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Shorah explorers!

For this chapter, I think I am up to page 12 on the questions. Note: If I dont directly answer a question of your, please dont get offended. We probably just arent prepared to answer those questions at this time. Additionally I have of course left out the individual game questions that most of our helpful community veterans were able to answer. So here ya go

What new content is going to be in the game. What are you planning for post launch.

We absolutely appreciate everyone's natural curiosity about the content details of Uru Live, but we would much rather have you discover the adventure as it happens than tell you about it ahead of time. This is true not only for new places, but for new features and new stories in old places as well. Hang in there! The adventure will begin soon enough, and we'll take that wonderful journey together.


So far we are testing the existing ages and 2 small community ages. I understand the reasons for that with a new game engine etc. however, there are no "puzzles" of any kind in either of the new ages, will there be puzzles and new journeys in live and if so, are they something that will need testing before release?"

"We'll be rolling out new content for Uru Live for as long as we can, as fast as we can, and we will need a trusted group of skilled Beta Testers to continue helping us test this content before it goes public, even after launch. If you think you have what it takes to be on that team, please let us know you are interested when we start gathering that information. We’ll let you know when the time comes."


On the DRC age list Eder Tsogal and Eder Delin are shown TBD, as far as I can tell Delin is ready and Tsogal has one small problem (the hood book). Can we assume the Hood Game Room, Katha Island and Rahtevnee are in similar states?

No, it is definitely not safe to assume that. It would be safer to assume that the DRC were working on the Ages/Areas marked "TBD" but had not yet determined when those Ages/areas would be ready for explorers when they last updated the Age list.


If the client viewer crashes and XP wants to submit crash data to Microsoft, should we?

No. Mircosoft is not particularly interested in crash data from beta software.


Will there be more things like Adult Swim and can our avatars select such a shirt, I've never seen adult swim but I like the shirt

Yes, more shirts are planned to be made available over time.


When do we get our Cautious Optimism T shirt?

We are cautiously optimistic that you will have them at some point in the future.


specially appreciated the explanation of the Network Error 6 problems, but I am now getting the "Cli2Game" version of this (getting consistently disconnected while still in Relto, so unable to test at all right now), and this version doesn't seem to be included in your "answers" thread. I gather it's a game problem as opposed to password/authorization etc., but do we know what's causing it?

The game client maintains network connections to three servers: file server, auth server, and game server. Whenever one of them unexpectedly disconnects, the client will report a network error code of “kNetErrDisconnected”. The other bit of information reports the connection that experienced the error. “kNetProtocolCli2Auth” refers to the auth server connection, and “kNetProtocolCli2Game” refers to the game server connection

Question - If none of your tickets have had a 'tech' reply, does this mean they haven't even been looked at yet?

Not necessarily. We only respond if we have an appropriate answer to that ticket. We may be in the process of duplicating the bug ourselves or comparing notes.

I don't expect an answer, but I was looking at the dat folder and I gotta ask: Who's Cate?

It's fortunate that you don't expect an answer.


Why do you invite new beta testers when no update is available yet? Doesn't this mean you will get a load of bug reports of bugs that are already known? This means even more work for the support people. I was actually expecting new beta testers after a new update.

We invite the new testers separate from the updates for a couple reason.
1. we want to make sure to separate account/ login issues with game issues. When we do an invite on a known working version of the game, we can rule out immediately that cause of the problem.
2. Additionally, we also want to be able to have a verifiable test for when the update does occur. When the update does arrive, we are assured that within the next 2 days will be our greatest load on the servers.

So although it might mean a bit more work on our support team, we would be able to narrow all issue down quicker and provide a better metric for our server load capacity.


Since the Ticket system allows us to set Mac OS as our platform, can we expect a Mac build anytime soon? Linux would be corollary...

Cross your fingers, Like we say in the faqs "While we always hope for Mac compatibility, this is yet to be determined"


Are there plans to clean up the multiple duplicate neighborhoods in the Nexus?

Yes, though no specific date will be given. Once we have gathered all the information we need we will make some modifications.


When can we test the new visitor feature? I bet a lot of beta testers want to try hacking it to make sure it is bullet proof.

Great! Glad your excited about testing out a new feature and uhmm .. hacking it.. We’ll get it to you as soon as we can. We don’t have a set date at this time.


Is Cyan going to let GameTap inflate the system requirements for Uru Live like they have for Myst, Riven, and ABM? They've literally *doubled* the CPU requirement over Cyan's own listed specs (which is annoying to me--Cyan's spec is 800mhz. GT's is 1600. I'm running Complete Chronicles, UU, *and* Beta-Live all just fine on my 1200Mhz system

It is unknown at this time how they derived those specs. But I will assume its so that its users may enjoy the full content of its game collections. For Uru Live we are still collecting data for the specs we want to eventually support. We still hope to make it as flexible as possible to allow as many users enjoy our game as possible.


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