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PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 6:25 pm 

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Nick White dropped by our Yeesha vigil to tease us a little bit and have a short chat. Notes of interest include that the cloths and doors in Delin & Tsogal seemed to sometimes not be present when the DRC was first exploring those Ages.

[spoiler=Chat Log](02/20 15:12:50) Chat.log started...
(02/20 15:12:54) Sosiqui: Shorah.
(02/20 15:13:00) ireenquench: it looks still good enough LOL, but two hours ago it was awesome
(02/20 15:13:01) Pryn: Are there gaps that need to be filled in?
(02/20 15:13:01) zam: shorah Niwk
(02/20 15:13:04) From Tweek in Tweek's Relto: Nick White is on the way to the gathering to "make fun of them" btw ;)
(02/20 15:13:09) Vortmax: Heya Nick!
(02/20 15:13:09) zam: oops Nick*
(02/20 15:13:10) rw.: Shorah NIck.
(02/20 15:13:11) Kiyoshi: Hi
(02/20 15:13:11) To Tweek: Hah, noted.
(02/20 15:13:13) RenewedValour: Hey Nick
(02/20 15:13:17) Thend: Nick *may* be on his way here
(02/20 15:13:22) Pauline waves hello
(02/20 15:13:25) Nick White: Did she show up?
(02/20 15:13:27) Thend: Or *already* here lol
(02/20 15:13:32) Vortmax: Not yet :(
(02/20 15:13:34) Thend: NO :(
(02/20 15:13:36) Nick White laughs to himself.
(02/20 15:13:37) Vortmax: But it's snowing in Delin!
(02/20 15:13:38) Sosiqui: Nope, she has not, but that's okay.
(02/20 15:13:45) ireenquench: Nope we tried a lot, though
(02/20 15:13:48) zam: no no yeesha :(
(02/20 15:13:48) Kiyoshi: It's a sign
(02/20 15:13:50) Sosiqui has had a blast meeting other explorers regardless of Yeesha
(02/20 15:14:13) zam: look we even did a spiral
(02/20 15:14:13) ireenquench: built a human spiral
(02/20 15:14:14) Leonor: Hi Nick
(02/20 15:14:14) Thend: Nick, don't you DRC folk have some sort of way to contact her or something?
(02/20 15:14:14) Vortmax laughs
(02/20 15:14:28) Vortmax: Yeah, what's her KI number? :D
(02/20 15:14:28) Pryn pictures Yeesha on the DRC speed dial...
(02/20 15:14:39) Thend: Like a Yeesha sugnal, a giant Journey Hand on a searchlight
(02/20 15:14:48) Nick White: I've got her cell number right here.
(02/20 15:14:50) Sosiqui: Pfft!
(02/20 15:14:53) Pryn: see? Thought so.
(02/20 15:14:53) zam: there are some holes in our spirakl though :(
(02/20 15:14:57) Vortmax is amazed!
(02/20 15:15:13) ireenquench: Basically we are calling her cause you guys are just as clueless about her as we are and there's so much stuff going on we want answers to.
(02/20 15:15:13) Thend: Cool, KImail it to us, please
(02/20 15:15:23) Leonor: People ran off to see the snow
(02/20 15:15:36) Pryn: Take your sled, Lenor!
(02/20 15:15:46) Thend: Yeah, basically what ireen said
(02/20 15:16:51) rw.: NIck, I hear you were in Delin? How is the weather there? Were you taking some readings?
(02/20 15:16:51) Pryn: nick, does the DRC have skis for rent?
(02/20 15:16:53) zam starts to laugh
(02/20 15:16:53) Nick White: Just checking out the snow. Same as it was before.
(02/20 15:16:53) Nick White: No skis.
(02/20 15:16:53) Leonor: Before?
(02/20 15:16:55) Pryn: awww.....
(02/20 15:16:55) Vortmax: Cate's not going to close it, is she?
(02/20 15:16:55) zam: snow shoes maybe?
(02/20 15:17:15) Nick White: No, no. We knew about these "storms" or weather patterns.
(02/20 15:17:21) Thend nods his head
(02/20 15:17:21) Nick White: It's what prevented Delins' release the first time around.
(02/20 15:17:21) Pryn: does the DRC think the storms will travel to Tsogahl?
(02/20 15:17:21) Leonor: See, Thend, I told you it wasn't Yeesha because of us.
(02/20 15:17:23) Vortmax: Right, which is what made me wonder if it'd get closed anow. But I'm glad it won't :D
(02/20 15:17:29) rw.: Are we talking what, white out conditions? Blizzard, Nick?
(02/20 15:17:36) Nick White: No, just a nice snow.
(02/20 15:17:43) Thend: So, Nick, like, does the DRC have a sort of 'Yeesha File' or something? I mean they MUST know more about her then we do, right?
(02/20 15:17:49) Nick White: Beware of any lamp posts and closets.
(02/20 15:17:54) Thend: Point taken Leonor ;)
(02/20 15:17:59) ireenquench laughs
(02/20 15:18:00) Vortmax laughs
(02/20 15:18:04) Sosiqui: Hm, maybe I shouldn't go back to Relto then
(02/20 15:18:10) Sosiqui: that wardrobe, very threatening
(02/20 15:18:11) Tallon Enx: :)
(02/20 15:18:11) Pauline points
(02/20 15:18:23) Pryn: Closets??
(02/20 15:18:30) Nick White: The Yeesha file is kept in our biggest vault and very classified.
(02/20 15:18:39) Leonor: Really?
(02/20 15:18:41) Nick White: Only people in suits and black sunglasses can see it.
(02/20 15:18:46) Leonor starts to laugh
(02/20 15:18:48) Sosiqui has an image of an alternate DRC Kadish Vault
(02/20 15:18:48) Vortmax: Hey Nick, out of sheer curiosity, were those cloths and doors in these Ages when you were investigating them?
(02/20 15:18:54) zam starts to laugh
(02/20 15:18:57) Thend: Is it.. like, dangerous or something?
(02/20 15:19:00) Pryn: That means you can't sneak it out to show us until after hours in the Cavern - right?
(02/20 15:19:07) Grieyls goes off to get black suit and sunglasses
(02/20 15:19:09) Nick White: Right...
(02/20 15:19:44) Sosiqui: Yes, what Vortmax said, I'm curious about that myself.
(02/20 15:19:54) ireenquench nods her head
(02/20 15:20:06) Nick White: We saw them sometimes.
(02/20 15:20:24) Nick White: But they seem to have been more permanent once we placed the Books.
(02/20 15:20:25) Vortmax: That's actually more interesting than either the yes or no I expected...
(02/20 15:20:29) Nick White: I"m not sure - I wasn't there that often.
(02/20 15:20:32) Sosiqui: Hm. Interesting.
(02/20 15:20:45) ireenquench: Whats your take on them?
(02/20 15:20:48) Sosiqui: Maybe it's another instancing phenomenon. Especially if the doors were flickering...
(02/20 15:20:50) Nick White: But I know we don't have much control over that stuff.
(02/20 15:20:56) Leonor: So it could be that Yeesha is changing the ages as you release them?
(02/20 15:21:25) William Clark: woah
(02/20 15:21:26) Nick White: Yeesha is beyond me. I don't know what she can and can not do. Same with the Bahro.
(02/20 15:21:38) William Clark: Did I walk into something important?
(02/20 15:21:40) Vortmax: She's beyond all of us, I think...
(02/20 15:21:45) Nick White: But I don't think there is much they can't do...
(02/20 15:21:54) Sosiqui: Same with us - but we had to try something. And if nothing else, we had a good time today.
(02/20 15:22:00) Thend nods his head
(02/20 15:22:03) zam nods her head
(02/20 15:22:07) ireenquench: Yah, same here, unfortunatly, yet all these things happen and I really want to get to the bottom of things.
(02/20 15:22:08) William Clark: except Dance. Bahro Can't dance :P
(02/20 15:22:12) Nick White: That's all that matters, I suppose.
(02/20 15:22:15) Kiyoshi: what are we doing again?
(02/20 15:22:15) Pryn: Has there been any recent word from Doug Sharper? Is he planning on coming back soon?
(02/20 15:22:19) Thend: We justhaven't seen her in awhile. Think she could even be deaad
(02/20 15:22:21) Nick White: Yes.
(02/20 15:22:26) Thend: Or related to Lexie ;)
(02/20 15:22:33) William Clark: What did I walk into?
(02/20 15:22:37) Sosiqui: It'd be very interesting to see Sharper down here again.
(02/20 15:22:37) Vortmax laughs
(02/20 15:22:46) Sosiqui: William: this is the tail end of the explorer attempt to contact Yeesha.
(02/20 15:22:47) Vortmax: William, we're trying to "call" Yeesha
(02/20 15:23:00) zam: we were doiung an vent to wall yeesha William
(02/20 15:23:02) William Clark: Oh god, I saw the post and I thought I'd never get the time
(02/20 15:23:03) Pryn: And so far, we've netted Nick!
(02/20 15:23:03) Miranna: Shorah all
(02/20 15:23:07) zam: we have been here for 4 hours
(02/20 15:23:10) ireenquench: Find out whats going on
(02/20 15:23:16) zam: butb she did not show up lol
(02/20 15:23:18) Nick White: That's amazing.
(02/20 15:23:20) Sosiqui: Nick, Yeesha, they're both good at D'ni prophecy in some way or another. ;)
(02/20 15:23:22) Nick White: Four hours! Wow.
(02/20 15:23:31) William Clark: Nick White? Who is he?
(02/20 15:23:34) Nick White: You all are persistent at least.
(02/20 15:23:35) ireenquench: we made a huge human spiral
(02/20 15:23:38) Sosiqui: It was a nice wide time spread so that explorers from many home times ccould attend.
(02/20 15:23:42) Thend: A DRC translator
(02/20 15:23:43) Nick White: William, c'mon. The coolest DRC member around.
(02/20 15:23:48) William Clark: sorry
(02/20 15:23:55) Vortmax: Seriously.
(02/20 15:23:57) William Clark: I need someone to explain the DRC to me
(02/20 15:23:58) Thend starts to laugh
(02/20 15:24:06) William Clark looks down
(02/20 15:24:11) Sosiqui: The DRC are restoring and exploring the Cavern, William.
(02/20 15:24:18) zam: DRC = D'ni testauration coucil
(02/20 15:24:18) William Clark: Been a bit busy as of late
(02/20 15:24:22) Sosiqui: They're archeologists and translators, etc.
(02/20 15:24:24) ireenquench: Nick, can you explain the DRC? LOL
(02/20 15:24:25) William Clark: I knew what the DRC is
(02/20 15:24:28) zam: Nick is a DRc member
(02/20 15:24:32) Nick White: You guys are doing a great job.
(02/20 15:24:43) William Clark: I just havent had time to see what they've been doing after we've opened
(02/20 15:24:45) zam: so isntead of having yeeshae we got Nickl showing up
(02/20 15:24:45) Sosiqui: Oh, my apologies. I thought you might have been new to the Cavern. There are lots of newcomers now.
(02/20 15:24:47) Vortmax: The DRC are pure evil and you must avoid them at all costs!!!11!eleven!1
(02/20 15:24:47) Grieyls: We try our best
(02/20 15:24:48) Thend: ireen, could you phrase your question more nebuloulsy please?
(02/20 15:24:48) zam: not too bad
(02/20 15:24:49) Vortmax laughs
(02/20 15:25:06) William Clark falls over laughing
(02/20 15:25:24) Aaron Alexander: If nothing else, I had some really great conversations in the egg room about Yeesha, the journey, the bahro... speculation, but very interesting. :)
(02/20 15:25:26) Sosiqui: Too bad we don't have the huge spiral anymore, but it was awesome while it lasted.
(02/20 15:25:34) zam: by the way Nick, what did the DRC do of the museum door?
(02/20 15:25:41) Vortmax: Thanks folks, I'll be here all week. Remember to tip your wait staff. :p
(02/20 15:25:46) ireenquench: I'll go back to leaning to enhance the spiraly symbolism
(02/20 15:25:51) Thend: Nick, what's the DRC up to? We hardly see them anymore. And is Lexie planning on coming down here anytime soon?
(02/20 15:25:53) Sosiqui throws a dollar bill at Vortmax
(02/20 15:25:56) William Clark: so Nick, Is the DRC going to give us all book to the Garden Ages?
(02/20 15:26:08) William Clark: and I saw posts of a snowy Delin
(02/20 15:26:13) ireenquench leans right
(02/20 15:26:15) Leonor: I think we should do a Bevin just for the purpose... I know I said this before, but...
(02/20 15:26:16) William Clark: will we be seeing that?
(02/20 15:26:22) Miranna: i was in Delin and there is snow
(02/20 15:26:24) Zeon: yes, snowy Delin, it's very nice :)
(02/20 15:26:26) zam leans right
(02/20 15:26:33) Nick White: Gotta run all.
(02/20 15:26:34) Sosiqui: We'll be going to Delin in half an hour.
(02/20 15:26:34) William Clark: I can't find a Delib
(02/20 15:26:35) Vortmax: I don't think we need aspecial Bevin for this. Just being in D'ni should be enough.
(02/20 15:26:39) Leonor: Bye Nick
(02/20 15:26:39) Nick White: Check out those Museum doors.
(02/20 15:26:39) Thend: Seeya Nick
(02/20 15:26:41) Sosiqui: Thanks for coming by, Nick! Nice to see you.
(02/20 15:26:42) Vortmax: Have fun Nick! Don't work too hard :D
(02/20 15:26:42) William Clark: Delin*
(02/20 15:26:43) Tallon Enx: Bye
(02/20 15:26:44) Jo'Arine: bye Nick
(02/20 15:26:45) William Clark: allright Nick
(02/20 15:26:46) Grieyls: bye
(02/20 15:26:48) Zeon: bye
(02/20 15:26:51) ireenquench: cya
(02/20 15:26:52) jazzn: Bye
(02/20 15:26:57) William Clark: see you soon!
(02/20 15:26:57) rw.: Thanks Nick
(02/20 15:27:06) William Clark waves hello
(02/20 15:27:09) Mireena: bye nick
(02/20 15:27:13) ireenquench leans right
(02/20 15:27:15) Kiyoshi: what about all our quest...oh
(02/20 15:27:17) zam: bye Nick
(02/20 15:27:25) Kiyoshi: :)
(02/20 15:27:27) IVIyst IVIaster tries to be funny
(02/20 15:27:27) Sosiqui: Kiyoshi: I doubt Nick would know the answer to our questions for Yeesha ;)
(02/20 15:27:28) William Clark: sorry, dunno how to wave bye
(02/20 15:27:48) William Clark: Hey nick, when you find out about Yeesha, let us know
(02/20 15:27:49) ...Chat.log stopped.

I still love my umbrella! :D

Sosiqui in Cavern

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"The Ending has not yet been written" - Yeesha in Tomahna!

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