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PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2011 8:18 am 

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Since I first played Uru years ago, I've been getting ideas for possible new Relto pages that I longed could be added. If it were to be possible to have user-made Relto pages, they'd probably need to go through an approval process of some sort to make sure there aren't conflicts with any other pages (unless it's like how the Fall and Pine Tree pages work) or the theme of Relto itself. I'd also like to see the ideas other people have for pages, which I can then compile into the list below.

I'm not sure if it's okay, but I figured I could still list Relto page ideas, even if they can never happen. (I'm still hoping new pages can be added, however.)

Relto page concepts:
-Hidden elevator - This page would add an elevator hidden behind the closet, which would have a somewhat hidden button to move it to allow access to the elevator. This would be the base page required to use the next few I'll list, and those other pages could be found in any order as they each take up a different level. When you acquire a page with an underground expansion for Relto, the elevator shaft would be extended to reach the lowest level that a player has found and turned on. If the first expansion page found is lower than the first level down, there would be no door for the other levels until they are found and activated. Since expanding the top of the little plateau you normally have access to would probably diverge from how Relto is based on the layout of Myst, I figured that the best place for expansions that would normally diverge from the theme would be below the ground.
-Observatory - This page is a bit of an exception to what I stated about levels expansions could be made in, so long as it's done right. The page would require having the hidden elevator page, and would add a small room in the little mountain peak on the plateau or below the waterfall pond level of the plateau. This room would be where the player can use a moveable telescope sticking out of the top of the little peak behind the hut, although it would have to be placed carefully to avoid conflicting with the source of the water from the waterfall page.
-Living area - This page would require having the hidden elevator page, and would add a basic room one level down from the plateau with a simple living setup, like a bed, a kitchen, and a bathroom (which probably should have certain things closed off, like the shower and toilet sections; you can see them there, but not really open them, or at least not really use them during gameplay.
-Study - This page would require having the hidden elevator page, and would add a study and an extra bookshelf or shelves for further ages (possibly personal copies of user-created ones). This level could even be used to visually store things in an automatically sorted collection, like feathers.
-Sea level - This page would require the hidden elevator page, and would add a level far below the cloud layer where an ocean and possibly some extra land would be immediately accessable. It would also be a required page in order to use pages that expand on that level, like adding islands you can visit, for example.
-Undersea viewing area - Like the rest in the list so far, this page would require having the hidden elevator page. It would add a level below sea level with a section where the player could view undersea wildlife. It may be possible to add more types of undersea wildlife with further pages. There would likely be toggleable lights to aid in viewing, unless it's near the surface (with the exception of night).

For the elevator system, I know that certain pages requiring one or more other pages in order to be used could be bad, but I'm not entirely sure how else this could work. Unless there is no elevator page, and the shaft is added and extended depending on the other pages you have. As for the levels that are required for certain other pages to be used, it could work like this: the page for the corresponding level would be required in order to use pages adding to that level, but players can still acquire pages "out of order", although they can't activate them without the required page(s). At least that way there wouldn't be as much need to worry about the order these pages could be found in.

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PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2011 4:15 pm 

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I suppose it is just a matter of someone being willing to model the features needed to add the pages.

In SL and OSGrid fans have modeled alternative features in their Reltos. One has a cave open near the waterfall that leads to a level under the cottage. Another has a ladder like the Teledahn one that leads down to the ground. Many are bigger and the yard is used for dances. Many have decorated them in nice ways.

Because of some limits in SL/OpenSim modeling some have added scenery walls around the Relto. These are like the mountains in the Cleft or the fake buildings in Ahnonay.

Then there are Relto's that have few similarities, just enough that one would think them Relto like.

So... not only would more Relto pages be nice, it would be nice to be able to have alternate Relto's. There is no reason that we can't learn to program the Relto books to take us to other places. How about a home in the hood or an instance of a hood? How fun would it be to live in one of places in the hood?

For groups that want a home base it could be a way for them to more easily stay together. One of the projects in SL built homes and businesses in an Ae'gura like place. I think taking over Ae'gura within the Cavern is a bad idea as it would change much of the feel of the game. But, finding another cavern or D'ni city is possible. There are people creative enough to weave that into the story.

Of course in a game where hundreds of people want homes in the game there has to be some selection process. In most worlds that is done by charging a fee for the home. They are essentially rented and the rent pays for the server.

Some of us host regions in SL and others host them in OSGrid on our home computers. We are expecting something similar to happen with MOSS. OSGrid is in many ways like a shard. Hypergrid is a way that OpenSim people are linking their 'shards' together. It may be possible to create in-game links to other MOSS shards. Whether or not that happens it certainly reduces server costs by being able to host from a home computer. But, just as we have commercial hosting companies setting up OpenSim servers connected to OSGrid, we will likely see the same for MOSS servers. has been and is looking into it. There are some really cheap cloud based plans based on number of people using a server. When empty the cost drops to pennies per day. So, money is much less of an issue, but still a factor.

So, these things are possible. Many of the changes have been explorer in SL and others are being explored in OpenSim. Some worked and people liked them. Others created friction and were difficult to manage as a community and have essentially failed. They were bad ideas. People can repeat those mistakes or learn from them.

Once the code branches at OpenUru are fully functional the changes to the servers can start. GoW has started their server and CWE branches and changes. Only time will tell us if the GoW branches remain compatible with MOULa. Ages are being built now. Soon they will start opening to fans and the experimentation can begin.

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