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PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2014 10:14 pm 

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The Original Posting has been moved a step down and this is hopefully the
Final Update of April 24th as things are now...

Chloe Rhodes from "DIRT" URU Live Project, a New Shard will be doing a
presentation in the 13:00 to 14:30 TimeSlot!!! Don't Miss THAT!

Some minor changes or additions (**) to the list of Presenters in the First Set.

[Reveal] Spoiler:
This here below was the First Preliminary Schedule with all of the times noted in KI Time! Now changed as above!
[note. this might be subject for changes due circumstances we have no control over]
The order of the presenters in each TimeSlot might change. More details to be added
as we get them.

Feel free to contact either me max.2.0 or Keir by PM on these Forums or in
MOULa: KI Mails to I.H.P:Max (KI# in sig) or Kaaja/I.H.P.X or [X]...

I.H.P. Open Hood Day April 24th Time Schedule

12:00 KI Time... DMR will start broadcasting music over the DMR server.

13:00... [to approx 14:30] First, some sort of Informal Opening of the Open Hood Day...
There after presentations from the following:
-- Tom / Boywhith: the MOULa Picture Book...
-- Mystler & The Open Cave Shard...
-- Christian Walther & **rarified & Minkata Test Shard...
-- Michel & Janeerah: the MagicBot, the Fabulous Magic Treasure and visits to Magic Ages...
**during that presentation: Mephu: 3 Musical Improvisations Inspired by Myst...
-- **Doobes and the New GoMessenger's Pub...
-- Chloe Rhodes: "DIRT" A Brand New Shard, soon in a computer near you!
-- **"A Message from diafero"... A summary of the Deep Island Shard..."

14:30 or later... Let's Party! The celebration continues... DMR streams music on above url/

15:30... [to approx. 17:00]
-- Jamie Merchant: MOULa, Q&A on Heritage Nights and the Future of it...
-- Annabelle: Skydiving in the Cavern & Marker Games...
-- froglet [GorenDeBree]: Poetry and Marker Sculptures...
-- Vector Cramp: MystiTech Productions & The Lost Art...
-- Larry LeDeay & zeke3651: Guided Age Tours, a summary of the season that was...

17:00... Let's continue the Party! DMR streams music on above url/

18:00... [to approx. 19:00]
-- BladeLakem: "Unwritten", A Role-Playing Game Project...
-- matthornb: Sevkor and Uru Fan Age Development...
-- Lord Chaos: Those Were the Days. 9 years of music in the cavern...
-- DMR, D'ni Musicologic Research: Christine & Musica...

19:00... Let's continue the Party! DMR streams music on above url/

20:00 [approx.]
Ainia: Geologic Surveys in New Mexico & All Things Uru...

After that the DMR takes over and continues the broadcast on above url/

MO:ULa status Image

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 22, 2014 8:38 am 

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// This is the Original Topic. Please see the First Posting Above for Latest Details! //

Like I.H.P. announced at the April All Guilds Meeting, The International's Hood will have a Public
Open Hood Day on Thursday 24th
of April from 12:00 till 20:00 KI Time or even beyond that.

This I.H.P. Open Hood Day happens for several reasons. To sum it up briefly:
(more further details and updates below)

1. / During this week there's The D'ni New Year that happens on 21st of April
I.H.P's One Year Anniversary... The International Mother Earth's Day...
The Guild of Linguists become one year too. So why not try and have a Party?!

2. / We will at the same time try to gather together as much as possible of the
Creative Talents we have in the cavern. Writers, Artists, Age Builders,
, what not. And give them the Stage, let them tell about what they are
creating or doing, inspired or not by the Myst Universe. We'll try also to get
hold of the Shard crews, so they can come and tell about their present state
and their future plans.

3. / We're also trying to set up a series of Guided Age Tours on a European Time Schedule.
-- Would you like to go on a A Guided Age Tour, if suited for an European Time Schedule?
-- Have you some knowledge of the D'ni History and the Ages and could you do Guiding yourself?
-- Do you wish that either of these would happen with a Non-English language support?
That been as a back-up, if guided primarily in English. The secondary languages used could be
French, Dutch, German or Italian. Come and have a chat with us about this...

[Reveal] Spoiler:
Here's some more detailed Info regarding all of the above mentioned. (more to be added)

1. / This is happening during April 21st to 27th:
-- The D'ni New Year on 21st of April. We'll get Banners up in the Hoods and Fireworks,
I hope... The same day I.H.P. has a One Year Anniversary...
-- The International Mother Earth's Day on 22d of April. We live of this earth and we are
(IC) within this earth... And we should take good care of it!
-- Guild of Linguists have a One Year Anniversary on 23d of April
-- We have chosen 24th of April for this event. Thursday is already an established
Time Slot at 13:00 Ki Time for Janeerah's Age Gatherings. (see 3.)

2. / There are lots of talent in the cavern, I'm sure Talent we almost never get to see or hear.
Creators inspired by the Myst Universe. We give you the Stage. Come and talk about your
creations or ideas, play your music, tell what this place means to you... Anything goes!

We would also like to get all of the different Shards to come and present themselves. Talk about
their plans and ideas, history and the future. As far as I know there are at least 5 different Shards.
-- Deep Island (that has a plenty of Fan Made Content)
-- Gehn's Shard (more info to be added)
-- The Open Cave (more info to be added)
-- Minkata Test Shard (more info to be added)
-- The Lost City of Atlantis Shard (non-active? more info to be added)

Shards presently under development:
-- DIRT (as presented by Chloe Rhodes at AGM April)
-- ??? --

3. / r'Tay, Frank LeDeay and zeke365 have (with help of Stone) been doing a series of
IC Guided Age Tours. They consist of visits to an Age, getting to know the background
of if, who wrote it and about its wildlife and fauna. Each visit takes some 2 hours and
we get some great insights into the Ages and the D'ni Culture itself.

Thursdays could be a suited day for Tours. Janeerah has already done "Magic Age Visits" with some
additions to Ages by Michel (Mister Magic) for a long time. They too are in the planning of this.

Feel free to contact either me max.2.0 or Keir by PM on these Forums or in
MOULa: KI Mails to I.H.P:Max (KI# in sig) or Kaaja/I.H.P.X or [X]...

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, 2014 7:11 am 
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Here are links to my presentation notes and the chat log standalone documents. The chat log text is also spoilered below. Enjoy! :D

[Reveal] Spoiler: International Hood chat log, Ainia's research
(04/24 19:50:59) Chat.log started...
(04/24 19:52:49)  Ben Berry: well I am not trusting proxies anymore
(04/24 19:52:51)  SmilingOne: They can't kill a cpu in seconds.
(04/24 19:52:52)  k'febi: Better to keep your system secure and only use proxies you trust.
(04/24 19:53:33)  Ben Berry: they did to mine
(04/24 19:53:48)  SmilingOne: How do you know?
(04/24 19:54:09)  SmilingOne: Did they tell you?
(04/24 19:54:15)  moose 2: hi ainia
(04/24 19:54:27)  Ben Berry: because I had geek squad look at it and they said there was nothing left, not even a single file
(04/24 19:54:40)  Ainia: shorah Moose! :)
(04/24 19:54:41)  moose 2: yikes
(04/24 19:54:46)  SmilingOne: That doesn't mean anything.
(04/24 19:54:52) From Christine in International's Hood: hello Ainia
(04/24 19:55:00)  moose 2: good to see you
(04/24 19:55:07)  SmilingOne: Or rather.. it's no indication of damage to your cpu.
(04/24 19:55:13)  Ainia: Hi Christine :)
(04/24 19:55:19)  Ben Berry: the whole motherboard was fried
(04/24 19:55:23)  I.H.P.X: hi ainia!
(04/24 19:55:31)  Alphonse Godot: hi ainia
(04/24 19:55:32)  Ainia: Shorah I.H.P.X
(04/24 19:55:37)  I.H.P.X: :)
(04/24 19:55:46)  Ainia: Hey AG
(04/24 19:55:49)  I.H.P.X: welcome and thank you for coming
(04/24 19:55:50)  k'febi: Do you mean physically burned?
(04/24 19:56:22)  Musica2: Shorah Ainia
(04/24 19:56:28)  Ben Berry: yes they were able to overheat the vents, causing a burnout
(04/24 19:56:28) Ainia waves hello
(04/24 19:56:39)  I.H.P.X: are you ready now ainia?
(04/24 19:56:40)  Ainia: :D Greetings Musica
(04/24 19:56:44)  SmilingOne: What vents?
(04/24 19:56:44)  I.H.P.X: or do you need time?
(04/24 19:56:56)  Ainia: As I'll ever be :)
(04/24 19:57:19) Ainia waves hello
(04/24 19:57:20)  I.H.P.X: :) alrighty then
(04/24 19:57:24) I.H.P.X waves hello
(04/24 19:57:30)  Ainia: Hello everyone!
(04/24 19:57:35) k'febi waves hello
(04/24 19:57:53)  Ainia: Shorah, welcome, thanks for coming!
(04/24 19:57:55)  SmilingOne: Shorah
(04/24 19:58:14)  Ainia: m.a.x.2.0 has asked me to speak about a couple of my research projects.
(04/24 19:58:19)  moose 2: woot woot
(04/24 19:58:32)  Ainia: My understanding is that I have a 15-minute window for both my talk and a Q&A session, so I will present overviews of my Cleft Location Project and All Things Uru web site.
(04/24 19:58:52)  Ainia: This should allow a decent time interval for any discussion afterward.
(04/24 19:59:10)  I.H.P.X: we have no restrictions now
(04/24 19:59:13)  Ainia: Back in 2008 after the last cavern closure, I began a couple of surface Uru projects
(04/24 19:59:22)  I.H.P.X: as long as you need
(04/24 19:59:30)  Ainia: The first was the beginnings of my research about the true Cleft and cavern locations in New Mexico.
(04/24 19:59:49)  Ainia: I started with researching D-ni lore, New Mexico history and geography/geology, Navajo mythology, the DRC records, and research done by other explorers.
(04/24 20:00:18)  Ainia: Although I was, and still am, convinced that the caldera we have seen photographed by the DRC is a genuine location in New Mexico,
(04/24 20:00:33)  Ainia: our available clues are shrouded in deliberate misdirection as well as Wingrove-s artistic license and wild guesses about a number of details.
(04/24 20:00:55)  Ainia: I eventually became distracted with an even more interesting and important branch of research, which I documented in several of my journals
(04/24 20:01:12)  Ainia: (available in my Relto library), :D
(04/24 20:01:30)  Ainia: and so the Cleft location became somewhat dormant until two years ago when I began the MOULa forum thread dedicated to this topic
(04/24 20:01:49)  Ainia: (
(04/24 20:02:03)  I.H.P.X: we will post that site to the thread
(04/24 20:02:06)  Ainia: Since a number of explorers expressed their interest in this project through the forum,
(04/24 20:02:24)  Ainia: I resumed my research, started mapping out likely locations based upon an analysis of the evidence
(04/24 20:02:45)  Ainia: and began a series of road trips to explore various parts of New Mexico for candidate volcanoes and D-ni-related petroglyphs.
(04/24 20:03:09)  Ainia: I believe I have narrowed down the possible caldera locations and hope to continue surveying these areas over the coming months.
(04/24 20:03:19)  SmilingOne: Sounds like an adventure!
(04/24 20:03:30)  Ainia: However, the weather thus far in 2014 has been frustratingly uncooperative, making it difficult to predict how many road trips I will be able to do this year.
(04/24 20:03:32)  k'febi: How many calderas are there in New Mexico?
(04/24 20:03:43)  Ainia: ***lots***
(04/24 20:03:46)  Ben Berry: a lot
(04/24 20:03:57)  moose 2: i bet
(04/24 20:03:58)  Ainia: I have no idea of a realistic head count
(04/24 20:04:15)  Ainia: Most of the volcanic features are in the west and northern parts of the state
(04/24 20:04:20)  Alphonse Godot: what are the chances of finding the great shaft?
(04/24 20:04:23)  moose 2: but you have narrowed down the search somewhat?
(04/24 20:04:29)  Ainia: (and Carlsbad Caverns is down in the southeastern part)
(04/24 20:04:35)  Ainia: absolutely!! :)
(04/24 20:04:39)  Ben Berry: just look at the mountains in New Mexico
(04/24 20:04:48)  Ainia: It all depends on how accurate the clues really are, though
(04/24 20:04:56)  Ainia: IC-ly
(04/24 20:05:19)  Ainia: Sadly, RAWA hasn't been eager to tell me much
(04/24 20:05:32)  Ainia: so I don't know how close I might be...
(04/24 20:06:00)  Ainia: The best part (in my view) is that there are some amazingly excellent candidates that fit the evidence we have
(04/24 20:06:11)  Ainia: I am hoping to do a thorough survey of them in the coming months
(04/24 20:06:16)  Ben Berry: he likes to be secretive. it's his nature
(04/24 20:06:36)  SmilingOne: Can't have a mystery without secrets.
(04/24 20:06:37)  Ainia: If you want to check them out yourselves (Google Earth), they are called the Lucero Volcanic Field
(04/24 20:07:01)  moose 2: oh thx
(04/24 20:07:19)  Ainia: They are just west of Albuquerque
(04/24 20:07:20)  k'febi: Dr. Watson won't tell us until he makes the DRC!
(04/24 20:07:29)  Ben Berry: makes you wonder if there's a telescope nearby
(04/24 20:08:38)  Ainia: My best guess with the clues we have is the cavern is located in the Rio Grande Valley, toward the bottom of the rift
(04/24 20:08:52)  Ben Berry: that makes sense
(04/24 20:09:00)  Ainia: and the lava chamber is known on the surface as the Socorro Magma Body
(04/24 20:09:28)  Ainia: The bulk of the magma body is too deep, but there is an interesting pocket bubbling upward that I believe must be the chamber
(04/24 20:09:55)  Ainia: All of this is contained within my slideshow that I presented last September
(04/24 20:10:04)  Ainia: If folks are interested, I can re-do it again
(04/24 20:10:11)  Ainia: It requires the use of a pub imager...
(04/24 20:10:26)  Ben Berry: to find a real linking that would be a REAL find
(04/24 20:10:36)  k'febi: Are the slides on a website?
(04/24 20:10:36)  Ainia: Oh yes indeed Ben!
(04/24 20:10:37)  I.H.P.X: seems like that would be a nice thing to redo
(04/24 20:10:43)  moose 2: that would be interesting
(04/24 20:10:50)  Alphonse Godot: i would be interested in seeing that presentation
(04/24 20:10:53)  Ainia: Yes, there is a link to them as well as an audio capture of the lecture on the forums
(04/24 20:11:14)  Ainia: If you hang on for a few minutes, I can copy/paste the link here
(04/24 20:11:21)  I.H.P.X: :P
(04/24 20:11:24)  I.H.P.X: :)
(04/24 20:11:27)  k'febi: Awesome, thanks!
(04/24 20:11:34)  moose 2: yes please
(04/24 20:12:31)  Ainia:
(04/24 20:12:38)  Ainia: that's the Events thread with the links
(04/24 20:12:55)  Attaboy20: how do i copy that link?
(04/24 20:13:09)  SmilingOne: Use a pen
(04/24 20:13:13)  Ainia: :)
(04/24 20:13:21)  SmilingOne: or.. ask for a KI mail
(04/24 20:13:26)  Ainia: I'm also running a chatlog (sure hope it's actually working)
(04/24 20:13:27)  Ben Berry: well the miller brothers did explore those caves
(04/24 20:13:32)  I.H.P.X: you can send it in a ki mail and they can copy and paste
(04/24 20:13:49)  I.H.P.X: put in ki mail and i'll send it around
(04/24 20:14:02)  moose 2: good idea
(04/24 20:14:29)  I.H.P.X: then you just ctrl c  to copy and ctrl v to paste
(04/24 20:14:31)  k'febi: If you're running a chatlog, you can copy it from there. You can keep the game running.
(04/24 20:14:37)  Ainia: BTW, I had a conversation with a cavern old-timer last year...
(04/24 20:14:49)  Ainia: and he told me the caldera does indeed exist here in New Mexico
(04/24 20:14:56)  SmilingOne: I never run chatlogs
(04/24 20:15:34)  Ainia: But New Mexico is a big state... and there's a lot of open land
(04/24 20:15:48)  Ben Berry: to actually go there...would be one for the ages (sniff)
(04/24 20:15:49)  SmilingOne: How did he know it exists?
(04/24 20:15:55)  Ainia: Google Earth is my friend;)
(04/24 20:16:09)  Ainia: He was here in the beginning of everything...
(04/24 20:16:14)  Ainia: and he knew the Millers
(04/24 20:16:22)  moose 2: and a good sense of direction helps i bet
(04/24 20:16:23)  k'febi: Watson?
(04/24 20:16:31)  Ainia: plus he once lived here in New Mexico
(04/24 20:16:34)  SmilingOne: And he went there with them or they told him it exists?
(04/24 20:16:37)  Ben Berry: endberg?
(04/24 20:16:37)  k'febi: No wait, he isn't talking...
(04/24 20:16:39)  Ainia: so it seems he knows exactly where it is
(04/24 20:16:59)  Ainia: I'm afraid he didn't give me the details
(04/24 20:17:39)  Ainia: Just wanted to reassure me that it wasn't a hopeless quest for me
(04/24 20:18:16)  Attaboy20: how do I run a chatlog?
(04/24 20:18:36)  I.H.P.X: type  /startlog
(04/24 20:18:54)  I.H.P.X: but must type /stoplog or lose it all
(04/24 20:19:00)  Ainia: Dang, I'm running the H'uru client and it's being weird...
(04/24 20:19:24)  Ainia: (but that's the only way copy/paste works for me these days)
(04/24 20:21:31)  Ainia: ok, the second research project...
(04/24 20:21:55)  Ainia: My second Uru project in 2008 was putting together a collection of Uru-related topics and designing a web site to host them:
(04/24 20:22:11)  Ainia: All Things Uru (
(04/24 20:22:21)  I.H.P.X: :)
(04/24 20:22:30)  Ainia: Sadly, shortly before I was ready to deploy the Nexus area, the web standards changed...
(04/24 20:22:41)  Ben Berry: or go to
(04/24 20:22:46)  Ainia: and a number of the site-s javascript features no longer functioned.
(04/24 20:22:57)  Alphonse Godot: i hate it when that happens
(04/24 20:23:05)  Ainia: So I had to set this project aside until I could discover a solution.
(04/24 20:23:24)  Ainia: In the meanwhile, the cavern reopened, I began exploring the Ages again...
(04/24 20:23:36)  Ainia: and discovered a fellow Age researcher on the forums, Larry LeDeay (larryf58).
(04/24 20:23:52)  Ainia: I had so much fun documenting the zoology of the Ages on Larry-s thread
(04/24 20:23:59)  Ben Berry: those sparklies are great to have
(04/24 20:24:05)  Ainia: (
(04/24 20:24:19)  Ainia: that I decided to continue researching the Ages, this time focusing on botany, anthropology and archeology.
(04/24 20:24:44)  Ainia: This did not go unnoticed and Nev-yn of the D-ni Museum of Arts and Sciences approached me
(04/24 20:24:58)  Ainia: on behalf of Professor Almaron with a request to do a thorough survey of the original five Ages.
(04/24 20:25:14)  Ainia: With the help of some fellow researchers (Nev-yn, DLordofTime, Deck15 and KathAveara),
(04/24 20:25:30)  Ainia: I managed to complete the two garden Ages before the project went dormant.
(04/24 20:25:30)  Ben Berry: the ages with the pillars?
(04/24 20:25:45)  Ainia: Eder Gira and Eder Kemo, yes
(04/24 20:26:03)  Ainia: However, it became clear that all this research was in dire need of an archival library.
(04/24 20:26:20)  Ainia: I realized that the Relto portion of All Things Uru would be the perfect location for this information
(04/24 20:26:35)  Ainia: and so began the ongoing process of refurbishing the hut,
(04/24 20:26:47)  Ben Berry: they did add additional relto pages
(04/24 20:26:49)  Ainia: adding in bridges and collecting historical records, artifacts, and a number of zoological specimens
(04/24 20:27:11)  Ainia: (
(04/24 20:27:22)  Ainia: Ben, I've made lots of other changes to my Relto :D
(04/24 20:27:40)  Ben Berry: just checking
(04/24 20:27:41)  Ainia: The library and museum are always in the process of being updated,
(04/24 20:27:53) From I.H.P.X: you can send those links to me on FB and i'll add to the thread plz
(04/24 20:27:56)  Ainia: though much of this work by nature remains unseen until it is ready for community use.
(04/24 20:28:24)  Ainia: So that's two of my research projects :)
(04/24 20:28:32)  Ainia: (I have lots of others... )
(04/24 20:28:37)  I.H.P.X: fantastic!!
(04/24 20:28:49)  moose 2: yes very interesting
(04/24 20:28:52)  Ainia: If anyone hasn't visited the Relto library yet, please do!
(04/24 20:29:12)  I.H.P.X: still again.. how this game inspires...
(04/24 20:29:14)  Ainia: I find myself using it all the time
(04/24 20:29:24)  Ainia: And there are some fun things there too... ;)
(04/24 20:29:31)  I.H.P.X: :)
(04/24 20:29:57)  Ainia: oh great, where am I??
(04/24 20:30:02) From Ben Berry: did you get a magic bot?
(04/24 20:30:09)  I.H.P.X: i'll get the links from ainia's list here tonight and post those on the thread
(04/24 20:30:10)  Gwenhyvar: how do you get to the relto library?
(04/24 20:30:15)  Ainia: :D only up to my hops ATM
(04/24 20:30:19)  Ainia: *hips*
(04/24 20:30:23)  I.H.P.X: lol
(04/24 20:30:27)  Ainia: Yeah, the H'uru client is... odd
(04/24 20:30:38)  Ainia: some evil keyboard combo I'm sure started this
(04/24 20:31:01)  moose 2: is yours evil too?
(04/24 20:31:03)  I.H.P.X: the relto library,gwen would like to know how to get there
(04/24 20:31:04)  Ainia: questions? thoughts?
(04/24 20:31:09)  Ben Berry: not mine
(04/24 20:31:24)  Ben Berry: do you have a magic bot?
(04/24 20:31:29)  Ainia: in a browser:
(04/24 20:31:51)  I.H.P.X: again.. send me that link
(04/24 20:32:03)  Ainia: would you like the entire chatlog?
(04/24 20:32:22)  I.H.P.X: iwell yes
(04/24 20:32:27)  I.H.P.X: i can pick it out
(04/24 20:32:30)  Ainia: :D ok, will do
(04/24 20:32:45)  Ainia: I can also send you a copy of my copy/paste notes if you like
(04/24 20:32:51)  I.H.P.X: thank you ,. and thanks for sharing your interest with us
(04/24 20:32:59)  I.H.P.X: sounds great
(04/24 20:33:01)  Ainia: you're all very welcome!
(04/24 20:33:07)  I.H.P.X: to FB or my gmail
(04/24 20:33:10)  Ainia: sorry, can't bow or wave to you guys
(04/24 20:33:12)  Ainia: :P
(04/24 20:33:24)  Ben Berry: that's fine
(04/24 20:33:24)  SmilingOne: How often will you update the thread about your search?
(04/24 20:33:25)  moose 2: and your enthusiasm
(04/24 20:33:36)  Ainia: I update it whenever I do a new road trip
(04/24 20:33:42)  I.H.P.X: smiles
(04/24 20:33:44)  Ainia: *however*...
(04/24 20:33:54)  Ainia: I also post live from the field via Twitter
(04/24 20:33:56)  moose 2: well i hope the weather will be kind to you
(04/24 20:34:07)  I.H.P.X: wow
(04/24 20:34:11)  Ainia: Yeah, me too :)
(04/24 20:34:17)  moose 2: to make up for the winter
(04/24 20:34:19)  Ainia: I'm hoping Saturday will work
(04/24 20:34:22)  I.H.P.X: send me your twitter too
(04/24 20:34:29)  Ainia: (but the weather forecasets are not promising)
(04/24 20:34:34)  I.H.P.X: hm
(04/24 20:34:52)  Attaboy20: tornado warning?
(04/24 20:34:57)  Ainia:
(04/24 20:34:57)  SmilingOne: Well.. I guess that's why they invented umbrellas.
(04/24 20:35:08)  moose 2: and the weather forecasters are never wrong
(04/24 20:35:13)  moose 2: right?
(04/24 20:35:16)  SmilingOne: lol moose
(04/24 20:35:22)  Ainia: :D here's to hoping!
(04/24 20:35:31)  Ben Berry: depends on which one you trust
(04/24 20:35:42)  Attaboy20: They're job is to predict the wether so the can't tell if it's true or not
(04/24 20:36:06)  Ben Berry: they only have models
(04/24 20:36:06)  moose 2: they use percentages
(04/24 20:36:32)  moose 2: a 50 percent chance of rain
(04/24 20:36:58)  moose 2: in other words................ i dont know
(04/24 20:37:02)  I.H.P.X: lol
(04/24 20:37:13)  SmilingOne: I'm pretty sure they have satellites.
(04/24 20:37:20)  Ainia: :D
(04/24 20:37:26)  Ainia: If you guys don't mind...
(04/24 20:37:31)  I.H.P.X: it will or it do or it shall or it shant.. it can or it cant
(04/24 20:37:40)  Ainia: I'd like to save my chatlog, log off and come back with ta working client...
(04/24 20:37:44)  moose 2: gotta run
(04/24 20:37:51) ...Chat.log stopped.


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PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, 2014 8:16 am 
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thanks for posting this chatlog, Ainia :mrgreen: - I was so sorry to miss yesterday's events, but RL got in the way.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, 2014 1:27 pm 
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Arg, me too! (The RL getting in the way, that is) No doubt a good time was had by all!

You're taking me seriously, right? 'Cause I'm totally not.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, 2014 1:50 pm 
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I didn't record a chatlog, but here's what I said concerning MystiTech and The Lost Art.

[Reveal] Spoiler:
Thank you. Greetings all. My name is Vector Cramp and I am the public relations manager for the machinima film group, MystiTech Productions, who is currently creating a series set in Uru, The Lost Art.

For those of you who don't know, a machinima is a film (or in our case, series,) that uses a video games locations and characters to create a cinematic feature. The plot of a machinima doesn't have to relate to the lore of a game, but ours (The Lost Art) is deeply embedded in the Myst universe.

Now when you're making something based off a game like Uru, there are plenty of advantages to it being a machinima as opposed to live-action or animation created from scratch. For one thing, you don't have to worry about getting every detail right. A location you see in the film is exactly what you see in the game. Another thing is that its fairly easy. Anyone with a few friends, recording software, and amount of time on their hands can create one.

But filming in a game, especially an unstable one also presents challenges, especially when you are trying to make something amazing that stands on the shoulders of Myst. Lag, inconsistent frame rates, things not doing what they're supposed to are all things that have ruined otherwise perfectly good shots and you also can have pans from faraway because the scenery around you loads and disappears as you move.

Also the limit of Avatar customization and interactions with the environment are barricades that took very creative solutions from our cameramen to overcome.

But enough about Machinimas, onto The Lost Art!

Now just about anyone you ask agrees that the Myst saga, in particular, the recent history of Uru, has never had a fitting conclusion. So it is our hope that The Lost Art will fill the gap for those wishing for more.

We have gone over the story of The Lost Art time and time again to make sure that it stays as true to canon as possible. But we've also worked hard to devise scientific explanations and interpretations for certain things, so that our story works on the level of "movie realism."

We're also introducing a considerable number of new things, to give our plot the proper background. In doing so, we've done our best to stay as true as possible to the existing lore, but some things needed slight modifications to make the required level of sense.

So whats the story about? Well, after the DRC withdrew from active supervision of activities in the cavern in 2008, Explorers continue to visit until further safety concerns lead to the site being sealed.
In 2020 Jeff Zandi and the remaining DRC hand the land over to UNESCO to be preserved as a world heritage site. Because UNESCO fears the dangers that the linking books could have in the wrong hands, any mention of them is censored from the material held in the archive, and an unwitting anthropologist is used to propagate the story that the D'ni conjuring of worlds was merely metaphorical.

By 2040, the earth has become plagued by a series of disasters. Thinking that the linking books might provide a solution, a desperate UN sends a small team back into the cavern to unlock the secrets of the lost art of the D'ni. But what they find down there is beyond what any of them could imagine.

Obviously since this is, in a way, a spin-off sequel to Uru and Myst, the story we have to tell is a lot more complex and deeper than just that, but we don't want to reveal anything more yet.

Now something you may ask is whats taking so long? We've been talking about The Lost Art since September and surely it doesn't take that long to film a measly six episodes?

Well since there isn't any money to be made off the project, it means we all have to keep working our day jobs and since we have a team member in practically every time zone, the only time we really can film scenes with a large amount of characters, (and trust me, once the writers bring in a new character, they can never seem to get rid of them,) on weekends.

So because were just using locations from the game, revealing images from the set isn't as inspiring as something from a live action film set. And since making more trailers would take up even more of our time, we've been hesitant to release any, but we will be releasing something big sometime in the upcoming weeks.

Vector E. Cramp:

Founder of MYSTAges
Self-declared Bahro Historian
Member of Mystitech Productions

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, 2014 2:02 pm 

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Just so you all know... I think we managed to get ALL the Presenters on chatlog.
But all of that (more than 9 hours) needs a bit of editing before we'll put that up
On-Line. Be patient...

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m.a.x.2.0 wrote:
Just so you all know... I think we managed to get ALL the Presenters on chatlog.
But all of that (more than 9 hours) needs a bit of editing before we'll put that up
On-Line. Be patient...

great news! Thanks! Happy to wait (just a little)....:D

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, 2014 2:54 pm 
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I really have experienced many awesome events in Uru/MOUL/MOULa, but this one event was also a very special and magical one, an event of superlatives one could say ... Many thanks to all who organized this and all, oh, so many people, fellow explorers and friends that came to make it to what it turned out to have been, something to remember ... :P

I even only experienced the first shift or set of this impressive agenda, but there were already so many attendees, still about 70 when I left (around midnight my time), now count to it all our friends abroad from the Americas and Canada etc. chiming in after a day of work or whatever in RL kept them away ...

The energy was brisk and sparkling with excitement, elation and confidence for all that is happening and being elaborated on for the sake of the continuance of exploration, entertainment and enhancement in and for Uru/MOULa, publicly as well as behind the scenes ... I also didn't expect Greydragon to show up this early on (his time) and then even speaking to us, what absolutely fired and boosted the flames of exitement and joyful anticipation for a promising and realistic future of Uru/MOULa even more ... :)

(O_o, I forgot to mention our precious ResEng M.Dogherra, who was even sitting right beside me lol ... I was just reminded of him through Max' summary of the event ... Hi, Mike, thanks for coming ... :mrgreen: )

Yeah, I'd say I've said enough for all who missed it, and many thanks to Ainia and Vector for your chatlog resp. speech transcript, and thanks a lot, Max, for even elaborating on the whole one, what a mighty job and gift I didn't really expect to receive (just partial ones, which would have been ok too) ... I don't want to forget to mention the great supply with wonderful music by Edison Rex and the DMR and the perfect functioning of the new DMR music livestream ...

Many thanks again to absolutely every single one involved, contributing and participating in his/her own special way ... :D

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, 2014 3:57 pm 

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I am new to this forum so I am not sure where to post this comment. Last night's Open Hood Day was the first event I attended. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has been awhile since I had so much fun. I did not know that so much is going on in the world of Uru. The presenters were great. I found the topics very interesting and I learned a lot. In all my excurisions around the city I have never seen so many explorers. I really felt like I belonged to something. I cannot wait for the next one. I still need to try out the clapping, sitting and jumping stuff :D . All I can say to the organizers and presenters of the event: WELL DONE.

I have been playing with flymode in Path Of The Shell and I have been to some of the interesting places mentioned in posts on this forum. Since I have been in MOULa every time I go into POTS I feel
rather lonely since I am the only one there. I sort of miss seeing other explorers doing their thing.


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PostPosted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 5:59 pm 

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I'm sorry I missed the Open Hood Day. I knew I would not be able to make the first half - that much I realized in advance - but I got held up at an unexpected meeting until the event was already ending.

The irony is that the meeting was about planning an 'Open House' day at the game studio where I work.

The information I was planning to discuss at the Open Hood day will instead be posted in the 'Fan Content' thread as soon as I can spare the time. I have updated Sevkor significantly, and screen-captured about 5 minutes of video walking through the entire age... I've edited that video and am planning to upload it this evening.

If you know anything about me you know I am currently juggling a lot of different things - a part-time job, freelance work, and some independent non-Myst-related projects, as well as the Myst fan art. So sadly a lot of things, including Sevkor, have been delayed and have ended up taking way longer than intended. It's not that I don't care about Sevkor - far from it - but I do have to prioritize and focus a lot of my time on 'things that pay the bills'.

Still, despite that, I think we're about to hit the next phase of development, namely Python scripting - the 3d art, textures, collision meshes, UV maps, etc, are almost completely cleaned up, everything is looking fairly good... so I think the next phase after posting the update video will be figuring out how to port this environment from Blender to 3ds max as efficiently as possible.

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