Ferry Terminal, on the roof above the far door that leads to the dock area
- Top of the Great Stair, on the roof to the right of the Palace Alcove stairs
- Library, above the main doorway

**These shirts are going to be available in Live to those who were at Mysterium and Mystralium this year. Attendees were given a code that they can redeem to get their shirt in game. To simulate this, we will be issuing these on an individual basis (i.e. they are not going to become available to everyone by simply visiting the ACA like other non-standard clothing items). There will be no contest, special drawings, secret quests needed for you to get one. I'll just start bestowing them upon people here and there. If you want one, just ask me if you see me on the Rehearsal server. If it turns out that every single one of you wants one I'll do my best to oblige, but realize that I have to do this one at a time, so be patient and remember - you'll only have them here in the Rehearsal server - unless you have a code, that is.

***Because The Oracle has spoken and we now have what we think is a fix for the marker missions, we will probably run a few perfunctory Great Zero firing tests just to be extra sure that all is still in ship-shape for these events to occur on Live, should the fix prove successful (good news for those of you who may have missed out on this last time).

****Finally, since there has been a change causing SDL stuff to default to 'off' unless we want it on, we would like your help in keeping an eye out for any rogue items that may be AWOL that should be there. It could be anything, really. To give a few examples, we found and fixed a missing JC and the Gallery book in Kadish, as well as one of the JCs in Teledahn, but we are quite certain that if anything else has gone missing, you'll find it. We did specifically check all of the JCs, so hopefully they're still there. *ahem* *gulp*.

That's it for now. Have fun, and I do apologize that - for now anyway - the girls are still a bit less 'girly' and the men are still a bit less 'manly'.



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