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PostPosted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 8:51 pm 

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(09/08 20:36:41) [Moderator] Lfus: DocOlanA go ahead with your question
(09/08 20:36:45) Reteltee: Would you all indulge me in telling a bit of a story for a moment?
(09/08 20:36:48 ) DocOlanA: What guild will be allowed access to D'ni texts, so that they can assist the DRC in translating them, so that we can actually get some of them out to the explorers? Because I want to join that one.
(09/08 20:37:40) Scarlette is trying not to chant STORY!! STORY!! STORY!
(09/08 20:38:15) MustardJeep: Please tell your story Reteltee.
(09/08 20:38:44) [Moderator] Lfus: We will continue taking questions to be answered by Reteltee after his story...
(09/08 20:39:25) Reteltee: This Guildsman was the son of a Grand Master of the Guild of Surveyors, and his father was saddened by the arrogance he saw in his son
(09/08 20:39:47) Reteltee: So one day, his father decided he would help his son understand his place in the world
(09/08 20:39:54) Scarlette: Uh oh
(09/08 20:40:23) Reteltee: So he took his son to a new Age, one which had only recently been added to the canon, and was found in one of the Common Libraries
(09/08 20:40:39) Reteltee: It was so new, that Maintainers inspection stamp had barely dried
(09/08 20:41:13) oliviaw: sit
(09/08 20:41:15) Reteltee: And the Grand Master told his son that he was to be honored with a great task; to Survery this new Age, alone
(09/08 20:41:28 ) Dimitrios: i want to be a member in 3 guilds (writes
(09/08 20:41:35) Dimitrios: Oops
(09/08 20:41:47) Reteltee: And the son thought to himself "What a great way to make a name for myself...a name even greater than my father's"
(09/08 20:41:48 ) oliviaw: \sit
(09/08 20:41:53) Reteltee: So he hastily accepted
(09/08 20:42:25) Reteltee: And so he began to survey the Age; he took core sample, soil samples, analysed to composition of the bedrock
(09/08 20:42:41) Reteltee: An over the course of many weeks, began to bring back his findings to the Guild
(09/08 20:43:01) Reteltee: All the while thinking he was gaining prestige and respect from his Guildsmen
(09/08 20:43:22) Reteltee: And he carried on like this, for a yea
(09/08 20:43:36) Reteltee: Until finally, he was sure his Survey was compelte
(09/08 20:43:51) Reteltee: So he came before the Guild Council to present his report
(09/08 20:44:25) Reteltee: And the first question the council asked of him, was the approximate length and breadth of the landmass of this new Age
(09/08 20:44:39) Reteltee: The youn Guildsman was silent, for he did not know
(09/08 20:44:52) Reteltee: The second question he was asked, was about the flora, and fauna
(09/08 20:44:58 ) Reteltee: Again, he was silent
(09/08 20:45:23) Reteltee: And finally he was asked to note the weather patterns and overall climate
(09/08 20:45:59) Old Watashi: 92 here
(09/08 20:46:04) Reteltee: Of this, he knew so little, he was again silent, for he had not paid attention to it
(09/08 20:46:32) Reteltee: Finally he cried out to the Council "WHy do you ask me these questions? Was not my task to Survey this Age? This I have done!"
(09/08 20:47:11) Reteltee: And it was his father who asnwered him saying "Son, you have seen without seeing, you have tasted without tasing, and you have touched without feeling"
(09/08 20:47:51) Reteltee: "For in thinking you could do alone, what indeed takes all of us together to do, you have shown that you do not know what it means to be D'ni"
(09/08 20:48:05) Reteltee: And with that, the son turned and fled the Guild Hall
(09/08 20:48:24) KL/\RREN winkt vince
(09/08 20:48:58) Reteltee: And so, the lesson was shared throughout the Empire; no one man, is greater than D'ni
(09/08 20:49:13) Reteltee: SO we too, as Explorers would do well to know


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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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