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Answers to common questions number 2.

Good questions overall. I am going to answer a few right now. If you have questions over obvious bugs then please submit a support ticket about that.

Why is the network error 6 occurring? And what does the other error messages mean?

kNetErrDisconnected, kNetProtocalCli2Auth: (6)
- Client was unexpectedly disconnected from the auth server, and was unable to reestablish the connection in a timely manner.
- The communication stream between the client and server experienced corruption and the client disconnected as a result.
- we’re aware of a bug causing this and say we’re feverishly working on it. It lets them know they can expect a better experience “soon”.

kNetErrAuthenticationFailed (20) means you’ve entered an incorrect password.

kNetErrNameLookupFailed, kNetProtocalCli2Auth: (16)
- Client was unable to find the ip address of the auth server by name. This indicates that the client machine’s DNS service isn’t working. See the next error (kNetErrConnectFailed) for a way to test this.

kNetErrConnectFailed: (5)
- For some reason, the client was unable to establish a connection to our servers on port 14617. This may be due to local firewall settings, or lack of internet connectivity. The person should verify they have a working internet connection. If this is the case, then they may want to verify that they can connect to our servers by attempting to open a telnet connection to them from the command prompt:

C:\>telnet 14617

If the screen clears, they made a connection. They should hit Enter to exit. If they get a “connect failed” error message, then it is likely their firewall doesn’t allow outgoing TCP connections on port 14617, but it may also be that their DNS isn’t working as that would give the same error. To determine whether the failure was due to DNS, they should attempt to ping our auth server:


If they get replies, then their DNS is working. If not, then either their DNS server or their internet connection is down.

kNetErrAccountNotFound: (13)
- Yep. You guessed it. It means Account not found. You probably forgot your account name or did not complete your activation process. We are thinking about new ways to help you track down this information but for now, you will just need to submit a support ticket to get up and running.

I have questions or concerns regarding possible exploits.
Please let us know about them! Write a support ticket, categorize it as “other” and give us the juicy details. We like to see what could break our game.

What is the “black screen” bug and do we have a solution?
Not at this moment. Though you can be sure that we are actively working on getting this tracked down. The current theory is that when other people are in an age you’re joining, or have been there in the past and modified states, then it is possible that the joining client may be receiving state for objects they haven’t yet loaded. This causes a problem in the way the client determines when it has received all the initial object states which it is waiting for to fade in the screen.

The "balancing act" “spiderman” etc anomaly.
This is just a bug in the game that is related to our physics engine. We are looking into this.

When we experience bugs in multiplayer context, do you always need the log files from all players present, or are there cases where just one person's files are adequate?
In the case of multiplayer bugs, we would want to have all logs from people that are experiencing a different reaction in gameplay. You can automatically assume that puzzle related bugs should have all logs. The only exceptions to this rule would be for hardware issues or disconnections.

When we can expect the next build.

I would also like to know if the Black screen problem should be ticketed and reported each time it happens.

Ok this is tricky. So here is something you can follow as a general rule on this or any other bugs that seem to happen a lot.
1. Submit your initial bug report; even if you've seen someone else write it up on the forums. Make sure you attach your logs and completely describe the situation.
2. Do not write the bug up again unless you encounter it again, but with a different behavior.
3. On the following updates, if you are able to reproduce that bug, then please state that on your open ticket and attach logs/screenshots as needed and a note explaining when you saw it again and if it was reproduced in the same way.

At the rate we're going will beta be ahead of schedule?
We still have a lot of work ahead of us. Our process has definitely benefited from all the help we have been receiving from our fantastic community. Keep up the great work and it will help us deliver a fantastic game. Thanks everyone!

Will there be a way for spoken chat to show up as written chat?
Or at least a way to opt out of hearing it?
You should put this into a ticket. You never know what can happen.

Link in lag seems big and there is occasional lag when few users are on
We are aware of this issue, We are still looking at ways to optimize this.

Are there plans to clean up the multiple duplicate neighborhoods in the Nexus?

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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