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PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 7:56 pm 

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I'm not entering, but since Marie announced it today, I'm creating a thread for people to post their submissions.

Until the site update, you can get the basic gist of the requirements from the previous two contests. Marie said that the basic specs for submissions are the same. It is content that is different.

For cowards die a thousand deaths, while heros die but one.

Well, unless they're playing video games, in which case heros die a lot too.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2007 1:35 am 

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Where did you find this out? I cannot find it on the drc site. Interesting.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2007 1:37 am 

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Marie mentioned it in the cavern.

(06/27 20:37:51) Chat.log started...
(06/27 20:38:01) Yali: Shorah Marie
(06/27 20:38:06) AKA waves hello
(06/27 20:38:09) Yali: How are things today?
(06/27 20:38:17) Moondweller waves hello
(06/27 20:38:20) TomahnaGuy: shorah Miss Sutherland
(06/27 20:38:33) meadow: Shorah miss marie!! smile.gif
(06/27 20:38:36) Marie Sutherland: Just a quick announcement of another stained glass project for those explorers who are interested.
(06/27 20:38:43) Ivanova: Shorah Marie
(06/27 20:38:44) Dhelayan: Hello marie
(06/27 20:38:46) TomahnaGuy: Ooh
(06/27 20:38:46) AKA cheers
(06/27 20:38:47) Yali: Ah!
(06/27 20:38:49) TomahnaGuy: Nice
(06/27 20:38:49) Nine-O-Nine cheers
(06/27 20:38:54) meadow: great!
(06/27 20:38:59) Yali: When will the garden ones be put up?
(06/27 20:39:08) Marie Sutherland: You can probably guess...
(06/27 20:39:17) Mohawk: next month?
(06/27 20:39:18) AKA: the GZ
(06/27 20:39:19) Nine-O-Nine: Er'cana?
(06/27 20:39:22) Ivanova: Ercana?
(06/27 20:39:28) Nine-O-Nine: or GZ
(06/27 20:39:28) Yali: Soon?
(06/27 20:39:31) PathWalker: shorah
(06/27 20:39:33) TomahnaGuy: ercana
(06/27 20:39:35) Marie Sutherland: We're looking for submissions for the Great Zero.
(06/27 20:39:40) TomahnaGuy: Oh
(06/27 20:39:40) AKA cheers
(06/27 20:39:41) Ivanova says DOH!
(06/27 20:39:47) AKA: awesome
(06/27 20:39:50) Yali: Oooh! Awesome
(06/27 20:39:54) TomahnaGuy: Still good
(06/27 20:39:59) Ian A. Pertwee: Sorry I'm late.... is this about a new stained glass project?
(06/27 20:39:59) AKA: the book room is going to be beautiful
(06/27 20:40:06) Nine-O-Nine nods his head
(06/27 20:40:11) TomahnaGuy: marie whats the status of the other stained glass entries?
(06/27 20:40:11) Pryftan: Ms. Sutherland, do you know if there will ever be projects of this sort for musical pieces?
(06/27 20:40:39) Ian A. Pertwee: ne ha parlato marie l'altro ieri
(06/27 20:40:48) Ian A. Pertwee: whoops, that was meant as a PM
(06/27 20:40:54) TomahnaGuy: Kk
(06/27 20:41:07) Marie Sutherland: The Delin and Tsogal entries were judged and selected a while ago. They may begin appearing in the 'hoods next month, or possibly the month after that.
(06/27 20:41:19) Nine-O-Nine: ah ok :-)
(06/27 20:41:21) Ivanova claps her hands
(06/27 20:41:24) TomahnaGuy: Cool
(06/27 20:41:26) AKA: totally cool
(06/27 20:41:27) TomahnaGuy: Who won?
(06/27 20:41:28) Marie Sutherland: They haven't been forgotten.
(06/27 20:41:30) Blade Lakem: will we get any word on who won before that?
(06/27 20:41:31) TomahnaGuy: smile.gif
(06/27 20:41:32) Marie Sutherland smiles.
(06/27 20:41:37) Mohawk: good to know that!
(06/27 20:41:38) Yali: Marie, speaking of the public Ages, I have a question concerning the Library
(06/27 20:41:40) Ian A. Pertwee: Marie, has the DRC considered a partnership with Subterranean Restorations, since they seem to be focusing on restoring D'ni art?
(06/27 20:41:54) Ivanova: will there be only one or a few different ones?
(06/27 20:42:34) Pryftan: Subterranean Restorations has numerous plans to restore D'ni art, as well as recorded musical pieces.
(06/27 20:42:46) KL/RREN is waiting...
(06/27 20:42:47) Marie Sutherland: We will be working on updating hte project page of the website over the next few days.
(06/27 20:42:52) AKA: when the new Eders (Tsogal and Delin) were first discovered and restored, were the bahro doors there?
(06/27 20:42:58) Tweek: same with the REstorersGuild, who would also be interested in working witht eh DRC ad SR
(06/27 20:42:59) Ian A. Pertwee: last time I checked, music was art too wink.gif
(06/27 20:43:06) Erik: Nice, thanks Dr. Sutherland.
(06/27 20:43:14) leeloo: shorah
(06/27 20:43:17) Ian A. Pertwee cheers for the site update
(06/27 20:43:17) Marie Sutherland: For now you can get the specs for entries from the Delin project
(06/27 20:43:21) Pryftan: Yeah, I'm just pointing it out specifically.. it'd be nice to have DRC sponsered musical events
(06/27 20:43:22) PathWalker: r/sit
(06/27 20:43:41) Ian A. Pertwee: I hear that, Pryftan.
(06/27 20:43:54) Ian A. Pertwee: As a choir member, I'd love the chance to sing D'ni stuff.
(06/27 20:44:03) Marie Sutherland: Submissions for this project will be accepted until July 21st.
(06/27 20:44:17) TomahnaGuy will make an entry
(06/27 20:44:21) Pryftan: The lack of music in the cavern is disturbing sometimes.. having a musical contst and playing the winning pieces would be quite nice
(06/27 20:44:24) Moondweller: Nice - same as Harry Potter day ;-)
(06/27 20:44:32) meadow: lol
(06/27 20:44:34) Yali: Can we expect to have the older Ages such as Teledahn and Gahreesen placed in the Library. Possibly for public use.
(06/27 20:44:35) White Rose: Let Marie talk
(06/27 20:44:37) Ian A. Pertwee: A bit short as a deadline, considering it's in the middle of summer
(06/27 20:44:38) TomahnaGuy: Pryftan - that would certainly be good
(06/27 20:45:25) Marie Sutherland: That's the end of the announcement.
(06/27 20:45:32) TomahnaGuy: Thank you Marie
(06/27 20:45:37) Moondweller: Thanks, Marie
(06/27 20:45:42) Nate: thanx Marie[/spoiler]

For cowards die a thousand deaths, while heros die but one.

Well, unless they're playing video games, in which case heros die a lot too.

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