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 Post subject: A history of explorers
PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2007 4:43 pm 

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Prologue: This is a history of the four explorers in my group. Where they came from and how they came to be in the cavern. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

1 and 2
The twins seemed to be in no hurry. The doctor said they were at least a week late but then, what do doctors know of children conceived of love. Apparently the twins where waiting for the biggest snow storm in ten years to hit the Toronto area. This storm was so sever that it shut down the entire Golden Horseshoe. All roads where closed from Niagara Falls to Kingston.

The twins decided that it was time around 6:00 PM. The storm had already been raging for about 4 hours. It took a taxi, two police cars and a snow plow to get them all to the hospital. They arrived around 9:PM, there was a team of nurses waiting and quickly got Margaret into a birthing room. One of the babies was starting to get very insistent so there was no time to waste.

The boy came into the world at 9:55 PM weighing 8 lb. 7 oz. The girl took a little longer. Typical female, waiting to make a grand entrance. Actually we think she was waiting for her father to get to the hospital. As soon as she heard his voice she started moving and arrived at 11:15 PM weighing 8 lb. 1 oz. There was some concern that she was having difficulty breathing. But after they worked on clearing out her air way, she let them know in typical baby fashion that she was fine. The doctor wanted the three of them to stay in the hospital for three days to be sure that mother and twins where in good health.

Then came the naming. Margaret, being from a small village outside of Montreal wanted the children to have French sounding names but Nick (Nikos) having immigrated from the island of Crete ten years before wanted the children to have names that would reflect the heritage of his little village back by the sea. So the names Zola and Zoleta where decided on.

Before they left the hospital people began to notice the twin’s eyes. Although they where not identical they both had the same eyes. Their eyes where changing to a startling green. Almost an emerald green and when they looked at you it was like they where looking right into your soul. They where happy babies unless they where separated, then you would know they where not happy. The only exception to that was if Nick was holding Zoleta, she would gurgle and giggle contentedly. On the other hand Zola made it quite clear that he was not happy unless he was near Zoleta, sleeping or feeding.

And so it was time to leave the hospital. They owned a small house in Cabbage Town. They lived on a small quiet tree lined street. But very close to the center of the city. When they got home neighbours had heard about the twins and came with food and gifts to welcome the new residents. Everyone commented on their eyes and how happy they where.

There where two schools handy, one Catholic and the other public. Nick being from Crete was happy about the Catholic school but Margaret having been exposed to the Catholic school system in Quebec was having some trepidation about the twins attending any religious school. However there was lots of time to sort that out.

The twins grew strong and happy especially when they where together. The adults read to them every day and the growing influence of television that was influencing the rest of the world was held at bay because Nick refused to allow a TV in the house. The twins where interested in everything. Sometimes Margaret would find them sitting head to head looking at things on the ground and babbling as if having a serious conversation. One day she saw them watching a worm struggle to get across the sidewalk in their yard. After watching it for a time Zoleta gently picked it up, carried it to a grassy place under the tree and they watched as it burrowed into the ground. Life was good for the family and happiness was in great abundance. Then one warm August night, just before the kids where about to start school it all came crashing down around them.
(More to come)

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