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PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 8:14 pm 
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Hello everyone in the 7 year anniversary party I would like to announce that I will be hosting an Event organizer appreciation party for all our event organizer who organizes different events in the Cavern on Feb. 12 at 11:00ki time in the Cavern Events Hood.

Their will be a brief history about each event and what makes them different from one another. This to show our appreciation to these people who do this every week or year and of course I will chatlog everything for you. You will be free to ask questions as well.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2017 3:05 pm 
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I would like also to annonuce that their will be 2 games played in the Cavern Events Hood that day as well after the our event speakers.

The first one will be bevin soccer and the rules will be placed on the forums here for you to read.
The second is Hood quest which is marker game (make sure you have your red and green markers collected in order to play.) where you will collect markers and come back to the hood and part of a story will be ready with a clue to your next marker game.

The thing is I gonna need a sign up sheet so I know who to give the markers to and how many people will participate in this event or the soccer event.

What I need is a ki # and the name with that avi your using during the event, so I know who to give it to, you can post here on the forums or pm me to let me know. The deadline will be Feb. 10 and after that date NO MARKERS will be given out after that deadline and only those on the list will get to participate this goes as as well for the soccer event. This so I dont have to keep giving people markers for others when the link in or instruction the soccer game and and makes things more organized.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 05, 2017 9:16 pm 
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You have till Friday to get those ki #'s in so I can create of list of who playing. I know some of you think it unfair for me to do this. The thing is I would be passing them out to everyone who linked in and we never get to play a game if that happened.
This why I decided to create a deadline of Feb. 10 this Friday so that those who want to play can be separated into teams for each game then I all I have to do is give it to who on the list and therefore we can keep things moving and not have to stop and explain a lot of rules and stuff and those signed up will get a link here which will describe the bevin soccer rules with pictures to help you understand better.

I hope this explains my reasoning a little better.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 10:14 pm 
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time for me to explain what bevin soccer is.

First of all, there will be 2 teams of 3, one red team with red shirts and red pants and another blue team with blue shirts and blue pants. This to keep each team separated.

You will play for 30min and try to get in goal which will be explained below. I need referee for this game too.

1.It will be played in the garden below
2.The 2 goals are on opposite sides each other
3.The ball must pass through the goal which are represented as the blue lights
4.It will be foul if the ball goes outside this area or jumps.
5.Your goal is to get 10 points in 30min
6.Teams must be in teams of 3
7.Red for 1 team and blue for the others.

[url][url=]Image[/url]free photo hosting[/url]

down below is goal 2

[url][url=]Image[/url]upload image online[/url]

[url][url=]Image[/url]photo hosting sites[/url]

down below is Goal 1

[url][url=]Image[/url]free photo upload[/url]

[url][url=]Image[/url]images hosting[/url]

so if this sounds like fun game you want to play send me your ki # and avi name in game of here on the fourms, you plan to play with this Sunday starting at 11:00ki time games at 14:00ki time as it stands, the deadline is tomorrow.

The second game is Hood quest which is marker game and it sort of different than your use to. So I will send out a marker to the avi that are signed up on the list and they will find the markers then come back to the cavern events hood where they will be read part of story with hint to next marker location untill all of them are complete.

Then we will swap and the ones playing bevein soccer will do the hood quest and the ones who did hood quest will do bevin soccer.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 3:15 pm 
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today the big day in which we will show our appreciation for all our event organizers in the cavern who do tremendous work to keep the cavern alive and moving and as usual everything will be chatlog for you all.

It will start today at 11:00ki time in the Cavern Events Hood up the stairs in the community room is where will meet. I hope to see you all there.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 7:11 pm 

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If you missed my speech, it's now here: ... ty-speech/

-Jamie Marchant
If I don't respond it's because email notification is down again and
I forgot to return to the thread.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 5:41 pm 
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here a chatlog of everything if you missed it

[Reveal] Spoiler:
(02/12 13:01:18) Zeke365: okay I would like to welcome you all the event organizers appreciation party event where we celebrate these event organizers today
(02/12 13:02:19) Zeke365: our specials guest will be karel for her streaming music, Jamie from heritage night, jay ro with his Friday night music and zeke365 and his events
(02/12 13:04:15) Zeke365: I would like to welcome you all to the Cavern Events Hood which has been a source of information for the last two years. We do not have a lot of members as of right but let me give you some history on how the cavern events hood got started and what the vision for it was.
(02/12 13:04:45) Zeke365: A few years back I was a part of the dni art museum community, this was when the dmr was still running on Ustream and on sat. night at 18:00ki time.
(02/12 13:04:48) Institution TOOO claps his hands
(02/12 13:05:12) Zeke365: So at the time I had been through all the ages and was souciazing with them and eventually got bored not from them but I felt desire that more could done than what had been done before, but not a lot of people saw that creativity in which cyan had done, yet I saw the potential what could be done.
(02/12 13:06:03) Zeke365: One my first attempt at this was the idea of putting a cavcon sign in the Cavern there forum post somewhere about this here a link to it viewtopic.php?f=1&t=26014
(02/12 13:06:23) Zeke365: I will discuss the tours and stories later but I show this my way of branching out of this socialization and try something different.
(02/12 13:06:45) Zeke365: Now at the time I did not anything so when I did post on the fourms it backlashed on me so I had to rethink what I wanted to do.
(02/12 13:07:07) Zeke365: So at the time there were two different groups I would talk about my ideas the dni art museum and the late night group with differentdave, then if I got positive feedback I would post them on the forums, if not to popular I would rethink how to do it, and this still reminds true today, so I get other explorers options before hand.
(02/12 13:07:38) Zeke365: Now at this time I had no idea of the facebook groups, Reddit, twitter, google plus, or even the backup cavern
(02/12 13:07:57) Zeke365: I learned of the backup cavern on skype every time the cavern closed later on. after discussing some ideas I had my first successful event and the first time being all guilds meeting.
(02/12 13:08:40) Zeke365: I did attend a reading session I think kirel by of rocketman and jaraku at the time and they were held every wed. night which I could not make most of them.
(02/12 13:09:00) Zeke365: So at the time I (no offense to GOM) felt the guild messengers were not getting the events out to everyone they should be, they had facebook but there was no in-game event list to tell what was happening each day.
(02/12 13:09:24) Zeke365: So it became my desire to to get in game events in the Cavern and those part of the Cavern events Hood was born. Max joined the hood and saw the potential of the hood as well my vision for the hood.
(02/12 13:10:12) Zeke365: Now at a lot people liked the bots at the time with mirobot and lyrobot and learned later that any magic stuff done in hood must be private. So I decided not to make my hood private. Instead I believed people could be creative with the stuff they had and did not have to use magic or knew nothing of magic.
(02/12 13:10:42) Zeke365: As you will see later the games that will be played here are based on tools I had and no skydiving, magic, glitches or anything is needed to play these games. I tested experimented with bevin soccer which was inspired by soccer in the garden with few people and it became clear that alot liked it.
(02/12 13:11:18) Zeke365: My next-next one was marker mission old on called scrambled, which mixed letters together to help you solve a puzzle within the game, I tried few others and some of them did not go over well because of miss communication on the markers, people wanted direction thus hood quest was born as way to interaction between the forums and the game and get people to the forums.
(02/12 13:11:53) Zeke365: I made the announcement in oct. 2014 about the new hood and the big crash of 2014 happened when that happened I had to redo everything and reopen the hood. This where the appreciation party took play were celebrated the cyan. which to this day they have the chatlogs of all of you.
(02/12 13:12:52) Zeke365: Before there was grand opening of all the hoods and one of them I could not make it so I m now making the re-official grand opening of the events hood.
(02/12 13:13:08) Zeke365: Now let me discuss the original vision of the hood, it designed for people who have creative to talent to test experiment their different ideas, what they could do using the tools they had without the use of bots magic or glitches.
(02/12 13:14:06) Zeke365: sort of like a testing ground in which we could help people do more creative events and fully flesh out their ideas
(02/12 13:14:29) Zeke365: The second was to keep up with events in the Cavern each month so many people knew what was going on everyday. I had help from max and Susan to get to look like what does now.
(02/12 13:14:49) Zeke365: this was another link and attempt to help the Guild of messengers at the time to viewtopic.php?f=66&t=27758
(02/12 13:15:03) Zeke365: Ben berry had some creative ideas of what you could as well attaboy but at last we don't have a lot of members here anymore but if this hood you like to join them meet me after the event organizers presentations and we get you hooked up and this hood will always be bumped up and taken care of.
(02/12 13:15:20) Max: too bad the Hood Imager is not that good for extensive Info
(02/12 13:15:42) Zeke365: Lastly I want to discuss is the successor to me will take over this hood with his or her vision in what they like to see and that another reason why I did this is so when I do decide to leave the cavern I can leave in the hands of who I trust. Don't think I m leaving anytime soon, I still have many more ideas to get done before I leave. with that said are there any questions.

(02/12 13:16:33) TrapperDave: Yes, what is the backup cavern ?
(02/12 13:16:53) Zeke365: it skype community
(02/12 13:17:14) TrapperDave: ohh not a cavern so to speak ?
(02/12 13:17:17) Zeke365: so when the we could not get in the cavern we would use skype to talk back and forth
(02/12 13:17:28) TrapperDave: ahh OK
(02/12 13:17:29) Zeke365: nope
(02/12 13:17:36) Max: it was created by Ka during the crash
(02/12 13:17:49) Max: been extremly useful!
(02/12 13:17:49) TrapperDave: Suggestion I have :)
(02/12 13:17:59) Zeke365: this your chance to ask me any question you like but hold off on tour and stories questions till I do that presentation
(02/12 13:18:09) TrapperDave: Start a Cavern Events Group on FB
(02/12 13:18:42) Zeke365: well I m admission a facebook group called myst online awaking
(02/12 13:18:45) staz: Is there a present skype community?
(02/12 13:19:05) Zeke365: yep it called backup cavern in skype
(02/12 13:19:40) Zeke365: backup cavern cavern is open is the full skype name
(02/12 13:19:58) Zeke365: is there anything else you like to know about this hood

(02/12 13:20:26) staz: Who is on it?
(02/12 13:20:44) Zeke365: right now the two active ones is me and ohmihan
(02/12 13:20:44) Institution TOOO wants to ask a question...
(02/12 13:21:01) Zeke365: we do have other members but I hardly see them
(02/12 13:21:24) Institution TOOO: What is the difference between this hood and, say, the Guild of Messengers?
(02/12 13:21:24) Zeke365: yes too
(02/12 13:21:45) Hummingbird mostly just reads messages in backup cavern
(02/12 13:22:00) TrapperDave: GoMe does good with calendar :)
(02/12 13:22:04) Zeke365: it sort of indirectly related to the guild of messengers partly out of my rebellion
(02/12 13:22:39) TrapperDave: Why are you rebelling with GoMe ?
(02/12 13:22:53) Zeke365: so I m not directly involved with them but i use their source of information think of as an affiliate of the guild of messngers
(02/12 13:22:54) staz: So skype has two consistent members?
(02/12 13:23:39) Zeke365: well I thought there was not enough publicly at the time and I had talked to the messengers about but they had their own rules
(02/12 13:23:45) Institution TOOO: Is this like an auxiliary of the GoMe?
(02/12 13:23:55) Zeke365: i thought word was not getting out that why
(02/12 13:24:26) From JamieM(2.0): I'm ready for 11:30
(02/12 13:24:28) Zeke365: think of more of an extension of the guild of messengers I still talk to them
(02/12 13:24:35) Institution TOOO nods his head
(02/12 13:24:36) TrapperDave: You don't consider the forum good for notices ?
(02/12 13:24:51) Institution TOOO: Not everyone goes to the forums all the time
(02/12 13:25:00) Zeke365: not a lot people posted on the forums and we had had more members in the cavern
(02/12 13:25:01) TrapperDave: how true :)
(02/12 13:25:09) Max: I think... for example the messages in the Messenger Pub are some 4 year old...
(02/12 13:25:14) Emor D'ni Lap: A lot of players here never visit the forums
(02/12 13:25:21) Institution TOOO nods his head
(02/12 13:25:34) Zeke365: yes it was sort aimed in helping them

(02/12 13:25:45) From staz in Cavern Events' Hood: what about mirrot bot ADVERT?
(02/12 13:26:03) Zeke365: when I do upload this to the forums check out some the links you will see what i mean
(02/12 13:26:17) Zeke365: advert had not been invented back then
(02/12 13:26:18) Hummingbird: I simply don't have time in RL to visit all the various forums and like getting info from one or two sources.
(02/12 13:26:36) TrapperDave: Maybe we should promote the forum more and let newbies know to join it ?
(02/12 13:26:53) Zeke365: yep
(02/12 13:27:00) staz: There was a lot being posted on ADVERT and then it stoped
(02/12 13:27:23) Institution TOOO: This is why I keep saying it would be nice to havew a bulletin board in Ae'gura
(02/12 13:27:28) Zeke365: I can take one more question before I introduce our next guest
(02/12 13:27:41) Max: HB... I'd say there is only one Forum you'd need to read. and then in section Events...
(02/12 13:27:43) TrapperDave: Wish there was a huge imager in the City Plaza :)
(02/12 13:27:55) Institution TOOO: Right.
(02/12 13:27:57) staz: would be nice
(02/12 13:28:00) Max: I second that, TD
(02/12 13:28:01) Emor D'ni Lap: Agreed, TOOO - but you know if anyone could post on it, then it would be flooded with junk
(02/12 13:28:13) TrapperDave: lol
(02/12 13:28:19) Institution TOOO: I would have it administered by either Cyan or GoMe
(02/12 13:28:24) staz: junk filter
(02/12 13:28:26) staz: lol
(02/12 13:28:27) TrapperDave: yep
(02/12 13:28:54) Institution TOOO: You would send you notices to GoMe, and they'd put them up on the bulletin board in Ae'gura
(02/12 13:28:59) Zeke365: okay if their are no further questions then I will take my leave please welcome Jamie as he tells us about heritage night
(02/12 13:28:59) Kayara: But not one like in TOC.
(02/12 13:29:02) Zeke365 bows
(02/12 13:29:07) TrapperDave: Maybe we should press Cyan for that feature ?
(02/12 13:29:15) Institution TOOO claps his hands
(02/12 13:29:17) Karel claps his hands
(02/12 13:29:20) Davide claps his hands
(02/12 13:29:21) TrapperDave claps his hands
(02/12 13:29:22) Max: good luck with finding a Messenger these days, TOOO
(02/12 13:29:22) Wolfsbane claps his hands
(02/12 13:29:24) thoekenem claps his hands
(02/12 13:29:28) Hummingbird welcomes Jamie
(02/12 13:29:29) Institution TOOO: This is true, Max
(02/12 13:29:40) JamieM(2.0): Hello, I'm Jamie (also known as "HeritageNightGuy.")
(02/12 13:29:47) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(02/12 13:29:51) Zeke365: i feel like a messenger and I'm not a part of them
(02/12 13:29:58) JamieM(2.0): I do a series of events called "Heritage Night." At Heritage Nights, I talk about the game's history.
(02/12 13:30:28) JamieM(2.0): I have covered such topics as "OHBot - a computer controlled avatar" and "the creation of authorized hacking zones".
(02/12 13:30:43) JamieM(2.0): Heritage Night was started by another explorer for the same purpose as it's used today.
(02/12 13:31:03) JamieM(2.0): I took over Heritage Night in 2013. At that time, it had been dead for a while.
(02/12 13:31:21) JamieM(2.0): I got the idea when I mentioned OHBot in "Myst: The Comedy Text Adventure" and people did not know who he was.
(02/12 13:31:37) Calum Traveler: (well, yeah, that KI# got erased in the crash)
(02/12 13:31:39) JamieM(2.0): I then realized that I had seen things that others had not.
(02/12 13:32:03) JamieM(2.0): ^ Heritage Night had died NOT calum
(02/12 13:32:24) JamieM(2.0): Remembering a Heritage Night I had attended, I announced my first event.
(02/12 13:32:29) Calum Traveler: (*/waves hello*)
(02/12 13:32:42) JamieM(2.0): (yes OHB's website is still up :))
(02/12 13:32:55) JamieM(2.0): (OHBot came into the cavern after Heritage Night ounce)
(02/12 13:33:13) JamieM(2.0): It was going to be called History Night and I was going to talk about my first experience in MOULa in 2010. I
(02/12 13:33:27) JamieM(2.0): I was contacted by Calum, the previous administrator and was told I could use the name and website Heritage Night.
(02/12 13:33:47) JamieM(2.0): I have done many events since then; some turned out better than others, with my best events involving authorized hacking.
(02/12 13:34:03) JamieM(2.0): From the beginning, I have tried to make my events unique.
(02/12 13:34:19) JamieM(2.0): I did this by using authorized hacking to demonstrate things or by having unique special guests like OHB, the creator of the computer controlled avatar.
(02/12 13:34:33) JamieM(2.0): Lastly, I have tried to have a unique perspective on things and tell stories.
(02/12 13:34:54) JamieM(2.0): *tell interesting stories
(02/12 13:35:22) JamieM(2.0): Thanks for listening. More information on Heritage Night can be found here:
(02/12 13:35:38) JamieM(2.0): You can also catch up on past events there. To find out when the next event is, check the events section of the forums. We will now begin the Q and A.

(02/12 13:35:27) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(02/12 13:35:31) Institution TOOO claps his hands
(02/12 13:35:32) Zeke365 claps his hands
(02/12 13:35:34) Max claps his hands
(02/12 13:35:35) Wolfsbane thanks you very much!
(02/12 13:35:35) TrapperDave claps his hands
(02/12 13:35:35) Karel claps his hands
(02/12 13:35:37) Obducted Joker claps his hands
(02/12 13:35:37) Hummingbird claps her hands
(02/12 13:35:39) Minasunda claps her hands
(02/12 13:35:40) Kayara claps her hands
(02/12 13:35:46) Davide claps his hands
(02/12 13:35:46) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(02/12 13:35:46) B'ni Rabbit claps her hands
(02/12 13:35:51) Emor D'ni Lap applauds
(02/12 13:35:55) ~*Jayne*~ claps her hands
(02/12 13:36:13) Zeke365: anyone have questions for Jamie this your time to learn more
(02/12 13:36:13) JamieM(2.0): So any questions?
(02/12 13:36:37) Calum Traveler: not a question per say, but I'd just like to say, Jamie, I'm glad to see HN is still running after all these years.
(02/12 13:36:47) JamieM(2.0): Thanks Calum :)
(02/12 13:36:50) TrapperDave: Thanks to Jamie , he has done a lot of good !
(02/12 13:36:52) JamieM(2.0): I'm glad too :)
(02/12 13:37:00) Hummingbird: Me too!
(02/12 13:37:04) Thumbs up from JamieM(2.0)
(02/12 13:37:27) Kayara: When is heritage night usually held?
(02/12 13:37:31) JamieM(2.0): I have some fun events planned for latter this years :)!
(02/12 13:37:51) JamieM(2.0): Usually on a Saturday at 12 Ki time.

(02/12 13:38:11) TrapperDave: Not every week though ?
(02/12 13:38:24) JamieM(2.0): They used to be ounce a month but I can't allways think of a topic
(02/12 13:38:30) Zeke365: what hood is it held in jamie?
(02/12 13:38:51) Kayara: Shorah brandon and briglit
(02/12 13:38:57) JamieM(2.0): Either 'Heritage Night' hood or 'The Hood Of Iluusionts' for magic events
(02/12 13:39:24) JamieM(2.0): Wait I typed ot fast and spelt it wrong...
(02/12 13:39:42) brandon20897: Shorah everyone
(02/12 13:39:43) Obducted Joker: We speak typonese
(02/12 13:39:49) Zeke365: lol
(02/12 13:39:50) Institution TOOO: Shorah brandon
(02/12 13:39:54) Hummingbird: lol
(02/12 13:40:08) JamieM(2.0): The Hood of Illusions is used for magic events[/b]
(02/12 13:40:27) Emor D'ni Lap: copy that
(02/12 13:40:40) JamieM(2.0): Acctually it was a fairly simple idea to use the hood to talk about why it was created. Since after it was created there was talk about useing it for evetns.
(02/12 13:41:03) Emor D'ni Lap: now I'm confused
(02/12 13:42:12) Calum Traveler: way back when HN first was designed, Carl Palmner wanted to use magic hoods for certain events,
(02/12 13:42:32) Calum Traveler: but he never got a chance to work out the hows, and i never got a chance either

(02/12 13:42:36) JamieM(2.0): Thanks Calum I was getting confused trying to explain it.
(02/12 13:42:46) Hummingbird: we could only do magic in a private setting.
(02/12 13:42:54) JamieM(2.0): I basically took his idea and got it to work
(02/12 13:43:15) Calum Traveler: *nods* if Carl were active, im sure he'd love that
(02/12 13:43:27) Calum Traveler wonders what the heck that guy's up too these days...
(02/12 13:43:59) JamieM(2.0) shurgs
(02/12 13:44:11) Zeke365: are there any other question about jamie and his event
(02/12 13:44:24) Kayara shakes her head
(02/12 13:44:42) TrapperDave laughs
(02/12 13:44:43) JamieM(2.0): Sorry that was kind of short. I gave myself extra time incase I had problems putting pasting
(02/12 13:44:49) JamieM(2.0): (it happends often)
(02/12 13:45:20) TrapperDave: brglit is entertaining :)
(02/12 13:45:26) Institution TOOO: Lol
(02/12 13:45:32) Zeke365: that and for question right jamie
(02/12 13:46:21) JamieM(2.0): So I'm an IT guy that's how I got the Hood Of Ilustionts stuff to work
(02/12 13:46:48) Zeke365: well if no one has futher questions should we bring out our next guest
(02/12 13:46:57) JamieM(2.0): I met a guy named Stone in the Fun House and he helps me out with hacks
(02/12 13:47:05) Hummingbird claps
(02/12 13:47:10) JamieM(2.0): I think he used to help Zake as well
(02/12 13:47:12) Institution TOOO claps his hands
(02/12 13:47:13) TrapperDave claps his hands
(02/12 13:47:14) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(02/12 13:47:14) Karel claps his hands
(02/12 13:47:18) Davide claps his hands
(02/12 13:47:22) Minasunda claps her hands
(02/12 13:47:24) Thumbs up from JamieM(2.0)
(02/12 13:47:26) From Max: add me (and Dave) to the end... I have a few words
(02/12 13:47:26) Zeke365: jame it it zEke
(02/12 13:47:38) JamieM(2.0): LOL so it is
(02/12 13:47:41) JamieM(2.0): Sorry
(02/12 13:47:50) Omiahn claps her hands
(02/12 13:47:53) brandon20897 claps his hands
(02/12 13:48:00) brglit claps her hands
(02/12 13:48:12) JamieM(2.0): I guess I'm done here
(02/12 13:48:13) Wolfsbane claps his hands
(02/12 13:48:15) Omiahn: thanks :)
(02/12 13:48:22) Institution TOOO thanks you
(02/12 13:48:24) Zeke365: it fine I knew some e was not working could not remember who
(02/12 13:49:06) Zeke365: without further do lets introduce our next guest karel
(02/12 13:49:17) Karel: His :))
(02/12 13:49:22) TrapperDave claps his hands
(02/12 13:49:23) thoekenem claps his hands
(02/12 13:49:26) Hummingbird welcomes Karel
(02/12 13:49:26) Institution TOOO claps his hands
(02/12 13:49:27) Davide claps his hands
(02/12 13:49:27) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(02/12 13:49:30) Omiahn claps her hands
(02/12 13:49:31) Wolfsbane claps his hands
(02/12 13:49:34) Eternal Seeker cheers
(02/12 13:49:39) Minasunda claps her hands
(02/12 13:49:41) Karel: Hello fellow explorers - my talk will not be a long one :-)
(02/12 13:49:46) Kayara: Shorah Karel :)
(02/12 13:49:57) Karel: I'm a relative newbie here as I joined MOULa in July 2015.
(02/12 13:50:19) Karel: As a lot of new explorers did at that time, I enjoyed playing the games on my own and then finally came into the public areas to find a very warm welcome and plenty of help.
(02/12 13:50:41) Karel: I was invited to various events and one of these was a Music from the Ages session hosted by Patricio which me and others thoroughly enjoyed. I always made sure I could attend these sessions as often as possible.
(02/12 13:50:59) Karel: I was invited to various events and one of these was a Music from the Ages session hosted by Patricio which me and others thoroughly enjoyed. I always made sure I could attend these sessions as often as possible.
(02/12 13:51:18) Karel: Eventually Pat decided to call it a day in the cavern which meant that this event would no longer happen which seemed a great shame.
(02/12 13:51:38) Karel: So I thought well I could set up a streaming channel and have plenty of music from games & films. So I set up a "Music from the Ages" event in my own Hood just to see if people were interested.
(02/12 13:52:01) Karel: And to my surprise people were interested, and have attended and listened in various numbers throughout the events.
(02/12 13:52:41) Karel: With help from Ezriilc|Swifthawk my channel link was added to which made it easier for the community to find.
(02/12 13:53:03) Karel: In each of the sessions I try to find information on the Game, Ages, Characters and Music I am playing to give that little extra element. Don't Worry NO SPOILERS. He he
(02/12 13:53:30) Karel: We have even had "Guess the Game" and "Explorer Choices" sessions as well.
(02/12 13:53:47) Karel: I also encourage explorers to give me any suggestions for Game or Film music that they would like included in these sessions as the events are really for YOU good folk.
(02/12 13:54:09) Karel: And also much to my surprise I have actually hosted at least 18 'Music from the Ages' events as well as supplying MYST style music for other happenings in the Cavern.
(02/12 13:54:35) Karel: The next 'Music from the Ages' session will be on Sunday March 12th 2017 at 13.00KI in DRC(1059) Bevin (will be available on nexus). This session will be The A-Z of Ages (Part One) featuring Ages from the MYST Games, Books and URU Live. We will be covering the Ages A to L in this session. Music stream can be found at

(02/12 13:54:44) Max: excellent job, Karel
(02/12 13:54:47) TrapperDave cheers
(02/12 13:54:55) Minasunda claps her hands
(02/12 13:54:57) Karel: I do hope to see you there but if you can't make it just listen to the music stream :)
(02/12 13:54:59) Institution TOOO claps his hands
(02/12 13:55:01) Omiahn cheers
(02/12 13:55:01) Davide claps his hands
(02/12 13:55:03) thoekenem claps his hands
(02/12 13:55:05) Emor D'ni Lap: That's today!
(02/12 13:55:08) TrapperDave: You do a good job Karel :)
(02/12 13:55:08) Hummingbird claps her hands
(02/12 13:55:11) Karel: Well that's all from me........ So Tsahv tonah gah lon. Which roughly means - live long and discover.
(02/12 13:55:12) Teej claps her hands
(02/12 13:55:12) TrapperDave claps his hands
(02/12 13:55:13) Kayara claps her hands
(02/12 13:55:13) Institution TOOO: No, he said MARCH
(02/12 13:55:25) Hummingbird: March
(02/12 13:55:26) Emor D'ni Lap thanks Karel for Carrying On
(02/12 13:55:35) Karel: Any Questions ??
(02/12 13:55:42) Institution TOOO thanks you very much!
(02/12 13:55:46) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(02/12 13:55:47) TrapperDave laughs
(02/12 13:55:49) To Karel: sorry about that
(02/12 13:56:20) Emor D'ni Lap: yes, is February the same as March?
(02/12 13:56:21) Karel: Yes I will be running the sessions once a month for now :))
(02/12 13:56:27) Karel: YES
(02/12 13:56:41) Karel: dates are the same
(02/12 13:56:57) brandon20897 waves hello
(02/12 13:57:03) Wolfsbane thinks february is a short month
(02/12 13:57:19) Institution TOOO: that's bercause it IS
(02/12 13:57:30) Karel: ok that's me done - Thank you all :))
(02/12 13:57:35) Karel bows
(02/12 13:57:35) Institution TOOO thanks you
(02/12 13:57:38) Max claps his hands
(02/12 13:57:38) Hummingbird BD is on the last day of the month
(02/12 13:57:39) Minasunda claps her hands
(02/12 13:57:39) Zeke365 claps his hands
(02/12 13:57:40) TrapperDave claps his hands
(02/12 13:57:43) Wolfsbane thanks you very much!
(02/12 13:57:44) Davide claps his hands
(02/12 13:57:47) Institution TOOO claps his hands
(02/12 13:58:06) Institution TOOO: is your stream up NOW?
(02/12 13:58:23) Karel: not at the moment - but ir was - LOL
(02/12 13:58:27) Zeke365: please welcome our next guest zeke365 back to discuss some of his events
(02/12 13:58:30) Institution TOOO says okay
(02/12 13:58:39) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(02/12 13:58:43) Institution TOOO claps his hands
(02/12 13:58:45) Davide claps his hands
(02/12 13:58:46) Emor D'ni Lap: WB Zeke!
(02/12 13:58:47) Hummingbird elcomes back Zeke
(02/12 13:58:51) brandon20897: Oh
(02/12 13:58:52) Wolfsbane claps his hands
(02/12 13:58:57) Obducted Joker cheers
(02/12 13:59:01) Zeke365: I have more time than ususal cause our final guest wont be here to 13:30ki time
(02/12 13:59:02) Max throws confetti over Zeke
(02/12 13:59:06) brglit claps her hands
(02/12 13:59:06) brandon20897 claps his hands
(02/12 13:59:06) Hummingbird: *or Welcomes
(02/12 13:59:25) brandon20897 laughs
(02/12 13:59:44) Zeke365: Now let me dissus about how the Cavern tours came about, like I said I desired to do something different than streaming music, to make people more inloved with the game. So I dissued with my two groups about in game guide to tell us the history of each age because I wanted to know more the history of the age. here an earily link to the cavern tours viewtopic.php?f=66&t=26222
(02/12 14:00:17) Zeke365: Now at the time I did not have a bot or know anyone with magic alabities and stone was the first to approch me that he wanted to be involved with this event. Then when angelmyst suggested r'aty I thought okay what do I need to do to find him it took me till feb. 2013 to find him and to know he was under different name to.
(02/12 14:00:54) Zeke365: I discussed with him about the idea and he seemed very intersted in doing the event. He told me what days he was alalaible and those the Cavern Tours were born.
(02/12 14:01:11) Zeke365: The Cavern Tours were orginally on tuseday nights at 22:00ki time and the only reason for that was because that r'tay could only make then. Ever since I have yet to change the time.
(02/12 14:01:32) Zeke365: Now the first season as only 8 weeks long because it was my first time doing something like this so I had no idea what was involved with this. It was just me with stone, and r'aty and we ran through my reltro and I think stone had bot at the time he used but we still used my reltro to get everywhere.
(02/12 14:02:07) Zeke365: Now it was sometime later that the I met larry in another hood and he was disussing about the new website he had just lauched and some info that franck;y I did not know, so I read some of his site and thought he was the perfect candainte for the job.
(02/12 14:02:37) Zeke365: So I asked him join us during one tour to maybe given him better understanding of what it was about, he said it was quite different than what he was expecting it to be.
(02/12 14:03:18) Zeke365: So I hired him as our second historian for the tours thus it was born out of the second tour which I have to say was the longest one startin in jan. 2014 and another one that fall.
(02/12 14:03:38) Zeke365: That was the only time we had 2 tours in 1 year.
(02/12 14:03:51) Zeke365: Then stone joined the hood of illusions where he could have the freedom of to do what he liked and now we use that hood for our tours and every year were coming up with new ideas to help see things in a diffferent light.
(02/12 14:04:17) Zeke365: Now I dont like having summer tours because I know everyone on vaction this why I decided that their would be no summer tour that and we could take nice long break. Alot goes into this behind the scenes wise and wears you out after awhile that why we have such long breaks.
(02/12 14:04:59) Zeke365: Now at the time several euperons wanted me to do the tours for them at the time, so I gave them so leeway here, I said we need a guide, host, bot, and transtlor several times heck even max even tried to help me out on this but all I got was complaints because no one would stand up (no offense) so I shut it down because we could not anyone to partipatcte in it. You
(02/12 14:05:43) Zeke365: can see that in the link about, it not that I was against them, it just seemed no was intersted in doing it, jan even offered to help with the age gather at the time but ultimatly it failed because I wanted speaparted from my own tour so both with not be confused with one another. here another link to the eurpoena tour viewtopic.php?f=66&t=26804
(02/12 14:06:21) Zeke365: So I decided to shut it down and stick with the one tour for the remainder of the time till larry decided to desire to do his tour at more eurpoean time which was not the same the orginal idea and so we had some trouble finding some grey hats at the time. so if you want to read an article made by larry here link viewtopic.php?f=66&t=26936&start=270
(02/12 14:06:54) Zeke365: It was not until last year we switch to friday nights because of one our memebers were only alaviable them and larry started to to do his first sat. tours at first before the all guilds meeting and then again during which got an uproar and so we decided it would be best not to interfer with the all guilds meeting.So now I averstie the cavern tours not just on fourms but soical media as well.
(02/12 14:07:30) Zeke365: Cavern stories historyNow let me disuss something of a little dissapoint of my mine, not all my events are succsusful and this one desire that to use what I called in game theather, with the first event going off well I thought this was going be another succsor but boy was I wrong here the orginal idea viewtopic.php?f=66&t=26549
(02/12 14:08:10) Zeke365: Partly because everything would be voiceed acted through voice chat which I felt was not used alot and I wanted people to be aware of this feature.
(02/12 14:08:34) Zeke365: The orginal idea for cavern theather was to have people read their favorite books, do a play, a talent, sing, ect. anything you could think of it. I did post on the fourms about the idea it did not go over so well. It was because eurpoeans would like to see more friendly time and at the time I wanted start it friday nights at 20:00ki time because timing that worked best for me. Not that they should be left out or anything and no offense but I did try asking for help several times.
(02/12 14:09:12) Zeke365: I decided I was going to do reanacment of the book of atrus but nothing came of it because it seemed to hard to do at the time.
(02/12 14:09:33) Zeke365: So I let the die for a little bit until deridre started an event in cavcon 2014 and I decided to add to here event called a talent show where people use the mic to show their talent but we had such little turn out for auditons that it was shut down to something comepletely different.
(02/12 14:10:13) Zeke365: So I let that die a little bit until I saw event made by snick on the fourms not going through and talked to some people saying without event happening in your hood it would fizzle out that and if you have an idea just do it here link is here viewtopic.php?f=66&t=28264
(02/12 14:10:42) Zeke365: So in during the early months of 2016 I collected all the fan ficton stories from other exploers yes all 25 pages and their links to be able to read, it started June 2016 every thurday at 17:00ki time but changed reclently to every other thursday so they do not conflict with the tours, that would wear me out too much.
(02/12 14:11:13) Zeke365: Now it was my desrie to have people read that would inspire new readers and we could grow from that but that never happened, I read and susan at the time read then she stepped down then a little while late omhihan decided she was going read with me and ever since we have read the stories.
(02/12 14:11:44) Zeke365: The orginal desire is if we had more readers who were not afraid of using the mic that we could voice act some charaters in each story and I would those who do attend to let us what we should do next since were almost done with the Cavern stories.
(02/12 14:12:14) Zeke365: So basicly gives you basic idea of why chose to do things the way I do not that streaming is bad but I want others to be involved more and no I m not cyan employee, I m just a creative exploer and with that said are their any questions.

(02/12 14:12:42) Max: very creative indeed, Zeke...
(02/12 14:12:58) Omiahn claps her hands
(02/12 14:13:04) TrapperDave: Yes actors, a skit & a play :)
(02/12 14:13:06) Kayara claps her hands
(02/12 14:13:09) Hummingbird: I always wanted to help read, but most times there ws conflict with my RL job.
(02/12 14:13:25) Hummingbird claps her hands
(02/12 14:13:31) TrapperDave claps his hands
(02/12 14:13:33) Zeke365: it hard fit everyone
(02/12 14:13:34) Karel claps his hands
(02/12 14:13:35) Minasunda claps her hands
(02/12 14:13:37) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(02/12 14:13:42) Institution TOOO claps his hands
(02/12 14:13:43) Max claps his hands
(02/12 14:13:44) Wolfsbane claps his hands
(02/12 14:13:56) Zeke365: now i know some of you have been holding back questions let them fly now
(02/12 14:14:34) Zeke365: anything about the tours or stories
(02/12 14:15:13) TrapperDave: The Tours are an excellent event !
(02/12 14:15:13) Kayara ducks to avoid flying questions
(02/12 14:15:25) Obducted Joker: Dont speak at once
(02/12 14:15:45) Zeke365: to bad zeke had no duck
(02/12 14:16:14) Max: who are the ones presently involved in staging the Tours?
(02/12 14:16:40) brandon20897: Yes
(02/12 14:16:45) Zeke365: the orginal crew is me zeke365, r'tay, larry delay and stone
(02/12 14:16:51) brandon20897: Me
(02/12 14:17:09) Wolfsbane: is stone still around?
(02/12 14:17:19) Obducted Joker: Yes
(02/12 14:17:28) Zeke365: 2nd one is a branch off my tours larry, mirkakat and mirco bot which i do not go to much
(02/12 14:17:36) Wolfsbane: good. i havne't sen him lately
(02/12 14:17:39) Zeke365: yep he helps with the tours each year
(02/12 14:18:40) From enders in enders' Relto: Good mid-day!
(02/12 14:18:44) Zeke365: i got whole hour before our next guest
(02/12 14:19:07) From Obducted Joker in Cavern Events' Hood: Shorah enders
(02/12 14:19:12) Emor D'ni Lap: STRETCH!
(02/12 14:19:19) Max: me and TD could have a few words, after you're done, Zeke
(02/12 14:19:19) From Kayara in Cavern Events' Hood: good evening enders :)
(02/12 14:19:48) Zeke365: one thing I should mention if you want to partispeate in the game today let me know here a link viewtopic.php?f=66&t=28539
(02/12 14:19:54) Max: and who will be our guest?
(02/12 14:19:56) TrapperDave: Max why did you include me :)
(02/12 14:20:02) TrapperDave laughs
(02/12 14:20:03) brandon20897: When is this over
(02/12 14:20:03) From Karel in Cavern Events' Hood: Hiya Enders
(02/12 14:20:08) Max: ha
(02/12 14:20:23) TrapperDave: Max wishes to speak
(02/12 14:20:29) Zeke365: we have games planned at 14:00ki time hopefully to 16:00ki time
(02/12 14:20:37) Omiahn: Enders, :)
(02/12 14:20:46) Zeke365: please welcome max to the stage since their are no further questions
(02/12 14:20:52) Max: ooops
(02/12 14:20:58) Omiahn claps her hands
(02/12 14:20:59) thoekenem claps his hands
(02/12 14:21:01) Zeke365 claps his hands
(02/12 14:21:02) Kayara: hehe
(02/12 14:21:03) Minasunda claps her hands
(02/12 14:21:04) From enders in enders' Relto: I have done some house cleaning chors n am in need of music
(02/12 14:21:06) TrapperDave claps his hands
(02/12 14:21:06) Kayara claps her hands
(02/12 14:21:07) Wolfsbane claps his hands
(02/12 14:21:12) From enders in enders' Relto: Have any ideas?
(02/12 14:21:13) Max: evenin' all
(02/12 14:21:18) TrapperDave cheers
(02/12 14:21:25) Institution TOOO claps his hands
(02/12 14:21:28) From Kayara in Cavern Events' Hood: Benny Goodman :)
(02/12 14:21:31) Max: let's hope copy & paste works...
(02/12 14:21:32) Karel claps his hands
(02/12 14:21:34) brandon20897 claps his hands
(02/12 14:21:44) Max: TD made me do this... :-P... not too much to say. Other than during my now almost 7 years I've been in a few Hoods like Zeke mentioned
(02/12 14:22:03) Max: Cavern Events, International's Hood, a couple of Guilds, did some articles for Messengers etc. But ambitions fade away, some people choose to leave, new explorers come and go...
(02/12 14:22:35) Max: But one thing I can say... TD and me have been in touch with CYAN..... Just before the Anniversary Events we've asked about these things:
(02/12 14:23:02) Max: Creation of new accounts, when or if it will be activated soon... / The present CavCon Status... / CYAN's plans for the future of the Cavern... / But also plans on new games...

(02/12 14:23:14) From Kayara in Cavern Events' Hood: what?
(02/12 14:23:22) Max: So far they have not replied... But I'm hopefull that they will.
(02/12 14:23:49) Max: and to add to that... RAWA visited us on Wednesday
(02/12 14:24:05) TrapperDave cheers
(02/12 14:24:08) Omiahn: :)
(02/12 14:24:09) Karel cheers
(02/12 14:24:09) Max: so that' about it...
(02/12 14:24:09) Zeke365 cheers
(02/12 14:24:16) Max bows
(02/12 14:24:21) Emor D'ni Lap: RAWA visited where?
(02/12 14:24:22) Omiahn claps her hands
(02/12 14:24:24) TrapperDave thanks you very much!
(02/12 14:24:25) Minasunda claps her hands
(02/12 14:24:33) From enders in enders' Relto: i noticed that most of yo are in a hood!
(02/12 14:24:35) Omiahn: thank you!
(02/12 14:24:37) Max: he did.... and went to Enders Minkata
(02/12 14:24:46) brandon20897 claps his hands
(02/12 14:24:47) TrapperDave: yeppers
(02/12 14:24:55) TrapperDave claps his hands
(02/12 14:25:00) Max: Enders is still smiling!
(02/12 14:25:01) From Kayara in Cavern Events' Hood: yes, Event Creators appreciation party hosted by Zeke
(02/12 14:25:02) Zeke365: is there anyone else who like to to say a few words
(02/12 14:25:03) Obducted Joker: Rawa was in city
(02/12 14:25:17) Institution TOOO nods his head
(02/12 14:25:30) Kayara: Enders seems to be in very good mood today :)
(02/12 14:25:35) Zeke365: welcome too the stage then
(02/12 14:25:40) Hummingbird: RAWA is slowly improving health wise.
(02/12 14:25:43) TrapperDave: Yes after all got lost in Minkats we moved to the City HOK
(02/12 14:25:52) Institution TOOO: RAWA told me he had Yeesha's brithday day written down somewhere. I wonder if he'll ever get back to us on that....
(02/12 14:26:31) Zeke365: remember these are all exploers who do these events out of their free time
(02/12 14:26:40) Max: Dave chickens out....
(02/12 14:26:43) Wolfsbane waves goodbye
(02/12 14:26:43) Wolfsbane: have fun all
(02/12 14:26:47) Zeke365: none of them that I know of are cyan employess
(02/12 14:26:53) Institution TOOO: bye Wolfsbane
(02/12 14:27:06) Emor D'ni Lap: One day we'll al be paid for our efforts! ;)
(02/12 14:27:13) Max: anyways... it's been a Great Anniversary Celebration
(02/12 14:27:22) Institution TOOO: :)
(02/12 14:27:27) Max: Thanx to everyone involved and all taking part!!!
(02/12 14:27:27) Zeke365: yep
(02/12 14:27:35) TrapperDave: We just comleted a long week of MOULa 7 Year Anniversary EVENTS
(02/12 14:27:59) Zeke365: now let me dissus the 2 games that will played later called hood quest and bevein soccer
(02/12 14:28:04) TrapperDave: And I happy that the entire week went well !
(02/12 14:28:15) Zeke365: that will start at 14:00ki time
(02/12 14:28:17) Max: almost....
(02/12 14:28:28) TrapperDave: And the paticipated was great !
(02/12 14:28:36) enders finds all de peeps picking on Zeke
(02/12 14:29:00) enders: plop
(02/12 14:29:02) Institution TOOO: hi enders
(02/12 14:29:06) Kayara leans right
(02/12 14:29:17) enders: howdy
(02/12 14:29:18) Hummingbird: hello Enders
(02/12 14:29:28) Kayara: Shorah enders :)
(02/12 14:29:28) Zeke365: first of all hood quest is a game where I send you marker then you come back here and I read you part of a story then you have clue on what the marker is
(02/12 14:29:30) enders leans left
(02/12 14:29:38) cile: hey enders
(02/12 14:29:55) Zeke365: so pm me if you want to do that I have few people on my list
(02/12 14:30:06) enders: we have interupted de speaker
(02/12 14:30:07) Zeke365: as we wait we can play this game
(02/12 14:30:25) From Kayara: ME!
(02/12 14:30:29) Zeke365 does not how to strecth it out
(02/12 14:30:43) TrapperDave: enders has been here a long time
(02/12 14:30:48) enders looks for ear budds
(02/12 14:31:03) TrapperDave: enders has helped many peeps to do ages !
(02/12 14:31:05) Hummingbird will finish baking her cheesecake during intermission.
(02/12 14:31:08) Zeke365: later on our final guest will be jay ro at 13:30ki time
(02/12 14:31:10) TrapperDave thanks you very much!
(02/12 14:31:28) enders takes a bow
(02/12 14:31:35) enders bows
(02/12 14:31:37) TrapperDave: I think a big hand for enders !
(02/12 14:31:42) TrapperDave claps his hands
(02/12 14:31:44) Kayara claps her hands
(02/12 14:31:45) Max claps his hands
(02/12 14:31:45) Institution TOOO claps his hands
(02/12 14:31:45) Karel claps his hands
(02/12 14:31:48) Obducted Joker would like to mention that Dance Parties will resume on March 4th
(02/12 14:31:48) Hummingbird clps her hands
(02/12 14:31:50) Davide claps his hands
(02/12 14:31:51) Karel claps his hands
(02/12 14:31:51) Minasunda claps her hands
(02/12 14:31:55) enders: thankee all
(02/12 14:32:01) brandon20897 claps his hands
(02/12 14:32:01) Obducted Joker: Yay enders
(02/12 14:32:07) Institution TOOO cheers
(02/12 14:32:08) TrapperDave cheers
(02/12 14:32:12) Zeke365: thank you all for being for the last 7 years
(02/12 14:32:17) Institution TOOO: and there was much rejoicing
(02/12 14:32:19) TrapperDave: enders is a good guy !
(02/12 14:32:24) TrapperDave: the best !
(02/12 14:32:24) enders blushes a brite vermillion
(02/12 14:32:32) Hummingbird: the best!
(02/12 14:32:44) TrapperDave: good you deserve it enders
(02/12 14:33:05) enders gracefully sits on his duff
(02/12 14:33:13) TrapperDave: ha hah
(02/12 14:33:18) Hummingbird: lol
(02/12 14:33:20) From Kayara: What is the game called?
(02/12 14:33:35) enders: reference to army duffle bags
(02/12 14:33:59) TrapperDave salutes
(02/12 14:34:02) Hummingbird: learn something new every day
(02/12 14:34:14) Zeke365: the game is called hood quest and I sent you all part 1 date 2/05/16
(02/12 14:34:14) Obducted Joker has navy duffle bag
(02/12 14:34:27) Thumbs up from Karel
(02/12 14:34:27) TrapperDave: navy man :)
(02/12 14:34:33) Obducted Joker: Yup
(02/12 14:34:34) Hummingbird has an army duffle bag
(02/12 14:34:38) Zeke365: so called the markers in the hood then come back to me and I read you part of the story
(02/12 14:34:52) TrapperDave: In the Irish Navy Joker ha hah
(02/12 14:34:54) Zeke365: yes I will voice the story
(02/12 14:34:56) enders: "anchors away"
(02/12 14:35:10) Obducted Joker: US navy
(02/12 14:35:20) TrapperDave salutes
(02/12 14:35:34) Zeke365: just soicalze if you like till we meet our next guest in 1 hour
(02/12 14:35:34) Stylus (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(02/12 14:35:37) Zeke365: same place
(02/12 14:35:39) Institution TOOO: I have to get going, so I'll see you all later
(02/12 14:35:42) Institution TOOO waves goodbye
(02/12 14:35:55) Davide: See you TOOO
(02/12 14:35:55) Calum Traveler: alright, i gotta go all
(02/12 14:35:58) TrapperDave: An hour Zeke ?
(02/12 14:36:00) Calum Traveler: lunch calls!
(02/12 14:36:04) Hummingbird: bye Calum
(02/12 14:36:07) Calum Traveler: have a good day, all
(02/12 14:36:08) enders sailed to Europe on the General Rose
(02/12 14:36:10) TrapperDave: Who is the guest ?
(02/12 14:36:10) Davide: Bye Calum
(02/12 14:36:18) Emor D'ni Lap thanks Zeke and all Event Organizers
(02/12 14:36:18) enders: many years ago
(02/12 14:36:21) Zeke365: yep could not get him in timne was hoping for more guest jay ro
(02/12 14:36:50) TrapperDave: What time exactly ?
(02/12 14:37:11) Zeke365: if you want to play bevin soccer then please look at this link viewtopic.php?f=66&t=28539
(02/12 14:37:14) TrapperDave: I need go do some RL stuffs
(02/12 14:37:37) Zeke365: I need a team of 3 with red and blue in the garden
(02/12 14:37:39) Davide: See you TD
(02/12 14:37:48) Zeke365: see ya trapperdave
(02/12 14:37:54) TrapperDave: about 13:30 then ?
(02/12 14:38:00) Zeke365: yep
(02/12 14:38:09) Obducted Joker: Music @ > Joker or
(02/12 14:38:16) Zeke365: meet me in the garden and lets play some of these games
(02/12 14:38:52) Zeke365: viewtopic.php?f=66&t=28539
(02/12 14:39:08) Zeke365: That link disccuss the rules of bevin soccer
(02/12 14:39:40) Davide: Has marker game started?
(02/12 14:39:49) Zeke365: Yep sent everyone part 1
(02/12 14:40:45) Zeke365: Let me know when your done with part 1
(02/12 14:42:14) Davide: I think I have it
(02/12 14:42:25) TrapperDave: laters all , I gtg :)
(02/12 14:42:35) Davide: Bye TD :)
(02/12 14:42:37) enders KI is ticling
(02/12 14:43:08) Zeke365: You two completed it
(02/12 14:43:15) Davide: Yep
(02/12 14:43:19) Obducted Joker: Yes
(02/12 14:43:25) Zeke365: Hold on
(02/12 14:44:12) enders: hood journey?
(02/12 14:44:22) enders: pop
(02/12 14:44:28) From Karel: ok Zeke - found the "A man's treasure that was once lost is a clue to the blue egg." LETTER :))
(02/12 14:45:08) Davide: Sorry I can't hear you wit
(02/12 14:45:10) SCODs waves hello
(02/12 14:45:12) Davide: *wait
(02/12 14:45:33) Obducted Joker: Yes
(02/12 14:45:35) Davide: Yes
(02/12 14:46:46) Davide: I misse some... need hearphones
(02/12 14:46:52) enders: i have poped one
(02/12 14:47:08) JayRho: shorah everyone
(02/12 14:47:19) Zeke365: Jay ro here
(02/12 14:47:21) Obducted Joker: Hi Jay
(02/12 14:47:22) enders: howdy Jay
(02/12 14:47:31) Zeke365: You should have part 3
(02/12 14:47:31) dms (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(02/12 14:47:40) Kayara: Shorah Jay
(02/12 14:47:48) Zeke365: If all of you will meet in the community roomn
(02/12 14:47:48) dms (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(02/12 14:47:51) Davide: ok
(02/12 14:48:15) To Buddies: Jay ro here and he about to do his presntation
(02/12 14:48:16) From thoekenem (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(02/12 14:48:53) Zeke365: please wekcine jay ro to the srage has our final guest this eening
(02/12 14:49:11) enders claps his hands
(02/12 14:49:13) Davide claps his hands
(02/12 14:49:16) Zeke365 claps his hands
(02/12 14:49:18) Obducted Joker claps his hands
(02/12 14:49:24) JayRho: Hi everyone
(02/12 14:49:29) Hummingbird claps her hands
(02/12 14:49:41) JayRho: It is such a privelage to be here for this milemark
(02/12 14:50:04) JayRho: I have never been involved with such a great community
(02/12 14:50:19) JayRho: I am here to talk about Friday Night Music
(02/12 14:50:38) JayRho: It is a music stream that I run every other friday night
(02/12 14:50:58) brglit: Dancing down stairs
(02/12 14:51:02) JayRho: It always starts at 17:30 KI time and runs for about 3 hours
(02/12 14:51:29) JayRho: I am always in the plaza but y0ou can tune in anywhere even out of game
(02/12 14:51:57) JayRho: The shows are either of a theme or certain artist or artists
(02/12 14:52:12) JayRho: with bits of trivia info inserted
(02/12 14:52:56) JayRho: I would love to see more people attend and am considering starting it earlier to accommodate other parts of the world
(02/12 14:53:06) JayRho: We will see in a week or so

(02/12 14:53:20) Zeke365 claps his hands
(02/12 14:53:26) Kayara claps her hands
(02/12 14:53:30) Davide claps his hands
(02/12 14:53:38) Zeke365: Do we have any questions for jay ro
(02/12 14:53:40) JayRho: the last show was last friday so the next show will be in 2 weeks where we will feature one hit wonders
(02/12 14:54:01) JayRho: I can do requests on the spot if wanted
(02/12 14:54:07) JayRho: questions?

(02/12 14:54:42) JayRho: ok hope to see some of you there and thanks
(02/12 14:55:07) Hummingbird: How do you select the genre of the session?
(02/12 14:55:46) JayRho: I have a helper (Spatialkay who helps me decide what to program and suggestions for music
(02/12 14:56:08) JayRho: between the two of us we get by
(02/12 14:56:22) JayRho: also I am open to suggestions from the commujnity
(02/12 14:56:31) Hummingbird: so do you tke requests for a program based on a artest?
(02/12 14:56:37) JayRho: sure
(02/12 14:56:38) Hummingbird: *artist
(02/12 14:56:49) Hummingbird: OK TY
(02/12 14:56:57) JayRho: my library is approaching 40,000 songs
(02/12 14:57:12) Hummingbird: W0W
(02/12 14:57:41) Hummingbird claps her hands
(02/12 14:57:46) JayRho: classical. big band, jazz, new age, rock, pop blues etc
(02/12 14:57:50) Davide claps his hands
(02/12 14:58:09) JayRho: any other questions
(02/12 14:58:47) JayRho: again thanks for your time I will turn it back to zeke
(02/12 14:59:24) Zeke365: Welll I would like thank everyone for coming out today now lets play some games i sent you all marker games to try out
(02/12 14:59:34) Zeke365: Caalled hood quest
(02/12 15:00:19) Zeke365: Hood quest part 1 in starts in the hood
(02/12 15:00:25) JayRho: got to run garden work to do take care all
(02/12 15:00:31) Zeke365: Im at the garden
(02/12 15:00:31) From SCODs: was I only supposed to get off number hood quests?
(02/12 15:00:35) From Karel: Just finished part 3 "The Broken Lever is a clue to The blue egg treasure and it reside's in the number zero"
(02/12 15:01:13) To Karel: Yep you should have all them what are thoughts so far
(02/12 15:01:56) To SCODs: the even numbers are on the fourms while the odd ones are the marker game
(02/12 15:02:14) From SCODs: ok sorry I must have missed that lol
(02/12 15:02:49) From Karel: I seem to have part 11 & part 13 ?? (The Zero will be the Great Zero)
(02/12 15:03:06) To Karel: Yep i sent them all out
(02/12 15:03:23) brandon20897 claps his hands
(02/12 15:03:24) Thumbs up from Karel
(02/12 15:03:26) To Karel: Goal 2 /point
(02/12 15:03:36) Zeke365: Goal 2
(02/12 15:03:42) Zeke365 points
(02/12 15:03:52) Zeke365: Goal 1
(02/12 15:03:53) Hummingbird (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(02/12 15:03:55) Zeke365 points
(02/12 15:04:09) From Janeerah in Janeerah's Relto: Hello all
(02/12 15:04:21) From Davide in Davide's Kadish: Shorah Jan!
(02/12 15:04:27) From Mirphak in Cavern Events' Hood: bonsoir jan
(02/12 15:04:47) Zeke365: That the idea
(02/12 15:05:57) Amanita: hello
(02/12 15:06:07) brandon20897 does a dance
(02/12 15:06:08) Zeke365: Hello amatita
(02/12 15:06:34) Zeke365: im in the garden if anyone wants to kick eddie around in the garden
(02/12 15:06:39) brandon20897 claps his hands
(02/12 15:06:50) brandon20897 does a dance
(02/12 15:06:54) Mirphak: hi Amanita
(02/12 15:07:05) brandon20897 does a dance
(02/12 15:07:18) brandon20897 does a dance
(02/12 15:07:40) From Kayara in Kayara's Relto: Leaving for supper for while. Be back later
(02/12 15:07:50) Zeke365: See ya
(02/12 15:07:57) Obducted Joker: Where does Hood Quest start
(02/12 15:08:05) Zeke365: Part in the hood
(02/12 15:08:06) brandon20897 does a dance
(02/12 15:08:10) Obducted Joker: Hood quest 3
(02/12 15:08:11) Zeke365: Part 1 in the hood
(02/12 15:08:19) Zeke365: That hint in the riddle on the fourms
(02/12 15:08:25) brandon20897: This is awsome
(02/12 15:08:31) brandon20897 does a dance
(02/12 15:09:08) brandon20897 does a dance
(02/12 15:09:12) brglit does a dance
(02/12 15:09:30) brandon20897 does a dance
(02/12 15:09:32) To Obducted Joker: Does that answer your question
(02/12 15:09:34) brglit does a dance
(02/12 15:09:42) brglit does a dance
(02/12 15:09:44) From Obducted Joker in Obducted Joker's(2) Kadish: Yes
(02/12 15:09:53) magic crystaline: shorah :)
(02/12 15:09:53) From Obducted Joker in Obducted Joker's(2) Kadish: Found start
(02/12 15:10:07) Zeke365: Remember the next marker is hidden in the riddle on the fourm link
(02/12 15:10:36) Davide: Finished part 3
(02/12 15:10:44) Mirphak: coucou crys
(02/12 15:11:16) Mirphak: nice :)
(02/12 15:11:25) brglit does a dance
(02/12 15:11:41) brglit does a dance
(02/12 15:11:52) brandon20897 does a dance
(02/12 15:11:56) brglit does a dance
(02/12 15:12:12) brglit does a dance
(02/12 15:12:25) Zeke365: Well that went better than i expected
(02/12 15:12:42) Zeke365: you need me to read davide
(02/12 15:12:42) Davide: Part 5 now?
(02/12 15:12:48) Zeke365: Okay
(02/12 15:13:16) Davide: Yes
(02/12 15:14:14) brglit does a dance
(02/12 15:14:22) To Omiahn: I think we had succous with this event
(02/12 15:14:34) brglit does a dance
(02/12 15:14:50) brglit does a dance
(02/12 15:15:07) brglit does a dance
(02/12 15:15:27) Amanita: bye all
(02/12 15:15:36) Mirphak: bye Amanita
(02/12 15:15:49) SCODs: ta ta Amanita
(02/12 15:15:55) Mirphak: bye all
(02/12 15:15:58) Amanita: bye bye scods
(02/12 15:16:03) Amanita: bye mirphak
(02/12 15:16:13) From Obducted Joker in Obducted Joker's(2) Relto: Part 3 finished read clue heading for Great Zero
(02/12 15:16:15) magic crystaline: gnite mir :)
(02/12 15:16:21) Mirphak: good night
(02/12 15:16:23) brglit does a dance
(02/12 15:16:23) magic crystaline: i go so gnite all :)
(02/12 15:16:45) SCODs: goodnight
(02/12 15:16:45) To Obducted Joker: i will be here till everyone leaves or completes the quest
(02/12 15:16:45) From Obducted Joker (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(02/12 15:17:07) Zeke365: If any of you like to join the hood come talk to me
(02/12 15:17:24) magic crystaline leans right
(02/12 15:17:24) Mirphak leans left
(02/12 15:18:33) brglit does a dance
(02/12 15:18:50) brglit does a dance
(02/12 15:20:19) From Mirphak in Mirphak's Relto: bonne nuit les amis
(02/12 15:21:28) ...Chat.log stopped.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:59 am 
Obduction Backer

Joined: Mon Oct 22, 2012 6:07 pm
Posts: 1292
Location: Central Europe
Since the Guild of Messengers has been called into question, I think it’s only fair to give my perspective about how the Guild currently does its work.

First, I’d like to point out that since mid-2016 I’ve been giving a summary of the month’s events at the All Guilds Meeting, which if I may say so myself, attracts a fairly sizable crowd. It’s only once per month, but there aren’t that many unplanned events; so if you happen to be there you’ll be up to date for that whole month, and if you can’t, usually a day later the chatlog is out.
Then there is the GoMe calendar, available 24/7 and kept updated to the best of our knowledge. Sure, it’s an out-of-Cavern resource, but especially now that account creation has been on hold for over a year, I feel it’s important to show that the Uru Community is still around and alive even outside our garden.

Second, there aren’t enough Messengers in the Cavern. True, but the reason is the same Zeke365 is experiencing now: there aren’t that many of us. If someone feels the GoMe is not doing enough, why not bring it up to the GoMe directly? Part of The Cavern Events’ Hood activity is essentially Cavern Criers’ duty in all but name. In the GoMe they would do exactly what they do now, except with a yellow shirt.
Regarding the Imagers: we’ll see to update them, though personally I feel they are not good enough, and most people don’t seem to realize they only holds 16 lines of about 43 letters per page. It makes little sense to post current events in the GoMe Pub, which is only accessible under specific conditions, unlike the Hood that is available to anyone.

Third, the ‘rebellion’ against the GoMe Rules. Allow me to point out that those are not rules set in Stone, but Best Practices derived from experience.
Generally speaking, the GoMe promotes, can help planning, but does not organize events. This does not mean that Messengers are forbidden from planning events, just that as a Guild we don’t really have events under our flag. The All Guilds Meeting is a Community event whose last moderators came from the GoMe only for practical reasons; the Explorer Info Sessions basically have the GoMe as a stand-in for the Greeters.
In this, I guess, The Cavern Events’ Hood has a different scope and approach than the GoMe, and again we have a name for what Zeke365 calls an “affiliate” or “extension”: a Liaison.

KI #46116. Donate to help the Cavern stay open!
Want to know what’s going on in the Cavern? Visit the GoMe site.

MacOS wrappers, D’ni Lessons, DniTools, goodies.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 4:39 pm 
Obduction Backer

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As korovev said I have never had a problem with the GoMe calendar, I depend on it & find it reliable.
Scheduling the Anniversary I went to GoMe to find all the Events that were already scheduled.
Then I scheduled the Anniversary around those Events.
Guild of Messengers is doing their job as far as I can see :)
I goofed up not contacting GoMe to have Anniversary put on calendar.
But there was an extensive schedule on forum & Face Book, and it was changing daily.
Thanks to Alan for a downloadable .PDF schedule.
Many Thanks goes to Guild of Messengers for the job thy do ! /cheers

Event organizer appreciation party:
Since there was a one hour delay I left for RL stuffs. I came back to Cavern Events hood before an hour to hear JayRO talk. Nobody was present except for kami ? I wondered what happened ? Everybody left & most of the big turn out was offline? I thought the soccer games would be going on for hours?
Not sure what happened to the event and am a bit puzzled?
The one hour delay in middle of it was not a good thing :(
Everybody scattered waiting around :(

Lost somewhere in Elsewhere for a long time

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