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PostPosted: Fri Sep 22, 2006 11:16 pm 

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Soooo... basically to give you more information about what to expect in the next build, this post is going to list the fixes that have been verified in the Dev build that should make it to Beta if everything goes well.

Things to note before I actually put up this list.

1. Bugs fixed on this list include items you see in the beta version and also new bugs introduced and fixed before you've seen them.
2. If you see the fix on this list and it becomes broken when pushed to beta, then its a bug.
3. We are listing all these fixes so that you may be able to see the areas affected in the next build and this may help you think of new tests to run for that version.
4. This is a list only for closed beta users. NDA will apply here.
5. If you see a fix on this list and you experience that exact same bug before you get the update, then you won't need to submit a ticket for it.
6. These are just summaries. You can guess how big this post will be if I had to include a full description for each bug.
7. If a summary seems too cryptic, assume that there is no additional information to give out.
8. When this update is pushed to beta, if you have any tickets still open and these bugs are obviously fixed, then please go ahead and close those open tickets as verified fix in current build.

I'll split this out into different logs for each verification run that gets done.

Log 1.
* ACA: Fixed the bug where you cannot remove Atrus Goggles
* Teledahn: You can no longer use the control panel switches and levers without sitting at the control panel
* Tsogal: Fixed the grass growing through a few of the rocks
* Relto: The Spy Room page in the City book no longer takes the player to the default link-in spot in the Ferry Terminal
* Teledahn: Mutliple players in the Age no longer makes the hatch behave strangely.
* Kadish: Fixed the tree scope puzzle reset button being lit once again after linking through the bookmark
* Bahro Cave: Graphical artifact on the glowing hand symbol removed
* Bahro Cave: The avatar's feet now have collision with the base of the Bahro pole
* City: The hard hat closest to the scope on the Tokotah Rooftop is now clickable
* City: Reflections in the lake as seen from the Library are fixed
* City: Removed a couple of floating objects near one of the pillars in the Library Courtyard have
* City: Avatar no longer falls through the walkway edge on either side and both ends of the rope bridge
* Tsogal: Collision adjustments made to the railings of the Hood Book Pagoda
* ACA: Yeesha reward shirt is no longer missing from ACA after completing the game
* Garrison: Textures on all of the outer Training Center doors are fixed
* Gira: You can now see another player's bugs.
* Kadish: Counterweights behave properly after resetting the pillars
* Kadish: Red Herring door handle no longer moves before the avatar touches it
* Garrison: Graphical protrusion above Bahro Door removed
* Teledahn: One of the lamps near the bucket lever is now attached to the railing
* Neighborhood: Can now walk around inside fountain.
* Neighborhood: Typo in the D'ni numbers in the classroom fixed
* Cleft: Shadows of desert brush no longer flicker.

Log 2
# City: Fixed a moving texture under one of the stair pillars on the way to the Library
# Gira: Camera no longer moves very slightly into the wall where you use the fumerol to cross over the rocks
# City: Glare from the lights on the bridge no longer draws over everything else
# City: Fixed a couple of graphical issues near the roofline just past the Hall of Kings
# Garrison: The elevator doors now behave properly with mulitple players in the Age
# Tsogal: Fixed the poor performance when first linking to Tsogal
# Orientation "Welcome to URU" GUI added
# Gravity seeming to be more powerful than before on the avatar has been fixed.

Log 3
# Teledahn: Can now lower the broken bridge near the Shroomie gate by jumping
# The avatar standing jump has been fixed
# City: King Journals no longer disappear when going down stairs that lead to T-Junction
# City: Object in the pub now has collision
# City: Fixed a few texture issues along the curbs in the Courtyard at the top of the Great Stair
# City: Fixed a gap between the left side of the stairs and wall going down into Takotah Alley
# Garrison Prison: Waterfall icon added to the Yeesha page in the Cell
# Kadish: Icon added to the Tree Yeesha page

Log 4
# Garrison: Elevator floor is visible when you see the avatar ride the elevators
# Relto: Closing the Relto hut door from the outside no longer causes the avatar to get stuck.
# Eder Delin: Yeesha Page is now visible through transparent avatar.
# Delin: Camera no longer makes a slight up & down/walking motion when walking down the fountain stairs.
# Delin: Removed a block of collision behind the gazebo nearest the link in spot
# City: 3rd person camera no longer clips through the stairs.
# City: Some objects no longer draw in front of the glare from some of the lights near the gallery
# City: Fixed the glare from a lamp where the Canyon steps meet the Great Stair courtyard not drawing correctly
# City: No longer able to stick partially through collision in Ferry Dock.
# Eder Delin: Fixed the avatar being able to walk on an invisible plane on either side of the stairs near the fountain
# Nexus: Fixed the glare from the light above the Nexus machine drawing behind the texture below it
# Garrison: Gear room foot brake is no longer clickable from the primer plate
# Cleft: Fixed some texture problems at the window looking into the brake room
# Garrison: The texture below the JC in the Training Center is now displaying correctly
# Feature Request: Linking panels look a lot better
# City: Kadish Gallery door buttons are no longer lit when seen from a distance
#City: Fixed the glare from the Hall of Kings lights blocking parts of the glow from the other lights

Log 5
*Caps-Lock warning message for the password field has been implemented differently
*Cleft: Strange geometry on the top of Zandi's Trailer removed
*Gira: Waterfall at the Garden book end of the Age looks better
*City: Collision adjustment made at the top of the Great Stair
*City: Visible texture seam in the pub hallway sealed
*Garrison: Prison manhole collision improved
*The avatars no longer collide with each other
*Nexus: The Nexus Register panel no longer appears as a double panel
*Loading screens improved

Log 6
*City: Fixed an abrupt camera transition at the stairs after linking in to Tokotah Alley
*Garrison: Fixed errant camera behavior when exiting the down elevator
*BCO: Fixed an issue where the female avatar could get stuck on the outside of Sharper's desk
*Cleft: Camera no longer goes through geometry when climbing down the Cleft ladder
*Neighborhood: 3rd person camera no longer goes through walls and ceiling of the community room
*Relto: No longer possible to step up on the Cleft hydrant and move all the way around the base
*Relto: Can now walk up the left side of the step that surrounds the bookshelf
*Great Zero: Scope GUIs extended for widescreen
*KI: Clicking on Neighbors list or the Neighbors list scroll button in the KI no longer causes the game to crash

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 9:45 pm 

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 28, 2006 8:02 pm 

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2006 5:56 pm 

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