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PostPosted: Thu Apr 23, 2015 10:34 pm 

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I could not do it….I could not just let the other symbol fade from my memory.

….I tried…dreams would not let it fade.

I was walking through the City…in my dream…..Every where I looked I would see the path of the shell symbol…

When I would walk through them they would take me to my relto…always to my relto.

Every night I would dream the same thing.

I had enough…

Back to the Cleft….

Back through the passage and following the map I had, hopefully back to where i found the marble…and back to the Castle…and back to the symbol.

I have never been so determined to find out something.

I have to know where that symbol leads to.

From the map I had been just about to the eder tomahn when I found the marble. The thought of facing The Well, was frightening. I am not afraid of heights, but I am afraid, of falling from them!

I wandered through the tunnel, and down the steepness, along the curved lava tube. I was so glad to have on sturdy hiking boots on this dry hard floor. I could not imaging Atrus managing this in sandals. Behind me was blackness, darker than any darkness I have ever encountered.

Then I cam e to it…The Well, the giant black oval hole, that was ready to swallow me up in one massive gulp!

I saw the steps to the left…steps?? really??? I would hardly call them steps. They were a thread of grooves into the rock. The thought of navigating them had me shaking like a bowl of jello.

I steadied my nerves with the thought that if I fell I could relto. Some comfort, a comfort Atrus did not have.

I went down down down the spiral, and imagined like Atrus did that I was inside a Tree

I came to the small cave in the side of the shaft..and was glad for the rest. Taking this opportunity to have something to eat and a cold drink, I was refreshed. From the notes I had a few hours of twisting tunnels before I reached the eder, and I figured maybe an hour past the eder to where I saw…the marble.

The black finished marble of the eder was just as I had imagined it to be, also very much like the black stone of the control room in my adventure Angel’s Tree. Makes me believe ever so much more that they are all D’ni.

I came to the door. I had no key to open this and enter the rest area….oh how I wanted to see what was in there….maybe find something belonging to Atrus…his discarded clothes maybe?? I am sure the DRC long ago had found them.

I went on my way…down through the tunnels. I watched carefully…for I knew I should be getting close to the place I saw the marble. Then I saw the pool and jumble of rocks…and there…..just as I had never touched it…the marble.Image

I marveled at its perfectness……I gazed, again transfixed by its beauty….and….linked.

Again I was back at the castle. I wasted no time to get to the place where I saw the second showing of the symbol. I have no idea what time it is here….It is 13:20 KI time, but the time really does not matter. I have to wait to see the symbol, and go through it…if I can..or wait for 19 hours and get a second chance. I know this age is 19 hours.

I had to find something to do while I waited…right here. If I just missed it, I will have a long wait. I looked around the immediate area a bit more.

I saw this shaft in the immediate area. Seemed to be a chimney, and where I stood was inside a large cook area.

This wall had me intrigued, it seemed to be laid out it a pattern for something, but I did not have time to figure it out, not right now anyway. If I missed the symbol, and had 19 hours to kill, then maybe I could fuss with this wall.

Then I heard the link sound…but I looked at the spot I expected it to appear…..nothing…so where is this link showing up???

I ran around the area and saw…fading…this small symbol on a door.

What was this?

I could not get side tracked…. I did not want to miss the symbol I came here to explore. If….I miss the symbol, maybe I will see what is behind this door.

Then the thought came to me…the symbol I am waiting for, is not on a direct walk was hovering in the air off the edge of the ledge under that window.

Maybe that door, leads to steps up to that ledge..and maybe it showed up to show that the symbol was about to open???


I had to find out…I could not let this thought pass.

I went back to the door and opened it.

A dark tunnel, lit with…


This castle was D’ni, no doubt about it.

The tunnel called to me…but I hesitated. I saw no stairs, and my reason for going through the door was to find stairs up to be able to be near where the symbol appears…….

I will……………go…………..just around the corner, to the sixth light I can just make out. If I see no stairs by then, I am going to go back to the area to figure out something else.

I rounded the corner…..

and saw……


Really…this place was loaded with them.

I waited till it had cleared, and went up the stairs.

I came out in this open area,

and also saw another set of stairs…


I went up this set, broke through the rotten boards, and came out on the ledge, near the window….exactly where I wanted to be, to catch the symbol when it appeared.

Four hours had passed, according to my KI…more than that for this age though, as I had learned. Could be no more than 15 till the symbol appears..but it could be soon… I have no idea.

I judged my jump through the symbol when it should appear….and the distance to the floor if I should miss.

It was a good 14 feet!!!!

I am not thrilled at that prospect. I am bound to get hurt if I miss…and if I go back down now to do something to make my landing softer, I may miss the symbol.

I weighed my options.

I have jumped from such a height, but when I was younger. I am not sure how my old bones will take the landing.

I am tired…surprise surprise….

I decided to get comfy right here and take a bit of a cat nap, and hope the sound wakes me enough to jump my groggy, sleepy self through the symbol before I can think of the possible injuries if I should miss.

KI #03313934

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 8:32 pm 

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20:10 KI time, I had slept for almost 3 hours. I hope I did not sleep through a symbol, but I am quite sure I did not.Under 12 hours to wait…if….


hear it….

the sound….

I have to time this right…

I have to jump right….


I landed, I felt the breeze, smelled moist warm air but I dared not open my eyes…..

I sat where I was.

I slowly opened my eyes and peeked to my right….to my right

This little bug on some leaves… I was not in the Castle…but where was I??

I peeked to my left….


Dare I look up??

I have never been so apprehensive….Finally I looked…..
Across the misty chasm I saw…..

Relto?? was that my relto Island??

I looked more at where I sat…just a small outcropping. I checked my Ki ….it was totally blank.

I was hoping for a picture of the Clock island or the small tree island in relto……for I think that is where I am.

But how?

How do I get to that main island?

I figured the only way was to use my Relto book. It would either take me there…or home. It was worth the risk.

I touched the page……linked…and looked out.

The small outcropping I was just on…and I am now on what I believe to be Relto….but it is barren. I touched my relto book page again…


I sat to think.

The Castle, was built, probably by Ja’Kreen, around 625….Yeesha made Relto sometime around

9500…YIKES….if this is the relto….of Ja’Kreen’s time, then I am in the past……8875 years before

Yeesha wrote Relto, as a gift.

I am lost…in the past!!!

My Ki is doing nothing….I have no idea of the time.

My friends…..if I ever get back…oh the thought.

I will die here…on relto…in the past.


KI #03313934

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PostPosted: Sat May 16, 2015 12:09 pm 

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Update from angelmyst.

I found a way!!!
Im home, on my relto, but am waiting to share this with you all. Watch for
Angel's Return!!!

KI #03313934

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