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(snippets transferred from GoW Forums - Builders Section)

Here's a lengthy bit of the main story of the Age of Eder Bahrehltahn. The entire work is quite complex; I'll save the best parts for you to explore and discover on your own. My partner Zuri and I(along with many others in and out of the GoW and you know who you are) have been working diligently with this Age, and we have plans to release a link to the first areas of the Age for the fans in the very near future. For a close look at what we've been doing so far, you can see the GoW forums under the Builders section.

These snippets do not represent the entire story, but they have been carefully chosen to impart a general atmospheric image in the reader's mind of what the Age holds. The main story consists of 3 separate volumes, each written by different people in different times, each containing a piece of the history of the Age. The third volume is a work in progress, and has not been publicly released, but it will reveal even more of the story in time. Actually, I'm done with my half; I'll let everyone else fill in the rest. :wink:

The history, the events that surround the Age, and the people who were connected with it flow together into a lost and enigmatic story of epic proportions. Learn of an undiscovered D'ni Age where every aspect was and is controlled by the hand of the Maker, and revered by every mortal being. Discover the fate of the people of the Age, and explore the beauty of a forgotten world filled with ancient and sacred mystery.



Excerpt Set #1 - Volume 1

The Journal Of Ash'taroth
(being discovered in D'ni by one Mihrotahn while exploring a housing district in the upper level of the City)

"I have written down here the events that have lead me to freedom - the end of my life here in D'ni and the rebirth of it in a new cycle. The remains of what i once was are gone, and i have become something more. I have found the Path that leads to the Maker...."

"I fear I cannot write much here of what has transgressed- but if I do not write it here then where? I have to record this somewhere; our ancient and sacred society must be preserved as it always has been....."

"So I will write here, and remove the muted silence that has held our order in sway for many centuries. I know that it could chance that someone will find this journal. If someone does; remember us....."

"The tunnel where our order has gathered for thousands of years was conceived during the times of the first great leaders, and the tunnel Book has passed from each leader to the next. The Book was always hidden to be discovered again later. The chain has never been broken, and although none can confirm it, we believe our wisest elder still possesses the knowledge of the location of the Book. The others have been talking about him as of late, referring to him as "our good friend". He has become a respected and wise leader of our order; hopefully I will get the chance to meet him soon. He only appears at the times of the gatherings, and none know of where he truly resides....."

"The reason for such secrecy is quite clear now. The rest of D'ni simply wouldn't understand; their minds are clouded with disbelief. The more I grow towards the group the further I grow away from my home here. My family's beliefs reside where my own are, and so they too have sacrificed in order to know more of our great order, and of our Maker. I know they will be beside me in the years to come, and for that I am thankful....."

"Today while we were gathered, I saw him. The one that everyone has been talking about. I was told to address him as Shetehntahn, but also heard many call out to him as the "White Figure". I asked one of my order what this meant, and he told me about the paintings I had seen lining the walls of the tunnel. Sure enough, the great Shetehntahn is in them; portrayed always as a figure painted in white. Many great murals and carvings have been added to the tunnel to honor his wisdom, which flows from and leads us closer to the Maker of worlds..."

"After a great celebration this evening, Shetehntahn came over and passed me a small, black leather- bound korvahk, and said it was to be my own. I opened the Book and noticed that it contained a link to the tunnel. In his few last words to me, he proclaimed my official enlightenment, and the korvahk that he has given me provides constant access to the tunnel where our order gathers. I have become one of the Enlightened Ones, those who are deemed worthy to enter the hidden tunnel Age of Tar'sahl, the place where the order has gathered for millenia to serve and worship our Maker....."

"A great journey has begun for me, and I am learning much from the others. Since I first met Shetehntahn, he has revealed much; I do believe that he has reached a higher plane, for none can claim to have seen the visions he has seen - those being sent from the Maker. If it truly is the divine plan that he lead us, then my family and I will follow....."

"Our order is slipping further away from D'ni with time. We are still D'ni, and will always be, but our assembly has become more. We have become more. Day after day, we go about our lives in D'ni, while the others plot and scheme against themselves. They are unaware of what lies beneath, ahead; just above. Night after night, we gather in the great vault room beyond the tunnel to come close to our Designer, the Weaver Of Possibilities. This evening, during our great feast in the Vault Room, a message arrived. Destruction is eminent; a tragedy in the Cavern - the time has come to flee. I will never forget my home. I grieve for D'ni; many of those that I once knew there are no more....."

"Each day that passes brings news of even greater destruction. The home that I once knew is no more; swallowed by a great cloud of Death. How could we have come to this, after so long? I weep inside and out for the tragedy at hand. The decisions of one man, and the innocence of the ahrotahn woman; so much progress lost over so little pride. D'ni is falling, and we must find a way to escape, even if to the shadows. The Children of Yahvo must not die. We have all agreed to do what we can. We have taken only what will be needed with us and fled to the tunnel. Now, we look to the great Shetehntahn for our deliverance - we know that he will find a way. With the divine help of our Maker, we will find a way; all pray as the dark times grow near....."

"Shetehntahn has presented us with yet another great relic of our order - the kormahn of Eder Bahrehltahn, written in the early days after the migration to the Cavern by our order's founding elders, who were also great Masters of the Art. Throughout the Ages the group has possessed it and kept it hidden, so hidden that its exact location remained a mystery until now....."

"He declared that he had been given visions from the Maker, and that He had shown him the secret Tree room beyond the Great Door, where the Book had lain hidden for centuries. The Maker had shown him the meaning behind the stones, and had shown him the combination to the Great Door by which he gained access at last to the Tree Room and the Book containing the ancient Age of our order. It will be our new home, and our great leader has assured us there is abundance there. Our elders whisper to one another of the legends from our past that have come full circle....."

"Kah'lira, my loving and devoted wife, and my son Ash'tereth will accompany me to the ancient Age of our order. I'll use Kah'lira's link to the Tunnel instead of mine, since I'm leaving my own korvahk and this journal behind when we go. I don't want to go against the others wishes, but if by chance it is found, then it is my hope that whoever finds it also finds us. I must prepare well, and despite the dangers of a return visit there now, I cannot bear to leave D'ni without knowing that somehow I might have a chance to return or be found, even though I know it is unlikely. My wife and son must not know about this, at least not for now. I know I haven't spoken much about my family here, but what is at hand goes beyond my family; beyond all. I have them here with me now, and we will have our time again soon, because we believe....."

"Our home is no more, and we have suffered a great loss. We are shattered- D'ni is shattered after thousands of years; but we still cling to hope. Through the smoke and the madness, we have found a way out into the light. In this new Age of our Maker, there will be life and abundance, and so we will endure. We are leaving now - soon we will once again bolt the Great Door, just as our ancestors and the descendants of our order have done before us. We cannot allow anything to escape into our sacred world; a world that was divinely designed just for us. We must keep watch at the Great Door, always. We thank our Maker....."


I'll take this opportunity to delve a bit further into the story.

It consists of several parts, the first being the Journal of a D'ni man known as Ash'taroth. He was of common D'ni blood, and he and his family were bound at some point in time to a secret society known as the "Children Of Yahvo".

Throughout D'ni history there have been numerous sects or groups of religious fanatics. The Children Of Yahvo had survived, flourishing and then vanishing back into the shadows without trace; or so it would seem. It appears that the group was still around during Ash's time in D'ni, and he and his family were devout followers.

Their "order" met each night in Tar'sahl, which was also know to them as the "Tunnel", a wondrously crafted Age that had been written thousands of years before, by their descendants. The location of the descriptive Book to that Age was passed in secrecy to each great leader of the cult, and so the Age had always been kept safe.

At the time Ash's journal begins, the leader of the group was a D'ni man by the name of Shetehntahn; a great Writer of D'ni and a wise prophet, he was a mysterious leader who only appeared when the group gathered in the Tunnel.

When the Fall came, the Children Of Yahvo escaped to Tar'sahl, and it was here that the great Shetehntahn planned to write another Age, but instead discovered their true means of escape. He claimed to have visions, and somehow was able to open what was known as the "Great Door", an intricately crafted mechanical seal within the "Vault Room" at the end of the Tunnel.

The way into the Door had been lost over time; even his own people could not enter it, but Shetehntahn found the way in. What he found on the other side of the Door was amazing - a "Tree Room" masterfully designed thousands of years ago, and there, in the alcove of a great Tree, the "kormahn", or descriptive Book, of the Age of Eder Bahrehltahn.

They had thought that the Book was lost, but now they had found it again. They had found the Age of the Maker again; the ancient Age of their secret order. And so they fled there to escape the Fall, and bolted the Great Door behind them again, so that none could follow them.

Ash'taroth's journal ends after the Great Door is barred, and the story continues through the eyes of another mysterious inhabitant of D'ni, a man by the name of Mihrotahn.


Excerpt Set #2 - Volume 2

Journal Of Mihrotahn
(given by Mihrotahn to Stranger around 2007 surface time approximately 3 years after Stranger entered D'ni)

"Its strange how things happen down here - the coming and going of explorers like myself, some of their names lost in time; the coming and going of the Bahro, who are the unseen. It has been many years since I first arrived, and D'ni has become my life....."

"I first came to D'ni with the intention of finding out what had happened here. I learned what I knew on the surface from my native friend, and he had shared many historical accounts of D'ni and its history - ancient relics and fragmented legends of his own lost tribe. I wanted to know more, and so I began searching; not really knowing what I might discover....."

"I stumbled upon a space between all spaces; the very place where the D'ni people dug upwards from below. I climbed down, wanting to know more, not fearing death for the sake of finding knowledge. I have found that death will find you anywhere, even underground, and now it seems I don't have long before my own Maker takes me, for I have grown old since I first discovered this place....."

"What I have found is more; so much more than I had anticipated, and I am finding new venues each day to sustain my growing desire and thirst for the knowledge this place contains. The D'ni came here many thousands of years ago to return to a humble way of living; here to this dim lit Cavern to rebuild their culture and begin again. The stories, history, and tragedy they left behind are near overwhelming - for there are great lessons to be learned here, many paths leading in every direction; one leading to truth, the others leading to pride, deceit, and failure....."

"In my time in this place of many places I have found many things that cannot be explained; at least, in a sense that the history of them has been lost to time itself. Things that once belonged to the D'ni - their homes, their clothing, and of course- their Books. Although many have been found in our own time of exploration, the likely chances of a Book even being left behind were slim. It can be assumed that most of the Books that have been found were left behind under certain circumstances of stress or importance(like the Great Fall), and Books such as these have become a great joy for me to discover. Most of them tell of the things already know about the D'ni; places and events we may or may not have been subject to, but have knowledge of. These Books are the bulk of the great Journey, the places one can learn from. There is always a lesson to be learned; knowledge to be gained - in the Ages, and in the future to come....."

"Yet there are those rare finds(and I haven't found many which is no surprise knowing how the D'ni worked)that tell of events and places we may have never been subject to, and that would have remained lost if it were not for chance alone of them being found. When we find these kinds of Books and writings, they sometimes fill in the empty spaces of a long lost history we still only know little of. Some mention certain circumstances we may have not been aware existed in D'ni society, and what I am about to share deals with these later kinds of Books, particularly three of them which I have discovered and still possess....."

"Approximately two years ago, while I was exploring an area in the upper level of the City I had not previously seen(it was obvious to me that it was a wealthy housing district), I discovered the ruined home of a D'ni man and his family. The man's name was Ash'taroth. After examining the house, I uncovered a dark red, leather bound journal of some length belonging to Ash, which is the name I have come to know him by. Also, amidst the remains of one of the broken walls, I found a small niche compartment containing a single black leather bound korvahk.

I thumbed through the journal, stopping on every page to adjust my mind to exactly what I was reading. The journal was amazing - it spoke of an unknown secret society, known as the Children of Yahvo, and of how they had planned to leave D'ni just before the Fall. The society itself was ancient, being formed during the first thousand years of the migration to the Cavern, and it had flourished many times throughout history and had always remained intact, even up to the times of the Fall, at which time Ash himself was a member.

The journal told of an ancient "tunnel Age" known as Tar'sahl, and a vault room above it that had been used for thousands of years to house their gatherings and ceremonies. It was in that place that they came at last, before whatever fate had befallen them, and the writings in Ash's journal had ended there, just as many of the histories and undiscovered events in D'ni unfold. Having found these two Books, I knew Ash must have left them here for some reason; perhaps he wanted them to be discovered eventually. Further reading of the journal proved this to be true. I had never seen anything like it before, and most likely never will again. Time is not enough, and I have grown old here.

What's even more interesting is the korvahk that I found. The link is still perfectly intact and the image of the place is crisp and clear. Time has been kind to the Book, but the longer I keep it, it slowly deteriorates from age, and I must handle it carefully in order to preserve it. I have placed it with the rest of my Books, and those in a secret location of my own design. More people have found this place, and they are coming down from the surface. I welcome them, and it has been a long time since I saw anyone, but I must preserve what I have found, at least for now....."

"Eventually I did muster up enough courage to try the link to Tar'sahl. It indeed lead to a spherical shaped "Link Room", with a beautifully crafted, suspended walkway stretching out in the distance to a darkened tunnel entrance. Stunning to behold and a rarity even in D'ni, intricately designed panes of bright colored stained glass depicted early events and important symbols of the great order that once inhabited that dimly lit space....."

"A much wider room could be seen on the other side of the tunnel. I tried the walkway, and it seemed sturdy enough. The Tunnel of Tar'sahl was brilliant - it contained many interesting murals, all depicting events that had taken place there over the years. I will be returning to examine them in much greater detail, as it is quite evident that they contain more than mere simple visual explanations. After entering the tunnel, I was able to gain access to the upper "Vault Room" beyond..."

"The vault room opened into a wide circular gallery, a beautifully crafted room which was the main area of the group's activities. I noted a strange system of both numbers and symbols inlaid all around the ceiling and floor there. Around the circumference of the room were 12 stones of equal size adorned with intricate carvings. From the entries in the Tunnel Testimonial, I deduced that there were six "Story" stones that told of the society's existence through the many centuries. There had been 6 great leaders of the group that had come forth, and each one had added a stone and a story. The story stones had carvings that depicted the group's deep religious devotion to Yahvo, whom they referred to as the Maker.There were 6 "Symbol" stones as well; again from the Tunnel journal, I found that they were connected to the numbers and symbols I had seen....."

"Across the Vault Room, I found the Great Door that was magnificent to behold. Intricately crafted upon it, the carved silhouette of a mighty Tree, and inside of it's trunk rested a Book. There were slots to match the symbols as well. This was how Shetehntahn was able to pass beyond the Great Door. After some time, I found the way into the Door, with the help of the symbol stones and the Tunnel Testimonial's vague hints. I will not divulge here exactly how this was accomplished, but one can pass beyond that massive Door; just as Shetehntahn and the Children of Yahvo did long ago....."

"The D'ni had great respect for "terohk jeruth" or "the Tree Of Possibility", since it was the first creation of the Maker, and according to creation, all things were made under it's might. I came into a large cylindrical "Tree" room; its heights and depths could not be seen. In the center of the room was the Tree - its roots stretching down into the dark mists below, and it's branches held up to the darkened and mist shrouded heights above. Wondrously crafted hanging banners and panes of "Story Glass" accented the ceiling above the Tree and the walls and walkway there. The room was simply amazing. An expertly designed suspended staircase lead out to the Tree itself. Many of the symbols were here in the Tree Room as well. I deduced that each one had something more to do with this place. Although Ash had never fully described what had been on the other side of the Great Door, now it was evident that they had truly gone further into the unknown....."

"Then all else was as nothing. I saw it - in a small room within the Tree itself. A dimly lit niche carved from the inside of the massive Tree, it's walls and ceiling adorned with murals and depictions of a mysterious place. What my eyes had actually stopped on was the Book. Resting on an intricate pedestal carved into the shape of the Tree was the kormahn of Eder Bahrehltahn. They had left it behind! Beside the kormahn was another smaller but delicately crafted Tree testimonial book that revealed why they had come back here and why they left the Book behind. I will remain here for some time studying this place and what I have found....."

"I left the Book there - I have seen that often when Books are moved or taken from their resting places, changes somehow occur in Ages, for good or ill. Such is the fate of the Books, and the fate of the Ages. I did take the tunnel testimonial, and the korvahk to the tunnel, along with Ash's journal. As long as I possess the korvahk, and can assume that their are no other viable links into it save mine, then the kormahn in the Tree room will remain safe as it has for thousands of years......"

"The understanding of these enigmatic people has taken me longer to realize than expected, and now the Called are coming, here to D'ni. And their Caller - I have learned of what She knows and have seen what She can do. I sometimes think of what the Children would have thought of Her. I grow weaker by the moment, and can only hope that someone will come along that I can trust with this - someone willing to explore deeper, and uncover more. I will do what I can to help the Called, for we travel the same paths, and we have all come to understand that the Least have become Greatest here now....."

"At last, I feel like a heavy weight is being lifted from me. I have spoken with one of the Called; "Stranger" he is known by the others. On my way down from the surface, I remembered seeing a name scratched into the wall. I could only guess who had made it, but it described exactly what I was to this ancient place at that time. So I took for myself the name Mihrotahn, which is D'ni for "stranger". I find myself wondering sometimes just how many "strangers" have come down here...."

"Coincidence? Perhaps. But it is true and he is here, along with others who are wise, and willing to learn. Soon he will want to know more; and I feel like he can be trusted. Stranger is a true seeker of knowledge, and he is ready for all that D'ni holds. So when the time is right, I will show him the korvahk that links to Tar'sahl, and hope that he can understand what I have only glimpsed, and want to know more about these lost people and their ancient order....."

"I have shown him all the Books, and we have gone to the Tree room and seen the kormahn there. He has promised to do what he can to preserve things as they are. He is going to Eder Bahrehltahn soon, along with a team of several explorers. I believe in him; like me, he has gained much wisdom in his own time down here. I want to go, but I know I do not have it within me to make the journey. I have only dreamed of what Eder Bahreltahn might truly be like; perhaps this Stranger can find out what's really on the other side. He will add yet another chapter to this ancient tale. In my time down here in this place of many places, I have all but become D'ni. My Maker calls....."


(3rd volume coming soon) :wink:

All names, places, events, and any material related to the Myst franchise used in this work are humbly presented here with due and sole rights belonging to Cyan.

Isyeerehmah Rehbahrehltahn ~ Shetehnehmah Rebahrehltahv
Rever the Maker ~ Cherish the Made

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Tnx. B'ni - now you know what I've been doing while i wasn't in the Cavern LOL! :wink:

Now that I have revealed the location of the Linking Book to Tar'sahl, I'll be concentrating on bringing more of the Age of Eder Bahrehltahn to light. Through careful exploration of the Eder, I have uncovered several works that are of utmost importance to deciphering the history of these enigmatic people. They had doctrines and beliefs that, although they had their ancient roots in D'ni, were highly evolved from the standard D'ni ways we know of, and these new works show that at times they were near heretical when compared with the ancient subterranean realm from whence they were born.

The following three posts contain portions and/or complete translations of 2 of these great works I have discovered. If you have enjoyed reading about Ash and Mihrotahn's stories, and of how the Eder and it's people came to be, then you may be surprised to see that these next two books will reveal even more than those stories. I will also be adding my own personal experiences of the Age; it is my goal to reveal all that I have discovered there since first linking in on April 25, 2008, shortly after the Cavern was once again closed to the public. Translation of some of these three books is still ongoing; more will be added later as exploration efforts from myself and others uncover the secrets of this sacred Age and it's people. Together, we will fill in the last few lines of the story of a lost world.

And of course I will be doing what I can to finish the repairs to the Linking Book to Tar'sahl. The link is still crystal clear, and I think it will be able to accommodate many links in the future. I have had the Book since Mihrotahn's passing, along with several other additional compilations; none knew that he had passed them to me, and I had given him my word that I would protect them, and I have done that and will continue to do so. I have recently mounted a major restoration project, with the help of many other senior guild members, to prepare the story and the Age(along with the various other books and journals that have been discovered) for presentation to the community. The Linking Book to Tar'sahl will be released when we can be assured that it will remain stable and safe.

To Our Discovery Of A New Revelation In D'ni,


Isyeerehmah Rehbahrehltahn ~ Shetehnehmah Rebahrehltahv
Rever the Maker ~ Cherish the Made

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Eder Bahrehltahn(also known as the Maker's Age)
-discovered in the Tree Room beyond the Great Door in Tar'sahl on December 5, 2007

Shetehntahn, like many D'ni, was in search of an escape from the impending Fall; he embarked on a spiritual Journey to discover an Age for his fellow brethren that would serve as their new home, and allow them to grow closer to the Maker. He claimed to have been influenced by Yahvo to unravel the mysteries of the secret Stones within the tunnel Age of Tar'sahl, where the devotees of Yahvo had gathered in his presence for thousands of years. Through the eyes of the Maker, he glimpsed beyond the Great Door and into the Tree Room. Once he opened the Great Door, he eventually stumbled upon the Age of Eder Bahrehltahn; it would be in this new Age that those who held to the Maker's words would escape certain death.

It is not known if Shetehntahn was persecuted or praised for his radical beliefs in D'ni; however it is evident that he was known, loved, and followed by some. Most of the history known about him comes from the various books and paintings that were left behind in Tar'sahl and Eder Bahrehltahn. Shetehntahn is never mentioned in pre-Fall D'ni records, but according to one account(the temple testimonial), he was indeed a well known and respected writer and guildsman of that time, and it can be assumed that, without his intuition and devotion, the Age of Eder Bahreltahn would have never been known or discovered. Still, his early history in D'ni is unclear, but it is evident that before the Fall he become the prominent figure amongst his fellow brethren, so much that they followed him devoutly, and took his commands as the decrees of the Maker.

Eder Bahrehltahn is an Age of sacred idealism. It is the direct manifestation of the ideas embodied in the first elder writers of the society, who claimed that the Maker had influenced them to write(to describe his creation), so that those who believed might be saved. Much like the many Garden Ages we find in D'ni, the Age is comprised of a deep valley surrounded by towering mountains and covered in lush foliage, and there are many strangely shaped trees and plants; behleht sahrah and yertis, river canes, lush grasses, and budding fronds of diverse natures are everywhere. Some of the plants once served as the staple foods that supported life there. Wild streams of cool, clear water flow down from the mountains and join together to form a mighty river that rushes downwards to the valley floor. There are towering trees known as "dovah ter" that shade most of the land and block out the sunlight from the valley floor below.

The sky in Eder Bahreltahn is divided in half by night and day; in the eastern sky, two radiant suns, Gil'ma and Ae'gilma, in a field of green blue, and in the western sky, the moon L'unah and the shimmering of countless stars in the expanse of space beyond. The skies in the Age were designed to serve as the symbol of the sacred ideas of Balance, Harmony, and Eternity; thus there is no counting of hours and days in Eder Bahrehltahn, a highly evolved curve from the D'ni standard. There is also a wonderful language and mathematical scheme that was evidently used by the advocates who lived there, and those can be seen everywhere.

There is an abundance of wild creatures in every corner of the Age; among them are the riku and the sq'i. Some of the other unknown species are also highly intelligent; all are malevolent towards outside influence. There is a species of great bird there, the multi-colored fal'kor, that builds its nest high in the canopy of the dovah ter. By the decree of the Maker, and of Shetehntahn, these birds were considered to be sacred; they were the majestic creations of the Maker. Their harmless but eerie warbles and the dull flapping of their great multicolored wings can be heard from high in the dovah ter always; even to this day.

Everywhere there is the mark of D'ni; a whisper of the past for those who once called the Age home. Carved stairs lead down into the lower parts of the valley. There is an ingenious power system in the Age; it harnesses the moving force of the main river and channels it to provide an unlimited current of energy, which is then spent where needed. The power system is still operational, some lights are still on in the Age, and the lower valley glows as if the people of the Age were still there, even after years of abandon.

Below, there was once much life. Those who escaped the Fall lived there for a time in wooden houses, nestled in the cool shade of the towering dovah ter. They built many other structures, among them a glorious carved stone temple that held another Tree like unto the Terohk Jeruth, which was called Terohk Devokan; it is made of a delicately shaped blue and golden crystal that is not native to the Age. Terohk Devokan was initially found broken into 5 fragments; through meticulous care it has now been fully restored. The origins of Terohk Devokan lie shrouded in mystery to this day, but it is said to be the divine design of Yahvo himself - an homage to the Art which he birthed and ultimately passed on to man(the D'ni). Supposedly, Terohk Devokan appeared in the primal creation of the Eder, placed there by the Maker, and the temple was built around it.

The true ideas of Terohk Devokan(and thus the Maker)were said to be contained within a great tome of knowledge known as the Rehkorok Sheegah, or, the Book Of Foundation; the equivilant of the Rehehvkor of D'ni. It was written by the great Shetehntahn, in accordance with the Guildsmen who had fled to the Age from D'ni with him, and it served them for many, many years before their departure. The book was not found on my initial expedition, however it was later found, and is now safely guarded. As it is translated, more will be revealed to us of this mysterious book and how it affected the people of the age.

There is a testimonial in the temple that tells of the great accomplishments of the writers of the Age, and of how the D'ni refugees that came there lived in delight for 125 years. After that time, some eventually went back to D'ni and other Ages; most stayed in Eder Bahrehltahn. There are many clues in the testimonial that point to the conclusion that approximately 75 years later, the remaining devotees followed Shetehntahn to another glorious Age.

According to the testimonial, a D'ni man, a stranger who's name is never given but described as "the burdened one", appeared and spoke with Shetehntahn; at first the people were opposed to his sudden appearance, but he promised a new life in a new place with the remaining survivors of D'ni. He claimed that he had written a perfect and wonderous Age for the remnant, and even that some of their own ancestors dwelt with him in the new Age. The Children of Yahvo longed to be reconnected with their lost people; they cast their doubts away, took the news of the new Age as a sacred sign, a final gift from Yahvo, and agreed to go with Shetehntahn, and the man from D'ni.

The testimonial mentions several ending events leading up to the Fall, and alludes to many important dates from those times; among these, the day of the final revolt of Veovis, which is also recorded as the very day that Grandmaster Shetentahn gave the decree to flee from D'ni to Tar'sahl.

The D'ni man had found the way to Eder Bahrehltahn with the help of two friends. One of these friends was given the name of Ash'taroth. Ash is the doorway; how he came into possession of the book to the tunnel is another matter, but it was found in the ruins of his home. The kormahn of Eder Bahreltahn, and thus the way into that Age was later found in the tunnel above D'ni.

The other friend he referred to as Mihrotahn. He had come to D'ni 200 years after the Fall leading an expeditionary team, and had found the ruined home of Ash'taroth, and the hidden cache of books there. Among them was the book to the tunnel. It had been Mihrotahn who had discovered the kormahn in the tunnel. He had revealed the books to this unknown D'ni man. Mihrotahn had been ill for some time and knew he could not make the Journey to the Eder, and he wanted this D'ni stranger to help him find answers. Having seen the Book and the Age, and deducing that there was in fact a civilization thriving there, the D'ni man had come alone looking for possible survivors of the Fall.

It had taken him many years and even more courage and strength to write the Age and gather them there from across the worlds. Ash and Mihrotahn had both played a part in revealing the lost community and its people, and with Ash long departed and Mihrotahn back on the surface for a time, he had decided to come alone to them and offer them the chance to be with their ancestors again, in peace with "the people of the root". And so the great people of Eder Bahrehltahn left that Age. And with their leaving, time stood still in Eder Bahreltahn, and all written records, including the testimonial, ceased, and their great history there came to an end, and was reborn again in a new Age and a new cycle. It has been approximately 25 years since their migration. In May of 2007, approximately 22 years after the great departure from Eder Bahrehltahn, I came to D'ni, and after meeting Mihrotahn in D'ni and becoming close friends with him before his untimely death 5 months later, was given all the books and the link to the tunnel that once belonged to Ash - these include his personal journal, the tunnel korvahk, and the Testimonial of Tar'sahl. I must let it be known that Mihrotahn seemed very concerned about these books and his last wish was to finally make it to the Eder, despite his ever declining health. As per his wish, I laid him to rest approximately 3 years ago beneath the center stones in the Temple of Eder Bahrehltahn, where he still lies entombed to this very day.

Before the people departed, they built a ring of brilliantly carved standing stones near the temple as a memorial to their great time there, and to serve as a reminder that it had been by the hand of the Maker that they had been delivered from the fate of the roll, and of the Fall. Each of the standing stones carries an inscription written in D'ni, the praises of the Maker from his most devout followers. One of the inscriptions clearly belongs to Ash'taroth of D'ni; further proof that he survived the Fall, and later left Eder Bahrehltahn with the Children of Yahvo to join his ancestors in the "Golden Age". The single inscription upon the largest of the standing stones reads: "We Have Found Peace With The Rohrleshahn - Our Hearts Remain Forever In The Eternity Of D'ni - By The Maker We Have Returned At Last Forever".

The stones are covered in beautiful paintings; with scenes that depict Shetehntahn with the great fal'kor, and of strange, blue eyed, black faced creatures with massive wings; which are in fact the same creatures from the Great Cavern of D'ni. In the testimonial it is mentioned that they came to that Age freely and even lived there as well, always watching, and helping. There are scenes of the people's exodus from the Cavern and the tunnel, of the good life they had there, the coming the D'ni stranger with the promise of a final golden Age, and of the time before their great departure.

A detailed composition of the epic of creation as recorded by the Temple Advocates of Eder Bahreltahn has been discovered, along with many books of commentary(one in particular being the journal of Ash'taroth). Before they left, there were many diverse books kept there; most were taken along to the new Age; the last remaining books that were found there are now safely guarded and preserved; I intend to share them with the hopes that I may find out more. Some of them lead to other wonderous Ages altogether; however none appear to link to the "Golden Age" that the D'ni stranger had spoken of.

I have been unable to find the kormahn of Tar'sahl, perhaps it was taken long ago. Currently, the stone Tree in the tunnel above D'ni(and thus the descriptive link to the Age of Eder Bahreltahn) can only be reached by the single linking book that is contained in my private collection on Relto.


Isyeerehmah Rehbahrehltahn ~ Shetehnehmah Rebahrehltahv
Rever the Maker ~ Cherish the Made

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The following two posts deal with the creation story as told by the people of Eder Bahrehltahn. The Rekorok Sheegah contains the Eder Bahrehltahn version of the creation epic, however, we have also discovered a paralel existing between that version and the version we are familiar with, which was revealed by Nick White and the Students Of D'ni Knowledge. Both are presented here for your examination.

Epic Of Creation - Eder Bahrehltahn Version

In the beginning of creation there was Nothing.

The Maker - Yahvo, awoke and found himself alone within the midst of Nothing. He created a divine seed, and sewed it into the depths of Nothing. He directed his divine light upon it, and the seed began to grow.

Intently the Maker watched and soon a single root emerged from the seed and he was pleased. He increased his light, and caused it to become warm, and the root multiplied into many; stretching out into all places, and pleasing him with their diverse shapes.

He placed the firmament of the ground beneath the roots - a mound of black soil to nourish the seed; he fashioned a pool of white water and it fed the tender shoots. The Maker provided his light for the seed.

Time passed by and the roots grew more, filling every angle and space, and Yahvo was pleased. He looked down at the roots and noticed one was not like the others - it grew up towards him; it reached towards the Maker himself.

Soon it split into many diferent roots, all spiraling away from the single upward growing shoot. This new shape intrigued Yahvo, and soon he forgot about the rest of the roots. They grew down into the soil and were forgotten, nourished by the white pool and the black mound.

Black leaflets began to emerge from the tips of the shoots. Seeing the dark leaves, Yahvo increased his divine light, and caused it to become hot, and soon the black leaflet grew into bright green leaves.

The single upward growing shoot grew stronger still, forming a trunk, while bright golden fruits appeared between the shoots. Yahvo was wholly pleased, and he called his new creation "ter" - Tree.

In time, the Maker tired of his new creation. He wanted to create more - he placed tall blades of yellow grass in the soil beneath the Tree, and green mosses and ferns and all forms of plants. The plants grew and in time they became filled with worms.

Yahvo watched, and the worms began to multiply and fill the Tree, eating the green leaves and devouring the bright fruits. The Maker created birds, to come and eat the worms, and soon they flocked in multitudes to the Tree, devouring the worms and nesting in its mighty boughs.

Yahvo was pleased - pleased with all that he saw, and so he tried to speak with his creation. But it could not understand his divine wisdom - it could not answer back, and Yahvo soon realized that he was alone still.

Saddened, he left the Tree; no longer did his warm light shine upon it. He cast his creation aside, and left for distant places to see what else he could find. But the Tree continued to grow.

In the absence of the Maker, the Tree was visited by another, one like Him, and He was searching for something more. He found the Tree, abandoned and without warmth, and it flourished still, being fed by the pool and the soil.

This other, Jakooth, was not like the Maker; not like him in his heart. He cast a dark beam that caused the Tree to wither, and he dug up the roots and created wild animals to kill the birds and eat them.

He made the worms, and he made the creatures that prowl and ensnare; he made the behemoths of old. He summoned tempests to ravage the Tree and stripped its tender branches bare. And his horde sat their might against the Tree, and attacked it with an evil intent, and the Tree began to wither, but it did not die.

Thinking that he had succeeded in destroying the Tree, Jakooth left that place in search of other lowly places. And still, the Tree continued to grow. Shattered and alone, it clung to Life, and it grew throughout the Ages.

The Maker longed to come back to his beloved Tree - he returned at last, and discovered that the Tree had survived, and it flourished more than he had ever known. Where there had once only been golden fruits, cinnabar globes of ripened fruits also grew. The leaves had grown wider still, and they gleamed silver green in his divine light.

And there were peculiar creatures there as well, the race of man, who had arisen from the dust; they been born of the Maker's divine love of the Tree, and by the evil intent of Jakooth that had been cast upon it. This new creature was the embodiment of the union of good and evil, and he had cared for the Tree in the Maker's absence with devotion.

Seeing the creature Yahvo called to him and asked why he was there. The creature replied that he had been alone since birth, and had come to know the Tree as his home, and had cared for it. He had even tried to converse with it, but like everything else, it did not answer. Hearing this, Yahvo cried, and smiled, and wept. In this instant, they both realized they were not alone. In this creature the Maker had found another like Him that was searching for something more, and was eager to grow. At last the Maker was pleased. But Yahvo knew that this creature, this man, must know all that he knew.

One day, Yahvo came to the Tree and presented another like himself to the man; he proclaimed that he was also his Maker, and he left the man to speak with Him.

He showed the man the secrets of the darkness and the Nothing. He showed the man Death. After a time, Jakooth left the man and disappeared into other places, and as he left he smiled. He knew his will had been done. But not all was lost.

Soon, woman existed with man, being designed in the same way he had been, and the Maker was pleased with her. Together they conversed with Yahvo, learning the secrets of their world from their Maker.

They worshiped Yahvo, and soon they forgot about Jakooth, the dark one. And as the Ages past, the knowledge of their evil lineage fell from their minds. There was only the Maker and His good will for them, and they lived each passing day and multiplied beneath his divine light and the might of the Great Tree.

They named it "Terohk Jer'uth" - The Tree Of All Possibility. Yahvo, pleased with man, gave to him the secrets of the Art. To woman, he gave the secrets of Life. Together, they all lived in harmony, beneath the boughs of the mighty Tree.

And so mankind cherished the Maker and learned all that he could from him, and the Maker was pleased. He gave to man a final gift - the power of decision; to rule over his own worlds, for good or for ill.

And it was so that from that moment forth, all mankind was given the choice to follow the things that Yahvo had taught them, or to follow the things that Jakooth had taught them.

- Epic Of Creation
Preface to Rekorohk Sheegah
Eder Bahrehltahn - The Temple Of The Children Of Yahvo
Author Unknown

Isyeerehmah Rehbahrehltahn ~ Shetehnehmah Rebahrehltahv
Rever the Maker ~ Cherish the Made

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Epic Of Creation - SoDK Version

From nothing, Yahvo created a seed. Amidst nothing, the seed lived and grew until a single root emerged from the seed. The light of Yahvo shone on the seed, causing it to grow, but only slightly. Yahvo was unhappy with what he saw and so he waited. Eventually, another root appeared, and another, and another, and soon there were millions of roots extending out from the seed, stretching through all time and space eventually pleasing Yahvo with their color and diversity. Yahvo smiled at what he saw and created a pool of white water for the roots so that they might be nourished and grow stronger and bigger. He created black soil for the roots that they might be fed by its nutrients and fill the darkness further with their shapes. He Himself provided light for the seeds.

As time passed, the roots spread themselves across the vastness, growing larger and fuller every day, joining with one another, intertwining, and extending in every direction, reaching all places. Though there were endless roots, each was different than the other, there was one in particular that Yahvo watched closely. It was this particular root that was the first to change its direction and begin to sprout upward, towards Yahvo himself. It continued to stretch itself toward the heavens before splotting itself apart into an endless amount of smaller roots, each one spreading away from the other. Yahvo was pleased with the new shape forming and as He focused His attention upon the shape, the other roots became distant, far away, and seemingly forgotten.

Black leaves began to emerge from the upper roots and one particular section became thicker and more robust. Yahvo created a special light for the shame, and after time the leaves that had been black, became green. The thick section of the root formed a thick wooden skin while bright fruits appeared between the green leaves. Yahvo enjoyed the new shape and He called it ‘ter’ (tree). But, in time, the tree bored Him. It was then He added a thick ground beneath the tree and filled it with blades of tall yellow grasses. Days later, He noticed a small worm walking along the leaf, eating the green substance. The laughter of Yahvo filled the expanse of Heaven and soon there were many worms, filling up the tree, eating the fruits and leaves for nourishment.

The worms grew in size and soon birds came to eat the worms. Yahvo enjoyed the birds and created blue skies for them to live in and prosper. Though Yahvo tried to speak with the worms and the birds, they could not understand or relate to Him. So, He became upset with all that had been created and turned away from it and left to another place.

Much time passed before Yahvo went to look at the tree again. When He did, He found that nothing had changed. However, as He watched the leaves bask in the light, He noticed a man standing below the tree. The man was feeding the birds and playing with the animals of the field. The man looked at Yahvo and spoke. “I am lonely” the man said. “No one understands me when I speak and no one listens when I talk.” And Yahvo laughed and cried and smiled and wept.

And soon woman existed with man. Together the man and woman lived together often conversing with Yahvo on all subjects and matter. He taught them of good, and of the way He desired for them to live. And they had no knowledge of evil.

One particular day Yahvo came to the tree with another handsome looking man. The man was called Jakooth by Yahvo and wished for the man and woman to talk with Jakooth for a while, so that they could understand ‘his’ wishes for them. And so, Jakooth taught the man and woman of evil… and when he left their tree, they had the knowledge of good and evil. They knew what both Yahvo and Jakooth desired of them and Yahvo was pleased they had gained this knowledge.

And so from that moment on, the man and woman and their descendants had to choose whether or not to follow those things that Yahvo had taught them or to follow those things that Jakooth had taught them.

Isyeerehmah Rehbahrehltahn ~ Shetehnehmah Rebahrehltahv
Rever the Maker ~ Cherish the Made

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Rekorohk Sheegah
-written By Guildmaster Shetehntahn of the Guild Of Writers - Eder Bahrehltahn

Introduction To The Preformation Of The Manuscript Extant

"The Book Of Foundation" as it was known, contains all Gahrohehvtee known to the Guild Of Writers which was formed shortly after the Fall of D'ni within the Age of Eder Bahrehltahn. The D'ni equivalent names of each of the Great Words are given, along with each corresponding idea. Step, rhythm, mode, conjunction, and sheegahtee usage(some of these are variants unknown or unmentioned in traditional D'ni Writing) are dealt with on a lower level later in the manuscript in their appropriate appendices.

The manuscript is a far throw from the traditional D'ni lexicon standard, but it truly beckons back to the basic fundamentals of the ancient Art of its D'ni predecessors. The work was formulated in an attempt to preserve the Art for the people of Eder Bahrehltahn, and it is evident from the many books that they possessed that the manuscript was indeed used to effect the Art with astonishing success. It was held as the most divine work ever penned in that Age, and it stands as the most complete and competent form of Rehevkor that I have ever found.

The Writer was intended to study the manuscript at least 5 years before he could be deemed learned enough to fully understand its value, and another 5 years of study was required to effectively be able to implicate the Gahrohehvtee into his Writing. The manuscript is in fact a very prescise presentation, explaining how each Great Word can be effected in the correct manner so as to fully empower the Art.

There is the introduction of the keebikor(study book) that is used instead of the many books of commentary to "preformulate" an Age(unknown or either unmentioned in D'ni Writing), lehm and bruhn(pen/ink) construction and formulae, kort'neea(blank book) construction and implementation, ahmorehlu(idea) development and guidelines, tehju'tee(blueprints) creation for mapping out Ages both within the keebikor and the main text body of the descriptive book(these are principally composed of the many drawings within the keebikor, but the drawings are of a diverse and wonderous nature), ooshahn(formula) development, and also of how each of these techniques is to be correctly implemented in the creation of the many phrases and strings of Great Words that will describe the Writer's ideal Age.

The Writer's will is implemented in his Art, and the will of the Maker flows through mankind(the D'ni), emmanating from within the Tehrohk Jerooth; this is discussed in great detail within the manuscript. The book expresses that the Art involves not only the understanding and implementation of the Great Words(and the techniques used to implement them), but of the understanding of their impact upon any given Age.

Depending upon the will of the Writer and the idea he possesses, he picks and chooses which Words to use from the Rehkorohk, and how to combine those words into phrases(in the keebikor) that "predescribe" the very essence of his desired Age. Through this predescription, the Writer gains a metaphysical link to the Age he has envisioned. He then uses the various techniques of the Art to impress that link into the books through final written description.

Using special tools and techniques(some of which the Ronay developed and some of which are said to be of divine origin), such as the "crystal visor"(a variant of the descriptive link panel) and the movable "crystal plate"(a variant of the Bahro Stone), he then physically links to the Age he has described.

The lexicon ends with a massive set of appendices which include the (numbers), (alphabet), (time), (symbology), (colors), ooshan'tee(formulas), and all manner of appropriate clause to the Art(the rules).

The manuscript was found in its entirety within the great stone temple of the Advocates of Eder Bahrehltahn, and was taken from there to be preserved, maintained, and studied. The translation of the manuscript is ongoing, but most of the work has been translated with minimal effort. The full release of the manuscript is a work in progress, and it is hoped that this brief introduction to "The Book Of Foundation" can serve as a starting point for the student that wishes to know more of this glorious work lost in time.

(Manuscript release to follow)

Isyeerehmah Rehbahrehltahn ~ Shetehnehmah Rebahrehltahv
Rever the Maker ~ Cherish the Made

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This reads great Stranger!!! Hopefully you'll remember me. We had lots of fun in URU a while back!!

-URU Remix / TDream

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