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PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2007 5:58 pm 

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Hi folks,

The time has come to begin limited Ercana testing. From 3pm until 5pm Cavern time (GMT-6), we are asking that all who are available come to the public city instance. Our objective today is twofold:

First, we will be raising the population limit in the City to two hundred and we would like to perform another load/capacity test to gather performance metrics. For those newer members who have not had the...pleasure of experiencing this ( :lol: ), the objective is simple. Just come to the City and be part of the body count. We will have people on our end monitoring things, so just come on in and mill about if you would. We ask that you not submit any tickets at this time on lag, long loading times or a really long black screen after the Age loads and before you arrive. We are interested to know about these things, so please leave feedback of this nature on the same thread in the General section. Specifically, how long did it take you to link to the Age, how many people were in the City at the time you were in the Nexus, and how long did it take for the Age to fade in after the loading bar went away? If you crash loading the City, if you experience a stack dump or want to report a gameplay bug about something other than the items mentioned above, go ahead and submit a ticket on it. We're just trying to prevent our ticketing system from getting flooded with the feedback that we want to see here in the forum.

Second, we will be handing out invites to Ercana for limited testing. We'll work out the logistics of this , but there will be five avatars available for invites, each to give out fifty invites. We will name them Ercana1 through Ercana5, and only one avatar at a time will be inviting. What that means is that to start, Ercana1 will be sending invites. When Ercana1 has sent fifty invites, he (or she) will leave and Ercana2 will begin sending invites, and so on. If you are unable to get to the City, if the invites have all been sent before you get one or if the hours don't work for you, we will arrange another time within a day or so to take care of those still in need of an invite. At some point near the end of the rehearsal cycle, the invites will be removed from your Nexus...Nexi? Nexees? At any rate, they'll go away. Keep in mind that Ercana is still pretty rough around the edges, and the reason for that is because it is not scheduled for release this build. This is just a chance for you to test the Age in its early stages. So:

- Go to the City between the hours of 3pm and 5pm Cavern time (GMT-6) for the load/capacity group test
- Get an invite to Ercana from the Ercana avatars
- Don't submit lag or loading time tickets, rather leave that feedback on the forum
- Do submit crash tickets if you get them
- Don't worry if you don't get an invite today. We'll get you one very soon

That's all for now. We're looking forward to seeing you there!



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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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