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 Post subject: Live 5
PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2007 11:46 pm 

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Number 5 is alive! (good suggestion JWP :))

We're happy to welcome you back to your rehearsal testing duties. The following is a list of the new content available for testing. Have a great time, and don't forget about retesting the existing Ages.

- New patcher which should run much more efficiently
- New "Need an account?" button added to the login screen
- Winter has returned to Eder Delin
- Yeesha Moons page available in the City Museum
- Minkata linking book available in the City Library
- Minkata journal available in the City Library
- Hiking boots reward item available in Minkata...somewhere
- *New Music player addition to the Kadish Gallery which adds the Gallery theme to the player in Relto
- **Sparky 6 available...somewhere
- New KI light function upgrade available in the Descent KI machine (should only work for 5 seconds at this time - this is by design)
- New male sitting animations
- New female sitting animations
- The KI can now take KI photos of open GUIs (books, pages, etc)
- ***The Bahro will continue to appear in the City in Live 5 in the same three locations

* This is already fixed, and we will be updating rehearsal with this fix early next week, probably on Tuesday

** Currently not on because of a bug that is already fixed but not yet on rehearsal - again, probably on Tuesday

*** I will attempt to set up a schedule for Bahro appearances that should accommodate all time zones. If there is a particular time that suits you and you have not seen them by the time rehearsal should be wrapping up, just let me know and I'll do my best to oblige and make them dance for you.

Ercana will not be in Live 5, however we may be conducting limited tests of Ercana later on in the rehearsal cycle. More on this coming soon!

We have made a few tweaks to the way that simple physicals (small kickable objects) behave, and we are interested to know if you are seeing any misbehavior. Think rocks (Teledahn, logs and rocks page, etc), firemarbles, cones, etc.

Some of the more notable bugfixes:

- Fix for deleted players appearing again in the Startup Age.
- ACA: Texture seam at the neck of the male avatar greatly improved.
- Cleft: Fix for the Imager room door making no sound in rainy Cleft
- Fix for incorrect punctuation when a neighborhood was created by an avatar whose name ends with the letter 's' (i.e. James' Bevin and not James's Bevin)
- The ACA now checks gender before taking a picture for the startup age... if you're female, the image is taken lower so you don't look like a midget compared to male shots
- Relto: Fix for the fissure showing when it shouldn't when viewed from Sparky island
- Relto: Fixed missing dereno book side panel texture
- If no one clicks on your shared book, in fifteen seconds the avatar automatically closes the book. Fixes a condition that could cause an avatar to get stuck in the share book position.
- Relto: Flipped the Tetsonot wedge symbol
- Cleft: Fix for being able to push the plank through the geometry and out of the Age
- Fix for logs and rocks falling through the ground in Relto
- Fixed a fallthrough that could occur when monkeying around on top of the classroom roof
- Tightened up collision on the Sparky Island bridge ropes
- Payiferen: The avatar no longer gets stuck when closing the Nexus book instead of linking through it
- Fixed a condition that could cause the avatar to not descend with the Kadish glow path elevator
- The control panel for the Heek table is now disabled until the start of the next round if you join a game already in progress
- Changed the Yableshan and Meemen king journals in the Hall of Kings to match the rest of the journals
- Poitential fix for logs and rocks looping sound in Relto
- Fixed the camera tracking issue when linking directly to the JC cave in Gira



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