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PostPosted: Sat Sep 26, 2015 11:53 am 
Cyan Employee

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Dear fans of Cyan,

I apologize for dropping the ball so much with CAVCON and the pellet points in recent months. Hopefully, you will understand the reasons shortly. It was not mere laziness on my part.

I was diagnosed with a walnut-sized brain tumor at the end of August. I had brain surgery on Sept. 15th, and now have a very cool-looking “centipede” scar and a new nickname: “TC” (for “Titanium Cranium”). Welcome to RAWA v2.0 - a kinder, gentler, more heavily-medicated, slightly more extroverted RAWA.

If you want the full story, you should head to and start with the September 3rd journal entry. It has the most detailed account of what I've been going through the last seven months, and it's the easiest way to keep everyone up-to-date all in one place.

My first seizure (though I didn't know what it was at the time) was literally just a few minutes after leaving the MOUL:a 5th anniversary party back in February 2015. At the time, I thought I was just being emotional from all of the nostalgia of visiting with y'all.

Do me a favor, please. During the Kickstarter campaign for Obduction, many of you told your stories of how the Myst series affected you. Those stories meant the world to my mom, who spent twenty years knowing I made “games”, but not knowing how much these “games” meant to so many people of all ages from all around the world. Y'all made her cry with joy many times.

Now, more than ever, those stories will help my mom, my wife, my kids, and even me. Sign that guestbook on the Caring Bridge site. Tell your stories. My family will see your stories, and all your stories really will help us all through this difficult time. Thank you, more than I can say!

Note: Since this has already been asked - the requests for donations/tributes on the site go to fund the Caring Bridge site itself (feel free to donate to them if you so choose to help keep the site running - it really is a great time-saver for us). I just want to be clear: at the time of this writing, we do not foresee the need to ask for donations for ourselves. If there are unforeseen financial issues, and we end up needing help, it will probably be handled through a GoFundMe kind of thing. I sincerely hope it doesn't come to that.

I thought long and hard about what / how / when to tell the community what was happening. I really didn't want my story to turn into a giant pity party. I am blessed beyond anything I have ever deserved. I have an awesome job with amazing co-workers (past and present). I have an awesome family with limitless patience for my particular brand of chronic insanity. I have awesome friends, including you all who have made all the hard work worthwhile.

As you read my journal entries on that update site, I have tried to keep my sense of humor. I hope that comes through.

A few answers to a few questions you may have:

1) I have given Chogon, Tori, and JWPlatt instructions for the Cavern Lake Lighting project in MOULa. I cannot thank you all enough for your tireless dedication in continuing to contribute pellets to the Lake all these years in all of the incarnations of Uru. Y'all get a gold star and a definite “A+” for effort. I really need to take the time to readjust the formulas so that they are more forgiving for the smaller number of active players than we were anticipating for the original, fully-funded version of Uru Live. We've been stuck at lake light level 1 for a long time in MOULa, but that's my formulas' fault, not yours. That's on one of those back burners somewhere, if time and energy allow for it.

2) I have given Chogon instructions for how the CAVCON calculations work.

3) I am in the process of creating several websites. I intend for one to become the home for the official D'ni language and history archive. I hope to start releasing the long-awaited D'ni dictionary, releasing a “new”* word every day, as I have the time and energy to do so. I have enough words that this will take several years to complete, just for all the words currently in the dictionary. Some of the words you'll already know. Others will be new to you.

4) Any puzzles in Obduction you absolutely hate: blame me. It's probably really my fault anyway, but I had a good excuse: between dizzy spells, seizures and the medications – I was hardly in my right mind (but we've all known that for years anyway). :)

5) Book of Marrim – don't let Rand off the hook. I know it's on the back burner. I know the stove is huge and has many back burners. But the story is very, very important. Keep reminding him, so it is not forgotten. Don't nag too often, though. He's got a lot on his plate, too.

Again, thank you all for all the years of unwavering support. Y'all are the best fans anyone could ever hope or wish for.

Shorah, my friends.


Richard “RAWA” Watson

[*Note: I have never kept track of which words have been officially used anywhere or not. I roughly estimate about half of the words in my dictionary have never been officially confirmed, so you should get real “new” words (to you) often, but some days the “new” word will be a word you've already known. We are also very likely going to find errors in past translations during this process, which has been one of the reasons I have not wanted to release the dictionary to this point. I am currently at a place where I can forgive myself for those past mistakes, but I apologize in advance for them.]

CYAN - Richard A. Watson, RAWA v2.0

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