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PostPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2007 6:11 pm 
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The Moderation Team thought it was time for an updated clarification on the question about how to post on the MO:UL forums, concerning In-Cavern, Role-Play (and Out-of-Character) .

First of all, what is IC, OOC and RP?
For a quick overview on these three basic types of playstyles, please check out this info post:

But how do these three playstyles (and blends) translate into forum posts?

It’s all about perspective.

- If you write OOC (Out-of-Character), you talk about Uru Live as a work of fiction. You treat the “official” storyline, the characters, the gameplay and contributions by other players as a game. (”I went to Teledahn today to play with Shroomie. It seems some areas are trigger points to activate the animation. I think Cyan dropped hints in the Sharper journal about this.”)

- If you write your posts in an IC (In-Cavern) style, you post as yourself (U-R-U), but as if you were an “explorer” of the Cavern, as if Yeesha, the DRC characters etc. were real people. (“I just did Shroomie watching for hours in Teledahn. Sharper mentioned interesting things about her behaviour.”)

- If you write in a RP (Role-Play) style, you post as if the Cavern were real, Yeesha, Laxman etc were real and additionally you might invent storyline aspects (“I just trapped my Shroomie in Teledahn and took a sample of her shell.”) or act as a character other than yourself (“I’m Dr. Shrimp. Having majored on extraterrestrial marine biology, I have studied whale-sized crustaceans for years now.”).

Guidelines for forum posts on Myst Online: Uru Live:

The basic rule of thumb is: The Myst Online forums are OOC (Out-of-character) in nature, while the on the DRC forums (and some fan forums) you can post in an IC (In-Cavern or Roleplay) manner.

The main reason for the separation of the Myst Online forums being OOC (and DRC being IC) is that on MO:UL, things should be simple and easy to understand for newcomers. We encourage everyone interested in forum based IC play (or RPing) to head over to the DRC forums (or a fan forum of their choice). Make use of them!

Concerning the Myst Online forums. The simplest way to put it is: It's okay to talk ABOUT Myst Online's story (including IC and RP stuff), but the perspective has to be OOC. And while we realize some topics will always have somewhat of an IC feel to them (if they pertain to story), it's not okay to act out roleplay.

How does this apply to things concerning folks like Guild Advisor Reteltee and J.D. Barnes?*

On the Myst Online Forums, you can talk ABOUT things they said/did in the game, as long as you do it in an OOC style.

Similar guidelines apply to roleplaying events like SR**. As long as it’s a simple announcement of an IC/RP event in game, and written in the OOC perspective, it can be plugged in the General section (if it exceeds an announcement, it goes in the Creativity section and the (fan-)fictional nature is indicated somehow).

Now what about threads like REBEL vs. REVAL, (just to give another example)? Sometimes they are not so much IC/RP, when it’s obvious in the posts that these topics are about members having a little forum fun... but on the other hand some aspects of these topics can be considered as roleplaying.
To more experienced members it might be pretty obvious it’s just a few members joking around a little bit, including having fun with the whole ResEng fan club thing. But newcomers might not understand what’s going on there. So, we don’t want to close those threads, but if roleplaying should become the main drive behind it, we’d rather like to encourage interested members to head over to the DRC forum.

We do hope this clarified things a bit further, and if in doubt, please feel free to contact us via PM or make use of the report post button.

The Mods

* Reteltee is a player that is in contact with Cyan about the Guild System. From an IC perspective, he is the “Guild Advisor” for the DRC.
J.D. Barnes is a player-driven character, who, from an IC perspective, is sometimes in contact with the DRC.

** SR (Subterranean Restorations) is a player-driven group - from an IC perspective, SR is a restoration organization similar to (yet separate from) the DRC: They “restore” artefacts, etc.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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