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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 1:44 am 
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Okay, the news as it stands right now:

Sharper, Nick, and Rils went to Sharper's Neghilan this evening for their expedition. Apparently sil_oh_wet got a PM from Rils saying simply "What the...?!", and then all three vanished from the KI system. Current whereabouts are unknown. There's a group in sil_oh_wet's Bevin now, waiting for news.

Good luck guys, wherever you are.

EDIT: Title changed to reflect updates

All three are safe and sound, and returned from Neghilan.

Rils came to sil_oh_wet's Bevin afterward, and updated us on what happened.

(03/22 01:59:47) Chat.log started...
(03/22 02:00:22) Kolian: Say what?
(03/22 02:00:24) Migo: What?, Jinglish?
(03/22 02:00:25) Rose: you hear them, or see them?
(03/22 02:00:29) Jinglish thinks maybe some Scotch, Migo
(03/22 02:00:47) Migo: Scotch, it is....double up
(03/22 02:00:56) Rose thinks oh, my!
(03/22 02:01:30) Ad'ytum can't breathe
(03/22 02:01:37) Migo: Whew!!!
(03/22 02:02:44) sil_oh_wet: Everyone to the auditorium pls
(03/22 02:02:57) Donna: it might help if everyone sits
(03/22 02:02:57) Jinglish: Whew indeed!
(03/22 02:03:02) sil_oh_wet: Good idea Donna
(03/22 02:03:24) Thend: Donna, standing apparently doesn't affect lag anymore
(03/22 02:03:56) Kolian: Well, there he is.
(03/22 02:03:57) Donna: More of a courtesy Thend
(03/22 02:04:10) Thend: Righto, Donn, gotcha ;)
(03/22 02:04:21) Granelda is nervous
(03/22 02:04:21) Thend: Donna*
(03/22 02:04:34) Donna: :)
(03/22 02:04:46) Migo passes out hot tea for Everyone!!
(03/22 02:05:03) Kiyoshi passes out
(03/22 02:05:03) Sumatria hopes everyone is okay
(03/22 02:05:03) Ly'net thanks you very much!
(03/22 02:05:15) Ae'thon is anxious to hear the news
(03/22 02:05:49) Mireena: help, I can't move
(03/22 02:05:50) Ly'net secretly hope Sharpers job is now available.
(03/22 02:05:51) djlumberjack fiddles his thumbs
(03/22 02:05:52) Migo: Ly'net, hehe
(03/22 02:05:53) Dudemom_2000 passes out whiskey for those who need a shot
(03/22 02:05:53) Hyperius secretly hopes that Sharper's hat is available.
(03/22 02:06:38) Mireena: linkinage
(03/22 02:06:38) djlumberjack: where's Rils?
(03/22 02:06:39) MommaTeri: Mireena, are you still stuck?
(03/22 02:06:39) Migo pictures a mad dash for the 'hat'
(03/22 02:07:13) Jazz knocks back the whiskey and holds out the glass for more
(03/22 02:07:13) Mireena: Hi Rils, you're ok!
(03/22 02:07:27) Rils: holy crap! there's a lot of people here!
(03/22 02:07:27) Jinglish thinks uh, oh the lag is going to be harder for Rils to overcome
(03/22 02:07:27) Donna pokes Jazz for some of that
(03/22 02:07:27) Dudemom_2000 pours Jazz another shot
(03/22 02:07:36) sil_oh_wet: We are just glad you;re here
(03/22 02:07:36) Migo: Rils, yay!!
(03/22 02:07:36) Rils: Hey Jazz, pass one of those on over...
(03/22 02:07:36) Jazz thanks DM
(03/22 02:07:37) sil_oh_wet cheers
(03/22 02:07:37) MommaTeri cheers
(03/22 02:07:37) sil_oh_wet: Yayy Rils is alive
(03/22 02:07:37) Donna cheers
(03/22 02:07:37) Kolian: Not dead yet?
(03/22 02:07:37) Ae'thon claps his hands
(03/22 02:07:37) Ad'ytum: WE were so worried about you Rils!!!!!
(03/22 02:07:37) Migo cheers
(03/22 02:07:37) Thend: Good to see you in one piece Rils. What happened?
(03/22 02:07:37) Dudemom_2000 hands Rils the whiskey bottle
(03/22 02:07:37) Vixen Online: R u ok rils?
(03/22 02:07:37) Ly'net cheers
(03/22 02:07:38) Jinglish: What's the news, Rils?
(03/22 02:07:38) Dudemom_2000: need bandaids, Rils
(03/22 02:07:38) sil_oh_wet: We were worried sick
(03/22 02:07:38) Rils: Hey gang
(03/22 02:07:38) Jazz: there you go Rils. You deserve it
(03/22 02:07:38) Gondar: And Sharper and Nick? They ok too?
(03/22 02:07:38) Migo: my gosh, we worried
(03/22 02:07:38) Eleri: yeah, lag happens where there are people sitting on the link point
(03/22 02:07:38) Ly'net: i know mouth to mouth.
(03/22 02:07:39) Granelda hugs Mr Frost cuz she l;ikes beards
(03/22 02:07:39) Vixen Online: Kiss kiss
(03/22 02:07:42) Rils: I appreciate that, wow, thanks!
(03/22 02:07:42) Ly'net: hi Rils
(03/22 02:07:42) Dudemom_2000 thinks prepping the first aid kit on Sunday was a good idea......
(03/22 02:07:42) Mireena: we can't move
(03/22 02:07:43) Ly'net: What happened?
(03/22 02:08:18) Migo: So are you ok?
(03/22 02:08:19) Kazahiro: ohthisisfun
(03/22 02:08:19) Rils: Ok, ok, yeah, we're fine...
(03/22 02:08:37) sil_oh_wet wonders why there is no one at the podium
(03/22 02:08:37) Migo: whew
(03/22 02:08:37) penni: glad to see you back safe and sound, Rils
(03/22 02:08:38) Migo: second that, penni
(03/22 02:08:38) Rils: Nick isn't feeling well, and Doug went off to find the DRC.
(03/22 02:08:39) <sniffle> Jazz is sad
(03/22 02:08:39) sil_oh_wet: what happened?
(03/22 02:08:43) Vixen Online: Something scary?
(03/22 02:08:43) <sniffle> Granelda is sad
(03/22 02:08:51) Sumatria: but everyone is physically okay?
(03/22 02:09:01) Jazz: Is Nick hurt?
(03/22 02:09:01) Eleri scolds Rils for scaring her to death link that
(03/22 02:09:08) Rils: well, ok... so we went to Negilahn, right, we were doing a little recon.
(03/22 02:09:08) sil_oh_wet: Lat thing you said was "what the.....?" and then you were gone
(03/22 02:09:09) Lobo: Would you go up front please, Rils?
(03/22 02:09:10) Granelda: Nick
(03/22 02:09:22) Donna: what was the "What the...?" comment about?
(03/22 02:09:22) Jinglish: Bahro?
(03/22 02:09:24) Eleri: I go for some quality time with Blade on the surface, and firends go missing!
(03/22 02:09:25) Migo is still shaking
(03/22 02:09:25) Rils: Yeah, Nick is fine, we're ok... shaken up a bit though
(03/22 02:09:29) Gondar: Shh! Let him get to it!
(03/22 02:09:35) Granelda needs a moment to breathe!
(03/22 02:09:45) Ly'net: A lot
(03/22 02:09:56) Rils: ok, so we're out in the forest, things aren't too bad.
(03/22 02:10:04) Rils: Kinda creepy though.

(03/22 02:10:16) Nadnerb: probably 80+ by now...
(03/22 02:10:16) Rils: you know how you can usually hear monkeys and stuff, there was none of that.
(03/22 02:10:17) Jinglish: uh huh
(03/22 02:10:17) Kazahiro: mhmmm
(03/22 02:10:24) Rils: very quiet.
(03/22 02:10:25) Kazahiro: thats never a good sign
(03/22 02:10:27) Dudemom_2000 nods her head
(03/22 02:10:29) chuxter06: Odd
(03/22 02:10:56) Rils: no, that's what we sed... he
(03/22 02:10:57) Kazahiro: so everything was...still?
(03/22 02:10:59) Kazahiro: completely silent?
(03/22 02:11:12) Kazahiro: LOL WOW
(03/22 02:11:12) Rils: yup. we were doing ok, were out for mebbe 30 minutes, 45, 20, I don't even know...
(03/22 02:11:22) Rils: not silent, just... quiet.

(03/22 02:11:22) Gondar: Then?
(03/22 02:11:24) penni: did you see animals
(03/22 02:11:40) Wep: fear my linking in ability
(03/22 02:11:45) Rils: well, we've all been speculating about the "carcasses" Nick mentioned. Found another one.
(03/22 02:11:46) Granelda: with sharp teeth?
(03/22 02:12:10) Ravenclaw: i go t kicked out
(03/22 02:12:10) sil_oh_wet: Oh my
(03/22 02:12:10) Rils: didn't see any animals, except the dead one.
(03/22 02:12:10) Migo: eww
(03/22 02:12:10) Jinglish: What animal?
(03/22 02:12:34) Rils: very very dead.
(03/22 02:12:34) Gondar: What kind? Recognize the animal?
(03/22 02:12:34) Ly'net: Which animal?
(03/22 02:12:34) Jinglish: Was it?
(03/22 02:12:34) Nadnerb: did you catch a pic of the carcass?
(03/22 02:12:34) Ly'net: Ewwwww
(03/22 02:12:34) Ravenclaw: geez louize!!!
(03/22 02:12:36) Thend: Outside the pod, right Rils?
(03/22 02:12:36) Rils: as in, well, I'll try to be delicate... "in pieces" dead.
(03/22 02:12:37) Kazahiro: what were the bite marks shaped like...serrated? edged?
(03/22 02:12:43) Nadnerb: oh...
(03/22 02:12:43) sil_oh_wet: What happened what you said "What the...?" and then dissappeared?
(03/22 02:12:47) Kazahiro: were the cleanly cut?
(03/22 02:12:49) Annija: Frost! Please don't pull the first alarm...I know this reminds you of our school assemblyies
(03/22 02:13:03) Gondar: Let him get to it.. his story here.
(03/22 02:13:07) Rils: sorry, the "what the" comment was when we found it. Sharper was startled. Nick puked.
(03/22 02:13:17) Jazz: Eeeuuuw
(03/22 02:13:18) Sumatria: lol
(03/22 02:13:18) sil_oh_wet: Ahhh poor Nick
(03/22 02:13:20) Eleri: ugh.
(03/22 02:13:22) Kazahiro: sounds like nick
(03/22 02:13:22) Robert The Rebuilder wonders what the puke emote looks like...
(03/22 02:13:24) Jinglish: So which animal was it that was dead, Rils? How large?
(03/22 02:13:25) Ae'thon: :)
(03/22 02:13:26) Eleri: that bad, huh?
(03/22 02:13:27) Mireena: which animal was killed
(03/22 02:13:29) Ly'net: next time take me!
(03/22 02:13:29) Granelda: poor Nick
(03/22 02:13:29) Vixen Online: Poor rils
(03/22 02:13:34) Rils: yeah, you all might wanna be nice to him next time. Or tease him, whatever.
(03/22 02:13:36) Dudemom_2000 saves some whiskey for Nick...
(03/22 02:13:38) Kazahiro: hmmm...sounds bad
(03/22 02:13:39) Migo: old carcass?
(03/22 02:13:40) Kiyoshi: poor animal
(03/22 02:13:42) Ly'net: Lol
(03/22 02:13:44) Granelda: take Lynet
(03/22 02:13:44) Nadnerb: lol
(03/22 02:13:47) Tayrtahn demonstrates the puke emote...
(03/22 02:13:50) Rils: New carcass. Fresh. Maybe an hour or les.
(03/22 02:13:51) sil_oh_wet: Lol
(03/22 02:13:53) Kazahiro: not many animals leave nothing but pieces
(03/22 02:13:56) Rils: less*
(03/22 02:13:58) Migo: oh heek!!!
(03/22 02:13:59) Jinglish: hmmm
(03/22 02:14:01) Kazahiro: what kind of trackers were there?
(03/22 02:14:10) sil_oh_wet: Oh you guys could have been hurt you barely missed that thing
(03/22 02:14:11) Dudemom_2000: any prints, Rils?
(03/22 02:14:14) Kazahiro: could you discern any visible tracks?
(03/22 02:14:15) Gondar: Don't blame him. That's not good, fresh carcas, no noise..
(03/22 02:14:16) Rils: Pieces scattered around... in trees, on the ground...
(03/22 02:14:24) Eleri: Great. There's a giant Weed Whacker loose in Negilahn
(03/22 02:14:35) Ly'net: Were there pieces missing?
(03/22 02:14:35) Rils: looks like it was a gorilla of some sort. Like the one on the animal chart.
(03/22 02:14:36) Donna: In trees?
(03/22 02:14:38) Nadnerb: oy! in tree!?
(03/22 02:14:45) Kazahiro: something big...that couldbe shaken its prey....that could explain it being all over the place
(03/22 02:14:47) Jinglish: So, a big one
(03/22 02:14:49) Rils: Nick called it a "reepah".
(03/22 02:14:49) Nadnerb: like, it exploded?
(03/22 02:15:01) Kazahiro: nah
(03/22 02:15:01) Gondar: Oh geez... something killed IT?
(03/22 02:15:01) Jazz: Reepah?
(03/22 02:15:05) Ly'net: did it look like some of it was eaten? or just torn apart?
(03/22 02:15:07) sil_oh_wet: Thats a big animal
(03/22 02:15:11) Kazahiro: something must of shaken it...which means it probably has very sharp,serrated teeth..possibly
(03/22 02:15:12) sil_oh_wet: The Reepah
(03/22 02:15:17) Migo: omygosh
(03/22 02:15:20) Kazahiro: it would explian the blood and bits and pieces all over
(03/22 02:15:29) Donna: Was it holding a blonde woman?
(03/22 02:15:29) Robert The Rebuilder: Don't fear the Reepah...
(03/22 02:15:30) penni: so it is still preying on the other animals?
(03/22 02:15:33) Granelda: Nick is so brave
(03/22 02:15:35) Rils: yeah, Reepah. Gorilla like, bigger than a normal gorilla, funny tail kind of like a scorpion. I think.
(03/22 02:15:44) chuxter06: wowzer
(03/22 02:15:46) Kolian: That thing's big
(03/22 02:15:46) Rils: no, no woman... heh
(03/22 02:15:49) Kazahiro: not enough left to tell huh?
(03/22 02:16:01) Gondar: Ick... did it show up?
(03/22 02:16:02) Kazahiro: hmph....
(03/22 02:16:05) Panther is bleeding
(03/22 02:16:20) Kazahiro: could it be what put that giant crack in the pod.....
(03/22 02:16:21) Rils: not much. Nothing seemed like it was missing, no organs or anything. Though of course we might have missed something.
(03/22 02:16:23) Ly'net: Told you not to eat my egg Panther
(03/22 02:16:24) Jinglish: So what heppened then?
(03/22 02:16:28) Tayrtahn: well, that does explain the lack of petting-zoo atmosphere there...
(03/22 02:16:28) JeanneM is terrified
(03/22 02:16:34) Rils: It was just... destroyed. Don't know any other word for it.
(03/22 02:16:42) Lobo: What happened after that?
(03/22 02:16:45) Migo: too weird
(03/22 02:16:48) Rils: What was weirder is there were no tracks on the ground.
(03/22 02:16:50) Melcabral: was the Reepah the predtor or the prey?
(03/22 02:16:54) chuxter06: Any footprints
(03/22 02:17:16) Rils: the prey... heh
(03/22 02:17:16) Hyperius: An aerial attack, it would seem.
(03/22 02:17:16) chuxter06: oops
(03/22 02:17:16) Kazahiro: coiming back to that tracks?
(03/22 02:17:17) sil_oh_wet: No tracks?
(03/22 02:17:17) Tayrtahn: that is weird
(03/22 02:17:17) Ly'net: if nothing was eaten..... then it wasn't hunting for food.
(03/22 02:17:17) Lobo: A flying creatured
(03/22 02:17:17) Kazahiro: thats not good.....
(03/22 02:17:17) Ad'ytum: Riped up a nd not eaten?
(03/22 02:17:17) Hyperius: Which also explains how the peices were scattered.
(03/22 02:17:20) Vortmax: So something in the trees, maybe?
(03/22 02:17:35) Eleri looks green
(03/22 02:17:36) sil_oh_wet: Thats not possible
(03/22 02:17:36) Ly'net: Not many animals kill for a reason other than for food.
(03/22 02:17:36) Ad'ytum: Hunting for sport
(03/22 02:17:37) Gondar: Or a group of something fltying?
(03/22 02:17:37) djlumberjack: so, what happened after you saw the dead animal?
(03/22 02:17:37) Rils: nothing on the ground. a few scratches on the trees, here and there, we followed it a bit, but there was no definite track...
(03/22 02:17:39) Kazahiro: poachers
(03/22 02:17:40) Migo: any thought? Rils?
(03/22 02:17:42) HeadCheese : la Chupacabra!
(03/22 02:17:42) sil_oh_wet: Uhg - what is that thing?
(03/22 02:17:43) Jinglish: Rils, did you say...were they clean cuts or like something had bitten?
(03/22 02:17:44) Kazahiro: wait
(03/22 02:17:47) Dudemom_2000: yes think it came from the trees?
(03/22 02:17:50) Migo: You followed it?
(03/22 02:17:52) Kazahiro: what about that giant carnivorous looking flowers?
(03/22 02:18:08) Rils: trees, aerial, I don't know.
(03/22 02:18:08) Gondar: I doubt they'd do that Kaz
(03/22 02:18:12) Dudemom_2000 suddenly not so sure about that crack in the pod anymore..........
(03/22 02:18:31) Kazahiro: hmmm...but its possible...this could be some kind of unknown lifeform....
(03/22 02:18:32) Rils: I checked the flowers. I don't think it was them, there weren't many around where we were, and none of them showed any signs of having moved.
(03/22 02:18:38) Lobo: What happened after that? Why did you disappear from the KIs?
(03/22 02:18:39) Kazahiro: hmmm i see
(03/22 02:18:40) Lehm: is this something the bahro would have done?
(03/22 02:18:42) penni: i know. glad you got in on some excitement. may change your mind :)
(03/22 02:18:45) Migo: Did you notice the KI losing contact with us?
(03/22 02:18:45) JWPlatt waves hello
(03/22 02:18:50) Kazahiro: no...bahro wouldve left tracks
(03/22 02:18:53) Rils: Doug thinks they are "only flowers".
(03/22 02:18:55) Kazahiro: there ground traveers
(03/22 02:18:57) Gondar: Bahro fly.
(03/22 02:18:58) Kazahiro: travelers
(03/22 02:19:14) Rose: a power source maybe the animal stepped on? and he got exploded?
(03/22 02:19:14) Kolian: The kind of muscle it would take to rip one of those things apart...
(03/22 02:19:17) Jinglish: Bahro have never done anything like this...
(03/22 02:19:17) Vixen Online: How did you get out of the pod rils
(03/22 02:19:21) Migo: Ha, flowers, says Doug in disdain, lol
(03/22 02:19:23) sil_oh_wet: the bahro wouldnt do that!!!
(03/22 02:19:34) Rils: Doug was real nervous, he didn't like it. We didn't stay long.
(03/22 02:19:34) Kazahiro: but something that could tear these creaters apart..would take incredible power
(03/22 02:19:35) Hyperius: Unless something is...well, angering the Bahro.
(03/22 02:19:36) Kazahiro: good rils
(03/22 02:19:36) Gondar: I imagine so...
(03/22 02:19:38) Panther: *cough* stupid...*cough* egg.....
(03/22 02:19:38) Granelda is amazed!
(03/22 02:19:42) Hyperius: Regardless, I doubt it was the Bahro.
(03/22 02:19:58) Kazahiro: you shouldnt couldve been in danger
(03/22 02:19:58) Kolian: Could it have been blown up?
(03/22 02:19:58) Ly'net: Lol
(03/22 02:19:58) Lobo: So, why di you all disappear?
(03/22 02:19:58) Lehm: just a thought
(03/22 02:20:00) Rils: Yeah, it was torn... not sliced cleanly, like a cat would do. Shredded.
(03/22 02:20:08) Dudemom_2000: Rils, I went to Negilhan while you were there and noticed very little noise from the pod. I hear the gorilla sounds way way off and mentioned that to Sil just before you sent your message to Sil
(03/22 02:20:09) Jinglish: Ah, ok
(03/22 02:20:09) Kazahiro: there would have been shrapnel of some kind wouldnt there?
(03/22 02:20:09) Gondar: I dunno Hyperius.. they've been about recently, in the cities, and a mob of them...
(03/22 02:20:14) Vixen Online: how did you get out of the pod rils?
(03/22 02:20:15) Kazahiro: so the cuts were serrated?
(03/22 02:20:18) Migo: Sharper was nervous?....hmmmm
(03/22 02:20:21) djlumberjack: yeah, aside from the dead animal, what else happened?
(03/22 02:20:27) Ad'ytum: Rils, how Did you get out of the pod?
(03/22 02:20:31) sil_oh_wet: None of you went to relto
(03/22 02:21:05) Rils: dj, that was mostly it. I creeped us out, wasn't pleasant. The first bit was pretty boring till we found that.
(03/22 02:21:05) Kazahiro: s
(03/22 02:21:05) Rils: It*
(03/22 02:21:11) sil_oh_wet: Then you all vansihed from KI
(03/22 02:21:11) M'buhir: Rils did you get my plant?!
(03/22 02:21:12) Gondar: In other words, you got too much excitement
(03/22 02:21:13) Kazahiro: I understand rils..your instaincs told you to get the heck out....
(03/22 02:21:13) Lobo: Why did you all disappear?
(03/22 02:21:14) djlumberjack: is that why you said "what the"?
(03/22 02:21:15) Dudemom_2000: Did ResEng Dogherra find you? he went to Negilahn
(03/22 02:21:18) Kazahiro: instincts
(03/22 02:21:27) Rils: yes, dj
(03/22 02:21:34) Panther: stupid security system..... it cut me up
(03/22 02:21:34) sil_oh_wet: Omg is he still there DM?.
(03/22 02:21:36) Jinglish: So shredded which says tracks...and Bahro can appear point to point
(03/22 02:21:38) Rils: no, didn't see Dogherra
(03/22 02:21:43) Vixen Online: How did you get out of the pod rils?
(03/22 02:21:52) Dudemom_2000: no he is not there now I just checked but he was there for a while
(03/22 02:22:04) Kazahiro: who cares how he got out of the
(03/22 02:22:05) Kolian: Well
(03/22 02:22:06) Ly'net: i care.
(03/22 02:22:17) sil_oh_wet: i care
(03/22 02:22:17) Melcabral: me too
(03/22 02:22:17) Kazahiro: the importent thing is they didnt end up like the gorilla
(03/22 02:22:17) Donna: maybe the carcass was planted to frighten us from not going out of the pods
(03/22 02:22:18) djlumberjack: good questio. what if we want to perform our own hunt in Negilahn?
(03/22 02:22:18) Thend: It's a good thing to know KAz
(03/22 02:22:18) Rils: Through the crack in the upper hull, Doug had rigged a ladder up there and we climbed through.
(03/22 02:22:18) Panther coughs up blood
(03/22 02:22:18) Vixen Online: I do i am somebody
(03/22 02:22:18) Granelda cares
(03/22 02:22:23) Gondar: I have dogherra as in rezeero
(03/22 02:22:25) Eleri: We should start making sure people don't go to Negilahn alone, for now.
(03/22 02:22:27) Shrike Flamestar: At this point, I think I
(03/22 02:22:27) Ly'net: Ok
(03/22 02:22:27) Vixen Online: Ahh
(03/22 02:22:27) Gondar: So he's ok.
(03/22 02:22:28) Jinglish: "Open the pod bay door please, Hal"
(03/22 02:22:29) JWPlatt: Hey folks, so what's new? :)
(03/22 02:22:34) Kazahiro: lesse how about the crack
(03/22 02:22:35) Robert The Rebuilder: I wonder what Doug's next journal entry will be.
(03/22 02:22:37) Ad'ytum: I want a ladder!
(03/22 02:22:39) Shrike Flamestar: At this point I think I want to stay in the pod...
(03/22 02:22:39) Gondar: Ladders... how'd you get back? Relto?
(03/22 02:22:42) Lobo: Why did you disappear?
(03/22 02:22:55) sil_oh_wet: You had us all very worried
(03/22 02:22:56) Lobo: Why are you avoiding my question?
(03/22 02:22:58) Dudemom_2000: yes!
(03/22 02:23:02) Robert The Rebuilder: JWPlatt: Did you hear that Rils, Nick and Doug just returned from their expedition?
(03/22 02:23:20) Gondar: Poor Rils... he gets back, and then gets interrogated..
(03/22 02:23:22) Rils: I don't know, lobo, not avoiding it, just still shaken and having trouble following all the questions... ;)
(03/22 02:23:23) JWPlatt: RR, someone may have mentioned it. ;)
(03/22 02:23:27) Gondar: Congrats Rils, you're an honorary DRC! :-P
(03/22 02:23:41) Melcabral: what an initiation
(03/22 02:23:41) Vortmax: Rils, any idea why you guys dropped off the KI system?
(03/22 02:23:44) sil_oh_wet: we saw you all vanish
(03/22 02:23:49) sil_oh_wet: Somthing happened
(03/22 02:23:57) Thend: Rils, any idea on the KI blackout for you 3?
(03/22 02:23:59) djlumberjack: interference?
(03/22 02:24:00) Dudemom_2000 nods her head
(03/22 02:24:01) Migo passes Rils the double shot Whiskey straight up, that we forgot to give you ;-)
(03/22 02:24:14) Kiyoshi: bugs like the rest of us?
(03/22 02:24:21) Kazahiro: well since so many people care..howd you get out of the pod rils?
(03/22 02:24:32) Rils: we didn't disappear, we were in Negilahn, found the "remains", then I went back to Relto to try and shake it off. Presumeably Nick did too, Doug sed he was going to find Cate.
(03/22 02:24:32) Granelda: yep
(03/22 02:24:32) Ad'ytum: We are just glad that you are safe,
(03/22 02:24:32) Ly'net: Ladder
(03/22 02:24:34) Thend: He answered it KAz lol
(03/22 02:24:43) Robert The Rebuilder: Kazahiro - they climbed a ladder out the crack of the pod.
(03/22 02:24:44) Kazahiro: lol sorry with all the people talking I didnt hear him
(03/22 02:24:46) Gondar: Ok... so... I think I was right.. it was just a KI bug.
(03/22 02:24:46) djlumberjack: maybe an EMP coming from the pod disabled your KIs
(03/22 02:24:50) Granelda is glad Nick wasnt eaten
(03/22 02:24:51) Ad'ytum: Did you "lose time"
(03/22 02:24:52) sil_oh_wet is very happy that you all made it home safely
(03/22 02:24:59) Hyperius: Well. That's a little anti-climactic. No offense, you guys still went through alot.
(03/22 02:25:00) JeanneM: So the carcass is still there?
(03/22 02:25:04) Rils: "lose time"?
(03/22 02:25:04) Ly'net: Lol
(03/22 02:25:15) Lobo: Yeah. All three KIs failed at once. Right.
(03/22 02:25:15) Ly'net: Ufo reference
(03/22 02:25:16) Thend: Rils went to Relto to 'shake it off', maybe Nick did too, Doug went to find Lexie, I mean Cate
(03/22 02:25:18) Kazahiro: presumebly..if it didnt come back to finish the remains
(03/22 02:25:20) Robert The Rebuilder: Ad'ytum, you mean in the alien abduction sense?
(03/22 02:25:26) Gondar: Yeah... daylight savings time catch you? ;-)
(03/22 02:25:26) Donna: Please don't ask if they were probbed too!
(03/22 02:25:27) Rils: So, here's the mystery though - there was basically no clue as to what happened!
(03/22 02:25:27) Migo: Rils, we need a back up plan, IF you all go out again!!
(03/22 02:25:54) Granelda: thanks Rils for your bravery and for taking care of Nick
(03/22 02:25:58) Ad'ytum: No more like Bahro Abductiobn :)
(03/22 02:26:00) Gondar: Bahro. A pack of bahro, that can link and fly, and have those nasty claw-like hands.
(03/22 02:26:03) Kiyoshi: backup plan: Dont panic!
(03/22 02:26:04) sil_oh_wet: We are glad you are OK
(03/22 02:26:04) Ly'net: yey! I volunteer to be in the second party!!!!!
(03/22 02:26:06) Kazahiro: rils
(03/22 02:26:06) Tayrtahn: Any word on future expeditions? Are we going to get more info on what's going on?
(03/22 02:26:12) Kazahiro: how long have you been hunting?
(03/22 02:26:16) Vixen Online: Ok all i am going to neg to wait for the portal, see you all later
(03/22 02:26:18) Donna: welcome home Rils!
(03/22 02:26:19) Panther starts bleeding all over the steps
(03/22 02:26:31) Azador: Rils, are you certain it was attacked by some sort of animal?
(03/22 02:26:31) Rils: Doug's a good tracker, I mean excellent. I've done some of that too. From our observations, there wasn't much to go on...
(03/22 02:26:31) JWPlatt: Did Sharper try to steal your Relto book? :)
(03/22 02:26:31) Ad'ytum: Bahro do not "probe" lol
(03/22 02:26:31) Kazahiro: someone get panther a bandaid
(03/22 02:26:31) Jinglish: So is Sharper going to want to go out again??
(03/22 02:26:32) Donna: Good luck Vix!!!
(03/22 02:26:35) Ly'net: Bye Vixey!
(03/22 02:26:38) Rils: I took some tissue samples, I'll see if those come up with anything.
(03/22 02:26:42) Kazahiro: well fi therees no scents
(03/22 02:26:44) Vixen Online: Sure piper
(03/22 02:26:46) Kazahiro: no tracks
(03/22 02:26:46) Tayrtahn: Ah, good
(03/22 02:26:48) Dudemom_2000 hands Panther a bandaid from the first aid kit
(03/22 02:26:51) Gondar: you bet they don't Ad, not if they ripped apart that creature.
(03/22 02:26:54) Robert The Rebuilder: I'm gonna check Sharper's journal - as long as he doesn't mind.
(03/22 02:26:54) Kazahiro: no blood or skin left on the leaves or bark
(03/22 02:26:58) Kazahiro: theres really nothing to follow
(003/22 02:27:02) Tayrtahn: he minds
(03/22 02:27:12) Granelda wants to go next time
(03/22 02:27:16) Kolian: I think we can assume it moves through the trees
(03/22 02:27:18) Azador: Rils, did anyone take pictures?
(03/22 02:27:22) Kolian: Those Reepah's look like they do
(03/22 02:27:24) Rils: Took some water samples, too, nothing unusual though.
(03/22 02:27:28) Kazahiro: was there any kind of residue on the trees?
(03/22 02:27:28) Hyperius: Or flies.
(03/22 02:27:28) Kolian: So it had catch one
(03/22 02:27:30) Jinglish: We need a Sharper-cam next time
(03/22 02:27:33) Eleri: we can't assume anything from one carcas
(03/22 02:27:38) Kazahiro: anything...out of place....besides the atmosphere?
(03/22 02:27:39) Ly'net: do you think something flying might have picked it up and ripped it apart while flying and dropped it?
(03/22 02:27:43) Mireena: you should have taken Chuxter, he's a photojournalist
(03/22 02:27:50) Thend nods his head
(03/22 02:27:57) Ly'net: that might explain the blood and stuff in the trees
(03/22 02:27:59) Eleri: for all we know, it's a nanobomb blowing things up
(03/22 02:28:02) Kazahiro: I dont think they want to take any explorers until its a little safer
(03/22 02:28:03) Rils: erm, yeah, photos... I asked about that.
(03/22 02:28:07) Panther: *faint breathing* i need.....bandages.....casts.....niedles and thred......and wipes
(03/22 02:28:07) Gondar: Just for clarification.. what was the carcas of? Didn't he say it was the gorilla-thing?
(03/22 02:28:12) Kazahiro: they...mysteriously dissapeared?
(03/22 02:28:21) Migo gives Rils a big, I'm glad you are OK hug, :-)
(03/22 02:28:23) Ly'net: Yes Gondor
(03/22 02:28:23) Kazahiro: yes gondar
(03/22 02:28:35) Gondar: Then.. how the heck would something pick it up?!
(03/22 02:28:41) Ly'net: talons?
(03/22 02:28:41) Gondar: That thing must weigh a ton.
(03/22 02:28:45) Ad'ytum: What about the photos Rils?
(03/22 02:28:45) Kazahiro: it was have to be something either large
(03/22 02:28:47) Jazz cowers
(03/22 02:28:49) Kazahiro: or VERY powerful
(03/22 02:28:49) Granelda: wow
(03/22 02:28:50) Jinglish: Seriously, a maintainter suit next time might be the way to go
(03/22 02:28:54) Dudemom_2000 gets out the portable MASH unit for Panther
(03/22 02:28:55) Kolian: Hum
(03/22 02:28:57) Kazahiro: like a trex
(03/22 02:29:00) Gondar: Hence I figure a pack.
(03/22 02:29:01) Rils: Yeah, picked up... The thing was bigger than me, it'd be tough...
(03/22 02:29:01) Kazahiro: from what I hear
(03/22 02:29:02) Panther: thanx
(03/22 02:29:03) Vortmax: Rils, any clue why you guys dropped off the KI system?
(03/22 02:29:04) Kazahiro: it picked up it prey
(03/22 02:29:07) Kazahiro: and shook
(03/22 02:29:09) Jinglish: Maybe Mr. Sharper will be a convert
(03/22 02:29:16) Kazahiro: tearing the skin and meat and all tahat stuff
(03/22 02:29:22) Kazahiro: which explains the blood being everywhere
(03/22 02:29:24) Ly'net shrugs
(03/22 02:29:24) Granelda: ewwww
(03/22 02:29:29) Dudemom_2000: I bet Mr Sharper is changing his pants right now!
(03/22 02:29:39) sil_oh_wet: wEll I was terrified when you all vanished -- but I am certainly glad you all came back safely
(03/22 02:29:39) Jazz starts to laugh
(03/22 02:29:39) Ly'net: Lol
(03/22 02:29:39) Kazahiro: its not that
(03/22 02:29:39) Rils: No Vort, could be ki troubles, or maybe the DRC turned them off. They can do that.
(03/22 02:29:40) Kolian: That foliage is pretty thick
(03/22 02:29:40) Gondar: Ok, so the picture is wrong? I got tjhe impression the gorilla was twice the size of thhe urwin at least
(03/22 02:29:41) Kazahiro: its the SMELL you dont forget
(03/22 02:29:41) Jinglish: Wow
(03/22 02:29:49) Kolian: How could any flying beast have picked a monkey out of there?
(03/22 02:29:51) Dudemom_2000: blood smells
(03/22 02:30:04) Vortmax: It scared the crap out of us :p
(03/22 02:30:05) Kazahiro: the inside of ANY living thing smells
(03/22 02:30:05) Ly'net: Big bird
(03/22 02:30:07) Dudemom_2000: yah
(03/22 02:30:10) Panther starts sewing up his cuts and disinfeckting them then wipes up the blood
(03/22 02:30:12) Kolian: There are two different scales on the diagram, Gondar
(03/22 02:30:18) Kazahiro: hmmm
(03/22 02:30:20) Tayrtahn: Gondar - I don't think that big thing in the picture was the gorilla
(03/22 02:30:27) Kazahiro: could it even be a creature from that age?
(03/22 02:30:28) Gondar: Oh.. ok then.
(03/22 02:30:36) Granelda saw a big gorilla earlier today in Negilahn
(03/22 02:30:39) Eleri: Yeah, tell Sharper to warn you next time if he's going to turn your KI off!
(03/22 02:30:40) Migo: Man, that is a big thing...or powerful, or both...
(03/22 02:30:40) Kazahiro: do you could be a creautre "imported" from another age?
(03/22 02:30:42) Ly'net: Awwwww
(03/22 02:30:50) Panther: i can only walk......but at least im healing
(03/22 02:30:52) Gondar: No trouble. I'm thinking someone lifting and shaking something bigger than the pod.
(03/22 02:30:53) Dudemom_2000: Rils do you think this thing is maybe not native to that age?
(03/22 02:30:55) Jinglish: Rils, the gorilla that was dead was indigenous to Neg, right?
(03/22 02:30:57) Ly'net: i have never seen anything in Neg.
(03/22 02:31:03) Migo: yah, NO turning off the KI, geesh
(03/22 02:31:09) Rils: Kaz - could be, don't know. Doug's trying to get permission to plant some cameras and traps.
(03/22 02:31:30) Kazahiro: hmmm..thats a good idea rils
(03/22 02:31:30) djlumberjack: i had always wondered why there is no proof of other animal life in Negilahn other than the Urwins and gorillas
(03/22 02:31:30) Jinglish: That'd be good
(03/22 02:31:30) Tayrtahn: aha, so there are future plans
(03/22 02:31:31) Tayrtahn: excellent
(03/22 02:31:35) Ad'ytum: Rils, so you didn't get any pictures then.
(03/22 02:31:44) Gondar: Maybe he worried that an incoming mesage beep would give position away?
(03/22 02:31:44) Kazahiro: I dont know if the trapsll do any good..but if the cameras are setu up werll might be able to get a good look at this thing
(03/22 02:31:50) Rils: The reepah looke dlike the creature on the chart in the museum.
(03/22 02:32:00) Jinglish: Let's send in Geraldo next time...
(03/22 02:32:00) Kazahiro: itd have to be a pretty...tricky...trap though..idf this thing leaves no tracks behind
(03/22 02:32:04) Migo: ahhh, true about that KI, hmmm.....
(03/22 02:32:10) Gondar: Set them in the trees.
(03/22 02:32:15) Kolian: Well
(03/22 02:32:16) Panther calls his heath insurence
(03/22 02:32:18) Migo: Jinglish, lol
(03/22 02:32:28) djlumberjack: so which animal is the reepah on that chart?
(03/22 02:32:28) Ly'net: Motion sensors
(03/22 02:32:28) Kolian: We could find one of those apes and strap a bomb to it
(03/22 02:32:33) JWPlatt: Rils, MustardJeep wanted to know if you came back "slightly chewed?"
(03/22 02:32:34) Ly'net: Lol
(03/22 02:32:35) Gondar: Flying creatures land some time..
(03/22 02:32:48) Kazahiro: and WHILE your setting close attwention to your surrounding...if everything goes quite...dead quiet..again..then get out of the IMMEDIATELY
(03/22 02:32:48) sil_oh_wet: i am not understadning why the DRC would turn off KI and then tell us they dont know what happened to you
(03/22 02:32:49) Ad'ytum laughs
(03/22 02:32:49) Thend: Seeya all later. Glad you're okay Rils
(03/22 02:32:59) Migo: So now I suppose Douglas will be doing a camp out next time? to stake it out?
(03/22 02:33:03) sil_oh_wet: Bye bye Thend - thanks for helping me calm down
(03/22 02:33:11) Vortmax: See ya Thend
(03/22 02:33:13) Kolian: I still don't think it flies
(03/22 02:33:13) Dudemom_2000: yes, I have to go also. Glad you are ok Rils!
(03/22 02:33:13) Granelda is so glad Nick (and Rils) is ok
(03/22 02:33:15) Rils: lol, no, not chewed, thankfully. Didn't actually even see anything dangerous... just the leftovers.
(03/22 02:33:18) Gondar: Or staying inside the pod and watching the sensors.
(03/22 02:33:22) Kazahiro: he'll need some camo to blend his smell and his look into the enviroment
(03/22 02:33:25) Jinglish: Glad you are back safe, Rils!
(03/22 02:33:25) Panther: im going to guild of greeters bye guys
(03/22 02:33:26) Migo: Bye Thend, take care
(03/22 02:33:27) Kazahiro: whatever it was
(03/22 02:33:31) Kazahiro: probably went to sleep
(03/22 02:33:34) Lobo: What is the DRC hiding by turning off your KIs?
(03/22 02:33:36) Kolian: No flying creature could pick one of those up
(03/22 02:33:37) Kazahiro: most predators sleep after the hunt
(03/22 02:33:42) Rils: Doug was talking about maybe camping out a bit, doing some observation.
(03/22 02:33:45) Kazahiro: after the kill I should say
(03/22 02:33:47) Kolian: It would have to have a 60-foot wingspan
(03/22 02:33:53) Rils: He sed he'd have to come up with a plan...
(03/22 02:33:58) Migo: hmmm, I thought so....
(03/22 02:34:01) Kazahiro: but could somethi ng like that come down intro a jungle that dense?
(03/22 02:34:03) Ad'ytum: I Have A TEnt!!!!!!!!
(03/22 02:34:16) JeanneM: did you bury it or bring parts back to analyze?
(03/22 02:34:16) Gondar: I imagine.. better than "One of you go as bait.."
(03/22 02:34:16) Tayrtahn: a darn good plan, I hope!
(03/22 02:34:16) Panther: bye going to guild of greeters
(03/22 02:34:16) Kolian: I would argue not, Kaz
(03/22 02:34:18) Migo: perhaps in the trees? like a deer stand?
(03/22 02:34:25) Eleri: do we know for sure if the animals on the chart are native to Negilahn, or imports by the D'ni?
(03/22 02:34:27) Kolian: To say nothing of how difficult it would be to fly while carrying a giant ape
(03/22 02:34:35) Kazahiro: hmmm
(03/22 02:34:42) Ad'ytum: Oh, dear stand, good idea.
(03/22 02:34:46) Rils: perhaps... He's the hunter, I trust him on that part.
(03/22 02:34:46) Kazahiro: just like the whark in it from there/....or imported from riven...
(03/22 02:34:53) Kazahiro: understood rils
(03/22 02:35:01) Azador: What part of the age did you go to? Which direction from the pod?
(03/22 02:35:01) Kolian: There's a Whark in Dereno?
(03/22 02:35:15) Kazahiro: its quite a thing to learn all of a sudden huh?
(03/22 02:35:21) Kazahiro: thats one of the sounds the pod has kolian
(03/22 02:35:23) Melcabral: how do you know the Whark wasnt imported to Riven?
(03/22 02:35:32) Kazahiro: havent seen one quite yet
(03/22 02:35:35) Gondar: Current theory is Gehn copied from the direno book to make Riven. He did just copy stuff.. maybe liked the idea.
(03/22 02:35:39) Kazahiro: I didnt say the whark WASNT imported to riven
(03/22 02:35:42) Kazahiro: I said...its possible
(03/22 02:35:45) Tayrtahn: It's close to a whark sound anyway...
(03/22 02:35:55) Migo: Rils, again, glad you are ok, I think I'll head to the Gallery for a little meditation, Please...take care.!!
(03/22 02:35:55) Kazahiro: that it could be an imoprt from riven..or could be originally from dereno
(03/22 02:35:57) Gondar: Or it's coincidence.
(03/22 02:36:01) Kazahiro: yep
(03/22 02:36:02) Rils: We weren't right by the Pod, probly a good mile or more away...
(03/22 02:36:08) Kazahiro: could be coincidence
(03/22 02:36:12) Kolian: If the jungle's dead
(03/22 02:36:13) Kazahiro: so deep into the jungle
(03/22 02:36:16) Kazahiro: not too deep
(03/22 02:36:17) Kolian: That means they know it's around there
(03/22 02:36:20) JeanneM: Rils, did you bring back any of the pieces .. or bury the carcass?
(03/22 02:36:21) Gondar: Woah, so you trudged out a mile off through the swamp?
(03/22 02:36:22) Kolian: It may nest nearby
(03/22 02:36:30) Tayrtahn: he said he got tissue samples
(03/22 02:36:34) Gondar: Or is it not as bad as it looks from inside the pod?
(03/22 02:36:39) Lobo: I doubt they took a shovel.
(03/22 02:36:46) Kolian: Hmm
(03/22 02:36:48) Kazahiro: but normally rils..if I recall...the center is where the predators usually stay...if you could somehow find ot...where the pod is in could make things..easier
(03/22 02:36:54) Kolian: I wonder if you could link an attack chopper in there
(03/22 02:37:14) Rils: Left the carcass, I took a few samples, don't know if they'll be useful. Letcha know.
(03/22 02:37:25) Kazahiro: cool
(03/22 02:37:30) Jinglish: When will you have analysis?
(03/22 02:37:34) JeanneM: wondering if the predator did it for food .. in defense or something else
(03/22 02:37:42) Gondar: So, Rils, it's not a swamp? You said you left via a ladder in the pod.. and went a mile off..
(03/22 02:37:48) Gondar: Do you know roughly what bearing?
(03/22 02:37:58) Kazahiro: well im glad your alright rils
(03/22 02:37:58) Rils: A day or two maybe, depends on how quickly I can do the work...
(03/22 02:38:07) Jinglish: OK
(03/22 02:38:07) Kolian: Apparently the animal wasn't eaten
(03/22 02:38:08) Ad'ytum: away from Which window?
(03/22 02:38:10) Eleri decides to fire off a letter to a geneticist freind of hers, see if she can get them down here
(03/22 02:38:13) Kolian: It was just torn to pieces
(03/22 02:38:17) penni: what will you compare the samples too?
(03/22 02:38:31) Tayrtahn: Once you collect yourself, kindly post your findings on the DZS forums (please)
(03/22 02:38:38) Rils: penni, that's part of the problem... lol
(03/22 02:38:44) djlumberjack: well, I will have to be filled in if more info comes about on this matter, for now I need to retire to my bevin, nice talking to you. Thanks Rils for giving me something to ponder for the next couple of days.
(03/22 02:38:47) Rils: Of course, Tayr
(03/22 02:38:54) Thumbs up from Tayrtahn
(03/22 02:39:05) Kolian: Well
(03/22 02:39:07) Kazahiro: hmmmmm
(03/22 02:39:10) Kazahiro: well
(03/22 02:39:11) Kolian: You could at least test it for toxins
(03/22 02:39:12) Jinglish: Well, progress...of a sort...
(03/22 02:39:18) Kolian: Poisons
(03/22 02:39:19) Gondar is being ignored :-( Ah well, Rils is still shaken up.
(03/22 02:39:19) Kazahiro: there are a few things you can do
(03/22 02:39:20) Kolian: That sort of thing
(03/22 02:39:28) Ad'ytum: Whew! What a night!
(03/22 02:39:33) Kazahiro: see if you can find out the bite radius..if theres enough left to look at
(03/22 02:39:36) Gondar: I'd offer chocolate.. I don't carry booze on hand.
(03/22 02:39:38) Rils: Progress of a sort, yes. Just the start though, I think.
(03/22 02:39:40) Kazahiro: the bite patterns
(03/22 02:39:40) Ad'ytum: Good Job Rils!
(03/22 02:39:45) sil_oh_wet: Wow what an amazing expedition, can;t wait for the next one
(03/22 02:39:47) Melcabral: well poisons don't usually tear one apart
(03/22 02:39:51) Jazz: Three cheers for Rils
(03/22 02:39:51) Tayrtahn: well, I'll let you have your peace, Rils - Thanks for your bravery!
(03/22 02:39:56) Kazahiro: to see how the teeth ripped everything....
(03/22 02:39:57) Kazahiro: hmmm
(03/22 02:39:58) sil_oh_wet cheers
(03/22 02:39:58) Kolian: No
(03/22 02:40:00) Kiyoshi cheers
(03/22 02:40:01) Jazz cheers
(03/22 02:40:01) Ad'ytum cheers
(03/22 02:40:02) Kolian: But it could have been paralyzed
(03/22 02:40:03) Vortmax: Yes, thanks Rils, for all your work and for the report
(03/22 02:40:06) Sumatria: sil, can you handle another one?
(03/22 02:40:06) Mireena cheers
(03/22 02:40:08) Lydiamalia cheers
(03/22 02:40:09) Granelda: Any evidence of foul play like poison darts bullet holes?
(03/22 02:40:10) Melcabral: yeah, I was thinking that
(03/22 02:40:10) Kolian: Would have made it easier to kill something that big
(03/22 02:40:14) Vortmax: We're glad you're back safe :D
(03/22 02:40:22) Ad'ytum thanks you very much!
(03/22 02:40:23) Gondar: Gran, it was in pieces.
(03/22 02:40:31) Granelda: but
(03/22 02:40:31) Abathyr: yeah, glad you're safe Rils
(03/22 02:40:31) Gondar: Tough to get any evidence of that.
(03/22 02:40:31) penni: Rils, again i want to say that i am so glad you all made it back safely..tho shaken!
(03/22 02:40:37) Abathyr: we had thoughts of you in pieces
(03/22 02:40:50) Sumatria: ditto what penni said
(03/22 02:40:51) Ad'ytum: lol
(03/22 02:41:04) Granelda: and Nick in pieces
(03/22 02:41:04) Rils: Thanks guys, if you don't mind, I'm gonna head out. I wanted to let you know what was going on. I may be back later.
(03/22 02:41:06) Kazahiro: I wonder...of course you should try to check for chemical toxins in the blood
(03/22 02:41:06) sil_oh_wet: Double ditto what penni said
(03/22 02:41:12) Abathyr: ok, ciao
(03/22 02:41:13) Nadnerb: Bye Rils!
(03/22 02:41:13) Kazahiro: like everyone said..may have been paralyzed
(03/22 02:41:15) JeanneM: Rils, what was the initial reason for the expedition?
(03/22 02:41:15) Hyperius: See ya Rils.
(03/22 02:41:17) Jazz: Thanks Rils. Go and get some rest
(03/22 02:41:18) Kiyoshi: Thanks Rils
(03/22 02:41:19) Kazahiro: alright rils
(03/22 02:41:27) Kazahiro: and if you go again
(03/22 02:41:27) Granelda: bye Rils thanks
(03/22 02:41:42) Rils: Catch ya all later, thanks!
(03/22 02:41:42) Melcabral: bye Rils...hop[e you can sleep
(03/22 02:41:42) Sumatria: bye Rils
(03/22 02:41:42) Nadnerb: Get some rest.
(03/22 02:41:42) penni: bye for now Rils, thanks for the info
(03/22 02:41:42) Kazahiro: if your caution tell you to leave..leave..take care of yourself
(03/22 02:41:42) Azador: Thanks Riles, take care
(03/22 02:41:42) Lydiamalia cheers
(03/22 02:41:42) Ad'ytum: Bye Rils, So Brave!!
(03/22 02:41:42) Gondar: You earned a good rest..
(03/22 02:41:42) Mireena: Thanks for sparng the time after what you've been thru
(03/22 02:41:42) sil_oh_wet: Bye bye Rils...hugggsss
(03/22 02:41:44) Granelda: so brave
(03/22 02:41:51) sil_oh_wet: Wow
(03/22 02:41:51) Jinglish: Well, hey, everybody...this was a big show of support for the expedition
(03/22 02:41:52) Kazahiro: lol
(03/22 02:41:52) Mireena: bye
(03/22 02:41:55) Azador: *Rils
(03/22 02:41:58) Kazahiro: you call every guy brave granelda
(03/22 02:41:59) Jazz: Wow
(03/22 02:41:59) Jinglish: I am sure they appreciate it too
(03/22 02:42:01) Kazahiro: lol
(03/22 02:42:02) sil_oh_wet: That was amazing
(03/22 02:42:05) Ad'ytum cheers
(03/22 02:42:06) penni claps her hands
(03/22 02:42:08) Kolian: I dunno
(03/22 02:42:09) Lydiamalia: I was late, What happened that made him say "What the..."
(03/22 02:42:11) Kazahiro: they love your bevin huh sil?>>
(03/22 02:42:18) Poutrew: OK, Coffee and tea cakes are being served inthe courtyard... :-)
(03/22 02:42:20) Gondar: they have a boat or something?
(03/22 02:42:21) Granelda: all guys are brave
(03/22 02:42:33) Kazahiro: awww...thank you gran..we appreciate it really
(03/22 02:42:34) Ad'ytum: Coffee.......mmmmmmm
(03/22 02:42:35) Granelda: especially Nick
(03/22 02:42:36) Kolian: If that thing can take down one of those apes, I'm not sure how effective guns are gonna be
(03/22 02:42:38) penni: everyone loves Sil's bevin
(03/22 02:42:39) Kazahiro: LOl
(03/22 02:42:45) Mireena: thanks for having us here
(03/22 02:42:50) Lobo: Gran, why haven't you hugged all these people?
(03/22 02:42:50) Mireena: bye
(03/22 02:42:52) Ad'ytum: Nick threw-up, sorry Gran
(03/22 02:42:54) Kazahiro: thanks for letting us know about him sil
(03/22 02:42:58) ...Chat.log stopped.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 1:45 am 

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I suspect a Bahro.

That said....

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

By the way, I should say that this is not necessarily ENTIRELY unexpected. I talked to Rils a while ago, and he said that his KI had been acting REALLY WEIRD when he went on a trip with Sharper and Nick to other parts of Teledahn.

I'm wondering if the two incidents are related.

Wait.... 3.

December 19, 2006 too. :shock:

For cowards die a thousand deaths, while heros die but one.

Well, unless they're playing video games, in which case heros die a lot too.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 1:47 am 
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I'd been following them on my Ki and suddenly they were gone from the list. I wondered what happened.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 1:47 am 

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I'll second Maratanos' :shock: !

And yes, I also suspect Bahro - uncanny resemblance to the Great Scream, anyone? But. Still. AUGH!

To log in, or not to log in, that is the question. Whether 'tis more noble to do what work one has to do or to explore the many Ages laid before our feet...

I still love my umbrella! :D

Sosiqui in Cavern

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 1:54 am 

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I was in Sil's Bevin when she got the message. Jazz and I ran to the Beginners Bevin and let ResEng Mathias know and he said he wasn't aware of anything so we told him to let the DRC know.

Now ResEng Dogherra is in Negilahn.....

The Bahro have suddenly become very active and have been calling constantly.....

We are all in Sil_oh_wet's Bevin waiting.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 1:56 am 
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KImail has been sent to Cate and Laxman, and will be sent to any other DRC if they come online. None are on now, but according to ResEng B. Mathias, they have been notified. They have no idea what's going on either, according to ResEng M. Dogherra, though he's checking it out. Whil has reported that there is no evidence that Sharper has been to the Baron's Office.

UPDATE: Rils is back, and coming to the Bevin.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 2:11 am 
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I'm standing at the big window of Negilahn and can see Urwin and he/she is not moving.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 2:12 am 

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I linked in go to see, but there were too many people and the Nexus linked me to the Big Black Screen Age. Ah well. Keep us posted!!

I still love my umbrella! :D

Sosiqui in Cavern

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 2:15 am 

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I'm trying to log in for the first time today. And I am getting a big update.

Make a path to the sun, and the light will shine upon you

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 2:18 am 

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Rils says he's safe, yeah.

But my whole system crashed trying to link into Sil_oh_wet's bevin. :cry: :cry:

For cowards die a thousand deaths, while heros die but one.

Well, unless they're playing video games, in which case heros die a lot too.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 2:20 am 

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LinkinImp wrote:
I'm trying to log in for the first time today. And I am getting a big update.

Very, very big.

Make a path to the sun, and the light will shine upon you

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 2:21 am 

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M'buhir was in CyanChat and posted snippets of the conversation.

[spoiler=Partial Log]Rils: Ok so we're out in the frorest, things aren't too bad. Kinda creepy though. You know how you can usually hear monkeys and stuff, theres was none of that
Rils: very quiet
Rils: We were doing ok, were out for mebbe 30 minutes, 45, 20 I don't even know yet
Rils: not silent, just quiet
Rils: Well we've all been speculating about the carcasses nick mentioned. Found another one
Rils: didn't see any animals except the dead one
Rils: ver very dead.
Rils: As in, well I'll try to be delicate... in peices dead.
Rils: Sorry, the "what the"comment was when we found it. Sharper was startled. Nick puked.
Rils: New carcass. Fresh. Maybe an hour or less
Rils: Pices scattered around... in trees, on the ground...
Rils: It looked like a Gorrila, Nick called it a Reepah
Rils: yeah, Reepah. Gorilla like, bigger than a normal gorilla funny tail, kind of like a scorpion I think
Rils: nothing seemed like it was missing, no organs or anything. THough of course we might have missed something
Rils: It was just... destroyed. Don't know any other word for it
Rils: What was weirder is there were no tracks on the ground.[/spoiler]

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 2:24 am 
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Me and my bloody weird work hours. And I have to stay extra late at work tonight.


Fax Paladin, Waco
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 2:24 am 

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Someone is ruining the Age ... messing it up by rewriting things so that the animals are in pieces. That's my theory.
I don't think it's a predator (well, not in the traditional sense, anyway).

Make a path to the sun, and the light will shine upon you

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 2:26 am 
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not another Ghenite !

The ending will never be written as long as the called remain to continue on the path of those who came before

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