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Disclaimer: I do not own Year Zero, or any of the songs discribed.

Chapter 1: The Beginning of The End

Down on your knees you'll be left behind, this is the beginning.

It had been 2 years after Douglas Sharper killed the Bahro out of vengeance. A month ago, they demanded the DRC hand Sharper or they declare war, which is their definition of invasion. The DRC refused. The world of D'ni was shocked. Surely they would have only one person given for the greater good, rather than start a war, killing billions of innocents.A relayer was supposed to break to the people gently, but he said it so blunt it could strike someone to their knees: "There coming for us! This is the beginning of the end!" 5 hours, thats all they had. Before the Bahro invade the shores. First, they would bomb the shores. Then, they would deploy their men everywhere. No Relto, Bevin, or Age would be safe. Unlucky for us, unlucky for D'ni, doomsday came early. They invaded, crawled over the balconies of the Bevin. We all scatter, running from the enevitable.

Watch what you think they can read your mind. This is the beginning.

They knew almost every hiding space. They should, they did the same when we came for them. They knockout the civs with the tushie of their weapon. Figures, killing us, no, way too easy, not from what they remember. I manage to hide away, in the corner of the classroom. A few others are there. Our backs pressed to the wall, we feel the crumbles of the walls.

I got my moxie and it's in my eyes. This is the beggining.

A pipe leaks, a liquid mirror is made, showing the fiery abyss, anger, and determination in myself. I won't let myself go down for nothing. I look up, and I recognize one of people in the room. It takes me no less than a minute to realize Douglas Sharper is across from me. The one we're supposed to die for. I confront him, but before it gets serious, two seconds before making a move to strangle him, he throws me a rifle. A temporary resolve.

My own reflection I don't recognize. This is the beggining.

I take a look in the puddle. It doesn't even look like me. I see someone else, someone who has either a delusion or a vision of hope. I set out of the door, along with Sharper and two others he armed. All our guns are loaded, and we're itching for the burgers to show.

We think we've come so high, above all the backs we've come down.

We thought we were on the brink of restoring D'ni. We had to screw over quite a few people, the Bahro, and even some of our own. I never agreed with it, but if it had to be done, I'm nowhere near important to stand in the way.

We face no consequence, this is the beginning of the end.

Cate said we'd be safe, as long as we did or let the DRC do whatever she said. Now look, the caverns are rampant, aflame, filled with scared people.

You wait your turn, you'll be last in line, this is the beginning.

We shove our way through the crowds, somehow just slipping out of the bahro's vision. We don't question it. The choas, the looting, we welcomed it. Our cover for escape. To the sewer system, Sharper says.

Get out the way, cause I'm getting mine. This is the beggining.

A man shoves several people out of the way to get to his wife. He grabs her, presses her lips to his, starts caressing each other all over. A pistol in his hand. I caught this in the mayhem. I then saw a bahro come from behind. I turn away, he was armed, and while the Bahro are honarable, not killing unarmed civs, if you were armed, they would tear you apart in a heartbeat.

There are someones that can help themselves, this is the beginning.

Not many people were armed, too busy panicing. We're the only one's standing somewhat of a chance against them. "On hands and knees, we crawl! THEY CANNOT STOP US ALL!" I hear Sharper yell out. We come by a barricade, the bahro blocking. Some people were more deluded than us, running at the Bahro, unarmed, enough hatred to rip them limb from limb. They hold them off, and we shoot the ones that weren't distracted. We see the door leading to the sewer tunnels. I shoot the lock. I usher everyone in.

It may be too late, as far as I can tell, this is the beginning.

I'm about to go in, but I look back. There were people I cared about, who I had feelings for. Some I had to clear air with, I couldn't find them at the time though. How long till they would break? "Justin, the way out is through! Get your tushie moving!" Sharper yelled. I turn around, running into the tunnels.

We think we've come so far, on all our lies been taken.

The DRC, unlike the civilians, would not be spared. The Bahro started the invasion because of them. They said there'd be no consequence. Now look what it brought us. This is the beggining of the end.

What if all the world you think you knew... is an elaborate dream?

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