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What is a community quest?

It's a quest in which you need an helper to progress or to achieve the task.

How many community quests did you release?

A grand total of 3:

Reaching the Sky (in Teledahn)

A Ghost in Space (in Ahnonay)

Ahnonay Space Landing

Reaching the Sky:

The goal is to reach the "sky" way above the tall shroom stump. You need to play with the subworld which is the lift.

The lift goes from the 1st level (The hut area) to the 2nd level (The controls room) to the 3rd and last level (Sharper's bedroom).

You won't really reach the sky strickly speaking but let me tell you... you will be high over the stump up in the air.

A subworld can be access or exit at given points. I found a way to access it from above in Teledahn. You need to have the lift on the 1st level and the helper has to be waiting there.

You follow my path until you reach the subworld. Once there, you inform your helper to climb into the lift and go all the way up to the 3rd level.

The helper will go from the 1st level to the 3rd level normally. You'll go from a "2nd modified level" to a "3rd modified level" to, finally, a "4th modified level" high over the tall shroom stump where you'll have an awesome view of all the age being sky high.

Being in a subworld, you'll have to Relto out because jumping in the age won't do any effect, the age won't catch you since you won't use a given exit to do so.

A Ghost in Space:

The goal is to become a ghost. You can do it all alone, problem is that being alone you won't see any effect as the ghost doesn't know they are a ghost. You need an observer to see and attest they see you.

The ghost need to master double jumps. You need that type of jump to reach a collision wall which will give you access to the 4th sphere's maintenance back door. You need to open that door to take control over Ahnonay.

When the 1st sphere is active, the 3rd sphere is right underneath. Everything standing still on the 1st sphere will appear in the 3rd sphere. Since the crabs are dumb creatures, they are always on the move, you won't see them unless you push them in the water, they'll stand still during their fall making them appearing on the 3rd sphere.

That's for the crabs but that is not awesome, what about bringing an explorer to 3rd sphere instead? Great! You need to have someone on that 3rd sphere though to see the ghosting effect.

The easy part:

With the 3rd sphere active, you tell the observer to link to your 3rd sphere. Once there they must wait on the "waiting spot". That's the only way we can fool the sensor. The observer standing on the "waiting spot" near the book stand, the 3rd sphere sensor won't see them.

You have still to put the 1st sphere active. How can you achieve that? Link to your Ahnonay by the cloth link. The cloth that must be active is the 7th one, the one in Kadish's Office in the center of Waterfalls. From there, you must take the chair to go all the way back to the 4th sphere's maintenance area.

You'll arrive behind the closed back door with a 3rd sphere image on the big imager, meaning that it's the active sphere. You need to revert this, you need to take control over Ahnonay.

You'll have to follow my 8 or 9 steps path to go over the closed door. Once there, you'll open it making the sphere turning and putting the 4th sphere active. You'll just have to link by main link to the 4th sphere then to the 1st sphere.
When you'll reach the 1st sphere which will be the active sphere, the observer in the 3rd sphere will be right underneath you and ready for the show.

The ghosting process meaning from the second you stands still on the 1st sphere and the second you are seen by the observer on 3rd sphere as "landing" there is around 1 minute and a half.

In my quest, you'll find markers in 3rd sphere and in 1st sphere. The markers are linked between each other. If the ghost is on the marker "1st spot" then the observer will see the ghost"landing" nearby in the 3rd sphere waiting on their "1st spot".

Going deeper in the ghosting process understanding:

The observer spatial position is linked to the ghost spatial position.

The ghost always keep their relative position in relation to the observer when "landing" on the 3rd sphere.
If the observer moves let say a certain length during the ghosting process, the ghost will ghost exactly that length away from their theoretical "landing" spot on the 3rd sphere.

So instead of seeing the ghost "landing" on solid ground on 3rd sphere, you'll see the ghost drop by in the sky and keep going into the void.
The ghost appears in the 3rd sphere dropping from the sky, this is why I call that "landing". The 1st sphere main island and the 3rd sphere main island are for 90% let say exactly at the same relative spatial position.

Therefore, a ghost who stands still on 1st sphere main island will fall right on the main island in 3rd sphere.

The ghosting process only works when the ghost stand still. If they decide to move just an inch, they will just disappear from the 3rd sphere by poofing out.

The observer will see the ghost, the game will even tell them they are close, the age players list will put their name between brackets.

That's the observer reality. What about the ghost reality? The ghost are in 1st sphere, they don't even know they are appearing in the 3rd sphere.

The best way to play that quest is to use 2 PCs. You'll play both roles, the observer and the ghost. If you cannot do it, you'll have to resort on a buddy who understand exactly what they have to do and their effect on your relative position when ghosting on 3rd sphere.

The communication is more than important, it's crucial. The observer has to tell the ghost E-V-E-R-Y-T-I-M-E they move even just an inch on the 3rd sphere. The ghost knowing that fact M-U-S-T link out of Ahnonay by their Relto book and re-link by the main link to redo their ghosting process.

The ghost can use emote and it will be seen by the observer on the 3rd sphere. The only thing the ghost cannot do is to move except...except in one specific area.

Now come the hardcore part of the ghosting process...

There is an area within my quest where I tell you that you've reached the "Ghost in Action" spot. The spot is inside the tower. The tower island on 1st sphere is exactly above the cloth island on 3rd sphere when the 1st sphere is active. Once the ghost is engaged in the ladder, you can now trick the game and have fun.

Being unable to move unless you go up the ladder or back down, the ghost can easily "free" themselves going to the right or to the left. After that, the fun can begin, you can run, jump, walk, go in circle, go forward, go backward, go sideways, whatever you want since you're "free".

All this will take place in the 3rd sphere, problem is that standing still on the ladder on the 1st sphere, you'll have to guess what to do with your relative freedom of movement because you won't see anything on your part. This is where the communication with the observer takes its importance. They'll see the ghost, you, walk, run, jump, going in circle on the cloth island as long as you stay there. As soon as you go too far and fall off the island, the whole process has to be done again.

Being your own observer will ease this "Ghost in Action" process. The observer must tell the ghost that they are close to fall off from the cloth island.

Ahnonay Space Landing:

This quest is almost the same as A Ghost in Space. It's a bit harder because it is not as directive as the other quest. I give no instruction at all to the observer but the "waiting spot" they must stay on during the sphere rotation process.

The observer as a real freedom, a real freedom of helping the ghost or just screw up the whole "Space Landing" experience. I did it that way because the show given by the ghost is spectacular so it's in the observer best interest to play nice. If they want a show they must go by the rules, if not well, they'll see near to nothing.

Having played a lot with the ghosting process, I thought of an idea which was very bright afterward. What about landing on far away islands in the 3rd sphere? I had to try that and I was successful. All the islands are solid. Those near the sensor and those in the space around the main island.

The ghost needs to be in the 1st sphere and the observer needs to be in the 3rd sphere. In the 1st sphere, you must have the water current turned OFF. Once the ghost back in the active 1st sphere and the observer waiting in the 3rd sphere underneath it, the fun can begin.

The ghost will see "floating markers". I didn't survey all the islands as for each island I spend around 1 hour of fine tuning to reach them. You have to understand that they are just a spit in the sky, you're lucky I give you the markers to reach them easily. Trying to reach them with a 2 minutes wait between each ghosting process wasn't that easy.

I think you'll reach 13 of them. 3 or 4 near the sensor, the remaining in outer space.

All what was said for "A Ghost in Space" applies to "Ahnonay Space Landing": relative position issue, standing still for ghosting, the ghost can't move, etc.

The ghost must swim to a floating marker and stand still (meaning not moving while swimming, your avatar will swim standing there, that's ok, you're not moving for the game point-of-view).

After the ghosting process, you'll "land" on the far away island in the 3rd sphere that is right underneath your spot in the 1st sphere. You won't be seen as swimming when you'll "land" in the 3rd sphere but standing still normally.

I hope my explanations are clear. Please print this out, read this post again and again until you understand it. The understanding is harder than playing it.

Enjoy my 3 community quests. They are all available through Mimi Bot.

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Updated as of June 15th, 2013 (...I know we are 9 days later, it's related with texts inside my quests :lol: )

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