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PostPosted: Sun Jul 10, 2016 9:12 pm 
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It time to announce the All guild Appreciation Party happening July 16 at 12:00ki time in the magic city. We have list of things for you all

1.10-12ki time Karel will play music
2.Main event All guilds speeches at 12-14ki time.
3.Special surprise at 14:00ki time.

This to show our appreciation to all the guilds and workers who take out their free time to help with bug fixes, making content ages easier and helping us in the back of scenes so come out and join us.

Our special guests will be korovev from the Guild of messengers, Adam for the Guild of writers, from Guild of wizards, greeters, and openuru will get an honorable mention.

magic ki #27527 just add him to your buddy list and pm him link and he will do the rest with Magic Mister and yoda and special surprise at 14:00ki time.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 11, 2016 2:07 pm 

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Sorry Zeke I'm gonna havta decline, now that Im back from vacation the only time I have to work on Age Creation is weekends

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 16, 2016 12:08 pm 
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Do not forget we have the All Guilds appreciation party today starting at 10ki time

1.10ki time Karel will play music
2.Guild speech at 12:00ki time
3.A special surprise for the guilds at 14:00ki time
4.It will all be held in the magic city so be sure to add magic bot ki # 27527 to your buddy list.

Plus we have second event happening at 10ki time which is the obduction gathering where you can ask the question on Cyan latest game Obduction so be sure to join that as well.

for other times check this site out

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 16, 2016 11:06 pm 

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Hellooooooooooooooo Zeke!! :D

When this party seemed to be finished, I logged in. :oops:
I have slept in that time. :oops:
It was about 3:00 of the early morning in Japan in that time. :lol:
As for me, I am sorry that I miss a so splendid party!!


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PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2016 1:28 pm 

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For those who were unable to attend, this is a taste of the amazing show that followed the speeches. Video

Davide - KI: 3305017

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2016 2:55 pm 
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Great Video Davide!!!! :shock:

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2016 7:37 pm 
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thanks for the video Davide :)

now for those who missed the event here an edited chatlog for you but I did not edit one what anyone said so enjoy, shortend a little bit.

[Reveal] Spoiler:
I would like to thank you all for coming to the appercaition party, magic mistor and yoda for setting things up, plus adam and kov who could be here as well plus karel playing music before the event. This event would not be possible without any of them.
This event is desgined for players intersted in joining guilds or helping out the community further and it is to show our respect to all these hard invdivals who put their time and effort in the community. These people help with bug fixs, new contentd, ect. in their free time, none of us are Cyan employees but just enthausic exploers hoping the commuinity will grow once again.
Now without further ado Magic Mistoer has few words he like to share.

(07/16 13:59:31) Magic Karel: My music stream is at or [Karel]
(07/16 13:59:40) Zeke365: Well thank you all for coming to the apperaction party a few rules
(07/16 14:00:26) Zeke365: 1.No chating while speaker is speaking, wait unitl he is done speeckig
(07/16 14:01:07) Zeke365: 2.When the speaker is done he tell you when it is time for questions
(07/16 14:01:47) Zeke365: 3.Since each guild will take 30min 15min will be directed to the speaker and the last half 15min for questions
(07/16 14:02:11) Zeke365: 4.If we go over time please pm the speaker afterwards for questions
(07/16 14:02:28) Obducted Joker leans right
(07/16 14:02:31) CandiCoIette leans left
(07/16 14:02:34) Zeke365: 5.I will be be meanting a few groups who could not make it

(07/16 14:02:46) Zeke365: with that said let get started
(07/16 14:03:06) TrapperDave Obducted cheers
(07/16 14:03:07) Mister Magic claps his hands
(07/16 14:03:10) Magic Karel claps his hands
(07/16 14:03:14) Obducted Joker cheers
(07/16 14:03:18) TrapperDave Obducted claps his hands
(07/16 14:03:28) Zeke365: In this frst round I will be meantioning 2 groups Guild of wizards and greeters
(07/16 14:03:35) Zeke365: Guild of wizards is a group deciated to creating uquine experinces though there marker games, wallpaper contest, and other wizardery tricks they can can come up with.
(07/16 14:04:04) Zeke365: Since I m not guild member of them neccearily, I just found out about them though facebook and they have been playing some my marker games.The Guild of wizards are are early riser unfournetly and have their hood called the guild of wizards just meet Zesty of Xeniphers or kirt to be apart of their guilds and the most intersting part of their guild is there contest goes beyond MOUla so some games can be in other shards as well.
(07/16 14:04:56) Zeke365: I would like to annouse a guild that has despanded but found out there an exploer named Andrew Yosso who comes to the guild of greeters Hood mon-sat from 13:45 to 14:15ki time be sure to check him out.
(07/16 14:05:36) Zeke365: The Guild of Greeters was former guild that would greet new exploers, help new exploers get use to their their experience here in the Cavern and help them out when they need help, a few years ago new greeters was invented but I think they have dispanded as well.
(07/16 14:06:04) Zeke365: If that something you like to do or recreate again in the Cavern then meet andrew and he be sure to help you out and besides he hoping for more vistors.
(07/16 14:06:34) Zeke365: that all I have about those 2 guilds now any questions even though I finshed early
(07/16 14:11:23) Zeke365: now any questions?

07/16 14:06:59) TrapperDave Obducted claps his hands
(07/16 14:07:09) Magic Karel claps his hands
(07/16 14:07:11) Mister Magic claps his hand
(07/16 14:12:25) Yutiel shakes her head
(07/16 14:12:41) Zeke365: if not should we move to our next guesst
(07/16 14:12:49) TrapperDave Obducted: no or yes LOL
(07/16 14:13:04) Mister Magic shakes his head
(07/16 14:13:05) TrapperDave Obducted: yep
(07/16 14:13:09) Yutiel nods her head
(07/16 14:13:18) Yutiel starts to laugh
(07/16 14:13:25) TrapperDave Obducted: :)
(07/16 14:13:45) Zeke365: okay please welcome to the stage Korov've from the Guild of Messengers
(07/16 14:13:56) TrapperDave Obducted cheers
(07/16 14:13:59) Magic Karel claps his hands
(07/16 14:14:01) Mister Magic claps his hands
(07/16 14:14:03) Davide claps his hands
(07/16 14:14:05) CandiCoIette claps her hands
(07/16 14:14:05) Zeke365 claps his hands
(07/16 14:14:10) TrapperDave Obducted claps his hands
(07/16 14:14:13) Obducted Joker cheers
(07/16 14:14:20) Korov'ev: wehw...
(07/16 14:14:21) sky6 claps her hands
(07/16 14:14:21) Yutiel claps her hands
(07/16 14:14:29) Korov'ev: Hello, and thanks you!
(07/16 14:14:41) Korov'ev: I'm Korov'ev, co-Guild Master - along with Doobes - of the Guild of Messengers
(07/16 14:14:48) Korov'ev: (the first 'o' is read as an 'ah', and the apostrophe sounds a 'y')
(07/16 14:14:51) From Mirphak in Mirphak's Relto: shoral my friends
(07/16 14:14:55) Korov'ev: So, what is the Guild of Messengers about?
(07/16 14:15:09) Korov'ev: For this I'll heavily quote Nev'yn's excellent article "Who Contributes To The Guild?":
(07/16 14:15:16) Korov'ev: ... es-guild-0
(07/16 14:15:30) Korov'ev: which I recommend if you want to know more details about the history of the Guild
(07/16 14:15:42) Korov'ev: (brace yourselves, a wall of text is coming)
(07/16 14:15:59) Korov'ev: The current Guild of Messengers can trace its origin to the original 18 major Guilds of the D'ni.
(07/16 14:16:09) Korov'ev: The Guild of Messengers was responsible for delivering letters, messages, parcels, and supplies throughout the whole of the D'ni empire.
(07/16 14:16:18) Korov'ev: Quite a responsibility, and one not easily accomplished.
(07/16 14:16:28) Korov'ev: The mandate of the restored Guild of Messengers was initially to organize communications between the explorers and the DRC,
(07/16 14:16:37) Korov'ev: a system in which the Guild would carry out announcements, news events, important messages, etc. for all of those who visit the Cavern.
(07/16 14:16:54) Korov'ev: This mandate led to various mottoes such as "delivering Uru news to the community" and "see a need, fill a need",
(07/16 14:17:03) Korov'ev: to the ultimate mission statement of the guild as it is today:
(07/16 14:17:10) Korov'ev: "to support a corps of volunteer journalists disseminating information within the Uru/Myst community."
(07/16 14:17:23) Korov'ev: The intial founders of the restored Guild of Messengers were Andros, Lynnutte, and Shimmerillion; at some point the GoMe roster reached 35 active Messengers, Affiliates, and Liaisons.
(07/16 14:17:36) Korov'ev: Keep in mind that in the early years of Uru Live the Guild of Greeters was the only officially Cyan-endorsed Guild, to assist new players within Uru.
(07/16 14:17:48) Korov'ev: To know "what was going on" in the Cavern, the only way was to tediously search around the various websites.
(07/16 14:17:59) Korov'ev: Also, during this time, there were regular 'Episodes' of activity in the Cavern, that would include storyline development, visits by the DRC, Age releases, new lore, etc.
(07/16 14:18:09) Korov'ev: There was much hesitancy on taking the 'risk' of working on such an undertaking of a guild, what with a lack of an 'official' mandate;
(07/16 14:18:21) Korov'ev: there were, however, groups such as the Relayers, who would pass information to the various hoods from where events were being held due to high explorer traffic.
(07/16 14:18:36) Korov'ev: A sub groups of the Relayers were called Moderators, who would help the interaction between the 'story actors' and everyday explorer.
(07/16 14:18:44) Korov'ev: Relayers, Moderators and a few other groups led to the birth of a new group that still exists today, the Cavern Criers:
(07/16 14:18:50) Zen-den-Lupe is linking in to meet us!
(07/16 14:18:54) Korov'ev: they would regularly call out news in one central location within Ae'gura and pass out 'news reports' and 'recurring events' KI-mails.
(07/16 14:19:11) Korov'ev: Initially they were primarily collaborators of the Guild, but in time they became fully integrated.
(07/16 14:19:18) Korov'ev: The Guild initially was intended to be an umbrella under which existing News organizations could join and work together as Affiliates -
(07/16 14:19:31) Korov'ev: to name a few: the Cavern Communications Network, The Cavern Today, Uru Radio, Relayer Corps, Cavern Criers -
(07/16 14:19:42) Korov'ev: but the Affiliates idea never really worked well in actual practice, as the groups involved feared they could lose their identity.
(07/16 14:19:52) Korov'ev: However, the concept still lives in some form as the GoMe Liaisons:
(07/16 14:20:04) Korov'ev: Messengers who relay news and promote activities with specific external groups or Guilds they are in frequent contact with.
(07/16 14:20:16) Korov'ev: Around that time, the 5 major Guilds were given official endorsement in Kirel: Cartographers, Greeters, Messengers, Maintainers, and Writers.
(07/16 14:20:26) Korov'ev: I'll skip a bit of history here, but I'll mention that at this point so many fan sites were created that it was difficult to keep track of them,
(07/16 14:20:36) Korov'ev: and for this reason Marten, one of the Guild's Masters, developed, an easy-to-remember directory of all Uru-related sites.
(07/16 14:20:46) Korov'ev: In 2010, after many ups and downs, the Cavern was once again open to explorers.
(07/16 14:20:53) Korov'ev: Along with it, the Guild of Messengers was reorganized and ready to relay the news to the community,
(07/16 14:21:00) Korov'ev: with Leonardo and Theremin inagurating the double leadership of the Guild.
(07/16 14:21:08) Korov'ev: It was also at this time the the All Guild Meeting (and Fair) was conceived by Maintainer Marcus Wheeler and sponsored by Leonardo.
(07/16 14:21:17) Korov'ev: Again, I'll skip a bit of history here, only mentioning the first CavCon Party, one of the best examples of collaborations between Guilds.
(07/16 14:21:27) bobbee is linking in to meet us!
(07/16 14:21:28) Korov'ev: In May 2012 Leonardo announced that he and Lunanne were resigning their positions as Guild Masters;
(07/16 14:21:39) Korov'ev: after some discussion, Lyrositor and Doobes were eventually elected as their successors.
(07/16 14:21:54) Korov'ev: In November 2015 Doobes, after three years moderating the All Guild Meeting, PMed me about taking the role, which I was happy to accept.
(07/16 14:22:03) Korov'ev: Later that month, Lyrositor announced he was stepping down from his position, and of all Messengers I was nominated.
(07/16 14:22:11) Korov'ev: Let me take a step back...
(07/16 14:22:20) Korov'ev: The GoMe site has a feature that allows its content to be translated in various languages, but new posts were for the most translated in Russian, German and French
(07/16 14:22:29) Korov'ev: As a member of the Italian community, I though it would have been nice to translate at least the new posts
(07/16 14:22:36) Korov'ev: so in November 2013 I asked and was accepted as the Italian Translator for the GoMe site
(07/16 14:22:43) Korov'ev: I translated almost every new post since then, and eventually was nominated by Nev'yn as candidate for the role of GM :)
(07/16 14:23:10) Korov'ev: So, how can people get involves?
(07/16 14:23:18) Korov'ev: Anyone willing to help can join. There are many activities available: relaying news first of all,
(07/16 14:23:26) Korov'ev: keeping your community updated, translating news in your language, be a Cavern Crier,
(07/16 14:23:34) Korov'ev: be a Liaison if you're involved with some other group, help with site and social managing,
(07/16 14:23:41) Korov'ev: or other activities you might have in mind.
(07/16 14:23:48) Korov'ev: All new Messengers are invited to read the Orientation Info:
(07/16 14:23:54) Korov'ev: ... messengers

(07/16 14:24:04) Korov'ev: Currently we have active translators for Italian and German; the site as it is allow for Russian, French, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese, the lasts being the ones needing more attention
(07/16 14:24:19) Korov'ev: There were a magazine (The Cavern Post) and a video series (Uru2U), but they're currently on hiatus
(07/16 14:24:38) Korov'ev: Now, I think I've been rambling for too long :-) so are there any questions?

(07/16 14:25:15) TrapperDave Obducted: The GOMe Guild does a great job !!!
(07/16 14:25:19) TrapperDave Obducted cheers
(07/16 14:25:23) Korov'ev thanks you very much!
(07/16 14:25:24) Magic Karel cheers
(07/16 14:25:26) sky6 claps her hands
(07/16 14:25:31) TrapperDave Obducted claps his hands
(07/16 14:25:31) Obducted Joker claps his hands
(07/16 14:25:32) Adam {Hoikas}: encore! encore!
(07/16 14:25:32) Zeke365 cheers
(07/16 14:25:34) Korov'ev bows
(07/16 14:25:34) Mister Magic cheers
(07/16 14:25:35) Christian Walther claps his hands
(07/16 14:25:38) Davide claps his hands
(07/16 14:25:40) Yutiel claps her hands
(07/16 14:25:41) Zeke365 claps his hands
(07/16 14:25:42) UliG is linking in to meet us!
(07/16 14:25:53) Mirphak claps his hands
(07/16 14:26:03) Korov'ev: I there aren't any, I'll leave the stage for the next speaker!
(07/16 14:26:09) Korov'ev: *if
(07/16 14:26:33) Yutiel: hallo Uli and karoh
(07/16 14:26:53) Yutiel claps for zeke
(07/16 14:27:00) Zeke365: Well thank you kov for your speech and I hope it helps understand the guild a little more
(07/16 14:27:30) Zeke365: Now on to our next speaker from the Guild of writers Adam Hoikas
(07/16 14:27:44) Korov'ev cheers
(07/16 14:27:44) Yutiel claps her hands
(07/16 14:27:45) Mister Magic claps his hands
(07/16 14:27:48) Davide claps his hands
(07/16 14:27:48) Magic Karel claps his hands
(07/16 14:27:49) Zeke365 claps his hands
(07/16 14:27:51) TrapperDave Obducted claps his hands
(07/16 14:27:56) Obducted Joker claps his hands
(07/16 14:28:02) Mirphak claps his hands
(07/16 14:28:29) Adam {Hoikas}: the Guild of Writers as it currently stands has "only" been around since 2007...
(07/16 14:28:38) From Magic Bot: You think the courtyard is prettier like that Mister Magic Bot ?
(07/16 14:28:49) Adam {Hoikas}: so that's, what, 9 years? =P
(07/16 14:29:11) Adam {Hoikas}: but it the history goes back a very long way, long time before I even knew what Uru was
(07/16 14:29:32) Adam {Hoikas}: In Feb 2004, Uru Live was shuttered by ScrewbiSoft
(07/16 14:30:04) Adam {Hoikas}: immediately, a dedicated group of fans assembled on the Clockwork Orange BBS (COBBS)
(07/16 14:30:42) Adam {Hoikas}: the goal of this enterprise was twofold: to figure out how to continue playing Uru online and how to add new content to the game
(07/16 14:31:13) Adam {Hoikas}: unfortunately, just before I joined the community in July of 2005, the COBBS database crashed
(07/16 14:31:18) karoh29 is linking in to meet us!
(07/16 14:31:25) Adam {Hoikas}: so most of this history is lost to the abyss
(07/16 14:31:43) Adam {Hoikas}: in Aug 2005 there were two simultaneous developments
(07/16 14:32:12) Adam {Hoikas}: first, Cyan announced Until URU... you pay them $5 and you can play Uru Live on fan-run servers
(07/16 14:32:39) Adam {Hoikas}: shortly thereafter Almlys announces ALCUGS: A Live Compatible Uru Server
(07/16 14:32:46) Adam {Hoikas}: scuse me, that should be Aug 2004
(07/16 14:33:20) Adam {Hoikas}: (ALCUGS is still actively used to this day by the Deep Island Shard)
(07/16 14:33:37) Adam {Hoikas}: Work continued on adding new content to Uru
(07/16 14:34:03) Adam {Hoikas}: various tools such as PRPExplorer appeared, allowing us to understand how the game stored age data
(07/16 14:34:21) Adam {Hoikas}: leading to the very first Uru modifications
(07/16 14:34:48) Adam {Hoikas}: one of the very first hacks was to delete random PRP files from the game install and watch as different ages were combined
(07/16 14:35:05) Adam {Hoikas}: a practice that is apparently still popular =P
(07/16 14:35:17) Mister Magic: :)
(07/16 14:35:28) Adam {Hoikas}: soon thereafter we began to see things like texture replacements
(07/16 14:35:57) Adam {Hoikas}: where people would reskin ages with their own textures, including the infamous graffitti on Kerath's Arch stating "H'uur was here"
(07/16 14:36:06) Adam {Hoikas}: H'uru*
(07/16 14:36:44) Adam {Hoikas}: In 2006, Almlys returned with another huge announcement: the release of the "PRP Blender Plugin" -- also known as PyPRP
(07/16 14:37:06) Adam {Hoikas}: this was the first tool for creating and exporting ages to the game
(07/16 14:37:12) Adam {Hoikas}: and boy was it primitive
(07/16 14:37:22) Adam {Hoikas}: the first version couldn't even export textures!
(07/16 14:37:44) Adam {Hoikas}: fast forward half a year and it can do that and more
(07/16 14:38:01) Adam {Hoikas}: so that naturally led to a resurgence of interest in age creation
(07/16 14:38:21) Adam {Hoikas}: mind you, the COBBS was seen as a "dark underbelly" of the URU community
(07/16 14:38:49) Adam {Hoikas}: at the time, hacking the game had very serious negative connotations and Cyan was infamous for hard-talk toward it
07/16 14:39:32) Adam {Hoikas}: so there was a push to establish new groups such as Aeg Builders and the New Tree whose primary focus was age creation, not understanding how the game worked
(07/16 14:40:01) Adam {Hoikas}: When the DRC revived the Guilds, a number of people from these disparate groups came together to form the GoW
(07/16 14:40:37) Adam {Hoikas}: at the time, I had no interest in being part of any "Guild of Writers" because I knew I couldn't create crap
(07/16 14:40:59) Adam {Hoikas}: you should see my test ages -- I assure you that I have not gotten any better in 10 years =P
(07/16 14:41:45) Adam {Hoikas}: the GoW was a melting pot of interests from age creation tool makers to apsiring age creation
(07/16 14:42:11) Adam {Hoikas}: from the beginning, the idea was very clear: the GoW is not an exclusive club
(07/16 14:42:24) Adam {Hoikas}: to be a member, you just have to consider yourself a member, and that's it
(07/16 14:43:13) Adam {Hoikas}: as far as how I got involved... well, nobody else wanted to administer the forum, run the website, upgrade the wiki........
(07/16 14:43:38) Adam {Hoikas}: so from 2008 to now I've gradually picked up more and more of the responsibilities
(07/16 14:43:51) Adam {Hoikas}: I think I inherited all of them by 2013
(07/16 14:44:05) Adam {Hoikas}: >.>
(07/16 14:44:08) Adam {Hoikas}: <.<
(07/16 14:44:41) Adam {Hoikas}: as far as you can get involved
(07/16 14:44:59) Adam {Hoikas}: a lot of age creation tends to happen in private or very small teams
(07/16 14:45:24) Adam {Hoikas}: so, if you have an idea and a friend, I encourage you to check out the GoW wiki at
(07/16 14:46:01) Adam {Hoikas}: there's a lot that goes into making a successful age... concept, story, music, modelling, texturing
(07/16 14:46:36) Adam {Hoikas}: so if you have any interest in those categories, you should consider giving it a shot!
(07/16 14:47:13) Adam {Hoikas}: I'd suggest watching developer commentaries on excellent games to learn great strategies
(07/16 14:47:40) Adam {Hoikas}: eg the Half Life 2 commentaries a great, and I'm currently enjoying watching the Life is Strange commentary
(07/16 14:47:55) Adam {Hoikas}: and, that's all I have. we'll do the questions now

(07/16 14:48:21) TrapperDave Obducted cheers
(07/16 14:48:21) TrapperDave Obducted: I think the fan ages are great !
(07/16 14:48:36) Acorn1: yay for GoW
(07/16 14:48:45) Zeke365: Yep need community memeners like you to help them out
(07/16 14:48:54) Adam {Hoikas}: if there are no questions, I'll exit stage right =P
(07/16 14:49:00) Zeke365 claps his hands
(07/16 14:49:00) Korov'ev claps his hands
(07/16 14:49:03) Magic Karel claps his hands
(07/16 14:49:05) TrapperDave Obducted claps his hands
(07/16 14:49:05) Christian Walther claps his hands
(07/16 14:49:07) Acorn1 cheers
(07/16 14:49:07) Mister Magic claps his hands
(07/16 14:49:08) UliG claps his hands
(07/16 14:49:08) Davide claps his hands
(07/16 14:49:08) Mirphak claps his hands
(07/16 14:49:10) Yutiel claps her hands
(07/16 14:49:12) Obducted Joker cheers
(07/16 14:49:15) Adam {Hoikas}: but seriously, the only thing I can't do is make the age myself, I'm just not talented at that ;)
(07/16 14:49:21) MagicYoda claps his hands
(07/16 14:49:38) TrapperDave Obducted: I started an Age but ended up trashing it
(07/16 14:50:10) Zeke365: Well thank you adam fro your wonderful speech I hope this gives you better idea on the guild of writers
(07/16 14:50:36) Zeke365: now I will be meantioning 2 groups who could not make it
(07/16 14:50:57) Zeke365: Openuru is not neccearily a guild but I thought it needed to be mentioned because their very important aspect of the community. Openuru is sort like a test test shard where you test out the newest features and bug fixes before they get into Moula. This means you need to have keen eye for detail.
(07/16 14:51:54) Zeke365: The shard is not meant for long time play use but to see if theirs problems or bugs they need to fix before they are sent to Cyan.
(07/16 14:52:15) Zeke365: I got involved in the openuru to help out and make bug fixes go quciker it, though I m quite new to it myself, so I decided to join to help the community out and hopefully help them with their testing sort like beta testing before the real deal is done.
(07/16 14:52:39) Zeke365: If this something you like to be intersted in doing the visit here a link that says layman terms and and sort decribes what you will be doing in the minkana shard and how to set it up.
(07/16 14:53:44) Zeke365: Though openuru is officaly making the client now, there have been talks about have a client called Huru being built on but that all they are talks
(07/16 14:54:02) Zeke365: As for fan content creators I can not meantion much about them since I do not how they got involved but if you like to be invoved with the age building process the guild of writers site wilki should help.
(07/16 14:54:56) Zeke365: the fan content projects have come and gone like Dirt shard which combined Myst V and uru live into 1 client
(07/16 14:55:11) Zeke365: the intangbles which have dwindled down
(07/16 14:56:15) Zeke365: And fan age nexus as well age trying to be built but they need coders, builders. arrist to help them if we are to see any of this
(07/16 14:58:39) Zeke365: let me add that these exploers do this in their free time and can always use more help fan content creator Karkadann was suppose to come but could not due to other obligations
(07/16 14:59:04) Zeke365: Now before I end this I want to mention the Cavcon
(07/16 14:59:43) Zeke365: the Cavcon is sort like donating meter where we start at 2.0 each month and when cyan updates goes to 3.0
(07/16 15:00:29) Zeke365: the higher the Cavcon the longer We keep the lights on in this place and keep bringing you specail events likes these
(07/16 15:01:45) Zeke365: When Cavcon reachs 5.0 it gives Cyan enough donations to help implemnet bug fixes (though a couple months before it implented) and updates
(07/16 15:02:35) Zeke365: For more info check this link out viewtopic.php?f=1&t=25172
(07/16 15:03:12) Zeke365: Before you ask we dont know how much 2 to 3.0 are so we wont know tuill cyan updates it
(07/16 15:03:33) Zeke365: now are their any questions on what I have talk about so far?
(07/16 15:03:42) Christian Walther: Not a question but a slight correction
(07/16 15:04:01) Adam {Hoikas}: there*
(07/16 15:04:16) Zeke365: Correct me then I just doning what I what I read so far
(07/16 15:04:18) Yutiel: lol
(07/16 15:04:25) Christian Walther: What Zeke mentioned regarding was actually the Minkata shard. by itself it just a provider of tools for Uru-related projects, the shard being one of them.
(07/16 15:05:10) Christian Walther: Another being source code hosting, which Cyan chose as the place to release the Uru source code and where they take contributions from.
(07/16 15:05:31) Christian Walther: (after they have been tested on the Minkata shard)

(07/16 15:06:04) LuMagic is linking in to meet us!
(07/16 15:06:17) Christian Walther: that's all
(07/16 15:06:29) Zeke365: My bad thanks fro correcting me Christain
(07/16 15:06:43) Zeke365: Now are there any more questions?
(07/16 15:07:16) Mister Magic shakes his head
(07/16 15:07:24) Zeke365: If not then I think I will close this out
(07/16 15:07:36) Mister Magic claps his hands
(07/16 15:07:38) Zeke365: I want everyone stay for our suprise
(07/16 15:07:40) Yutiel claps her hands
(07/16 15:07:41) UliG claps his hands
(07/16 15:07:43) TrapperDave Obducted claps his hands
(07/16 15:07:47) Christian Walther claps his hands
(07/16 15:07:47) Acorn1: thanks for organising, Zeke, and thanks to the speakers
(07/16 15:07:48) Korov'ev claps his hands
(07/16 15:07:48) Davide claps his hands
(07/16 15:07:51) Acorn1 claps her hands
(07/16 15:07:51) MagicYoda claps his hands
(07/16 15:07:57) Obducted Joker cheers
(07/16 15:08:12) From Mister Magic: Its ok for the show ?
(07/16 15:08:16) Magic Karel claps his hands
(07/16 15:08:36) Yutiel likes surprises
(07/16 15:08:40) Zeke365: I would like to thank our speakers for coming and telling about their guilds, I hope this was informted for you all gives you a little taste of the each groups and how it fuctions
(07/16 15:08:51) Yutiel claps her hands
(07/16 15:09:01) Davide claps his hands
(07/16 15:09:02) Mister Magic claps his hands
(07/16 15:09:07) TrapperDave Obducted claps his hands
(07/16 15:09:09) Magic Karel: Music stream back on-line now - Just refresh the link to listen :-)
(07/16 15:09:19) Magic Karel: My music stream is at or [Karel]
(07/16 15:09:32) Zeke365: i would like thank karel for music and Magic Mister for setting the satge and now time for our little surpise made by Magic Mister and Yoda take it away
(07/16 15:09:44) Acorn1: oooh
(07/16 15:09:51) Obducted Joker: Joker's stream is up too
(07/16 15:10:03) From Magic Bot: Fireworks just begun on Tokotah building. Quick, come and see it. PM: PR.
(07/16 15:10:16) Magic Karel: YAY :))
(07/16 15:10:20) Magic Karel cheers
(07/16 15:10:21) TrapperDave Obducted cheers
(07/16 15:10:22) Zeke365: This to show our apperaction to all these hard working indvidals in the guilds and this desgained this desgined to show our apperaction
(07/16 15:10:25) Yutiel cheers
(07/16 15:10:58) Magic Karel: Nice timing Joker - lol
(07/16 15:10:58) TrapperDave Obducted claps his hands
(07/16 15:11:04) From Magic Bot: Automatic Sky Color on by Mister Magic
(07/16 15:11:06) Davide cheers
(07/16 15:11:29) Yutiel claps her hands
(07/16 15:12:20) Davide claps his hands
(07/16 15:12:26) Magic Karel claps his hands
(07/16 15:12:27) socceryod is linking in to meet us!
(07/16 15:12:28) Zeke365 claps his hands
(07/16 15:12:33) Christian Walther claps his hands
(07/16 15:12:39) TrapperDave Obducted claps his hands
(07/16 15:12:42) Zeke365: i dont think that it
(07/16 15:12:45) Acorn1 claps her hands
(07/16 15:12:46) From Magic Bot: There is no more fireworks going on here.
(07/16 15:12:58) From TrapperDave Obducted in D'ni-Ae'gura: Ohh I see now the tent burned down :)
(07/16 15:13:19) Magic Karel: ha ha :))
(07/16 15:13:23) Mister Magic points
(07/16 15:13:34) Magic Karel: ahhhhhhh
(07/16 15:13:49) To Mister Magic: Is that it
(07/16 15:14:01) Magic Karel waves hello
(07/16 15:14:07) From Mister Magic: it is just the beginning :)
(07/16 15:14:15) Zeke365: Oh on more to come
(07/16 15:14:20) LuMagic: nice feet :D
(07/16 15:14:20) From Mister Magic: yes
(07/16 15:14:27) Yutiel: Wow
(07/16 15:14:37) Davide: Wow!!!
(07/16 15:14:39) Yutiel: He needs pedicure
(07/16 15:14:47) Magic Karel: nice :)
(07/16 15:14:52) Acorn1: pretty
(07/16 15:14:55) LuMagic: lol, yut
(07/16 15:14:55) D'ivadh ignuf claps his hands
(07/16 15:15:15) Zeke365: Stick around in and enjoy the show

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Thanks for including the nice mentions of's contributions, Zeke365 and Christian Walther!

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