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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 4:18 pm 

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Ever since I knew that you could have five different avatars in Uru Live, I have had the idea to do something creative with them. After a few days of deciding upon a list of ideas I had, I went with the choice of creatinf a family that gradually enters the cavern.

Here is the story of the five Opheria brothers, thus far:

It was a bright and sunny day in Darwin, Australia when Atrius Opheria received an email from the DRC. He sat at his desk pondering reading the email before he eventually decided on bringing it up on the screen.

The letter was to inform him that he was accepted to help them make sure that Ae'gura was safe for future explorers and visitors. He did not take long to decide to prepare for entry into the cavern. Within an hour, he had packed everything he needed and began heading to Ae'gura via his Relto.

Upon returning to Relto, he heard a familiar voice. A few seconds later, the voice became louder and he instantly recognised the voice as Yeesha's. The message was a warning and Atrius carefully recorded it in his journal.

"The storm has come.
The rain has passed.
The tree...remains.

But far in the distance, a new storm builds, with dry titian clouds of dust and destruction.
They are free there, gathering.

And now choices abound, some simple, some deep. Even now, decide: Here begin alone; there are no others in the cleft. It is empty desert, yet there is wisdom on that path. Or here explore together; the cavern lives and grows. There are friends...and enemies, laughing and waiting.

Alone or together, destruction is coming.
Alone or together, find a way.
Alone or together, make a home.

They come. He comes. And I will come as well."

Atrius put away the journey, thinking carefully about Yeesha's message and entered the hut to check on his bookshelf. To his surprise, there was only one book left on the shelf - the book to his old Nieghbourhood. He then headed outside to see what other changes there were.

Upon closer examination of the island, he noticed that the four pillars of the Journey were not there, neither was his waterfall, tree or any of the other additions he had collected on his previous Journey. As he activated the pillar in the centre of the island, Atrius began to think: "Has the destruction already began?"

After using the book placed in the pillar, he left Relto and linked to the Cleft. When he arrived, he did not notice anything that may have been different. As he walked around the volcano in search of the Journey Cloths, he found out that everything was exactly as it was before. Nothing has moved, but there was also something new.

As Atrius approached Zandi's trailer, he noticed a firepit out the front, not too far from Zandi. Upon walking closer to the pit, he noticed a slip of paper laying in the centre. When he reached the firepit, Atrius noticed that the sheet of paper was, in fact, a Relto Page. The symbol on the page was unfamiliar to him, but nevertheless he picked it up and it was added to his Relto book.

It took him most of a day to complete the journey in the Cleft. He took his time exploring the Cleft itself to make note of any changes, but there was none that he could find. As it was before, Yeesha had left her message in the projector, explaining that he must seek the Journey rather than the Destination. Atrius listened to the message and then continued towards the tree to complete his first journey.

Inside the tree lay a page with a symbol representing pillars. Without hesitation, Atrius collected the page and was instantly linked back to his Relto.

Chapter One - The Journey Begins Again
After returning to Relto, Atrius immediately noticed that there were fours pillars standing in the middle of the island instead of one. He also noticed a large island off the side of the main island. He did not hesistate to run across the intricate bridges onto the island for closer examination. The island boasted a large panel with a centrally positioned spiral pattern. Atrius was amazed and sat in the centre of the spiral, pondering the reason for this page for some time.

Several hours later, he decided to continue his journey by completing the four Ages as he did a few years ago. Despite his disappointment that he needed to complete them once more, Atrius linked to Gahressen via the pillar provided and began his journey to free the Bahro once more.

Upon arriving in Gahreesen, he left the entry room and followed the signs placed in order to retrieve his KI device since he was asked to return his old one from his last journey before the cavern was closed. After retrieving the KI, Atrius immediately began heading towards the journey cloths placed on this part of the Age.

His memory was perfect, he first went towards cloth that was hidden in rubble and debris from a ceiling in a doorway. He then followed his memory and instincts and jumped the gap in the nearby room and headed towards the locker room, where he found the next cloth and registered it. Several hours later, Atrius had activated the power source in the garrison and had registered the third cloth.

He then proceeded to the top of the tower via the elevators and waited for the right time to jump to the island in order to register the fourth cloth. He then waiting for the rotating platforms to reach him again so that he could reach the second tower. Once inside the tower, he carefully scanned the rooms there for any changes and the fifth cloth. Once he had ran along the corridor for a few minutes, he noticed a colorful floating spark on the pathway. Intrigued as to what it could be, Atrius ran through the spark and noticed he Relto book glow.

Not wanting to interrupt the journey run, he decided to continue in the tower and find the room with the cloth on the wall. It was lucky that the next room along was the room he needed. He registered the cloth and then remembered that he needed to link to Teledahn in order to finish the journey for Gahreesen. With that thought in his mind, he opened his Relto book and linked out.

More to come soon...

R.I.P. Opheria Family - Lost in the Cavern That Will Never Be

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 Post subject: Nice concept....
PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 11:24 pm 

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Yes, I like the concept. Reminds me of Fernando Pessoa and his use of heteronyms. Pessoa's earliest heteronyms were Charles Robert Anon and Alexander Search; these were eventually succeeded by others, most notably: Alberto Caeiro, Álvaro de Campos, Ricardo Reis and semi-heteronym Bernardo Soares.

The heteronyms possessed distinct temperaments, philosophies, appearances and writing styles. Is this the approach you'll be taking? Each of the five brothers with distinct personalities and POV's should be quite a feat of the imagination... if so, I commend you on your effort.

your buddy in the zone, earthwiz

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