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 Post subject: DPWR (Finally) Updated!
PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 5:00 pm 
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Well, the update took a lot longer than I anticipated for several reasons, but things are, for the most part, up and running again. Quickly, I have a few notes on problems or oddities you may encounter as a result of the update that I am aware of and still need to work out.

General Issues
  • News cannot be commented on, or viewed by category, and the news link has been removed from the navigation bar. A link to the News section will return soon, and comments (along with news submission for non-staff) will return after that.
  • The Golden KI link has been removed from the navigation bar. This will be re-added as soon as I get a nap. ;)
  • The Links section is completely empty! I've moved the Links section to a new module, but was unable to craft a converter to move existing links into the new database. If you've got a link you're jonesing to see on our list, feel free to add it!
  • There's a blank block in the left bar of the Community page. This is supposed to be an UruBlogs syndication block, but the feed is broken. Tweek has been informed of the issue.
Archive Issues
  • Some articles have the text [ attachment=###:attachment ] instead of an attachment in them. Despite my best efforts, some of the attachments didn't import correctly into the new Archive database. They still exist, they're just not linked up correctly. If you see an article with a bad attachment, be sure to flag it using the menu item under Options at the top right of the article view. Please do not attempt to fix the article yourself or remove the attachment tag. The issue is with the back-end, and cannot be fixed by editing the article manually.
  • Some articles are filed under the wrong tag. This is a result of my decision to split things out more fully since the new Archive supports a lot more freedom in that regard. If you see something out of place (like a note in the Journals tag, or an article on math in the D'ni Language tag), feel free to edit the article and pick the right tag for it.
  • Some articles aren't tagged at all. This is pretty much exclusive to the Flora & Fauna section; I didn't file it under either Flora or Fauna because it's about 50/50, so either way would have meant a lot of mis-filed entries. If you're feeling helpful, hit up the Untagged Articles section and tag away!
  • The Templates custom tag in the posting screen doesn't do anything. The reason for this is twofold: There are no entries in a tag called "templates" yet, and the code to parse them hasn't been 100% implemented just yet. As with the Golden KI link, I'll tackle this after I've had a nap.
  • All of the extra information and discussion in the Archive is missing! The Archive converter only imported the first post of each Archive entry. Anything else was clipped off and is currently inaccessible to members. However, I will be working through the entries with comments and merging the relevant information piece by piece as time goes by. Anyone willing to volunteer to speed this process along is more than welcome to do so.
Library Issues
  • Users are currently unable to comment on existing stories, and cannot create new stories. The links to perform these functions are visible as text, but don't go anywhere. Library interactivity is coming as soon as I can get it working, probably within the month.
  • No matter what I do, all of the sections and stories still stay unread! I'm working on tackling this issue, and will hopefully have a resolution to it by the time the commenting/new story stuff is ready to roll.
  • The links to the Library rules and help don't go anywhere. Again, this will go live after I get a nap.
Gallery Issues
  • The image thumbnails are all much smaller than the box they're contained in. The image thumbnails are currently in the process of being rebuilt to a larger size, but there's a LOT of images, and it's an intensive process. This should be completed by the end of the day today.
  • There's weird scrollbars in some of the category descriptions because of the sub-categories. Either the sub-categories will be removed, or the block will just get a bit larger.
  • When attempting to view an image, nothing loads where the image should be. Again, the Gallery update changed a few things regarding image handling; images now load at an intermediate size, and can be clicked on for a full view. However, these intermediate-sized images don't exist yet. The image rebuild currently in progress will resolve this issue by the end of the day.
Forum Issues
  • The "View New Posts" link is missing! It's been moved to a sub-menu of My Controls... click on My Controls to get a drop-down with several options, including "View New Posts".
  • Everything's unread! I'm betting the database-side topic read markers were all blown away by the upgrade. Just click "Mark all posts as read" at the bottom of the page or click on each forum marker to mark them off one at a time.
  • There's 879 new topics! The new Archive system creates a discussion topic for each entry created in the Archive. As such, the import process has spawned 879 new topics for the existing content in the Archive.

If you encounter any issues with your account or the site's functionality as a result of this upgrade, please post in the forum or send me a private message detailing the issue you're having, and I'll look into it as soon as possible.

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 6:55 pm 

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Congrats on the upgrade. I know how hard it is. ;) :)

Sören Nils 'chucker' Kuklau

(Or something.)

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