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 Post subject: Roundtable 2: Roundup
PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2007 10:14 pm 

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I have the list mostly done. There are two or three questions that are still unanswered. We'll try to get them answered for you when we have a bit of time to do so. Enjoy.




Self Improvement
Q: Our attendance was reported as low at one point. What overall percentage of increased support do you need from us to get the results you want?

A:Gregbert: That kind of depends on the shape of the build, but it's designed for 100 player concurrency, but we've been getting between 10 and 40. We still have pretty low concurrency, and we might be adding more rehearsal testers soon, but we would prefer that everyone hit the older areas at least once per version.

Q:Is it okay with you if we're honest with the other testers and say hey I hate doing this part of it, can you take up the slack and I'll put in extra effort elsewhere?

A:Gregbert:We would prefer that everyone hit the older areas at least once per version.

Q:How should we set priorities when dealing with bugs on Live?

A: If this is refering to the way you log them in the ticketing system, I'll quote myself from an earlier post in the Closed Beta section:

gregbert wrote:
Put simply, everyone is correct when it comes to the 'Priority' field. At the ticket submitting level, we want this to represent how big of a deal you feel the bug you're submitting is. It's a subjective thing - and so we've been intentionally vague about it (and I'll remain that way) because we'd rather not try to categorize how you should feel about any given bug. We've left this to your discretion on purpose.

From your tickets that we pass along, we then assign a priority to the actual bug report that we log internally. Again - it's still subjective - but at that point the priority is based on how we feel about the bug, taking into consideration your priority setting and, of course, "The Big Picture" (read: The Secret Plan et al), and all that entails.

Once it gets assigned to someone to be fixed, all bets are off as far as priority goes, and the priority then depends on their internal schedule (again, read: The Secret Plan et al).

So: When submitting a ticket, we want you to set the priority that you feel is warranted without regard to any rules or regulations. Use your gut instinct and we'll take it from there...

Q:How soon, if at all, do you see a change in how many rehearsal testers there are, and are there enough to do the job effectively?

A:Gregbert: Once (if) the decision is made to increase the number, it will be done immediately.

Q:Is Cyan receiving any funding/profit from Uru's Launch?

A: This question is not about rehersal testing, but let's just say that if I did have that information, which I do not, I would say something about not being able to comment on it. I imagine those with that information would say much the same thing.

Q: Live Builds are being rolled out that still contain known bugs. This is frustrating people, who never know if things are working properly or not (if something is broken, is it a bug? is it a story element? etc). What is the rationale behind this, and how can we help alleviate the accusations being thrown that Cyan can't be trusted to make a game that works?

A: Live builds will always be rolled out with known bugs. What we (the rehearsal group and Cyan, together) try to do is to eliminate as many of the really bad bugs that we can before the build is pushed. If you are wondering if the reason something is not working is because of a bug or by design, submit a ticket or contact Live Support for the answer. Telling Live players to do the same is the best thing you can do to "help alleviate the accusations being thrown that Cyan can't be trusted to make a game that works". Since the DRC does not comment on 'Gameplay bugs', if they say something isn't working and they're going to fix it, it is now a story element whether it is a bug or according to The Plan. There will be things that are rolled out that are not functioning by design, to be repaired at some point 'according to the plan' (i.e. story). There may also be things (like the Gallery, Library and Museum doors) that are just bugs that we're going to fix. If the DRC says that they are working on getting it fixed, does knowing if it's a bug or by design really make any difference at all?

Q: Standing/Sitting memory leak form UU?

A: Plugged not in urulive.

Q: What is the purpose behind releasing content that currently has known bugs that are more dramatic than cosmetic?

A: I think this is answered pretty well two questions up from this one.

Q:I have an older Avi that I get a NetWorkError 6 with every time I try to log in but I can log in with another one, that has not completed Uru Prime, just fine. Does it look like I will have to delete the older Avi or does it appear that this problem will be fixed with the release of Rehearsal Version 4?

A: If it is an older avatar created during some previous time of madness on the rehearsal server, there is always the chance that it is corrupted. We really don't want this to happen on Live, and so hopefully we've done our jobs in ensuring that whatever may have caused that didn't make it to the Live server. We had some pretty wierd things happening in the vault that were corrected before the build was pushed. The bottom line is that sometimes bad things happen on rehearsal - better there than on Live.

Q:Any progress in fixing the permanent fissure bug?

A: Ah, the New Zealand bug :lol: . I can tell you that this bug did specifically get talked about in a meeting recently, and someone is taking a fresh look at this. Luckily we have Grogyan to offer unofficial suggestions in the mean time. :wink:

Q:Could you comment further on the Marker Mission bug?

A:While the markers are being worked on we will get some supporting content introduced in Live in live, but "...(since) it's something that only happens on external servers, it's a bit harder to debug than we would like; it appears to be a networking bug - but we should be getting it narrowed down soon.

(Editor Note: This is a big question asked multiple ways, with a few very good cyanist answers already in the forum. I'll ask that they answer it more in the forum then the meeting. Check below for the various ways it was asked so far.)

Q:Could you comment further on the Marker Mission bug. When first tested the transfer from generator to server db was 11 markers. After you worked on it for a while it moved to consistently 12 markers being transfered. This has been worked on extensively by a number of us, documenting thoroughly that the generated list is correct, but the parsed transfered list is limited to the first 12. Testing guidance on where we should go from here?

A: Cross your fingers and pray for a fix.

Q:What broke the marker code?

A: Al Gore. Because he invented the internets.

Q:Marker bugs - we provided a LOT of data. What else can we do to help?

A: Help us test it vigorously when the fix comes in.

Q:Will we all have to get better computers before we can complete the GZM Marker Quests?

A: No.

Q: Why and how was the JPG 4-byte length header information introduced? Will it be fixed?

A:(In reply to the client removing the header info)Chogon: That is not high on our priority list, but yeah, it can be done.

Q:What's causing the Bug where the Hood is not listed in the public-hood-list even though it's public.

A:The nexus can only display 50 hoods, currently. There are thousands of hoods in the game. Cyan plans to make it easier to search for hoods in the future.

Q:Hood Clocks - we saw a common bug where the clocks time would show incorrectly upon arrival, then correctly after we ALT-tabbed to desktop then back to URU. Have we got a handle on that one? Is there more that we should be doing?

A: It's in the database for fixing, but it isn't at the top of anyone's list at the moment.

Q:What is causing the "link in" lag, and can we expect it to get better?("This is referring to the hit people take when someone links into an age, from either side incoming or already in the age.")

A: I imagine that this will be asked at every roundtable until it goes away. It's caused by the game trying to load the avatar in the Age you're in. We want it fixed just as much as you do.

Q:Whenever I switch from first to third-person view my avi "flashes" all white, what's causing this?

A:Gregbert: Yes, it is a side effect of the fix for the white avatar crash bug and we'll get it fixed eventually.

Q:Are you going to address the everything on bug?

A:Gregbert: We are attempting to address it, yes.

Q: How should we behave towards people who entered a age accidentally or shared the link on purpose?

A:Gregbert: As far as what to do about it - let Cyan or the DRC handle it.

Q:Avatar Lockups in front of Link Books - this is happening a lot in LIVE. I presume it is exacerbated by large crowds, so we see it less in Rehearsal. Is there anything we can do to help identify the cause of this one in Rehearsal?

A: Not really. Just log 'em when you see 'em and we'll get them fixed.

Q:There are still some cases of the kadish moon room puzzle not working right in rehearsal, any fixes?

A: Moon room? Is this the glow path puzzle or the shadow path puzzle? I ask because we get tickets calling both of these areas the 'moon room'. I do know of a bug that just got fixed with the shadow path puzzle that would intermittently cause the floor to not drop, but nothing comes to mind with the glow path.

Q:Are the multi-colored lights that appear in the water in Gira only reflections, and not bugs? If so, reflections of what?

A: Interesting. Could be just the way your machine draws the ripples created by your avatar standing in the water, but other than that I really don't know. I would start with your video drivers, and ticket it again if it gets worse, if you see it anywhere else, or if it persists even with the latest drivers. Be sure to include which video card you have and the driver version you're using.

Q:Is there a global fix for the missing/wrong sound footstep problem?

A: Not yet. Those are two different bugs, and they are in our database for fixing.

Q: No animals in Negilahn - bug or storyline?

A: Storyline (Quoted from a Recent entry in Sharper's journal): "Negilahn seems to be task one. The creature or thing, whatever it is there, eating everything else. I had no intention of hunting any more down here and the first thing the DRC asks me to do is exactly that. Odd, but what can I do? I'm not going to turn down a job like this."

Q:In the pod ages using the sounds is it possible to call the animals anytime?

A: rsjm: Actually, the animals have been going through quite a few changes and we are still trying to figure out why
rsjm: So, no, you can't call them.
rsjm: I know it's a bit of a pain to test ...
rsjm: But... it's the way we want that Age.

Q:Why are registry lights in Tsogal SO much more reliable than in Delin?

A: Don't know, but I can tell you that this is another case like the markers where we seldom - if ever - get this locally, but we can repro it quite reliably on a remote (rehearsal) server. It will continue to get looked at until it is no longer a problem.

Q:Has the fix for the Delin Registry lights been put on the back burner?

A: No.

Q:Is the "predator" story on Live a cover for lack of animals, or just a way to introduce them? And will there ever be a time when the animals will be plentiful?

A:Half answered above, The rest is story which we don't get. Sorry

Q:How long are the Eder doors supposed to stay open?

A:(Editors Answer: General testing has proven that the door's remain open for the remaining length of the timer. Which means to get it to stay open longer you need to solve it faster)

Gregbert: That is exactly correct.

Q:In CC there were 4 GZ calibration missions, Why are there so many in live?

A:STORY : Plus it's more fun (Gregbert: Because Design says so :))

Q:Is there an IC reason for the markers that can only be gotten thru a panic jump?

A:STORY (and because Design says so)

General Information

Q:Is there any way to cross connect another hood linked to a meeting place hood that allows chat to be "heard" during large meetings?

A: Not at this time. Submit it as a Feature Request and Design will consider it.

Q: The graphic settings for the Mac beta are more limited than those for the PC version. For example:

The resolutions available to the Mac are 800x600 [4:3], 1024x768 [4:3] and 1280x800 [16:10] (only), while the same MacBook Pro running URU rehearsal under Bootcamp WinXP gets access to the additional resolutions 1152x864 [4:3], 1280x768 [5:3] and 1440x900 [16:10] (the last being the native resolution of the 15" MacBook Pro).

The 'Windowed' mode option is grayed out in the Mac beta, but not on the Bootcamp PC variant.

Will the Mac version of URU get access to these options in the next build?

A:(Ryan Miller might have said, I'm 85 percent sure those fixes are on their way. But this isn't a quote.) read the log to get the joke of this

Q: Is there a way of switching between apps, e.g. out of URU and back in again, without having to quit URU altogether? At the moment switching back takes you as far as Cider but not on to URU, though you can hear URU sounds running continuously. (Note: If the 'Windowed' option is officially allowed, it will help to alleviate this problem for the time being.)

A:(Ryan Miller might have said, I'm 85 percent sure those fixes are on their way. But this isn't a quote.) read the log to get the joke of this

Q:Why exactly do you wish us not to bypass gametap? And since a lot of people do anyway is there any way you can compensate for it? (if its for record keeping- logging time played ect, can't you at Cyan send over your logs of gametime? I assume even so GT would like it to be easy on them so they can just look at their numbers and not have to incorporate yours). See, even I am assuming here.

A: That's pretty close. Since the continued growth and support of Uru Live depends on it's success, if you are accessing Live outside of GameTap you are outside of their metrics that are used to determine how successful it is. Put it this way: If every single person bypassed Gametap, we would appear to have zero users. If you are Gametap, at that point, do you call Uru Live a success if it appears to have zero users?

Q:Will the full functionality of the firemarbles return soon Smile Everyone misses their free rolling and jingles.

A: Tough one. Sticks and stones in Relto, rocks in Teledahn, Firemarbles in the Hoods. It's always hard to answer 'how soon' for anything. The answer can only be 'soon' or 'not soon' - which are both relative terms. It's probably closer to 'not soon', though, but you never know.

Q:Have players on Live in anyway influenced the storyline so far? And if so, could you give us an example of this?

A:Yes, The yeesha sit-in response was unplanned, and (editor quoting from a recent entry in Sharper's journal) "He did just stop by again after another visit to the Great Tree's Bevin (wonderful name) and said it might be a guy named Rils. We'll have to contact him. Seems Nick had a note from him and his Zoological Society all along."

Q: Can you bring back the "/autoshout" command please?

A:rsjm: We have some ideas for all communication that we would rather release than just throwing out an auto-shout
rsjm: So, we're hoping to do a bit of a re-work at some point
rsjm: So, to answer your question... it wont' be in the next release.

Q:can subtitles be added for hearing impaired explorers who are having trouble with the spoken parts.

A:Gregbert: They can, and it is in as a feature request, but it is not on the immediate list of priorities at the moment. So yes, we'd like to do that, but it is not immediately in the works.

Q:Can the KI be modified to switch off / severely limit chatter from neighbors/buddies/age players?

A: (editors answer) Try selecting the privacy button on the settings menu of the KI, this limits you to receiving private messages and KI mail from buddies, and probably customer support. Much Quieter. ("Can we get any comments on how to deal with chat spam?")

Q:How far away is Uru from the possibility to switch language and see and hear content in my favorite language?

A: This is planned, but we are not currently working on it.

Q:Will the KI be able to handle "non-English" text characters soon? (The lack of some of the special characters is making chatting difficult for non-English speakers.)

A:A communication upgrade is in the works, they just need time to do it the way they want.

Q:Will the nexus hood display cap of 50 be raised?

A: (Editors Answer) See Nexus Hood List Bug answer, it's going to be search able.

Q:Are there any plans to record new music and new Yeesha lines (to integrate it into the story). If YES, how soon is this to happen?

A: rsjm: Yes. (rsjm is Ryan Miller, I only asked about the new music, yeesha's story sorry) rsjm: Sorry to sound like Kodama but I'm not going to sing the new song.

Q:What are the plans/ any info on players inability to change their hood names?

A: The reason players can't change hood names is by design. Previously, any hood member had the ability to change the name of their hood through the KI, but this was removed because of the potential for griefing (hood name-change wars, disgruntled hood members changing the name of their hood just before a scheduled meeting or event, unsavory or inflamatory public hood names displayed in the Nexus, etc).

Q:Are there any plans in the works for hood ownership/ control in the works? (a difference between owners and members. There is a mention of "hood mayor" in the log).

A: This also relates to the answer for the previous question, but the mayor system was from the old days of Uru, and as far as I am aware it will not be returning any time soon, if at all.

Q:After a couple of months, will you be recruiting more staff to fix old and new bugs?

A:rsjm: Good question.
rsjm: No idea.
rsjm: But, like many answers, we want more staff much more than you do.

Q: Any news on the spoiler sub-forum?

A: (Editor Answer : Spoiler Tags)

Q: Population based lag in it's many forms is still a issue, can we expect a gradual improvement, if so when, and will it also increase the city pop. limit.

A: The reason that the population limit is capped in the City is because of the 'link-in-lag' (the time it takes you to enter a heavily populated Age after the loading bar goes away). When that problem goes away, the limit will rise. I personally hope for a 'sudden, dramatic improvement' rather than a gradual improvement, but this is something we want fixed just as much as you do.

2. A question about gameplay. The Login - 'Lag-in-the-city'-issue is still around when there are more people in the city. Are we to expect to see this solved gradually over time or all at once? And if so, when do you think it will be solved?

A: See above

3. Related to the above question. In Rehearsal the limit of city-visitors is at 60. In live it is at 40. Does Cyan intend to raise the limit in Live to 60 as well soon?

A: See above

Q: Did we see what we were supposed to see with the bahro? Were the "Bahro stealing clocks" what was referred to or was there something else? If so, what happened with that Bahro event?

A: (editors answer) Try searching for the word "Bahroed", them stealing the clocks was a bug, but them placing the city stone in the book room was the point of it.

Q: Will the Kemo/Gira firefly problem be fixed anytime soon so that it stays fixed?

A: Let's try to be more specific when asking about gameplay bugs so that we're on the same page with which bug we're talking about. The problem with the bugs not linking with the avatar when going to Gira the second time should already be fixed. The only other bug that I am aware of with the bugs is the 'sunshine coming from my pants' bug (where the avatar seems to be continually lit after getting the bugs once), and that is in our database for fixing.

Q:Can we get the forum clock fixed? Please?

A:The forum clock should be fixed now.

Q: Would it be possible to get a status report of known bugs and fixed bugs (perhaps after the initial 1st week of testing or something)? I am sure it is rather tedious to give the same answer over and over in the support answer system. This would help us know what to focus on, keep our eyes open for and what to not bother reporting (again).

A: This question is as old as Beta-testing itself. I know that it is an inconvenience to not know what fixes are coming down the pipe, but our bug numbers, fixes, status and priorities are internal metrics that we do not make available to anyone outside of production - and there are a lot of good reasons for not making this knowledge public. One reason that applies directly to you as rehearsal testers is that one of the criteria used to determine a given bug's internal priority (meaning how high on someone's list of things to fix it is) is how frequently it is reported - basically how many players are seeing it. Much as I'd like to sometimes, If I were to provide a list of bugs not to submit any more tickets on, those bugs would not have their metrics updated. Ultimately, providing a list of known bugs not to bother reporting again would slow down the turnaround for those bugs.

Q:Given your current resources, are you happy with Cyan's progress in developing URU Live? In your opinion, is GameTap happy?

A: From Moke: In many ways we've pulled off miracles to come this far this fast, so I couldn't be more pleased or proud of our production team's hard work and dedication. At the same time, who doesn't want more? GameTap wants more players to join Myst Online. The Myst Online community wants more content. Cyan wants more resources, so we can create new Ages and features faster, so the community will be happy and grow, so GameTap will have more customers and give us more resources... There seems to be a cycle there; hopefully, we can find the right balance to achieve an upward cycle and make everyone happy. We're not there yet, but working toward it....

Q:It is claimed there are legal issues with UBI with POTS content. Is this true?

A: rsjm: It is in the near future... the plan is for some Age releases in a couple of months.

Q:0-seconds bug - although the minimum requirements only list "Broadband" as a requirement, we have done some involved testing on our own that suggests the initial Python update will fail (with the 0 seconds bug) if broadband speeds are around the 375Kb/sec download range or lower. Shouldn't there be a minimum speed on the Broadband requirement? Also, could we have a little discussion on the issue (what causes it, why the Updater can't compensate for slow broadband and dropped packets, etc.).

A:Gregbert: Not really anything to comment on other than we're still looking at it.

The other way 0-Second has been asked
Click to reveal spoiler.
Q: How are you coming with solving the long time issue of the "Zero Seconds Remaining bug"

A: See above.

Q: New code breaking existing code elsewhere often indicates some breakdown in modularity or object management. Are there global problems in code management you are working to solve?


Q:A reviewer claims there is a 6 MB download per avatar in an age. That would explain link-in lag. Some claim such data should be transmitted in less than about 60K. What's the real number? Why?


Q:If downloading player avatars does not cause link in lag (where someone links to the age you are in) what does?

A: It does.

Q:Are you considering in changing the download in the future? It doesn't increase security because there are plenty of ways to get the files even if they are locked.

A: Chogon: It's not the getting of the files that's the problem. It's changing them that causes problems. And they're locked.

Q:Are you going to change the patcher to become a real patcher? The current version has to redownload the entire file. Half a year ago I made a feature request to use patches or a rsync / DeltaV like algorithm. Is it still on your list?
A: That feature request is still in our database. That means it has not been rejected

Q:When will you correct the minimum requirements with regards to the AMD Athlon processor? PhysX 2.6.0 only supports the AMD Athlon XP or better and not the plain vanilla AMD Athlon.
A:Lbell: "We do know about it, but we're still discussing what the best possible solution is"

Hope Filled Questions
Q: Any new poetic hints for Live 4?
A: Gregbert: Hmm.... In Live 4... The sky is bluer, the grass is greener, the females are a bit more 'girly', and the males are a bit more 'manly'. Plus the original 'Old'.

Q:When are we going to see a large age? The new pod ages and Eder ages were small.
A: Soon. Not in Live 4, though.

(Editors Note: It was put forth by jayctravis in Live. The only justification I have for pulling it in is the fish traps in gira. I barely tapped one behind the falls once and it beached on the far side of the lagoon. Hands even if it's just to drag the fish traps would be amazing, and I understanding the hoarding augment))
Q:If a player encounters a "take able" object they click it and it appears as an icon in the hud next to the KI. It doesn't actually disappear from where it is. If I want a cone, I go find a cone and grab it. I don't steal it, but the interface knows what I am "holding". Clicking on the item icon anywhere but Relto (or perhaps somewhere else it could be logically used) deletes it. Clicking it in Relto will rez the item on the ground. Do it like Red and Blue Pages in the original Myst.

A: Is there a question in there somewhere? We do have a feature request in our database asking for the ability to use hands/arms.

Q: When is it likely for us to see the library completely finished (being able to go beyond the barricades to the lower level)?

A: rsjm: To be honest, those aren't on our future schedules right now.

Q:When might we expect to see new areas of Ae'gura opened up?


Q:Can the time be taken to perform some of the long awaited KI upgrades?

A: they are working on a total communication upgrade, they just need time to do it the way they want.
(Related Questions)
Click to reveal spoiler.

Q: Is there anything in the works that will LOCK up or Not Update the "Age Player" list on the left side of the KI and also the "Age Player" list in the full opened KI, unless a player wants it to ?????
(it is hard to select a player's name, as it keeps scrolling off the screen because it updates before you can move through the list)

A: This is a known bug that I really dislike experiencing, and it is on someone's list assigned for fixing.

Q: Will we be testing user content-development tools? (I.E., age building tools, custom clothing and object tools, etc.) And what's the status on those tools as well?

A:rsjm: We would still like to incorporate fan made content.
rsjm: However, given our current staffing, etc... we aren't able to just whip out that ability for everyone.
rsjm: We are still thinking/talking/trying to figure out ways to do that... but I don't have any specifics for you today.

Q: Do Cyan/Gametap foresee us being able to play offline sessions on private ages at any time in the future?

A: Other than the boxed version, I am not aware of a way - or plans to make a way - to explore your Ages offline.

Q: Content and Storyline, would it be possible to prolong the next Build so that we could have 2 really well made ages instead of two ages with little sound and fairly small? So another age like Teledahn or Kadish?
(Links to outside Rehearsal)

A: Not really, no.

Q: Bob Zasio hasn't posted in his blog since the day real work resumed last year. Don't you let him out?

A: While I am certainly not Bob's keeper, I do know that he is a busy guy, and I can attest to the fact that he does come out of his office from time to time.

Q: Will we ever be able to go into the interior of the Concert hall (not through all features on bug), not just the Front entrance area? Side note: (wouldn't it be cool to get an actual band to preform in the concert

A:rsjm: To be honest, those aren't on our future schedules right now.

Q: Repeatable Game play? It was mentioned on this site a while ago that something like that was in the works. (For instance, the Hood Game Room) Is it still planned / still coming? If it is, can we get an ETA ?

A:rsjm: not coming along quite as fast as we would like but we are working hard on it. rsjm: We definitely want repeatable gameplay in, probably more than you do.

Q: Will we have more speeches from Yeesha?


Q:Any hints on how the Eder's/Pod's fit in? They seem to lack story.

A:STORY Plus they are how they are meant to be.

Q:Would it help you, if the Rehearsal community does support you to translate the journals, text stuff etc?

A: When the time comes for the journals to be translated, we will certainly keep open the option of eliciting your help. Thank you for the offer.

Q:Could some of these questions after approval be released to the live side?

A: Let's just say no to this one. Remember: The Rehearsal roundtable discussions are really about a dialogue between the rehearsal testers and Cyan, about matters concerning rehearsal testing. We are obviously allowing a little latitude with the questions for the first few discussions, but for our part we would like these discussions to be mostly about rehearsal testing, and therfore it should fall under the NDA. Even if a few of the questions answered aren't about rehearsal testing and would fall under 'general' subject matter, you have still learned the answers to them in rehearsal, so it's off limits elsewhere. I needn't remind you, I'm sure, that you will inevitably be asked to immediately point to your sources for any of the knowledge you are sharing, and you don't want to go there. The point of all of this is not really to keep secrets from Live players, but to keep to the idea that the rehearsal testers are working a bit more closely with us, and so therefore are privy to a bit more info than everyone else. You are sacrificing quite a bit in volunteering to be a rehearsal tester, so to try to help make that up to you, we give you more 'secret stuff'.

Q:I hear a lot about your short staff. Exactly how large/short is your staff? How many full time working on MOUL and how many part-time and how many do you need for a good staff? And is Turner paying you well?

A: Some of our staff are indeed large, and some are certainly short. Seriously, though, that answer is already available 'out there' in various interviews, etc. Any game company will tell you that no matter the size of the staff, you can always use more people. Also, even if it would help the rehearsal process for you to know how much I make, I probably still wouldn't tell. ;)

Q:Any idea when we can expect some documentation/story on the new areas (Pods/Eders) that appear to exist in a vacuum?

A:STORY plus they are how they are meant to be.

Q:The pod critters, is there a way they could spawn based on link in without having to re-write thousands of lines of code?

A:STORY Plus the pods are currently how they are meant to be, the animals are currently timer only. (Editors comment: This makes me thing the calling system is still less than fully functional.)

Gregbert: The pods (and the animals) are functioning as they are designed to this time.

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