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 Post subject: The Great Shaft
PostPosted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 10:29 pm 

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I was messing around in TOC today, and got to one foot above the relto plane in the Great Shaft. Got a screen shot. Might be interesting to others. :mrgreen:

Relative Light

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 Post subject: Re: The Great Shaft
PostPosted: Mon Jul 29, 2013 12:46 pm 

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Hello R.L...

Yes, TOC allows you to explore so much more of the different Ages. And not
always as intended by Cyan. So here in /spoiler-tag/ is an explanation I wrote
about a year ago on Guild of Sleepers Forum on "how" to move around in TOC
with help of commands. Have fun Exploring!
[Reveal] Spoiler:
The TOC Team has now very generously given Us All oppertuneties to to Explore
a lot more [so to speak] of the MOULa or URU Ages that has not been possible
before. So I though it could be useful with some basic Info reg that.

The D'ni Geographic mapping system is a wee bit complicated. But that is what we
have to rely on if we only use our KI's. It has the Great Zero as it's Central focal
point or Zero point, that Blinking Red dot high above the City. And the KI interface
provides us with coordinates about our whereabouts in the Ages. [or some of them
at least] The GZ coordinates consist of a Degree on a circle [Toran or Torantee],
the distance measured out from the GZ, [Spans] and the height relative to the GZ
[Spans]. These all are shown, when we're in the City of Ae'gure.
[a full circle measures 62500 'torantee'. one 'span' equivalents approx. 13.3 feet]

What the TOC Team seems to have succeeded in doing is to Convert the D'ni KI
Technology and adapt it to our kind of machinery, the PC or a Mac. And make it
compatible, so we can now more easily travel in the Ages, by given coordinate
commands. Very neat!

So here below is some basic guidelines on how to use it ...

The coordinates used for moving [with the help of our PC or Mac] are now instead
called X, Y and Z. These letters relate to 3 different Axis. X and Y is always on
the horizontal [flat] plane. Z is the vertical Axis.

So simplified, X is for moving Sideways, Y is for moving Forward or Back and Z is
for movement Up or Down. Like in this Image below.


These Axis or movement along them are here always measured in feet. And to make
use of the command you write slash, the Axis in question and a digit. So for example,
a command [/x 10] would move You 10 feet to Your right. [/x -10] would move You
10 feet to Your left.

When You Link into an Age, whatever it may be, with the Link Book You land at a Linking
point! This Point should always stay the same, and is the Zero Point of that Age from
where the /X/Y/Z/ coordinates are measured.

To give an example. The Image below from the Instance of City, the axis movements
drawn out. You Link In inside the Rock-thingy, thus I've taken a few steps outside
and am Not standing at the Zeropoint here. But the Axis always stay the same.
But take note. You need to test which side is [-] and which [+] For example, in the
Cleft, You Link In at the Sign, facing the crater. But if going back with /a [spawn back
to Zero Link In point] You face the other way!


You should keep in mind, that that all of the Ages have a different kind of geographic structure
and height range. Some of the rock faces can be solid! Some are not and You fall through! The
Zero level [along the z axis] or levels above it may differ from place to place even within an Age.

So Always Explore with a bit of a caution!!

But You can always try and avoid 'falling through' the zero level [and Relto'ing out] by using the
/float command. This allows You to move around above zero level. Just type /float and then /z
and number of feet You wish to maintain above general zero level. To disable it, type /nofloat.

When using the float command You can not turn around freely. For that You need to use another
command, /rot [rotate] and a number of degrees. This command will by default apply the change
in z axis only. If You wish to rotate in any other direction, use /x or /y in the same manner.

That was just some simple guidelines. I'll later try and put up some Maps or sketches
from the different Ages, but just for a mere general guidance. For more Info You can
also have a peek Here>> .. In Not so Basic Commands.

Exploring has become now so very much more interesting!
So Put on Your Hiking Boots and get going!

/ Max /

MO:ULa status Image

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