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 Post subject: The Hood of Illusions
PostPosted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 3:00 pm 
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An explanation of what "The Hood of Illusions" is....

As you may have read from my IC counterpart, we are trying something new in the Cavern: two new neighborhoods where the hackers who have been playing by the rules are authorized to make changes on the live MOULa server. Creating these specific 'hoods serves several purposes: 1) It provides an authorized location for those who want to see / experience the changes that can be made, while keeping the other instances of the Cavern unaltered for those who do not. 2) If any of those changes cause unintended, unforeseen problems, it's more desirable to reset a private instance than to have to reset the main, public instances.

The first of these hoods will be called "The Hood of Illusions". This hood is meant for the scheduled hacking demonstrations that were suggested recently. When the demonstration is over, the hood should be put back in its normal state.

The second hood will be called "The Fun House", where these "illusions and special effects" can happen at any time.

A few notes of clarification:
- "Cracking" (making unauthorized changes on the live server to any hood other than those specifically authorized for this purpose, or making any changes that are malicious in nature) is still against MOULa policy. Just don't do it.

- In the context of authorizing changes on the live server, approved hoods' instances are also considered as part of those hoods, (e.g. demonstrations can happen in The Hood of Illusions' instance of Kadish, or have skydiving in The Fun House's instance of the City.)

- This is an experiment. If these new freedoms are abused, or if they end up making more work for us at Cyan, the experiment will very likely end. Play nice: respect all other explorers even if you do not agree with them, both here in the forums and in the Cavern. If things go well, and it can be shown that there is need for other hoods in the future to serve other specific purposes, we'll "burn that bridge while we're crossing it." For now, though, we're sticking with just these two.

Thanks for your continued cooperation and support.


"I don't know the keys to success, but the key to failure is to try to please everyone." - Bill Cosby
"We try anyway." - RAWA
"That is why you fail." - Yoda
This post was brought to you by the word "authorized" in return for its overuse for the sake of clarity.

CYAN - Richard A. Watson, RAWA v2.0

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