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PostPosted: Sun Feb 07, 2010 4:12 am 
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Tonight at around 10:15 PM EST Marie visited a few explorers in the Cavern. For those that asked for logs, here you go.

(02/06 22:10:07) Veralun: shorah Marie
(02/06 22:10:10) Dexter: oh..
(02/06 22:10:25) Veralun: welcome
(02/06 22:10:26) Marie Sutherland: Shorah, Veralun.
(02/06 22:10:28) Dadguy: There is one lady whom was wheelchair ridden and loved URU because it gave her her "legs" back...
(02/06 22:10:34) JWPlatt: Shorah marie
(02/06 22:10:36) Dr CrisGer: woo hoo
(02/06 22:10:42) Marie Sutherland: Thank you very much!
(02/06 22:10:47) Dadguy: She could run and jump here even tho real life left her in a wheelchair
(02/06 22:10:55) Veralun: so you did found us
(02/06 22:11:01) Marie Sutherland: Am I interrupting anything?
(02/06 22:11:07) JWPlatt: Odd how you don't appear on our KI, Marie.
(02/06 22:11:10) Veralun: no please
(02/06 22:11:12) Dadguy: Marie?
(02/06 22:11:27) Mystdee: hello Marie!
(02/06 22:11:32) JWPlatt: Are we being stealthy to discover what's going on here?
(02/06 22:11:41) Veralun: there are a few more exploers here
(02/06 22:12:04) Dadguy: This is a surprise...
(02/06 22:12:06) Marie Sutherland: I wasn't sure what to expect, so I have taken certain precautions.
(02/06 22:12:13) Mystdee: didn't hink you came down here any more!
(02/06 22:12:17) JWPlatt: Uh huh. :)
(02/06 22:12:30) Marie Sutherland smiles.
(02/06 22:12:46) JWPlatt: Last I remember you, Marie, was on teh steps over there sitting pensive as the Cavern was abotu to close the last time.
(02/06 22:12:48) Marie Sutherland: Has Dr. Kodama made it down yet?
(02/06 22:12:48) Veralun: you must have noticed us
(02/06 22:12:59) Dadguy: We haven't seen him..
(02/06 22:13:04) Mystdee: we haven't seen him yet
(02/06 22:13:08) Veralun: we did not see Dr Kodama yet
(02/06 22:13:14) Veralun: is he coming too?
(02/06 22:13:25) Marie Sutherland: It is never pleasant when we have to leave the Cavern.
(02/06 22:13:58) Dadguy: A few of us have been taking another look in the past couple days.
(02/06 22:14:00) Veralun: no , it was terrible to leave
(02/06 22:14:01) Marie Sutherland: I thought he might have arrived ahead of me.
(02/06 22:14:07) Tai'lahr: We've managed to hold our own here without the DRC.
(02/06 22:14:08) Mystdee: no. . .we had to come back, but we have been very careful
(02/06 22:14:37) Marie Sutherland: I'm glad to find it is explorers like you who are here.
(02/06 22:14:44) Mystdee: :D
(02/06 22:14:51) JWPlatt: Ah, good. I was about to ask: Are we in trouble?
(02/06 22:14:58) Marie Sutherland: I wasn't sure whom to expect. :)
(02/06 22:15:15) Tai'lahr: Like us? In what way?
(02/06 22:15:24) Tai'lahr: Or, as opposed to what?
(02/06 22:15:51) JWPlatt: You're looking at a desperate bunch, Marie. We'd do anything...
(02/06 22:16:01) JWPlatt: To get this place opened again. Heh.
(02/06 22:16:09) Dadguy: The place seems stable.
(02/06 22:16:20) Tai'lahr: But, we're very respectful of the cavern, too.
(02/06 22:16:32) Marie Sutherland: Oh, a certain "shroom Baron" came to mind first
(02/06 22:16:45) JWPlatt: Ha!
(02/06 22:16:47) Dadguy: Mr. Sharper?
(02/06 22:16:48) Tai'lahr: heh
(02/06 22:16:53) Mystdee: we think of it as home :)
(02/06 22:16:57) Tai'lahr: Doubtful.
(02/06 22:17:01) Marie Sutherland: Then a former Noloben inhabitant crossed my mind...
(02/06 22:17:13) Dadguy: Escher..yes.
(02/06 22:17:21) JWPlatt: Still no sign of him.
(02/06 22:17:31) Marie Sutherland: In any case, I'm happy it is you.
(02/06 22:17:42) Dadguy: Sorry if we alarmed you.
(02/06 22:17:42) Tai'lahr: Thank you.
(02/06 22:17:42) JWPlatt: Nice
(02/06 22:17:45) Mystdee: Ah do you ever hear anything from Sharper? I haven't seen him here anyone else?
(02/06 22:18:04) Marie Sutherland: I have heard nothing from him.
(02/06 22:18:25) Marie Sutherland: Even the other DRC members have drifted apart, taking other jobs. It's sad, really.
(02/06 22:18:28) Tai'lahr: So, we're not in trouble? You won't get us kicked out, will you?
(02/06 22:18:49) Dadguy: Are you doing anything with the DRC actively?
(02/06 22:18:57) Mystdee: Yes it is. . .I don't suppose there's any funding in the foreseeable future?
(02/06 22:19:00) Dadguy: Is there funding?
(02/06 22:19:49) Marie Sutherland: I'm afraid not.
(02/06 22:19:59) Tai'lahr: I think the DRC did a good job of laying the groundwork for the explorers to continue restoration work here.
(02/06 22:20:06) Mystdee: I didn't think so but I can hope ;)
(02/06 22:20:40) Veralun: Is there another wy to open the Cavern again Marie?
(02/06 22:20:46) Dadguy: We have made a lot of progress.
(02/06 22:20:51) Tai'lahr: Many explorers continue to uncover D'ni history and some are even learning to write ages.
(02/06 22:21:32) Marie Sutherland: That is interesting, Tai'lahr. I hope the understand the gravity of that
(02/06 22:21:53) Tai'lahr: I believe they do. They don't take the responsibility lightly.
(02/06 22:22:02) Marie Sutherland: "With great power comes great responibility" to quote a certain superhero movie.
(02/06 22:22:08) Dadguy: Without risk, progress is evasive...
(02/06 22:22:22) Mystdee: good point Dadguy
(02/06 22:22:32) Tai'lahr: Obviously, it's not an easy thing to do and requires much practice and patience.
(02/06 22:23:03) Tai'lahr: I believe the future of the cavern is in good hands with the explorers.
(02/06 22:23:03) JWPlatt: I presume activity here here has alerted you of our presence. And you and Kodama will take back an evaluation of sort. Of this and the kind of efforts Tai'lahr has mentioned. Then what?
(02/06 22:23:09) Marie Sutherland: reckless risk, however is, well, reckless :)
(02/06 22:23:30) Dadguy: We are determined to try.
(02/06 22:23:32) Tai'lahr: Recl;ess?
(02/06 22:23:33) JWPlatt: Or I should ask, now what?
(02/06 22:23:41) Tai'lahr: Reckless?
(02/06 22:24:06) Tai'lahr: Many of us consider the cavern our home.
(02/06 22:24:32) Marie Sutherland: I don't have any answers for you, JWPlatt. Sorry.
(02/06 22:24:42) Dadguy: Can you help us?
(02/06 22:24:59) JWPlatt: For instance, will we be asked to leave by any of the others?
(02/06 22:25:09) Marie Sutherland: I understand Tai'lahr.
(02/06 22:25:11) Tai'lahr: Yes, please take our case to the DRC and ask them to allow us to stay.
(02/06 22:25:32) Mystdee: I think that the explorers that are writing ages are generally careful and will make some amazing worlds to see
(02/06 22:25:47) Marie Sutherland: I hope they do, Mystdee.
(02/06 22:26:00) Tai'lahr: I know you feel strongly about this place, too, Marie, so I'm sure you understand how we feel.
(02/06 22:27:13) Marie Sutherland: The DRC members have a great deal physically and emotionally invested here. Even though we now have surface jobs and won't be here full time, we still care what happens here.
(02/06 22:27:35) Dadguy: There vare so many out there, waiting to return...
(02/06 22:27:40) Dr CrisGer: So Access may be allowed?
(02/06 22:27:42) Tai'lahr: Then, let us come to some kind of arrangement or agreement.
(02/06 22:27:44) Mystdee: I believe you do Marie. . .
(02/06 22:27:45) Dr CrisGer: sorry to be late
(02/06 22:28:03) Marie Sutherland: But no, we won't be kicking you out.
(02/06 22:28:09) Tai'lahr: We could keep the DRC informed of activities here.
(02/06 22:28:16) Error: Don't know how to '/thankyou'
(02/06 22:28:17) Tai'lahr cheers
(02/06 22:28:32) Dadguy thanks you
(02/06 22:28:45) Tai'lahr thanks you very much!
(02/06 22:29:14) JWPlatt: Thank you. Does that apply to just us then?
(02/06 22:29:30) Dadguy: Can we talk to the others? Perhaps Dr Kodama can help?
(02/06 22:30:21) Marie Sutherland: If word gets out that you have found a way down, I'm sure others are bound to follow
(02/06 22:30:36) Tai'lahr: Yes, I'm afraid so.
(02/06 22:30:41) Dr CrisGer: It would be nice to have access so some of us can resume our research
(02/06 22:30:42) Dadguy: Safety is our first priority...
(02/06 22:30:42) Veralun: we like to bring in more explorers
(02/06 22:30:43) Tai'lahr: Will that be a problem?
(02/06 22:30:57) Veralun: we did learn a lot
(02/06 22:31:04) Marie Sutherland: They just need to understand that there is no DRC restoration going on. No new Ages from us. No ResEngs. Etc.
(02/06 22:31:14) Veralun: perhaps we can help the DRC
(02/06 22:31:23) Tai'lahr: We'll make that very clear - explore at your own risk.
(02/06 22:31:31) Marie Sutherland: It will not be a place that some will care to be interested in.
(02/06 22:31:33) Dadguy: Understood, Marie.
(02/06 22:31:36) Marie Sutherland: Thta's ok.
(02/06 22:31:49) Dr CrisGer: That is reasonable Dr.
(02/06 22:31:55) Tai'lahr: True, but those that feel the call will come no matter what.
(02/06 22:32:16) Mystdee: I think many will be interested and hopes for more in the future will run strong
(02/06 22:32:19) Marie Sutherland: Those who are Called will come even knowing that.
(02/06 22:32:52) Marie Sutherland: Hope is always welcome, Mystdee.
(02/06 22:32:59) Mystdee: we did! :D
(02/06 22:33:18) Tai'lahr: We have learned a lot about hope and faith these past few years. ;)
(02/06 22:33:20) Veralun: we will do our best to make that hope a possibility
(02/06 22:33:25) Marie Sutherland: Who knows what the future holds? I certainly do no.
(02/06 22:33:28) Marie Sutherland: not.
(02/06 22:33:52) JWPlatt: I think we're hoping that whatever endeavors the DRC members are involved in now, Marie, are at least keeping you all personally satisfied in your lives even if it can't be here.
(02/06 22:34:03) Mystdee: well none of us really does life changes in a split second
(02/06 22:34:11) Marie Sutherland: I think there's a reason that "You never know..." is a motto of our friends at Cyan Worlds.
(02/06 22:34:24) Dr CrisGer: :)
(02/06 22:34:41) Mystdee: The ending never really has to be written ;)
(02/06 22:35:16) Dadguy: Should we talk to the Guilds... should we encourage their activity?
(02/06 22:36:22) Mystdee: as a friend once told me there will always be new explorers to carry on the story
(02/06 22:36:33) Dr CrisGer: Will Access be limited to any of the current Ages?
(02/06 22:36:54) Marie Sutherland: ...until the last bahro howls.
(02/06 22:37:00) Dadguy: :-)
(02/06 22:37:04) Mystdee: yes!
(02/06 22:37:08) Tai'lahr: :D
(02/06 22:37:14) Dadguy: We have heard a few tonight.
(02/06 22:39:05) Marie Sutherland: Oh, access won't be limited by me, Dr. CrisGer
(02/06 22:39:06) Tai'lahr: You can count on us to welcome explorers, both past and future, and help them learn about D'ni.
(02/06 22:39:13) Dr CrisGer: Thank yoiu
(02/06 22:39:20) Marie Sutherland: Excellent, Tai'lahr!
(02/06 22:39:25) Dadguy: It is so nice to see you, Marie. It is like old times.
(02/06 22:39:59) Marie Sutherland: It is nice to be here again, though I tend to get nostalgic of lost plans.
(02/06 22:40:08) Marie Sutherland: Such is life.
(02/06 22:40:19) Dadguy: Hope survives.
(02/06 22:40:27) Mystdee: yes, it's bee nice to chat with You, and exciting that we can see more friends here soon
(02/06 22:40:47) Tai'lahr: We'll hold down the fort for now and if the DRC ever wants to return, we'll be more than happy to have them here.
(02/06 22:40:49) Marie Sutherland: I'm happy for them, too.
(02/06 22:41:10) Marie Sutherland: Much appreciated, Tai'lahr.
(02/06 22:41:20) Dr CrisGer: So the DRC will in fact continue in oversight but frm a distance
(02/06 22:41:31) Dr CrisGer: That is good, i am sure many will be reasured by that
(02/06 22:41:33) JWPlatt: Um, if you have any contact with Mr. Laxman or Dr. Watson, I have specific questions for them. Not a big deal, or anything that could have consequence for the moment, but just a "pellet" of an idea what with what looks like more activity here. ;)
(02/06 22:41:49) Marie Sutherland: If we have the means in the future I would gladly return to my restoration work.
(02/06 22:41:55) Mystdee: LOL JW you are a hoot!
(02/06 22:42:04) JWPlatt smirks
(02/06 22:42:19) Tai'lahr: Well, it's important research work.
(02/06 22:42:19) Dr CrisGer: I am sure many people will have good ideas
(02/06 22:42:28) Marie Sutherland: When I see Victor, I'll let him know.
(02/06 22:42:37) JWPlatt: Heh, thanks.
(02/06 22:42:42) Dr CrisGer: the Explorers are very creative and gifted people
(02/06 22:42:46) Dadguy: I wonder if the Greeters can be invited to help us?
(02/06 22:43:02) Marie Sutherland: That has never been in doubt, Dr. CrisGer.
(02/06 22:43:04) Marie Sutherland smiles.
(02/06 22:43:13) Dr CrisGer smiles also
(02/06 22:44:17) Marie Sutherland: As is always the case, some will be happy, some will not.
(02/06 22:44:36) Tai'lahr shrugs
(02/06 22:44:52) Veralun: Is there anything we can do to make them all happy?
(02/06 22:44:57) JWPlatt looks askance at Dadguy's shoes, winces, directs attention back to conversation.
(02/06 22:45:06) Mystdee: that is true, can't please everyone, but I think most will be happy to come home
(02/06 22:45:07) Marie Sutherland: I can hear Dr. Watson now quoting Bill Cosbly, something about the key to failure is to try to please everyone.
(02/06 22:45:15) Dr CrisGer: In a perfect world....
(02/06 22:45:17) Marie Sutherland: or Bil cosby, even.
(02/06 22:45:21) Dadguy blushes
(02/06 22:45:34) Marie Sutherland: or Bill Cosby. Sheesh.
(02/06 22:45:44) Tai'lahr: That's a good point.
(02/06 22:46:04) Dr CrisGer: Making the situation clear should help calm the waters
(02/06 22:46:26) Marie Sutherland: for at least ten minutes.
(02/06 22:46:33) Tai'lahr: lol
(02/06 22:46:36) Dr CrisGer laughs
(02/06 22:46:47) JWPlatt: In recent weeks I've heard two big movie directors, Jame Cameron and Peter Jackson (I think), say you can't waste time making everyone happy - just make the film you want to see.
(02/06 22:46:48) Dadguy roars with laughter
(02/06 22:46:56) Mystdee: that's not too bad . . 10 minutes ;)
(02/06 22:47:22) Mystdee: I agree JW that makes sense to me
(02/06 22:47:24) Veralun: it is always worthe to try
(02/06 22:47:47) Marie Sutherland: I have to agree with them.
(02/06 22:48:34) Tai'lahr: This is really awesome news.
(02/06 22:48:40) Marie Sutherland: Well, now that I know who's down here, I suppose I should go see if Ikuro has his KI in stealth mode, too.
(02/06 22:49:00) Dexter smiles
(02/06 22:49:08) Dr CrisGer: thank you for permitting us to be here
(02/06 22:49:16) Tai'lahr: Yes, thank you so much.
(02/06 22:49:24) Marie Sutherland: I'll be around tonight and tomorrow, and may see you all again. Take care!
(02/06 22:49:26) Mystdee: That might be! he's hiding from us ;)
(02/06 22:49:36) Dadguy: Thanks Marie.
(02/06 22:49:39) Dr CrisGer: Thank you Doctor
(02/06 22:49:41) Mystdee: OK MArie I hope to see you again.
(02/06 22:49:43) Tai'lahr: So many explorers will be thrilled to be able to return home without worry about being caught.
(02/06 22:49:59) Tai'lahr: Thank you, Marie.
(02/06 22:50:21) Marie Sutherland: Yeah, he's more likely to be staying out of places explorers are likely to be. :)
(02/06 22:50:31) Tai'lahr: heh
(02/06 22:50:35) Dadguy: heheh
(02/06 22:50:51) Marie Sutherland: It was nice to see you all again.
(02/06 22:51:02) JWPlatt: Yes, thanks marie. I half-expected to get kicked out!
(02/06 22:51:06) Tai'lahr: Safe journeys, Marie.
(02/06 22:51:06) Mystdee: so good to talk with you Marie
(02/06 22:51:07) Dadguy: Cheers
(02/06 22:51:12) Mystdee: take care
(02/06 22:51:22) JWPlatt: Maybe more than half. Good to see you!
(02/06 22:51:37) Veralun: Thanks for visiting us
(02/06 22:51:44) Marie Sutherland: Glad to still be able to surprise you, JWPlatt.
(02/06 22:51:52) Tai'lahr giggles.
(02/06 22:52:01) Mystdee cheers
(02/06 22:52:01) Tai'lahr roars with laughter
(02/06 22:52:03) Dadguy: Great news
(02/06 22:52:10) Mystdee: awesome
(02/06 22:52:15) Tai'lahr cheers
(02/06 22:52:18) JWPlatt: And the Bahro screams...
(02/06 22:52:24) Mystdee: there's a Bahro scream did you hear it Dex?
(02/06 22:52:28) Tai'lahr: Yeah, perfect timing, huh?
(02/06 22:52:33) Mystdee: perfect
(02/06 22:52:39) Dadguy: She has another job completely unrelated to the Cavern...
(02/06 22:53:09) Dadguy: To come down here like this... wow.
(02/06 22:53:12) Tai'lahr: So, where do you suppose Kodama is hiding out?
(02/06 22:53:33) Mystdee: well maybe he is waiting to check it out tomorrow
(02/06 22:53:36) Dadguy: I don't know...those "stealth" KI's... you never know when they are here.
(02/06 22:53:47) JWPlatt: waiting for the front lines to make sure thw way was safe (from us). Heh.
(02/06 22:54:51) Tai'lahr: Stealth KI or not, he'd still register as population in the nexus, wouldn't he?
(02/06 22:55:08) Dadguy: So, can the masses be happy for now without DRC restoration help?
(02/06 22:55:12) Veralun: man, am I happy that I did not go to bed!
(02/06 22:55:17) JWPlatt: I think we'll need some volunteer ResEngs to try to fill in. That was a big plus for the Cavern as it was.
(02/06 22:55:36) Veralun: agree
(02/06 22:55:41) JWPlatt: Maybe get Alahmnat out of retirement...
(02/06 22:55:42) Tai'lahr: Well, you'll need permission from the DRC for those, won't you?
(02/06 22:55:49) Dexter: I will help anyway I can.. even though Im a newb
(02/06 22:55:50) From Mystdee in D'ni-Ae'gura: don't know Dadguy but eventually they will all get a chance to make it what they want
(02/06 22:55:51) Dadguy: Right, even though many will be returning explorers, inevitably new ones will join.
(02/06 22:56:22) JWPlatt: They'll just wear orange hats without lights.
(02/06 22:56:29) Dadguy: Great Dex! You are an enthusiastic newcomer.
(02/06 22:57:06) From Mystdee in D'ni-Ae'gura: Maybe some of the old resengs will come in just for the fun of being here
(02/06 22:57:08) Veralun: these ResEng's do not need any power
(02/06 22:57:22) Veralun: just their presense and input
(02/06 22:57:27) Dexter: Im sure they will.. :)
(02/06 22:57:36) Tai'lahr: Then, how are they different from the Greeters?
(02/06 22:57:36) Dadguy: I still would like to talk to Kodama.
(02/06 22:57:48) From Mystdee in D'ni-Ae'gura: Yes I bet they will too Dex
(02/06 22:57:53) Dadguy: ResEngs would offer introductions to URU, Dex
(02/06 22:58:04) Dadguy: Very helpful
(02/06 22:58:06) JWPlatt: I'm just talking about Beginner Bevin sessions. Really, that was the most fun. Obviously we won't be able to "unstick" people, but that;s ok.
(02/06 22:58:13) Veralun: well sometimes you need a sort of "police "here Tai
(02/06 22:58:19) From Dr CrisGer in Dr CrisGer's Relto: just being here is such a gift
(02/06 22:58:31) Tai'lahr shakes her head
(02/06 22:58:38) Dexter: LIke me!!!
(02/06 22:58:54) Tai'lahr: Well, this has been fun. Y'all take care.
(02/06 22:58:59) Tai'lahr: Safe journeys.
(02/06 22:58:59) JWPlatt: How about Greeters with orange hats? :)
(02/06 22:59:05) Tai'lahr salutes
(02/06 22:59:10) JWPlatt: See ya Tai'.
(02/06 22:59:12) Dexter: Or orange badges
(02/06 22:59:15) Mystdee: didn't the ResEngs also solve some tech problems some times
(02/06 22:59:21) Veralun: Greeters must greet JW
(02/06 22:59:26) Dadguy: and Cyan shirts, eh?
(02/06 22:59:33) Veralun: yes!!!
(02/06 22:59:48) Veralun: we need to ask the DRC for them DG
(02/06 22:59:50) From Mystdee in D'ni-Ae'gura: good night Tai!
(02/06 22:59:54) Dadguy: Yes, Mystdee, but we won't have that if I understand Marie.
(02/06 23:00:17) From Mystdee in D'ni-Ae'gura: I know but in answer to the question what makes them different
(02/06 23:00:28) JWPlatt: Yes, Mystdee, but we'll have to be realistic about what's available/
(02/06 23:00:40) To Dexter: So, you can see that THIS is IC talk... :-)
(02/06 23:00:51) Dadguy winks
(02/06 23:01:06) Veralun: we can do a lot
(02/06 23:01:09) From Dexter: LOL.. it sounded like negotiations to me
(02/06 23:01:22) Veralun: with a little help we do much more
(02/06 23:01:23) Dadguy: OK, I am off. Gotta think about what this all means.
(02/06 23:01:34) To Dexter: didn't it? :-)
(02/06 23:01:38) JWPlatt: See ya Dadguy.
(02/06 23:01:40) Dexter: Ok.. well im of too explore more... I still have things to open up
(02/06 23:01:45) Veralun: yeah I need to go to my bed
(02/06 23:01:56) Dadguy: It was good to have this good group hear this news together.
(02/06 23:01:59) Mystdee: OK Dadguy! sleep well we'll see you tomorrow!
(02/06 23:02:01) Dadguy: Good night.
(02/06 23:02:06) Dexter: but really I would love to be apart of something so awesome.. if you will have me.. and would love to help anyway I could
(02/06 23:02:10) Veralun: it is 5 in the night
(02/06 23:02:16) Veralun: wooohooo!
(02/06 23:02:22) From Dr CrisGer in D'ni-Ae'gura: that is great Dexter
(02/06 23:02:32) Dr CrisGer: the future is wide open now[/spoiler]

Exciting stuff...


PS: I'll leave it to one of the more regular "Unauthorized Explorers" to discuss first in the DRC Share You Journey"

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I already posted a log in the DRC Interactions Transcripts thread. I didn't think a new thread was warranted.

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Thank you Dadguy i think it is fine for anyone to post whatever they feel is appropriate here. None of us are the boss of anyone equal opportunity cavern :)

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