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PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2007 7:40 pm 

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Hi Folks,

Ok, Server migration testing time. The following is a list of instructions for connecting to the migration server. For this testing process, we will recommend creating a new folder on the Desktop for use as the game directory for now. This method is not required per se, as you can put your game directory anywhere you wish, however to keep things as simple as possible the following method is highly recommended. Below these instructions you will find a short list of bug fixes.

In a nutshell, you are going to create a shortcut to the Live patcher executable (UruLauncher.exe) and then you will point that at the new servers. While migration testing, that shortcut is what you will use to launch the game. More details on that in a moment. I will try to make these instructions as easy to follow as possible, so if you are panicking right now at the prospect of all of this technical jargon and 'mumbo-jumbo' that is about to occur, just relax. It's a piece of cake. The server is already set up to let you in, so as soon as you complete the setup process (below) you should be good to go.

Step one: Create a folder on your Desktop and give it a nice name. You can name it anything you wish, but if you are looking for ideas or if you want to be just like us here at Cyan, try 'Migration'. It's neat. You'll like it.

Step two: Place the Uru Live launcher in that folder. Please note: You need to use the 'Live' launcher (UruLauncher.exe), and not the 'Rehearsal' launcher (...also UruLauncher.exe). This is very important. If you accidentally use the Rehearsal launcher, at some point you will probably be chatting with a friendly Customer Service person, who will ask you to make sure you are using the Live launcher and not the Rehearsal launcher. They may also ask you to use the Desktop folder method (if you aren't already doing so) just to make it easier for them to step you through the process. It can be a bit tricky to tell the two apart, however, because as we are sure you have noticed, they are both named UruLauncher.exe. Just be careful to either copy the launcher from your Uru Live game directory and paste it to the new folder or download the Live patcher from the following location: , run the program and copy the Launcher to your Desktop folder from wherever the .exe put it (depending on your OS). Just remember: You need the Live launcher and not the Rehearsal launcher and you'll do just fine.

Step three: Create a shortcut to the launcher in your new folder by right clicking on 'UruLauncher.exe' and selecting 'Create Shortcut'. At this point there should only be two things in your folder: 'UruLauncher.exe' and 'Shortcut to UruLauncher.exe'.

Step four: Point the shortcut at the migration server. To do this, right click on 'Shortcut to UruLauncher.exe' and select 'Properties'. Under the 'Shortcut' tab, you will see the Target Line (the text box to the right of the word 'Target:'). At the end of the stuff in the target line (so after the double-quote) please add one space, and then the following (which you can just copy from here and paste to the target line): /AuthSrv= /FileSrv= and then click either 'OK' or 'Apply'.

Step five: Connect to the server using your rehearsal login information. This will eventually be changed to use your Live login information, but for now you will need to use your rehearsal info. If you have done everything correctly you have just pointed the shortcut at the migration server, and double-clicking the shortcut should take you to the migration server (build UruLive.Live.9.852).

The last thing that we need to discuss is reporting bugs. Please submit all tickets as if you were testing on the rehearsal server, even though you're not. In other words, just use 'Rehearsal' for the server field. If you have trouble connecting or if you need help getting set up, please contact Customer Support and they will be happy to lend you a hand.

Bug Fixes:

- Relto: Fix for not seeing books in another player's bookshelf until after clicking on it.
- Relto: Fixed an exploit which allowed explorers to sneak visitors into ages they should not have access to.
- Nexus: Fixed a bug where the top personal link always linked to the Great Zero regardless of what link was actually there.
- Nexus: Fixed a bug causing new avatars have the pellet cave appear in the big Ki by default. Also, any links someone already received to a Bahro Cave via invitation (as a result of the bug above) are now filtered from their Nexus machine.
- Nexus: There is no longer an option to invite players to your Myst with the KI. If a player already had been invited to someone’s Myst (and therefore had the link in their Nexus), it is now filtered from the machine.

Also, you will now find a new pair of shoes (V'ahns) in your closet. We hope you enjoy them, and that they are not too squeaky.

Again, (for those celebrating) have a great Thanksgiving holiday, and we want to thank everyone for your help testing.



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PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2007 8:06 am 

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Just wanted to give an update, Tomorrow/today at around 10 am pdt (27th nov), we will be be switching over to the live account data with live authentication. In other words, you will need to use your live account information to access the migration server. The live account data that was transfered should only be a couple of weeks old. (About the same time as the rehearsal data that you're testing). Note: this does not mean that the servers are now open for the public.

Thanks to your testing, it doesn't look like anything major was broken for the migration, and the bugs that you're finding, we should try and fix with live authentication data if they still occur. Your rehearsal login should not work on these servers after 10 am. You will be able to use those accounts again when we open up the rehearsal testing again.

You should be able to access the servers the same way you have been accessing the migration servers with the exception of using your live account logins instead of the rehearsal logins.

Again, thanks for all the help folks! The feedback we get is invaluable


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