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PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 8:22 pm 

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Sorry for my sudden absnes, I was going to copy/past form some diffrent souces and though it would be easeir if I ran the game in a Window but alas, that makes it lage horibly on my computer, so I had to setp out and delete my graphigcs.ini

-Jamie Marchant
If I don't respond it's because email notification is down again and
I forgot to return to the thread.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:08 pm 

Joined: Tue Jan 11, 2011 9:26 pm
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Location: Ontario, Canada
The event went well thank you all who attended. Here is a chatlog:
[Reveal] Spoiler: "Log"
(12/15 15:24:43)  JamieWithHNKey: Apprently if I run the game in a window it will only run at 1 - 2 FPS
(12/15 15:25:03)  JamieWithHNKey: So I had to kill the game and delete my graphics.ini
(12/15 15:25:22)  JamieWithHNKey: Ok the next part I be exactly qouting people so I may not be able to respond
(12/15 15:25:29)  Tom(Samoth): we are glad you are back... :)
(12/15 15:25:48)  JamieWithHNKey: When MOUla opened in 2010 Victer Laxman said
(12/15 15:26:09)  JamieWithHNKey: "A couple of my security sensors were tripped about an hour ago (around 3:20 Cavern Time)."
(12/15 15:26:30)  JamieWithHNKey: I know it has been a while since we've talked, but none of you had mentioned any upcoming plans to visit the Cavern. Did I miss a memo?
(12/15 15:26:51)  JamieWithHNKey: "If it wasn't any of us, we definitely ought to look into it. Unfortunately, I cannot get away from my surface duties in the near future.Anyone have time to go?I know it is probably nothing, but still... well, you know. "
(12/15 15:27:32)  JamieWithHNKey: Dr.Kodama and Marie Suthland agreed to meet with hin in carvern
(12/15 15:27:39)  JamieWithHNKey: Pause to give oyu a chance to read...
(12/15 15:28:47)  JamieWithHNKey: A few days latter Marie posted the follwoing:
(12/15 15:29:40)  JamieWithHNKey: "Quite a trip. Sorry you couldn't make it. Your sensors are fine. There are a handful of explorers in the Cavern, but they didn't trip the ones you sent us to check. In fact, the area was still secure, which means that it was one of us. I have my suspicions that we need to talk to our former fearless leader
(12/15 15:29:57)  JamieWithHNKey: WOPSE pasted the worng thing
(12/15 15:30:09)  JamieWithHNKey: Quite a trip. Sorry you couldn't make it. Your sensors are fine. There are a handful of explorers in the Cavern, but they didn't trip the ones you sent us to check. In fact, the area was still secure, which means that it was one of us. I have my suspicions that we need to talk to our former fearless leader about that. Funny guy. Glad I didn't cancel any big plans to head down for his wild goose chase
(12/15 15:30:44)  JamieWithHNKey: Oh nevermind just wrapped funny
(12/15 15:30:56)  JamieWithHNKey: He want on too say that some explores had never left
(12/15 15:31:13)  JamieWithHNKey: DOH! SHE!
(12/15 15:31:24)  ventris: no worries Jamie
(12/15 15:31:42)  JamieWithHNKey: She tol them they cold stay as long as their where caful
(12/15 15:31:59)  JamieWithHNKey: Now for those of you how are not aware when MOUL(gametap) closed
(12/15 15:32:35)  JamieWithHNKey: People feared that a bad group of Borah where going to attack
(12/15 15:33:13)  JamieWithHNKey: But luckly it would appear that a good group of Borah are keeping them at bay
(12/15 15:33:47)  JamieWithHNKey: The deaitls of these previus MOULa events can be fount on the hertiage night site
(12/15 15:34:59)  JamieWithHNKey: So people where now allowed in cavern
(12/15 15:35:10)  JamieWithHNKey: A place that they had not been since 2007
(12/15 15:35:21)  JamieWithHNKey: some had snuck in annywarese
(12/15 15:35:31)  JamieWithHNKey: Others had not been there since before that
(12/15 15:35:56)  JamieWithHNKey: At one point ealery on a member of the DRC(I can't remember who)
(12/15 15:36:08)  JamieWithHNKey: Appeared in cavern to talk to everyone
(12/15 15:36:13)  JamieWithHNKey: Now changing gears....
(12/15 15:36:27)  radioflux: wasn't that Kodama?
(12/15 15:36:40)  JamieWithHNKey: I will talk now from a OOC pespective
(12/15 15:37:01)  G'Pa: what is OOC?
(12/15 15:37:02)  JamieWithHNKey: It may have been, I've been busy and wassen't there, so forgot to get the docunmentation
(12/15 15:37:07)  JamieWithHNKey: I'm about to explain
(12/15 15:37:28)  JamieWithHNKey: So far everything I've siad has been in a perspective as if this is all real(and not a computer game(
(12/15 15:37:37)  JamieWithHNKey: It is IN CHARCTER
(12/15 15:38:03)  JamieWithHNKey: in this game you will find that at a lot of events people like to epxlain things as if this is all real
(12/15 15:38:19)  JamieWithHNKey: That is the point of
(12/15 15:38:28)  JamieWithHNKey: Hold on a moment
(12/15 15:38:52)  JamieWithHNKey: sorry that was the point
(12/15 15:39:10)  JamieWithHNKey: Cyan had to lock the site since no one in this verstion of MOULa used it.
(12/15 15:39:47)  JamieWithHNKey: but back in 2007, the MOULa forms where for 'real' OOC duscsitonts and the DRC forum for IC onse
(12/15 15:39:53)  JamieWithHNKey: Back on track
(12/15 15:40:09)  JamieWithHNKey: i'm going to tell about my first days here in cavern so you can know what it was like
(12/15 15:40:23)  JamieWithHNKey: I was here since a few weeks after the game opened
(12/15 15:40:31)  JamieWithHNKey: This a
(12/15 15:40:41)  JamieWithHNKey: This avitar is quite new though
(12/15 15:40:56)  JamieWithHNKey: When the game opened, it was almost impossible to get in
(12/15 15:40:58)  Blanka: NP
(12/15 15:41:22)  JamieWithHNKey: In fact there was a day when crashed as well as the forms
(12/15 15:41:42)  JamieWithHNKey: This is beacuase the number of people who signed up and started playing was way more then Cyan had
(12/15 15:41:58)  JamieWithHNKey: Inserspated and their Severs could not handle the load
(12/15 15:42:22)  JamieWithHNKey: Also you could attempt to download the game off of the sever and everyone had to do it at once
(12/15 15:42:53)  JamieWithHNKey: When I first herd that MOULa had re-opened and it was free, I thought it was too good to be true
(12/15 15:44:11)  JamieWithHNKey: I thought it was run by teh Gould Of Writers
(12/15 15:45:07)  JamieWithHNKey: Who at the time where(and sitll are) running an illgeal server that is a hack on URU offline
(12/15 15:45:19)  JamieWithHNKey: (it's illgel beaucse it's hack)
(12/15 15:45:46) Cpt. Jericho coughs
(12/15 15:46:12)  JamieWithHNKey: See it was just so increable to me that Cyan Cayan.., the great and mightly where releasing a fiormly paid severs for free
(12/15 15:47:01)  JamieWithHNKey: (so I thought it must be a fan thing and maybe someone took over the site or something)
(12/15 15:47:08)  JamieWithHNKey: luckly this was not the case
(12/15 15:47:49)  JamieWithHNKey: I couden't get in even after I spent half a day downlaoding the client
(12/15 15:48:06)  JamieWithHNKey: Since there where too many people trying to connect like I siad
(12/15 15:48:42)  JamieWithHNKey: A few weeks latter I fianlly got in but I had missed whatever DRC memeber had appeard
(12/15 15:49:20)  JamieWithHNKey: I had never played MOUL but had played URU + Path to the shell
(12/15 15:49:32)  JamieWithHNKey: So I thought an online URU was exicting
(12/15 15:49:49)  JamieWithHNKey: I was very exiting when I swa the new Ki, which is very cool
(12/15 15:50:03)  JamieWithHNKey: The first thing I noticed was...
(12/15 15:50:16)  JamieWithHNKey: well having just got a 16:9 screen for cristmass
(12/15 15:50:31)  JamieWithHNKey: I could help but notice the destoryed aspect ratio
(12/15 15:50:50)  JamieWithHNKey: annyone who is running the normal cleint obserbee that they still haven't fixed this
(12/15 15:51:00)  JamieWithHNKey: notice that I am thinner then I should be
(12/15 15:51:10)  radioflux: heh
(12/15 15:51:19)  JamieWithHNKey: This was only recently fixed
(12/15 15:51:43)  JamieWithHNKey: Oh and all the resulstionts where hard coded as well
(12/15 15:52:07)  JamieWithHNKey: So you could only display like 1600 x 900 max or seomthing just a bit bigger
(12/15 15:52:42)  JamieWithHNKey: I think back in the day, I used 1280x800 and set my mointer to streach the image to it's more correct size
(12/15 15:53:12)  JamieWithHNKey: This issue has only been reecently correctly on the Gehn Shard and in the ineneral cleint which offcouse diden't exist until
(12/15 15:53:17)  JamieWithHNKey: much latter on
(12/15 15:53:48)  JamieWithHNKey: Soon Rand Miller... yes THE RAN
(12/15 15:53:53)  JamieWithHNKey: *RAND
(12/15 15:53:59)  JamieWithHNKey: Would appear in cavern
(12/15 15:54:10)  JamieWithHNKey: Ans guess where I was when he was online
(12/15 15:54:20)  JamieWithHNKey: ....
(12/15 15:54:27)  JamieWithHNKey: In Telidan
(12/15 15:54:36)  JamieWithHNKey: This was still ealery days
(12/15 15:54:43)  JamieWithHNKey: And I was solving my ages
(12/15 15:55:03)  JamieWithHNKey: But accoding to the chat logs of Rands vist(which was unannonced)
(12/15 15:55:20)  JamieWithHNKey: At the time he appeared in the main city...
(12/15 15:55:28)  JamieWithHNKey: I was in Relto....
(12/15 15:55:36)  JamieWithHNKey: I decided where to go next....
(12/15 15:55:53)  JamieWithHNKey: I clicked on my bookshelf
(12/15 15:55:56)  JamieWithHNKey: ....
(12/15 15:56:06)  JamieWithHNKey: Moved my mouse randomly over the books
(12/15 15:56:18)  JamieWithHNKey: And it ALMOST landed on Nexises
(12/15 15:56:33)  JamieWithHNKey: it landed on Telidan so I dceide to wrok on that one instead...,.
(12/15 15:56:51)  JamieWithHNKey: but I was THIS CLOSE TO SELECTING NEXIS and I would have met THE RAND
(12/15 15:57:04)  JamieWithHNKey: In fact I've missed every other Rand sitting
(12/15 15:57:53)  JamieWithHNKey: *siting
(12/15 15:58:54)  JamieWithHNKey: Recently Rand was at the Deni Music Bevin for a talk
(12/15 15:59:20)  JamieWithHNKey: I was in the room just enought for the speaker to call me name but my game never loaded me into the age enought to be playable
(12/15 15:59:54)  Tom(Samoth): :)))
(12/15 15:59:55)  JamieWithHNKey: It loaded for the 45 minutes the event took place for
(12/15 16:00:14)  JamieWithHNKey: The other times really life got in the way :(
(12/15 16:00:41)  Tom(Samoth): sorry, i have to leave...
(12/15 16:00:46)  JamieWithHNKey: Those first meeting where casually in nature
(12/15 16:00:57)  D'lago: Bye, Tom!
(12/15 16:01:03)  JamieWithHNKey: Bye Tom thanks for dropping.... he's gone :(
(12/15 16:01:17)  JamieWithHNKey: Annways those first Rand meeting where casually in nature
(12/15 16:01:34)  JamieWithHNKey: Much like the recent RAWA meeting for Obduction
(12/15 16:01:44)  JamieWithHNKey: where there was no que and you could ask him anythikng
(12/15 16:02:08)  JamieWithHNKey: Unforchently now adays you have to que quesionts in advance
(12/15 16:02:15)  JamieWithHNKey: (it's easeir for Rand that way)
(12/15 16:02:34) ventris ques questionts
(12/15 16:02:48)  JamieWithHNKey: If I ever do get a change to talk to hin cassually I will ask him to sign my Riven CDs
(12/15 16:03:01)  JamieWithHNKey: since that is one of my many favorit games of all time
(12/15 16:03:51)  JamieWithHNKey: I will also ask hin weather he players as avatiers other then has own since there are rummers of that
(12/15 16:04:14)  JamieWithHNKey: I've asked in the past but "queing" questionst on the forums but there never asked
(12/15 16:04:27)  Korov'ev: I suspect most cyantists do that :)
(12/15 16:04:28)  JamieWithHNKey: I wonder if it's something best left unawersed....
(12/15 16:04:55)  JamieWithHNKey: Someone once asked him that at mysteirum but he diden't seem to understand what they where saying
(12/15 16:05:19)  radioflux: that proves it
(12/15 16:05:46)  JamieWithHNKey: acctully knowing Rand.. who is extreamly clever he might have been avoindg the question
(12/15 16:06:14)  JamieWithHNKey: Well that's it for me for the story
(12/15 16:06:29)  JamieWithHNKey: Any questionts about the story?
(12/15 16:06:51)  Korov'ev: more like a doubt...
(12/15 16:07:18)  ventris: who were the unauthorized explorers?
(12/15 16:07:30)  JamieWithHNKey: Oh good question
(12/15 16:08:05)  JamieWithHNKey: When MOULa closed in 2007, the DRC had decied that it was too dangurs to be in cavern
(12/15 16:08:12)  JamieWithHNKey: Due to the Borah thing
(12/15 16:08:27)  JamieWithHNKey: So the unaothorizsed explorers where us comming back
(12/15 16:09:02)  JamieWithHNKey: OOC: There are unmaed, this is more of a way for Cyan to say "we are opening the cavern again, the story we continue"
(12/15 16:09:22)  JamieWithHNKey: In fact the story contiunes to this day...
(12/15 16:09:31)  JamieWithHNKey: sorry I'm back in storyteller mode
(12/15 16:09:36)  JamieWithHNKey: Annways next quesiton
(12/15 16:10:35)  JamieWithHNKey: did I die, or can you still here me?
(12/15 16:10:38)  ventris: when did you realize it was NOT a fan run thing?
(12/15 16:11:44)  JamieWithHNKey: I can't remember
(12/15 16:12:05)  JamieWithHNKey: I think it was when Rand appeard
(12/15 16:12:05)  Korov'ev: I was wondering if, in OOC terms, "explorers still in the cavern" meant the UU shards...
(12/15 16:12:27)  JamieWithHNKey: Hold on a secound still on the last point
(12/15 16:12:50)  radioflux: we need a question queue! ;)
(12/15 16:13:06)  Korov'ev: call doobes :)
(12/15 16:13:09)  JamieWithHNKey: Could have also been when went down or just after time
(12/15 16:13:17)  JamieWithHNKey: Ok OOC
(12/15 16:13:47)  JamieWithHNKey: I don't know about that Korov'ev although that's what I've teken it to be
(12/15 16:14:03)  Musica: I'd like to say something, if I may
(12/15 16:14:39)  JamieWithHNKey: Although Cyan does not approve UU shards that use hacekd verstions of the URU:CC/URU + PoTS cleint     
(12/15 16:14:57) To Musica: your in my mentel que
(12/15 16:15:10)  Korov'ev: that's the point :)
(12/15 16:15:14)  JamieWithHNKey: They do know about them
(12/15 16:15:33)  JamieWithHNKey: Go ahead Musica
(12/15 16:15:35)  Musica: I really appreciate your efforts in offering this review of the Moula restart, Jamie
(12/15 16:15:52)  JamieWithHNKey: Thank you, I really like doing it :)
(12/15 16:16:12)  Musica: 1. I recently completed transcribing the Rand Miller interivew in the DMR and am waiting for Doobes or Lyrositor to post it publicly
(12/15 16:16:33)  JamieWithHNKey: Oh was that this weekend!
(12/15 16:16:49)  Musica: 2. This Saturday night, Robyn Miller is returning to the DMR for a 2nd interrview at 1800 KI time and I have t lot of questions.
(12/15 16:17:01)  Musica: That's 12/21
(12/15 16:17:29)  Musica: Rand was interviewed in JUly, befor the kickstarter but it's still has spome interesting and funny statements
(12/15 16:17:43)  JamieWithHNKey: Oh yes, I won't be able to make that one....
(12/15 16:17:52)  JamieWithHNKey: I'm having a freind over
(12/15 16:18:01)  JamieWithHNKey: LOL once again I miss rand
(12/15 16:18:50)  Musica: It's Robyn this time 12/21
(12/15 16:19:26)  JamieWithHNKey: That's almost as intersting
(12/15 16:19:47)  JamieWithHNKey: No offens to Robyn
(12/15 16:19:55)  Musica: All 3 Miller brothers are said to be acting in Obduction, so of course we have questions
(12/15 16:20:12)  JamieWithHNKey: OH man! That sounds cool!
(12/15 16:20:26)  JamieWithHNKey: Hold on a sec
(12/15 16:20:55)  JamieWithHNKey: Musica do you want the stage?
(12/15 16:21:22) Enders is hanging by his toenails
(12/15 16:21:44)  radioflux: ouch
(12/15 16:21:49)  Musica: I don't know if I can answer specific questions about Moula. RL has kept me out a lot in the last year
(12/15 16:22:45)  JamieWithHNKey: No I meant to talk about music stuff
(12/15 16:23:01)  Musica: ok
(12/15 16:23:10) D'lago claps his hands
(12/15 16:23:16) ventris claps her hands
(12/15 16:23:16) DbeMagic claps her hands
(12/15 16:23:29)  JamieWithHNKey: Hertiage night will return after a word from our sponser
(12/15 16:23:38)  Korov'ev: careful with the werecone
(12/15 16:23:42) From ventris: good start Jamie you got people interested
(12/15 16:23:44)  D'lago: Ladies and gentleman, we are pleased to introduce... the traffic cone.
(12/15 16:24:22)  Musica: The music broadcasts in the DMR started basically after our founder, Turjan, has RL issues that took him out of the cavern for the most part.
(12/15 16:24:45) To ventris: No problem, I will have to look at historical docuements and see what's next maybe OHBot
(12/15 16:25:02)  Musica: Christine and talked about what we could do too bring more music to the cavern and came up with the broadcast idea. I was out of work at the time and pitched in.
(12/15 16:26:11)  Musica: Originally we used the live Chat to broadcast but soon came up with using Ustream. Early this year they switched to Shoutcast but I don't know how that works, so doubt I can give my usualy Christmas music broadcast
(12/15 16:26:21) From Enders: i have suggestions, see me later
(12/15 16:27:08)  Musica: Planetary was an audio engineer in a former life, so he puts a lot of the technical stuff down easily.
(12/15 16:27:09)  ventrisdeja: hiya
(12/15 16:28:12)  Musica: Christine has a large music collection, so is able to bring many different types of music to the breoadcasts,
(12/15 16:28:52) To Enders: Ok sure
(12/15 16:28:59)  Musica: Anything I can answer for youu? One of these days I'll write about it
(12/15 16:30:06)  Musica: Otherwise, Jamie, you/re back on
(12/15 16:30:13) JamieWithHNKey imatates Dobas2
(12/15 16:30:13) D'lago claps his hands
(12/15 16:30:22)  JamieWithHNKey: I have no questions in the que
(12/15 16:30:24)  ventris: when did you start the broadcasts?
(12/15 16:30:33)  radioflux: sadly, the DMR broadcasts are a bit late for me
(12/15 16:30:34)  Musica: June of 2010
(12/15 16:30:51)  Musica: and we really did use the voice chat key at first
(12/15 16:31:05)  ventris: and did the hood get opened just for that?
(12/15 16:31:13)  ventris: or was it a thing before that?
(12/15 16:31:33)  Musica: No, it was opened in GameTap era by Turjan and another explorer
(12/15 16:31:48)  Musica: Previouse MOUL, sorry
(12/15 16:32:14)  G'Pa: I apologize..I must link to RL   this was very informative .  Thank you
(12/15 16:32:14)  ventris: and had christine been a part of that?
(12/15 16:32:17)  JamieWithHNKey: Historien going to step in here
(12/15 16:32:41)  JamieWithHNKey: The GameTap MOULa is "MOUL", MOUL on this shard is "MOULa"
(12/15 16:32:57)  Musica: I believe she had played all the games but came in when current MOULA opened
(12/15 16:33:19)  JamieWithHNKey: See you latter G'Pa and keep an eye out on the forsm for the next event
(12/15 16:33:43)  JamieWithHNKey: Which will have it's own thread
(12/15 16:33:50)  JamieWithHNKey: Sorry about the interupation
(12/15 16:34:13)  ventris: so how did you come to get the use of the hood. which makes great sense but how?
(12/15 16:35:37)  Musica: Use of the hood is pretty much up to the members of that hood. Christine, Mouski and Planetary handle the events in the DMR, but anyone can contribute or participate
(12/15 16:36:33)  JamieWithHNKey: I hate to intrupt but I do have at lest 2 more segments to do, so lets have one more question
(12/15 16:37:39)  Musica: Any more?
(12/15 16:38:02) D'lago claps his hands
(12/15 16:38:13)  JamieWithHNKey: I have nothing in the cue
(12/15 16:38:13) DbeMagic claps her hands
(12/15 16:38:14) Error: Don't know how to '/shurg'
(12/15 16:38:18) JamieWithHNKey claps his hands
(12/15 16:38:32) ventris claps her hands
(12/15 16:38:44)  JamieWithHNKey: I can't hear you Enders
(12/15 16:38:56)  Musica: 2 more segments , awright
(12/15 16:39:25)  JamieWithHNKey: #1 ending...
(12/15 16:39:32) Musica claps her hands
(12/15 16:39:35)  JamieWithHNKey: Thanks for comeing
(12/15 16:39:39)  JamieWithHNKey: Don't go yet
(12/15 16:39:42) ventris claps her hands
(12/15 16:39:45) D'lago claps his hands
(12/15 16:40:10)  JamieWithHNKey: Any newish players can stick around for a Q&A at which point you can ask any qustion about the game
(12/15 16:40:14)  JamieWithHNKey: or the past
(12/15 16:40:32)  JamieWithHNKey: But first some notes
(12/15 16:40:39)  JamieWithHNKey: The next event will be....
(12/15 16:40:41)  JamieWithHNKey: wait for it
(12/15 16:40:44)  JamieWithHNKey: NEXT YEAR
(12/15 16:40:55)  JamieWithHNKey: which issen't that long a wait...
(12/15 16:41:01)  ventris: wow so loooong to wait
(12/15 16:41:22)  DbeMagic: ^^
(12/15 16:41:25)  JamieWithHNKey: Annways I will have to check the histroical notes to see what comes next
(12/15 16:41:40)  JamieWithHNKey: it might be a Januray or mabe Feburay
(12/15 16:42:01)  JamieWithHNKey: I might want to get a particalualar person who is hard to get
(12/15 16:42:09)  JamieWithHNKey: Some of you may knnow OHB....
(12/15 16:42:24)  JamieWithHNKey: Hopfully I can get him as a gust spekere
(12/15 16:42:33)  ventris: oh yeah Jamie!
(12/15 16:42:47)  JamieWithHNKey: Some people seem to know who he is :)
(12/15 16:43:04)  JamieWithHNKey: He made the first ever approved robot in the cavern
(12/15 16:43:18)  JamieWithHNKey: so hope to see you all next month
(12/15 16:43:18) Thumbs up from Korov'ev
(12/15 16:43:21)  JamieWithHNKey: BUT
(12/15 16:43:22) ventris claps her hands
(12/15 16:43:26) ventrisdeja claps her hands
(12/15 16:43:28) D'lago claps his hands
(12/15 16:43:29)  JamieWithHNKey: before we part any last questionts
(12/15 16:43:32) JamieWithHNKey bows
(12/15 16:43:40) JamieWithHNKey bows
(12/15 16:43:52)  ventris: thanks jamie
(12/15 16:43:58)  JamieWithHNKey: No problem\
(12/15 16:44:02)  JamieWithHNKey: Thanks for comeing
(12/15 16:44:15)  Musica: See you around the cavern
(12/15 16:44:43)  JamieWithHNKey: Now the final segment.... any newish players can meet me by the funtion for a casul Q&A
(12/15 16:44:52)  DbeMagic: as i was late (sorry bout that): will there be a log?
(12/15 16:44:57)  JamieWithHNKey: (did anybody get that I turne around between segments)

-Jamie Marchant
If I don't respond it's because email notification is down again and
I forgot to return to the thread.

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