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Read this post for more background info:

Read this post for info about skydiving techniques, feel free to ask any question on that thread so I can or other can help:

Collection Part 3: Buggaros, Darkness, Fissure, & Pellets

52 quests inside 7 series (These quests will be available through the charming Mimi Bot KI # 21420380)

13) Into Darkness
14) Gahreesen Subworld (Showcase)
15) Er’cana Canyon
16) Er’cana Factory
17) The Grandiose Path (Grand Tour)
18.) Mighty Buggaros
19) The Fissure

13) Into Darkness – 13 quests

(I reworked completely 5 quests, I reworked most of the paths inside 3 more quests, ... and I feared too much the darkness to touch the remaining :lol: :wink: )

This series is very well-named. Even with some quests where you’ll question why they are included in this series at first glance, you’ll see why playing them. You’ll be from few markers to almost 100% of them in complete or relative darkness. Each age has a default background colour, Gahreesen is black. As soon as you get outside the normal camera zones, you plunge into darkness. Some will fear it, some will like it :) . You’ll see perfectly well the markers let me tell you…& that’s about all what you’ll see sometimes :lol: . This series is really hard. Unfortunately, 7 quests are combo mandatory quests. There’s no workaround possible. I always liked that series even if it’s a bit cryptic in some lengths inside those quests 8) .


14) Gahreesen Subworld – 4 quests – Showcase Series

(I added a brand new "Rings" quest 8) )

This series stands on its own. It has not other equivalent. The 4 quests inside them are basically “locked” quests. Since more than 95% of the overall markers are inside subworld, you cannot grab them. It’s mostly a series to watch & learn (I’m giving you the possibility, with explanations, to learn how I made them). The 4th quest is a bit different as you have interaction with the subworld to do. The interaction to have is thoroughly explained.


15) Er’cana Canyon – 3 quests

(This series was already top-notch :wink: )

Quite short series of quests located in this huge mainly uncharted area. This is one of the last unmapped extensive area of the game. Nevertheless, explorers should find their journey there very pleasant as the area is very impressive & nice. One of the quests is quite long by design as you’ll have to first understand how to play with the harvester subworld & second to make your way through the canyon to grab all the markers spread on railways supports.


16) Er’cana Factory – 10 quests

(I reworked almost every single bit of this series: I deleted 1 quest in this series, reworked completely 6 quests, & made significant changes to the remaining 4 quests)

This area is one of my favourite location inside the entire game and it shows; I left nearly no collision walls unmapped. If you don’t see markers in one specific location, it might be because it’s too glitchy. In this series, I’m trying with few markers spread in each quest to explain how this whole complex works. It’s not a didactic series, far from that. I just figured out that it would add another dimension besides climbing to collisions to see nice landscapes & areas :) .


17) The Grandiose Path – 4 quest – Grand Tour Series

While in the process of making my series Er’cana Factory, I had this great idea of creating the longest single route ever inside this game without touching normal grounds. With 276 steps, this is indeed the longest path. Basically, you’ll go everywhere inside the factory complex. Most importantly, you’ll never ever cross your path. I studied the collision walls thoroughly to come up with this unique feature. It’s therefore a long sinuous path. At one single occasion, you’ll touch a marker from a previous step, this is because the paths are very near each others, but in no way they are crossing each other. This path is really awesome & it’s one of the biggest challenges to take on.


18.) Mighty Buggaros – 11 quests

(I reworked completely 7 quests out of 11. This age had too "problematic" quests inside it. I had to bring them to the overall general quality of my entire collection)

Teledahn is a very unique age and one of my preferred ones :D. Because of the nature of Teledahn; it’s a vast natural landscape with marshes, lagoons, wildlife, hills, & mushrooms all over the place, there's no continuity between areas. The areas are divided by natural barriers and far from each others. I worked basically in all the areas providing thorough & complete coverage for each part of this very nice age. In Teledahn, some areas are very easy & some areas are hardcore. My quests range inside this array. I’m providing also a short community quest than involves the lift subworld. You must play with another explorer & the ultimate goal is awesome & unique: reaching the sky level high above everything else inside that age.


19) The Fissure – 7 quests

(I reworked thoroughly all my 5 old quests in that series and I added 2 brand new quests closing the loop once and for all on how I always envisioned this series)

This is by far my most beloved baby :lol: . This series is quite awesome. It's set in down-to-earth (sure thing for the Cleft :wink: ...), back to the roots, warming ages. You cannot dislike those ages. If you have followed the evolution on my "The Fissure" series throughout the years, I started with 3 quests, I added one in late 2011, added a new one in early 2012, and now I come back adding 2 brand new quests. These quests have their own distinctive flairs. They aren't built like most of my other quests. It is mostly true with "Stories Have Been Told" where I close the loop in a certain way. This series is very witty and mostly you have to make your Journey all alone adding a sense of loneliness.


Voilà! Enjoy this Part 3: Buggaros, Darkness, Fissure, & Pellets :D :D

And BTW...that's all I have to propose...I hope it's sufficient :lol:

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