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PostPosted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 8:06 pm 

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Hello everyone,
I'm long-time Myst series player, Riven being the game of my childhood, and for the beginning I'd like to send huge Thank You for porting the game on iOS - I couldn't believe when I saw it. You given me the reason for submerging into the game once again, and it's almost as stunning as the first time I recall playing it! (ok, almost cause graphics seems to be worse than I remember from last time playing o_O but it was quite long ago, so no wonder... oh, and if I mess names of some things in this post - sorry, I don't recall how things are officially called ;] )

I play on iPad and when heard that propably there gonna be a release dedicated to it I thought I'll share some ideas... yea, I know that most likely somewhere in the long topic about iRiven you got dozens of them but well.. I'll give it a shot ;) By the way: Sorry for my English, I'm not native speaker, barely know it from some lessons time ago.

Here are some my ideas regarding ways to improve the immersion of Riven:
  • The Riven renders you've got are 608x392 as far as I've read, and the iPad is 960x640, you scale them up, or down to 480x320. Idea: Give 3rd screen setup, game running in native resolution, but with black borders around. On them place: Books, and all the other interface elements - info icon, skip movies, etc. It would: give more clean space in main game area, fix the pixelisation of images, make whole Pad seem used, not just square center as it's in 1x iPhone compatibility mode.
  • You cannot recreate any renders nor movies due to various reasons, but.... Books - You can improve this. 8) At least in theory... I was really disappointed to see notepad just as still images :( What I mean - take a look at iBooks app, out there you've got: animated pages, a control over switching them (eg. you can pull a corner and take a quick glance on last page text), options to select text, animations upon opening and so on. Idea: Implement something akin to iBooks for books of Riven - not the world-books but rather all the others. Font used for writing text, or even any similar to that should float still somewhere around he web or your archives :) What you need is some paper textures, talented coder, time and viola!
  • The gesture - I feel like game doesn't support them or it's support is broken. Either way: If I slide fingers from center to right I'd like to rotate right, not left. Also the book... again the book.... you know the out-zoom gesture, the two fingers move to join? It should hide stuff I open, and if you can do this too: out-zoom me from zoom-in states (like looking up a details, for example in beetles at the rotating-chamber at the beginning). It'd REALLY help. Cause now I feel like the game resists me... it makes what it wants instead of what I show it to do. :shock:
  • Oh, and disable this zoom-in feature from iPad - it's really frustrating ~_~ or give an option to disable it in settings.
  • it just me or did it animated in original and doesn't in iPhone version? iPad could use this :) Animated == goood ;)
  • Add a new tool - yea I know, some ppl might be against it cause this kinda breaks the idea of recreating the game... but still.... Idea: Add a notepad. Let people have their notes IN the app. It doesn't have to be anything outstanding but say... left-page for text input and right page for very very basic painting would be immerse improvement. The reason I bought iPad was it's portability - the need of having few pages of notes (yes, I make them cause that's part of fun) breaks the game IMO. It ain't portable... if people could have their notes in game it'd help immensely in getting involved into the game. :)

And well, these are things I came out after few days of fun. Thank you very much for all the effort you've put in the iPad version (I bet there must have been quite a lot of it), and all the fun you've gave people once again! I really hope the game is profitable for you Cyan folks. :)

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