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PostPosted: Fri Oct 27, 2006 11:21 pm 

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Log 1
*Kadish: Avatar no longer gets stuck in the 'floating' animation in front of the crates below the JC in the Kadish Vault
*Eder Kemo: Blue line on the rock walls no longer fades at the outside of the screen
*Teledahn: The avatar no longer gets stuck in the 'floating' animation when exiting the elevator
*Teledahn: Music no longer overlaps after riding the elevator from the upper shroom to the first floor
*Teledahn: Odd camera view fixed when first linking in to the Control Room via the Journey Cloth.
*Teledahn: The avatar doesn't get stuck in the 'floating' animation after walking on the styrofoam on the floor near the Relto page.
*The avatar's arms no longer fly up when clicking on a hand symbol, buttons, levers, etc.
*Eder Gira: If the avatar is positioned between the basket and the shore, the avatar no longer gets stuck in the 'floating' animation
*The /dumplogs command now gives error messages when the log is not created because of special characters in the folder name
*/dumplog command added
*Anti-aliasing works now if the slider is in its lowest position when a game session is started
*Neighborhood: Fix for the Garrison book breaking sometimes
*Kadish: Fixed the strange geometry on the walls in the second vault that was only viewable from a few angles
*Kadish: Vault control panel geometry added in the second vault
*Garrison: Objects on the floor no longer disappear when kicked
*Cleft: Cleft music now triggers properly

Log 2:
*Fixed a whole bunch of “float-then-panic link” locations
*Fix for a stack dump that occurred sometimes while linking from Relto to the Cleft
*Fix for sounds randomly stopping sometimes and only returning after logging out and back in
*City: The 'You Are Here' map at the top of the great stair now says "Tokotah" instead of "Dakotah"
*City: Fix for cones disappearing while monkeying around near the Library area :)
*City: Fixed the 'shuffling' when registering at the Palace Alcove and Concert Hall Foyer Nexus MT Stations
*Feature Request: Added the option to customize the avatar icon in the main selection menu of the Startup screen (and it’s really cool)
*Feature Request: PhysX drivers now update via the client
*Feature Request: Tightened collision on the Kemo puffer plants to make getting the Yeesha page easier
*Feature Request: American flag removed from the cargo pants
*Feature Request: The patcher now downloads the ACA, Relto, Cleft and Neighborhood at launch (before the Login screen)
*Garrison: If you miss the pinnacle from the Well, you no longer pass through it sometimes before panic linking
*Garrison: Linking in to the JC at the pinnacle no longer causes the camera to be stuck in the avatar's head or to fly in from elsewhere
*Garrison: Added poly and texture to Purple Maintainer Room Suit
*Baron City Office: The avatar can no longer walk partially into the wall by the Teledahn picture
*Teledahn: Female avatar no longer freezes when using the Fryman fish tank
*Startup: Avatars are now sorted by creation date
*Startup: Added link-out sounds when leaving the Startup screen
*Cleft: Collision fix for jumping from the rope ladder to the kitchen ledge
*Tsogal: fix for fountain water flickering on and off on some cards
*Tsogal: Adjusted collision behind the Gazebo on the left. No more walking on water.
*Tsogal: Modified terrain at the far side of the Age to prevent the avatar from standing above the ground
*Tsogal: Partial fix for water splashing repeatedly when standing in the water
*Tsogal: Fix for the fountain water drawing beneath most objects
*Neighborhood: Fix for the Tsogal linking book GUI sometimes opening when using the Garrison book after opening/closing the Tsogal book
*Neighborhood: Fixed D'ni typos on the lanterns
*Neighborhood: Added a sign to the Classroom door that says "Classroom"
*Nexus: Duplicate Neighborhood names are now incremented by number (no duplicate Hood names = no more link-loops after the next wipe)
*ACA: Fix for the female avatar's eyes briefly disappearing during the wave animation

Log 3:
*Cleft: It's no longer possible to trigger the end game sequence without returning all of the poles and linking through the fissure
*Bahro Cave: Bahro Poles no longer go to Relto unless the totems are there
*Bahro Cave: If you're there from someone esle's Age, you can only return the Bahro pole if you have that Age book on your own bookshelf
*Relto: Cleft Totem Book no longer puts the Cleft Book on your bookshelf (you get it when Yeesha gives it to you at the end); the Cleft totem remains open until the totems page has been acquired in the Cleft.
*KI: Fixed the issue where the F2 KI toggle quit working if KI chat fade was set to full
*Added First Month reward T-Shirt - Design by Alexander Strinadko
*Teledahn: Replaced the Spy Room book with a Bahro stone
*Kadish: Higher resolution versions of the notes in the second vault added
*Kadish Vault 2: Audio added to the vault
*Teledahn: Avatar no longer gets stuck exiting the pipe toward the slave cave.
*Key map settings don't transfer to other avatars when logging out.
*City: Generator sounds fixed the top of the first landing.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2006 2:45 am 

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Log 2 added.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2006 3:20 am 

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Log 3 added.

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