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PostPosted: Sat Dec 15, 2018 4:22 pm 

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Hey guys,

Those of you who backed the 25th anniversary kickstarter should have received a link to download the Uru soundtrack, including a few new tracks not available in the original, AND five tracks inspired by the Myst series by Russel Brower. They are in lossless format too. Cool ! :D
(I don't know if there is a way to get them if you didn't back the KS - they will probably be available at a later time).

However, Cyan still left out a few Uru tracks from this version. I guess most people already know they are inside the game's SFX folder, but I've recompiled the list to remove those that are now officially in the OST. This way you can add them to your music library if you wish.

WARNING: This list contains a few spoilers about the game, obviously. Read at your own risk.

[Reveal] Spoiler:
Heard in Ahnonay Sphere 2 (the storm and crystal trees)

Heard in Ahnonay Sphere 3 (space)

Heard in Ahnonay Sphere 4 (near Kadish's statue)

Heard in Ahnonay Sphere 4 (in the vog inside the Vortex).

Plays in the five Guild Pubs accessible after Kirel. Incredible track IMHO.

Gahreesen's Training Center bridge (the second building).

Short track that very seldom plays when you're climbing the Wall in Gahreesen. Since the Wall is no longer available on the official MOULa, you might not have heard it.

A darker version of the Ae'gura library music, heard from outside.

The music that plays in the palace alcove with all the books on Ae'gura.

The music in Kadish, during the Shadow Path / Pyramid puzzle. This area is actually called the Moon Room, interesting.

The music that plays in the alternative version of Kadish's Vault, as well as at the end of the Path of the Shell in Complete Chronicles.

Plays in nighttime Minkata when you get a symbol.

Plays on top of the Minkata structure, with the compass on the ground.

Plays in the Teledahn Slave Caves, obviously.

Plays near and in the Teledahn Slave office, in front of the ocean.

Also, the following tracks are worth mentioning:

Plays in Descent/Tiwah. This is the exact same version as the Myst V one

Plays on the Relto music player, after accessing the Kadish Gallery in the city.

Two versions available. In PotS, it's an alternative mix of Myst V's "Descent". In MOULa, it's Gehn's Theme from Riven.

Not sure this ever plays in game, but that's supposedly the music for completing the Ages Beyond Myst portion of the game. This is just the first half of Peter Gabriel's Burn You Up, with the second half of Yeesha's Theme.

Arguably not a music track, just Relto's ambiance.

Same, but the one that plays in Phil's Relto.

Just Burn You Up on Zandi's radio. Low quality, you'd better off searching the original on Youtube.

ErcaMusSegXX-X (three tracks)
Very short alternatives to the Harverster song. Play randomly in-game.

grsnRandTCMusicXX (three tracks)
Very short alternatives to the Training Center song. Play randomly in-game.

KverRandMusicXX (five tracks)
Very short alternatives to the K'veer Echoes song. Play randomly in-game.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 3:49 pm 

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A note about the "loop" tracks:
These tracks are designed for continuous play in the game; there is no specific beginning or ending. They do begin and end abruptly, making them hard to use in a playlist. If you want to get one to play nicely in a plalist, modify the track using Audacity or another editor.

1. Open the track in your editor.
2. Select and copy about 10 seconds of the track from the end
3. Paste this snippet into a new track
4. Select and copy about 10 seconds from the beginning.
5. Move the playback head to the end of the track
6. Paste the snippet you copied from the beginning
7. Copy the snippet that's in the new track
8. Move the playback head to the beginning of the main track
9. Paste the snippet.
10. Highlight the first several seconds--duration is up to you--at the beginning, and fade in
11. Highlight the last several seconds, and fade out
12. Move the playhead to the end, and add about 1 second of silence.
13. Save the project somewhere you can find it again
14. Delete the extra track with the snippet
15. Export the whole track in the format of your choice

If you want a softer beginning, insert about half a second of silence at the start.

You now have a track that can be used within a playlist without blowing people's ears inside-out.

Also... "Burn You Up, Burn You Down" is on Peter Gabriel's "Hit" CD for a lossless source.

Want to learn more about the D'ni? Look here:

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