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 Post subject: Live 3 - Server's up!
PostPosted: Mon Feb 05, 2007 11:07 pm 

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Hi folks,

Live 3 is nearly upon us! Nearly. We're still pushing for sometime tomorrow (Tuesday, February 6th) for the reopen date. Below you will find a list of newly available testable content, as well as some notable bug fixes. Also, I will include a few notes for some items marked with asterisks below the list. So here we go:

New Content: (plus Old, Bahro and Blue :wink: )

- Museum open in the City
- Negilahn creature map available in the Museum
- Negilahn pod linking book available in the Museum (Old/New)
- Dereno pod linkng book available in the Museum (New)
- Bahro stone behind Library available (Old)
- *Great Zero begins rotating
- *Great Zero begins fully functioning (Blue)
- *Great Zero beam visible in the City (Blue)
- Yeesha imager page available in the Great Zero
- *Bahro begin appearing in the Neighborhood (Bahro)
- Bahro Stone to the City (and pedestal) placed in the Neighborhood linking room
- Clock Pamphlet appears in Neighborhoods that have a clock
- Neighborhood clocks functioning
- Neighborhood markers available
- New Sharper journal entry - "I'm back..."
- Sparky 3 available...somewhere
- Sparky 2 still on but will toggle off in a week or so
- Sapling Yeesha page available in Kadish
- Winter Delin arrives
- St. Patrick's Day hat available
- March Madness basketball jersey available

Great Zero stuff:

What we'd like to do with the Great Zero is to begin with everything off (beam off, machine not rotating), as it is now on the Live server. Then, in a day or so, we'll turn it on (possibly with seven minutes notice - but probably more). The idea is to test this when we have people in the Great Zero itself when the events are toggled, so that we know everyone is seeing the same thing. We'll start with it completely off, then we'll start it rotating, and then we'll turn on the beam and the Great Zero will be fully functioning. We will then at some point turn it back off, and repeat the process a number of times throughout the cycle and at different times so that everyone gets a chance to see it happen. We'll try our best to accommodate as many time zones as we can, but for the most part we're talking about the hours between 10am and 6pm Cavern Time (GMT-7). Then later in the cycle, it will be left on for the remainder of the Live 3 rehearsal testing. Once we get Live 3 out to the rehearsal server safe and sound and everyone is happily flittering about there we'll announce a time for the first test. Again, probably a day or so after we're up.

Neighborhood Bahro stuff:

The Bahro will begin to appear in the linking room from time to time. We will be toggling this many many times throughout the testing cycle, so everyone should get a chance to see it. GreyDragon insists that we leave some mystique and intrigue for you to enjoy, so this will happen at unannounced times, in a completely random fashon. If we get near the end of the testing cycle and you still haven't seen it, we'll arrange something specific for you.

Some notable bug fixes:

- Garrison: Fix to make it much easier to get into the control room from the niche
- Garrison: Fixed a small stretched texture in the prison tunnels
- Garrison Bahro stone now links players to the correct hood instance of the balcony
- Relto: City book links no longer point to previous hoods' instances after joining a new Neighborhood
- Relto: Inner wall of the Bahro wedge base is now properly aligned to the ground
- Relto: Fixed an issue where jumping in the doorway would push you inside or far outside of the hut
- City: The city background is now rendering properly when you exit the gallery in first person.
- City: Adjusted camera region at the Gallery doors
- City: No longer possible to stand on invisible collision in the Gallery balcony area
- Kadish: Camera no longer derails after linking in through the JC at the second scope
- Teledahn: Fixed an issue where the avatar would not drop with the bridge between the power tower and the shroomie gate sometimes
- Neighborhood: No longer possible to jump the railing and fall into the pond and out of the Age
- Neighborhood: No longer possible to stand up/sit down rinse/repeat to get free points
- Kemo bugs now remain with the avatar when linking
- More synchronization work for the Tsogal/Delin Bahro doors
- Yeesha symbol added to the Bahro stones
- Potential fix for the game hanging at 'Approximately 0 Seconds Remaining'
- Fixed an issue where colliding with cones could cause a panic link
- Potential fix for most superjumps in the game (maybe)
- 1515 bug - if you've had this bug, your KI marker progress will be reset (just as if you'd never started the marker missons). If you haven't seen this bug, you should see no change

Instancing Test Cutoff:

While you will still see some instancing anomalies (the heart of the matter still exists), the City book/join a new Neighborhood fix should improve things dramatically. In addition, we've had tickets submitted for every link in the game that can cause this problem (great job!!!), and we have enough to go on for now, so we're calling a halt to the Instancing Feedback ticket requests. A big kudos to all on this.

That's it for now. Nothing to do but wait...



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