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PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 3:40 am 
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SuperGram invited Victor Laxman out from his hiding spot in the Nexus for a chat in the UruTapestry Neighborhood. He wanted to give us a "Pellet Pep Talk."

[spoiler=9/10/2007 Chatlog of Victor Laxman In UruTapestry Neighborhood]
(09/10 21:47:42) Victor Laxman: Very well. Would you all perfer to chat here, or maybe he community room?
(09/10 21:47:53) Jotmo: Here is fine for me.
(09/10 21:48:09) zia: ahh community room is quiter
(09/10 21:48:10) SuperGram: your call Mr Laxman
(09/10 21:48:13) zia: but what ever you like
(09/10 21:48:48) SuperGram: i think we may have visitors so maybe the community room would be the best choice
(09/10 21:49:02) Jotmo: K
(09/10 21:49:03) Victor Laxman: Community room it is, then.
(09/10 21:49:03) Joey Zoonishii: Let's go to the community room... everyone's always hanging around these fountains, Gram...
(09/10 21:49:08) SuperGram: anyone would like to call a relayer
(09/10 21:49:29) SuperGram: And keep a chatlog
(09/10 21:50:18) Victor Laxman: Just like the "old" days.
(09/10 21:50:26) Victor Laxman smiles.

(09/10 21:50:34) SuperGram: :)
(09/10 21:53:38) Joey Zoonishii smiles in spite of himself.
(09/10 21:54:29) JWPlatt: Greetings folks!
(09/10 21:54:41) Joey Zoonishii: 'Lo, JW...
(09/10 21:54:44) Jotmo: Here tey come. Gona get crowded soon.
(09/10 21:54:56) Jotmo: JWP!
(09/10 21:55:15) JWPlatt: Joymo! :)
(09/10 21:55:24) JWPlatt: Er, Jotmo!
(09/10 21:55:27) Resolute Guardian waves hello
(09/10 21:55:33) [Relayer] DeAn: me
(09/10 21:55:54) Jotmo: Joymo? I was wondering what you were trying to say there. :)
(09/10 21:56:08) Jotmo: He He
(09/10 21:56:11) F'lessen: hello Mr. Laxman
(09/10 21:56:12) From slider: Has he said anything aww inspiaring?
(09/10 21:56:39) Victor Laxman: Good evening, everyone. Shal I begin?
(09/10 21:56:46) To slider: I've seen him emote a smile and that's it. A smile is shocking on it own. :)
(09/10 21:56:50) Jotmo: Please do.
(09/10 21:56:53) JWPlatt: Please
(09/10 21:56:58) Joey Zoonishii: Yessir, Mr. Laxman... lay it on us... =)
(09/10 21:57:00) SuperGram: please do
(09/10 21:57:32) F'lessen: yes thanks
(09/10 21:57:42) JWPlatt: Pretty soon there will be 147 people, so take the opportunity while you can, Mr. Laxman.
(09/10 21:57:48) Cubkyle starts to laugh
(09/10 21:57:56) Valdez: how are you doing today Laxman?
(09/10 21:58:06) Victor Laxman: So... this is the "Pellet Pep Talk" for those who have been and continue to contribute pellets.
(09/10 21:58:09) Mar'ith: Shorah Mr. Laxman
(09/10 21:58:41) Victor Laxman: I've been monitoring the pellet contributions on a daily basis.
(09/10 21:58:45) JWPlatt: That's good, Mr. laxman. I hope we are going to hear about feedbacl from our efforts.
(09/10 21:59:12) Victor Laxman: and have noticed that they have been steadily dropping this past month.
(09/10 21:59:35) Valdez: I am still not very clear on the process
(09/10 21:59:46) JWPlatt: I suspect the lack of feedback has affected the desire to make an effort.
(09/10 22:00:02) Valdez: we need a motive
(09/10 22:00:20) Valdez: it is
(09/10 22:00:28) Gondar: It's disheartening to dump pellets and not see the cavern light up perceptably. Even if we know it won't.
(09/10 22:00:45) Victor Laxman: So I just wanted to encourage those who are still interested in helping to light the lake to continue to do so.
(09/10 22:00:46) Zen6219: Motivation
(09/10 22:01:01) JWPlatt: many of us simply want to see the numebrs of our efforts regardless of how fast the lake brightens.
(09/10 22:01:05) Greypiffle: I'm going for 1 million this time around :D
(09/10 22:01:05) Valdez: I wnat ot but don't know how
(09/10 22:01:05) SuperGram: i drop pellets daily
(09/10 22:01:13) Trevor1013: Me too!
(09/10 22:01:19) Mar'ith: Me too
(09/10 22:01:31) Kelden: Oh gross
(09/10 22:01:34) Niika: do you have any idea how many months the relighting may take victor?
(09/10 22:01:43) Victor Laxman: It's a big lake. It's going to take a long time for noticavle changes to happen.
(09/10 22:01:47) JWPlatt: Words of encouragement are not going to be enough. The numbers must be shown to us, even if we don't know what the goal is.
(09/10 22:02:07) Selee Tayoy: i agree
(09/10 22:02:13) Valdez: as do I
(09/10 22:02:14) ~~meadow~~: Is there a way to share the progress with us?
(09/10 22:02:17) Victor Laxman: numbers are shown to you, JWPlatt.
(09/10 22:02:20) SuperGram: The goal is to light the lake JWP
(09/10 22:02:21) JWPlatt: Where?
(09/10 22:02:27) Victor Laxman: In your KI
(09/10 22:02:30) Gondar: Perhaps a machine with a higher sensitivity. Even a jump of .0001 to .0002 will hearten us
(09/10 22:02:36) JWPlatt: Not good enough, sir.
(09/10 22:02:42) ~~meadow~~: No, the cavern as a whole!
(09/10 22:02:51) Trevor1013: How is the lake light machine comming along?
(09/10 22:03:02) Sorceress: Yeah, I miss the Dalek.
(09/10 22:03:14) Mar'ith: Have you managed to fix the lake light metering machine Mr. Laxman?
(09/10 22:03:15) Dalken Starbyne: p Marauder96 Psst! Give the man some air to breath!
(09/10 22:03:26) Dalken Starbyne: grr...KI
(09/10 22:03:27) Victor Laxman: If the numbers in the KI don't help, then no other numbers will either.
(09/10 22:03:29) SuperGram: yeah that
(09/10 22:03:36) JWPlatt: The numbers as a community must be shown to us in real time if you want a real unity of community effort.
(09/10 22:03:57) Janara: we would like to know the total of all the hoods' progress
(09/10 22:04:17) Gondar: Yes, a grand total meter, sitting somewhere!
(09/10 22:04:26) Victor Laxman: The numbers are abitrary. They mean nothing in and of themselves.
(09/10 22:04:27) Selee Tayoy: Or a working lake light meter
(09/10 22:04:29) Valdez: like on our KI
(09/10 22:04:30) Mobius: it took thousands of years for the d'ni to do what they've done... we should take that into consideration before we worry about perceptible light levels
(09/10 22:04:31) SuperGram: Perhaps we can set up a chart on the for8um
(09/10 22:04:32) Kelden: Does it matter if upload your pellet scores in a hood matter Mr Laxman? Or does it not really matter? In that regard?
(09/10 22:04:47) Trevor1013: I was wondering that as well
(09/10 22:05:05) Gondar: The numbers are arbitrary, but they work as incentive.
(09/10 22:05:10) JWPlatt: That sounds like an excuse, Mr. Laxman.
(09/10 22:05:11) Niika: can the bevin imagers be fixed so they show the total number of points a person has contributed to any one bevin?
(09/10 22:05:30) Mar'ith: Good quesion Niika
(09/10 22:05:33) Victor Laxman: giving your pellets to a Hood or not does not affect the lake in any way.
(09/10 22:05:49) Trevor1013: Ok good
(09/10 22:05:51) Kelden: Oh good, cause I haven't done that
(09/10 22:05:55) Selee Tayoy: So if you are not intending to show us in real time the progress why did you introduce the lake light meter in the first place
(09/10 22:05:58) Trevor1013: me either
(09/10 22:05:59) JWPlatt: The fact remains that you want an inspired community effort, you will publish tthe community totals in real time or daily.
(09/10 22:05:59) Zen6219: If there was a place where Bevin totals were posted, it might encourage competition and more pellet dropping.
(09/10 22:06:11) Haruko: Mr. Laxman, have the exploding pellets had a measurable effect on the lake light levels?
(09/10 22:06:14) SuperGram: So does that mean we should keep the numbers on the KI?
(09/10 22:06:14) Victor Laxman: No, it's a fact, JWPlatt.
(09/10 22:06:15) Gondar: Rig the imager in the Watcher's Pub for that :-)
(09/10 22:06:26) kyashii: Mr. Laxman, what can we do in the most part to help the lake better than we are now?
(09/10 22:06:58) Joey Zoonishii: What benefit is there to this competition?
(09/10 22:07:10) Valdez: the lake lighting
(09/10 22:07:21) Victor Laxman: Slow and steady is better than large spikes in either direction.
(09/10 22:07:28) Zen6219: You might want to encourage competition among Bevins.
(09/10 22:07:36) Selee Tayoy: that's understandable
(09/10 22:07:48) kyashii: Good pellets at a slow pace?
(09/10 22:07:48) Valdez: that might have a bad effect
(09/10 22:07:52) Marten: It should blink the KI at me instead.
(09/10 22:08:01) Marten: (whoops)
(09/10 22:08:02) SuperGram: As long as we dont' create hood wars...o-O
(09/10 22:08:09) Trevor1013: There has been talk of the cavern coming to and end from various people. Do you think that will end up making all are work for nothing?
(09/10 22:08:11) Whilyam: But we're TOO slow now?
(09/10 22:08:17) JWPlatt: If we can get the real time or daily totals, Mr. Laxman, we can also take KI photos and compare it day to say, week to week, month to moth, or year to year if we have to. But the numbers are essential. If you have them, why not show them to us instead of judging their usfulness yourself?
(09/10 22:08:21) Victor Laxman: I will see what I can do about feedback. Don't expect a real time number, though.
(09/10 22:08:31) Kelden: What settings do you suggest them MR Laxman on the pellet machine?
(09/10 22:08:34) Joey Zoonishii: Well, the lake would light up without the competition, right?
(09/10 22:08:41) Zen6219: Thank you Mr. Laxman
(09/10 22:08:51) kyashii: what else can we do to help the lake?
(09/10 22:09:04) Selee Tayoy: Thank you
(09/10 22:09:06) Greypiffle: a weekly count could help... or even a bi-weekly if that is not feasable.
(09/10 22:09:09) Niika: I fear that without feedbadk, interest in this project won't last
(09/10 22:09:21) Selee Tayoy: I agree
(09/10 22:09:25) SuperGram: So to be clear Mr. Laxman...should we encourage more pellet dropping?
(09/10 22:09:44) slider: the biggest question of all would have to be what kind of effect will lighting the lake have on any animals that have evolved in the lake over the last 10,oo years of darkness
(09/10 22:09:44) SuperGram: Or Less?
(09/10 22:09:48) Victor Laxman: Only if it's going to be consistent, SuperGram.
(09/10 22:10:03) kyashii: mr. Laxman, do you have a reccomended pellet recipe we should use????
(09/10 22:10:04) SuperGram: Okay
(09/10 22:10:29) Victor Laxman: we're only talking about attempting to restore it to what it has been for the last 10,000 years.
(09/10 22:10:30) slider: *10,000 years
(09/10 22:10:34) Joey Zoonishii: Well, is the effect of feeding these plankton things linear, or, exponential... or is there enough information to make a guess yet?
(09/10 22:11:17) slider: Oh so it has only been with in the last few years that the lake has gone dark?
(09/10 22:11:32) JWPlatt: I think most of us don't mind how long it takes, Mr. Laxman, as long as we can measure our progress as a community. I think most of us are patient enough to see the big picture for the long term.
(09/10 22:11:35) Victor Laxman: since the Fall of D'ni, yes, slider
(09/10 22:11:44) Selee Tayoy: I greatly appreciate this time you are taking to come speak to us, It seems the DRC members lately have been very quiet, thank you very much.
(09/10 22:11:58) Valdez: yes thank you
(09/10 22:12:10) Narbada: correct formula, please
(09/10 22:12:13) Quill: A simple KI message from the DRC to the community as a whole thanking those who have contribunted the most in the last month would be a simple way of motivating a lot of people. You could send out a message once a month thanking so-an-so for their efforts.
(09/10 22:12:13) kyashii: what pellet recipe do you reccomend Mr. Laxman??
(09/10 22:12:33) Victor Laxman: That's exellent, JWPlatt.
(09/10 22:12:48) Marten: I got the uninterrupted footage, AND, I am filing a ticket... not you guys 'n gals fault...
(09/10 22:12:51) Narbada: pellet recipe please
(09/10 22:12:59) kyashii: mr. Laxman, do you have a pellet recipe you would reccomend to us???
(09/10 22:13:19) Valdez: Mr. Laxman do you have a reccomended pellet recipie?
(09/10 22:13:22) Trevor1013: Yes, do you have a preferred pellet recipe?
(09/10 22:13:31) Joey Zoonishii: Yeah, isn't the "recipe" we have from those ... Bah'ro things?
(09/10 22:13:34) Telmora nods her head
(09/10 22:13:34) Valdez: or don't you know?
(09/10 22:13:35) Tayrtahn: popular question tonight
(09/10 22:13:39) Narbada: pellet recipe please
(09/10 22:13:41) Victor Laxman: Quill, I sent one last month, and intended to send another update, but wanted to have this discussion first.
(09/10 22:13:41) SuperGram: I don't think it would be aq bad Idea if we we were givent an exact recipe
(09/10 22:13:59) Selee Tayoy: ok
(09/10 22:14:20) JWPlatt: Great. Is there more you would like to say between our questions?
(09/10 22:14:23) Valdez: it would help the lake indeffinetly
(09/10 22:14:35) Victor Laxman: as for the recipe... No, that's up to you.
(09/10 22:14:43) Valdez: darn
(09/10 22:14:46) Jotmo: Darn
(09/10 22:14:49) Mobius me hands out cheese to go with the whine
(09/10 22:14:52) Telmora is sorta bummed...
(09/10 22:14:54) Narbada: we want to use the best recipe possible
(09/10 22:14:56) Greypiffle: we need the spreading orang glow - is that the best?
(09/10 22:15:02) Akiva: Anything that gets the pellets in the central reading area?
(09/10 22:15:08) Tayrtahn: Nothing wrong with some guess and test - we're explorers, people
(09/10 22:15:08) Tai'lahr: 30-30-30
(09/10 22:15:09) Trevor1013: Is variety better for the lake?
(09/10 22:15:10) D'rummath: Thanks Mr. Laxman, you have reignited our determination to make the city what it once was!
(09/10 22:15:15) Joey Zoonishii: I mean, the "recipe" we have seems to come from creatures that are against the whole Restoration effort... ...should we be concerned about that?
(09/10 22:15:23) Valdez: yes
(09/10 22:15:26) slider: Will the lighting of the lake be very quickly odvious that there is a change or will the lights just slowly turn on
(09/10 22:15:32) Valdez: I ill go to Er'Can ASAP
(09/10 22:15:37) JWPlatt: I wouldn't go that far, D'rummath, until we get the numbers.
(09/10 22:15:45) Marten: Joey, you don't _have_ to use _that_ recipe.
(09/10 22:15:57) D'rummath: true ...
(09/10 22:16:02) Joey Zoonishii: Well, okay, Marten...
(09/10 22:16:03) Whilyam: Until then. JWPlatt will hold the lake hostage...
(09/10 22:16:11) Tai'lahr laughs
(09/10 22:16:18) Akiva: The Uru Forums have several that work very well that AREN'T the recipe the bahro gave us
(09/10 22:16:36) Valdez: the one the bahro gave us is nice
(09/10 22:16:37) JWPlatt puts away his thermal detonator.
(09/10 22:16:38) Joey Zoonishii: That's what I mean, Akiva... why doesn't the Bah'ro one work the same?
(09/10 22:16:57) Joey Zoonishii: Are the Bah'ro giving us a "recipe" different from the original D'ni one?
(09/10 22:16:57) Mar'ith: Mr. Laxman, could we have explorer totals on the hood imagers, rather than individual uploads?
(09/10 22:17:05) Akiva: probably does, but if you're concerned about it, there are other options just as effective
(09/10 22:17:06) Kelden: Last I checked the Bahro one worked fine
(09/10 22:17:07) Valdez: the barho know what recipie is best
(09/10 22:17:13) Sorceress: It's the best one for the bahro cave probably, not necessairly thelake.
(09/10 22:17:18) Valdez: we should stick to that one
(09/10 22:17:32) Victor Laxman: I'll see what I can do, Mar'ith. No promises.
(09/10 22:17:34) Tayrtahn: perhaps the bahro recipe isn't meant to light the cavern - in any case, it's probably not something Laxman would know about
(09/10 22:17:41) Mar'ith: Thanks Mr. Laxman
(09/10 22:17:51) Joey Zoonishii: But I've got a recipe that makes an orange glow.... The Bah'ro one is ..white...
(09/10 22:17:52) SolarShine: the bahro one is bad for the lake. you need to aim for an orange glow, not a white light.
(09/10 22:18:08) Trevor1013: Sorry if this is off topic, but have you talked to Michael Endberg yet?
(09/10 22:18:11) Selee Tayoy: Are you glad Mr. Engberg has returned, Victor?
(09/10 22:18:12) Kelden: What's the orange glow one then?
(09/10 22:18:21) Sorceress: What is a good orange glow recipe?
(09/10 22:18:33) Whilyam: 30 30 30. There are better, though.
(09/10 22:18:42) JWPlatt: Mr. Laxman, many of us wonder if the hood Ae'gura instances will brighten with the public instance, or will it depend solely on hood totals? Can you tell us the answer to that?
(09/10 22:18:44) Sorceress: Thanks Whil.
(09/10 22:19:02) Whilyam: 19.5 hybrid is the best so far
(09/10 22:19:09) Dakro nods his head
(09/10 22:19:21) Akiva: and that one has the advantage of being quick, tooo
(09/10 22:19:23) Victor Laxman: I haven't spoken with him yet.
(09/10 22:19:26) Narbada: what is that hybrid
(09/10 22:19:32) Mar'ith: agreed Whilyam
(09/10 22:19:32) Tayrtahn: that sounds more like a question for Yeesha, JW
(09/10 22:19:39) Akiva: 2 hour turnaround
(09/10 22:19:40) Tai'lahr hopes the lighting of her hood instance isn't dependent on the totals of her hoodmates!
(09/10 22:19:49) Joey Zoonishii: Yeah, Ovens 1, 2, and 3 set to 19.5, 50, 50, Set oven #4 to 19.5, 50, 19.5 ... that' makes orange light...
(09/10 22:19:50) Serephina: lol
(09/10 22:19:57) JWPlatt: I'm sure Mr. Laxman also has the qualifications to answer that, Tayr
(09/10 22:20:21) Dakro: Mr. Laxman, if you were to give an estimate, based on the progress made by pellets, how long would you guesstimate for it take to have the lake restored?
(09/10 22:20:23) Paulll50: best I get is 930 on avg in 2 hours
(09/10 22:20:43) D'rummath: So is orange the color to achieve?
(09/10 22:20:50) Narbada: 30 30 30 gives 950 averages
(09/10 22:20:52) Tayrtahn: I was under the impression that the instances were still something of a mystery to the DRC (and everyone). But I don't want to cause trouble here. Ask away
(09/10 22:21:00) Dakro: Orange=best :D
(09/10 22:21:13) Joey Zoonishii: Well, do we want orange light, Mr. Laxman?
(09/10 22:21:20) Victor Laxman: That remains to be seen, JWPlatt.
(09/10 22:21:25) Paulll50: yes but that takes 3 hours
(09/10 22:21:36) JWPlatt: We don't really need to encourage the DRC to be vague and unresponsive, do we Tayr? :)
(09/10 22:21:41) William Lee: jesus people, most of these pellet questions were answered a long while ago
(09/10 22:21:41) Dakro: Orange light is good, just getting that out of the way....
(09/10 22:21:43) Tayrtahn: true enough
(09/10 22:22:02) Victor Laxman: That depends on you all, Dakro.
(09/10 22:22:03) Mar'ith: Mr. Laxman. What other things are you working on at the moment?
(09/10 22:22:08) JWPlatt isn't a jesus person
(09/10 22:22:10) Niika: not everyoone reads the forums William
(09/10 22:22:15) Selee Tayoy: (Off topic) I'm glad you are acually putting use to these auditoriums, it should be done most often..
(09/10 22:22:28) Narbada: yeah
(09/10 22:22:39) Victor Laxman: Yes, the bright orange is "best"
(09/10 22:22:44) Valdez: what was oven 4 set too?
(09/10 22:22:48) Tai'lahr: Mr. Laxman, do you think the D'ni technology we're using - Lattice, KI, etc. - is affecting the Bahro somehow?
(09/10 22:22:51) William Lee: what about their ki-mail? look at that graph... look at what your pellets produce... match them up
(09/10 22:22:56) Trevor1013: 19.5 50 19.5
(09/10 22:22:59) D'rummath: thx!
(09/10 22:23:09) Dakro: Mr. Laxman what's your current project you are working on?
(09/10 22:23:12) F'lessen: Mr. Laxman, can you tell us about the stained glass windows? Will they be installed today?
(09/10 22:24:00) D'rummath: Ignore that woman behind you!
(09/10 22:24:07) Selee Tayoy starts to laugh
(09/10 22:24:17) Telmora: oh dear....
(09/10 22:24:20) Victor Laxman: They were meant to be. F'lessen. Have they not been installed?
(09/10 22:24:42) Trevor1013: Not as of yet
(09/10 22:24:43) Valdez: no
(09/10 22:24:44) Kelden: Haven't seen any
(09/10 22:24:52) Dakro: except for gahreesen
(09/10 22:24:54) F'lessen: no,not yet
(09/10 22:24:56) Victor Laxman: I'll see if something came up. Sorry.
(09/10 22:24:58) Gondar: Mr. Laxman.. a quick question. Do you know of any other bahro caves such as the one Wheely was trapped in, about the city? Have you come across evidence for any?
(09/10 22:25:03) Valdez: that was always there
(09/10 22:25:09) Zen6219: What's up with Mari?
(09/10 22:25:23) Greypiffle: she crashed
(09/10 22:25:24) Swimmery4: Keyboard bug
(09/10 22:25:28) JWPlatt: Mr. Laxman has come here tonight to inspire us to increase our efforts on dropping pellets to help brighten the lake. Maybe is he sees a rousing promise from us to do that, he will also be inspired to give us better feedback on the community numbers sooner. How about a promise to him now? Cheer if you'll help him in his efforts so he'll help us in ours!
(09/10 22:25:29) Gondar: Shock from meeting Victor :-D
(09/10 22:25:45) Dr. CrisGer cheers
(09/10 22:25:47) Valdez cheers
(09/10 22:25:47) Zen6219 cheers
(09/10 22:25:48) Telmora cheers
(09/10 22:25:48) Mar'ith cheers
(09/10 22:25:49) Error: Don't know how to '/cher'
(09/10 22:25:49) F'lessen cheers
(09/10 22:25:50) Greypiffle cheers
(09/10 22:25:50) Swimmery4 cheers
(09/10 22:25:50) Trevor1013: Poor Mari
(09/10 22:25:50) Caristiona cheers
(09/10 22:25:51) Kelden cheers
(09/10 22:25:53) JWPlatt cheers
(09/10 22:25:53) Resolute Guardian cheers
(09/10 22:25:55) John Lynch cheers
(09/10 22:25:56) Trevor1013 cheers
(09/10 22:25:56) Serephina claps her hands
(09/10 22:25:56) Paulll50 cheers
(09/10 22:25:56) Genevra cheers
(09/10 22:25:56) Selee Tayoy cheers
(09/10 22:25:56) SuperGram: followup on Gondar's question Mr. laxman...What was Michael Engburg doing in cavern today
(09/10 22:25:57) Cubkyle cheers
(09/10 22:25:57) Joey Zoonishii cheers
(09/10 22:25:57) Joey Zoonishii: Umm... Wooooo....
(09/10 22:25:57) Jotmo cheers
(09/10 22:25:59) Zen6219 cheers
(09/10 22:25:59) Eric Wolfe cheers
(09/10 22:25:59) Nalates claps her hands
(09/10 22:26:01) Eldyn cheers
(09/10 22:26:01) Dr. CrisGer cheers again
(09/10 22:26:02) Telmora cheers
(09/10 22:26:02) D'rummath: Dang ... she's persistent! Turn, Mari, turn!!!
(09/10 22:26:07) Nah'dneb cheers
(09/10 22:26:08) Trevor1013 cheers
(09/10 22:26:10) Niika cheers loudly
(09/10 22:26:11) Selee Tayoy starts to laugh
(09/10 22:26:14) Serephina: you can do it Mari!
(09/10 22:26:23) [Relayer] Kerryth cheers
(09/10 22:26:24) Valdez: I will get rid of the bug
(09/10 22:26:24) Tai'lahr: Mr. Laxman, is it possible that the D'ni technology we use might be affecting the Bahro?
(09/10 22:26:28) RR_Caz: walk awayu!
(09/10 22:26:29) Valdez: hopefully
(09/10 22:26:30) Tayrtahn: [[Mari probably crashed while sending a forward input]]
(09/10 22:26:30) Victor Laxman: well, "increase" is not as important as "consitent"
(09/10 22:26:44) SuperGram: can we stop with t he random banter
(09/10 22:26:53) SuperGram: Text moves too quickly
(09/10 22:26:59) Selee Tayoy: I understand now thank you
(09/10 22:27:03) Paulll50: people need to set goals
(09/10 22:27:07) Kelden: Consistent, right...Gotcha
(09/10 22:27:10) JWPlatt: Okay, whoever does the chatlog, please edit/replace "increase" with "consistent" please. :)
(09/10 22:27:17) SolarShine: he is coming, he is here. who has come? who has seen him?
(09/10 22:27:23) Gondar: Mr. Laxman, in case trhe question was lost in everyone cheering.. have you or the DRC come across any areas similar to the bahro cave Wheely was trapped in, in o about the city? Or evidence of ones there?
(09/10 22:27:40) Victor Laxman: We have n evidence to that, Tai'lahr.
(09/10 22:27:44) Victor Laxman: *no

(09/10 22:27:56) Tai'lahr: But, you don't really know, do you?
(09/10 22:27:58) Victor Laxman: Thank you all for your kind attention.
(09/10 22:28:00) Joey Zoonishii: Will we still have to feed the lake plankton things even after we get the light back to the old levels? I mean, will we always have to feed them... consistently?
(09/10 22:28:07) Zen6219: Thank you
(09/10 22:28:08) SuperGram: and Mr Laxman what was Michel Engburg doing in cavern today
(09/10 22:28:11) Dakro claps his hands
(09/10 22:28:12) Mar'ith: Thank you Mr. Laxman
(09/10 22:28:14) Swimmery4: Thank you!
(09/10 22:28:15) Cubkyle claps his hands
(09/10 22:28:16) Mar'ith claps his hands
(09/10 22:28:17) Swimmery4 claps his hands
(09/10 22:28:18) Gondar: Please Mr. Laxman, this may be very important..
(09/10 22:28:19) Dr. CrisGer: Thank you
(09/10 22:28:19) Zen6219 claps his hands
(09/10 22:28:22) Selee Tayoy: Thank you for actually talking to us
(09/10 22:28:30) Valdez: yes
(09/10 22:28:33) Joey Zoonishii: Thanks, Mr. Laxman!
(09/10 22:28:33) Trevor1013: Yes what was he doing?
(09/10 22:28:34) Valdez claps his hands
(09/10 22:28:41) Victor Laxman: If they didn't like it, Tailar, they'd be plenty capable of doing something about it.
(09/10 22:28:45) SuperGram: can we stop with the random banter
(09/10 22:28:48) JWPlatt: Thank you very much for coming here and listening to us, Mr. Laxman.
(09/10 22:28:52) Tai'lahr: Maybe they are!
(09/10 22:28:55) Swimmery4: Very true
(09/10 22:28:55) John Lynch: What was that?
(09/10 22:28:59) Tayrtahn: cone
(09/10 22:29:01) Victor Laxman: good night.
(09/10 22:29:03) SuperGram: Thank you Mr Laxman
(09/10 22:29:06) Trevor1013 claps his hands
(09/10 22:29:06) Dakro: Laxman before you go, Gondar has a question
(09/10 22:29:07) Swimmery4: Good night
(09/10 22:29:08) Valdez: good night
(09/10 22:29:09) Kelden waves goodbye
(09/10 22:29:09) Jotmo claps his hands
(09/10 22:29:10) Telmora: thank you Mr. Laxman
(09/10 22:29:11) Zen6219: good night
(09/10 22:29:12) Serephina: good night
(09/10 22:29:14) Tai'lahr: They became much more active here since the calibration of the Great Zero!
(09/10 22:29:14) John Lynch lets out a sigh of relief
(09/10 22:29:15) Sorceress: Goodnight Laxman
(09/10 22:29:16) Telmora waves goodbye
(09/10 22:29:17) John Lynch claps his hands
(09/10 22:29:18) Cubkyle waves goodbye
(09/10 22:29:19) Resolute Guardian claps his hands
(09/10 22:29:19) Victor Laxman: yes, gondar?
(09/10 22:29:20) SuperGram: Good night
(09/10 22:29:24) Mar'ith waves goodbye
(09/10 22:29:24) Mar'ith: Thanks and bye Mr. Laxman
(09/10 22:29:25) Quill waves hello
(09/10 22:29:47) ~~meadow~~: Nite lax
(09/10 22:29:47) Gondar: Sorry, I asked if you or the DRC had come across any other bahro caves or similar areas in th ae'gura or city areas.. or evidence thereof
(09/10 22:30:06) Gondar: Similar to the ones Wheely was trapped in, or the ones linked by Yeesha's journey etc
(09/10 22:30:18) Victor Laxman: No, we have not.
(09/10 22:30:24) Gondar: Thank you
(09/10 22:30:25) Dakro: Okay g'nite Laxman
(09/10 22:30:25) Dalken Starbyne: Mr. Laxman? Could I please borrow 5 or 10 minutes of your time? This is really quite important.
(09/10 22:30:34) Nah'dneb: Mr. Laxman? Has there been any progress on fixing the Heek score displays in the hood, or the gahreesen climbing wall?
(09/10 22:31:05) Victor Laxman: yes, Dalken?
(09/10 22:31:20) Nah'dneb: since I would assume that to be your area..
(09/10 22:31:32) Swimmery4 wishes the explorers would give Laxman a little room
(09/10 22:31:49) Dalken Starbyne: If we could discuss this in private, or if you would respond to a KI mail at least...I t would be preferable.
(09/10 22:31:51) Greypiffle: please do not crowd our guest - thank you all
(09/10 22:32:12) SuperGram: Yeah please give him som space
(09/10 22:32:38) Joey Zoonishii: Back off people... He's trying to breathe...
(09/10 22:32:42) Trevor1013: I was wondering why the DRC hasn't comment on Endberg yet?
(09/10 22:32:52) Victor Laxman: Ki mail, then?
(09/10 22:32:54) SuperGram: thank you Paul
(09/10 22:33:06) Dalken Starbyne: Sure...hold on, I think I kept an old one...
(09/10 22:33:39) Whilyam: Dalken, I doubt they'll open a chocolate orange stand in D'ni... though it's a good idea!
(09/10 22:33:50) Trevor1013 laughs
(09/10 22:33:51) Gondar: Too bad.
(09/10 22:33:54) Tayrtahn: aw, man...
(09/10 22:33:55) Mar'ith laughs
(09/10 22:34:03) Trevor1013: mmmmm chocolate oranges
(09/10 22:34:04) Dalken Starbyne: That's not what I had in mind, however awesome that'd be!
(09/10 22:34:08) JWPlatt: Has anyone here found my car keys?
(09/10 22:34:11) Serephina starts to laugh
(09/10 22:34:28) Whilyam: Yes, I think I baked them into an exploding pellet
(09/10 22:34:41) Eric Wolfe: I think they're in the Nexus.
(09/10 22:34:46) Twi-lite: are they the ones with the big po poms?
(09/10 22:34:47) Swimmery4: Thats going to be fun to get out of!
(09/10 22:34:49) Twi-lite: Pom poms?
(09/10 22:34:54) Gondar: I thought I sat on them, but it was just a sharp rock
(09/10 22:35:13) Tai'lahr: What do you need a car for?
(09/10 22:35:25) Cubkyle: Minkata
(09/10 22:35:28) Tayrtahn: driving
(09/10 22:35:29) Valdez: what is that symbol on your coat?
(09/10 22:35:33) D'rummath: Victor, what do you think was the real cause of Wheely Endbergs death?
(09/10 22:35:34) Valdez: Laxman
(09/10 22:35:38) JWPlatt: Minkata, Tai'
(09/10 22:35:40) Joey Zoonishii: Err, so, I don't get it... will the lake light be self-sustaining after a while, folks? Or do we know?
(09/10 22:36:00) Rose: ok, zanari - i'm not far behind you :)
(09/10 22:36:05) Rose: see you later!
(09/10 22:36:13) Swimmery4: I believe it will just take much less pelletes to maintain
(09/10 22:36:14) Dalken Starbyne: Did the KI mail get through?
(09/10 22:36:31) Swimmery4: *pellets
(09/10 22:36:47) Joey Zoonishii: Well, Mr. Laxman said something about "consistency" being more important... so, I imagine we need to keep sustaining it right, Swimmery?
(09/10 22:37:08) Swimmery4: Yes
(09/10 22:37:19) Joey Zoonishii: Oh, okay...
(09/10 22:37:44) Victor Laxman: I will discuss it with the other DRC members, Dalken.
(09/10 22:37:49) Victor Laxman: Good night.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 4:31 pm 
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I'd go so far as to say that if the light meter returns to the Ae'gura lake and it hasn't changed, people will give up on the pellets. No result, no point. And it's a pity that donating your pellet points to a hood imager has no further point than showing how many points the hood has donated to the cavern lake.

We've noticed that pellet activity has dropped, but we're not going to increase the feedback. Hmmmm.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 4:46 pm 
Creative Kingdoms

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Rusty_Russell wrote:
[To paraphrase Laxman] We've noticed that pellet activity has dropped, but we're not going to increase the feedback. Hmmmm.

Victor Laxman wrote:
(09/10 22:08:21) Victor Laxman: I will see what I can do about feedback. Don't expect a real time number, though.

Yes, the point must be made clear. I was told by a Cyantist to take this IC if we want action. So that's what I did. We must beat hard on Laxman to get the feedback we want. I suggest a positive beating to say how feedback will make things better for Cyan, the DRC, and the Cavern more than telling them how things will fail without it. Beat the drum and beat on Laxman. Drive some sense into him instead of standing in awe and don't let him get away without making the same commitment to the community as he wants from us. Hold him to the words he wrote above, and don't accept anything less than daily updates. Then, drive home the need for feedback in general to make this a larger lesson about incentive and motivation for Cyan and the DRC.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 5:02 pm 
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Thanks, JWP. I'd settle for weekly feedback, including during non-episode downtime. I want direct addressing (automated feedback) though. Make the light meter show something meaningful, regardless of interval.

It can't be beyond the wit of Cyan to make 100,000,000 points 100% lit and have the light meter show 1 to 10 (where 1 is 10% etc).

[100,000,000 is an arbitrary value off the top of my head, but you get the idea]

Positive - (vid's) 24 hour pellet droppings. Roll up, roll up, make a visible difference!
Positive - no manual intervention. Doesn't need to start or stop around episodes and can continue during the hiatus.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 6:03 pm 
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I'd be more interested in making pellets (now that I know the recipe to use) if it didn't take 4 hours. Surely the D'ni knew about microwave ovens.

the journey begins again . . .

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 6:12 pm 
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4 hours is for later (Ahnonay). 30 30 30 is a very good orange for the pellet count (3 hours).

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 6:48 pm 
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There's a 1 hour 57 minute recipe I stole from Greypiffle, the Master of the Pellets: ;-)

Ovens 1, 2, and 3 are set to 19.5, 50, 50, Oven #4 is set to 19.5, 50, 19.5

It produces an orange light and averages about 975 points per pellet.
Oven 4 is the first oven on the left when you enter the room from the side with the switch (the harvesters are behind you).

Kids today - no respect for all us old pellet makers slaving over hot oven for hours and hours... hoping for a few measly points - they want the D'ni Instant Pellet Bake Oven... now with orange flavor sparklies!

Last edited by HenryMikel on Wed Sep 12, 2007 5:46 pm, edited 1 time in total.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 8:39 pm 
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Thanks guys!

Yeah, I barely entered Ercana in 2004, so never did get to pellet making. 1hr57min sounds a lot better than 4 hours!


the journey begins again . . .

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 9:33 pm 
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HenryMikel wrote:
Ovens 1, 2, and 3 are set to 19.5, 50, 50, Oven #4 is set to 19.5, 50, 19.5

When giving instructions like this, it is better to assume we do not know where to begin counting or in which direction. Please define ovens 1, 2, 3, and 4 for those who do not know.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 10:33 pm 
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Did anyone notice, the pellet progress chart that the DRC sent out via Ki Mail has also been posted on their web site:

Hopefully, it will be updated on a regular basis.

Ki #782729

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 5:48 am 

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It's great to have this feedback! Thanks for pressing for this. We'll all benefit from it in the long run.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 3:26 pm 
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It's a step in the right direction for me, Dot. Now we know that pellets change lines on a piece of paper. I still want to see them change what they're for.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 3:53 pm 
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Right, a step. I still want to see the community numbers. The chart does not define what the percentage represents. It's obviously an intentional effort to do something to appease us and still keep the numbers from us. The numbers were available in the logs, but now the logs are gone. We are left with a minimal inspiration. If Cyan and the DRC want a good effort, show us the numbers! In Cavern preferably, but put a big scoreboard somewhere. Like on the Watcher's Pub imager, or in the banner of this website. It would be great to have something as big as the effort we are being asked to make.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 4:10 pm 
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If anyone happens to get Laxman's ear today, please ask him what the "Pellet Contributions" percentage means.

The choice of representing our progress as a percentage is strange, especially since it starts out at 100%, then varies from 70-115%. Is it based on the number of explorers contributing pellets as of 10 August 2007? And what percentage are we to maintain for the next few months to see the lake light change (as he had promised)?

KI #: 1299

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 6:46 pm 

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JWPlatt wrote:
Beat the drum and beat on Laxman. Drive some sense into him instead of standing in awe and don't let him get away without making the same commitment to the community as he wants from us.

Sigh. This is the second time the DRC has done this to us. (Remember the GZ calibration?) They ask the explorers to take on a responsibility, but they acknowledge no responsibility on their own part to keep us informed. For months they have been ignoring or brushing off our questions, ignoring our KImails, or giving us the stall. Yet the recommended course of action seems to be more of the same talk, talk, talk that has really gotten us nowhere. And it looks like it will be more than a month now before anyone even gets a chance to try that again.

We have a better tool. We know Laxman is paying attention to the numbers and is upset by the trend. Just a handful of people taking direct action could put a spike in those numbers that he would have to notice, and he would know just how serious we are about this issue. He would have to talk to us and listen to us. Is anyone ready YET to listen to the message of the League of Light?

*SLMW 1.0* No animals were harmed in the production of this message.

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