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PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 3:44 am 

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Not very exciting, but I tried to get rid of all the non-relevant banter.


(09/10 20:47:27) Chat.log started...
(09/10 20:47:42) Victor Laxman: Very well. Would you all perfer to chat here, or maybe he community room?
(09/10 20:47:53) Jotmo: Here is fine for me.
(09/10 20:48:09) zia: ahh community room is quiter
(09/10 20:48:10) SuperGram: your call Mr Laxman
(09/10 20:48:13) zia: but what ever you like
(09/10 20:48:48) SuperGram: i think we may have visitors so maybe the community room would be the best choice
(09/10 20:49:02) Jotmo: K
(09/10 20:49:03) Victor Laxman: Community room it is, then.
(09/10 20:49:03) Joey Zoonishii: Let's go to the community room... everyone's always hanging around these fountains, Gram...
(09/10 20:49:08) SuperGram: anyone would like to call a relayer
(09/10 20:49:29) SuperGram: And keep a chatlog
(09/10 20:49:43) To Thend: Laxman's in the Uru Tapestry hood.
(09/10 20:50:18) Victor Laxman: Just like the "old" days.
(09/10 20:50:26) Victor Laxman smiles.
(09/10 20:50:34) SuperGram: :)
(09/10 20:50:44) Joey Zoonishii smiles in spite of himself.
(09/10 20:51:36) JWPlatt: Greetings folks!
(09/10 20:51:49) Jotmo: Here tey come. Gona get crowded soon.
(09/10 20:53:17) F'lessen: hello Mr. Laxman
(09/10 20:53:45) Victor Laxman: Good evening, everyone. Shal I begin?
(09/10 20:53:56) Jotmo: Please do.
(09/10 20:53:59) JWPlatt: Please
(09/10 20:54:03) Joey Zoonishii: Yessir, Mr. Laxman... lay it on us... =)
(09/10 20:54:06) SuperGram: please do
(09/10 20:54:38) F'lessen: yes thanks
(09/10 20:54:48) JWPlatt: Pretty soon there will be 147 people, so take the opportunity while you can, Mr. Laxman.
(09/10 20:54:54) Cubkyle starts to laugh
(09/10 20:55:12) Victor Laxman: So... this is the "Pellet Pep Talk" for those who have been and continue to contribute pellets.
(09/10 20:55:46) Victor Laxman: I've been monitoring the pellet contributions on a daily basis.
(09/10 20:56:18) Victor Laxman: and have noticed that they have been steadily dropping this past month.
(09/10 20:58:40) Niika: do you have any idea how many months the relighting may take victor?
(09/10 20:58:49) Victor Laxman: It's a big lake. It's going to take a long time for noticavle changes to happen.
(09/10 20:58:53) JWPlatt: Words of encouragement are not going to be enough. The numbers must be shown to us, even if we don't know what the goal is.
(09/10 20:59:23) Victor Laxman: numbers are shown to you, JWPlatt.
(09/10 20:59:28) JWPlatt: Where?
(09/10 20:59:33) Victor Laxman: In your KI
(09/10 20:59:42) JWPlatt: Not good enough, sir.
(09/10 21:00:33) Victor Laxman: If the numbers in the KI don't help, then no other numbers will either.
(09/10 21:00:35) SuperGram: yeah that
(09/10 21:00:42) JWPlatt: The numbers as a community must be shown to us in real time if you want a real unity of community effort.
(09/10 21:01:02) Janara: we would like to know the total of all the hoods' progress
(09/10 21:01:23) Gondar: Yes, a grand total meter, sitting somewhere!
(09/10 21:01:32) Victor Laxman: The numbers are abitrary. They mean nothing in and of themselves.
(09/10 21:01:38) Kelden: Does it matter if upload your pellet scores in a hood matter Mr Laxman? Or does it not really matter? In that regard?
(09/10 21:01:53) Trevor1013: I was wondering that as well
(09/10 21:02:16) JWPlatt: That sounds like an excuse, Mr. Laxman.
(09/10 21:02:39) Victor Laxman: giving your pellets to a Hood or not does not affect the lake in any way.
(09/10 21:03:03) Trevor1013: me either
(09/10 21:03:05) JWPlatt: The fact remains that you want an inspired community effort, you will publish tthe community totals in real time or daily.
(09/10 21:03:05) Zen6219: If there was a place where Bevin totals were posted, it might encourage competition and more pellet dropping.
(09/10 21:03:17) Haruko: Mr. Laxman, have the exploding pellets had a measurable effect on the lake light levels?
(09/10 21:03:20) SuperGram: So does that mean we should keep the numbers on the KI?
(09/10 21:03:20) Victor Laxman: No, it's a fact, JWPlatt.
(09/10 21:03:21) Gondar: Rig the imager in the Watcher's Pub for that :-)
(09/10 21:03:32) kyashii: Mr. Laxman, what can we do in the most part to help the lake better than we are now?
(09/10 21:04:04) Joey Zoonishii: What benefit is there to this competition?
(09/10 21:04:15) Valdez: the lake lighting
(09/10 21:04:27) Victor Laxman: Slow and steady is better than large spikes in either direction.
(09/10 21:05:16) Whilyam: But we're TOO slow now?
(09/10 21:05:23) JWPlatt: If we can get the real time or daily totals, Mr. Laxman, we can also take KI photos and compare it day to say, week to week, month to moth, or year to year if we have to. But the numbers are essential. If you have them, why not show them to us instead of judging their usfulness yourself?
(09/10 21:05:27) Victor Laxman: I will see what I can do about feedback. Don't expect a real time number, though.
(09/10 21:05:37) Kelden: What settings do you suggest them MR Laxman on the pellet machine?
(09/10 21:06:31) SuperGram: So to be clear Mr. Laxman...should we encourage more pellet dropping?
(09/10 21:06:50) slider: the biggest question of all would have to be what kind of effect will lighting the lake have on any animals that have evolved in the lake over the last 10,oo years of darkness
(09/10 21:06:50) SuperGram: Or Less?
(09/10 21:06:54) Victor Laxman: Only if it's going to be consistent, SuperGram.
(09/10 21:07:09) kyashii: mr. Laxman, do you have a reccomended pellet recipe we should use????
(09/10 21:07:35) Victor Laxman: we're only talking about attempting to restore it to what it has been for the last 10,000 years.
(09/10 21:08:25) slider: Oh so it has only been with in the last few years that the lake has gone dark?
(09/10 21:08:41) Victor Laxman: since the Fall of D'ni, yes, slider
(09/10 21:09:16) Narbada: correct formula, please
(09/10 21:09:18) Quill: A simple KI message from the DRC to the community as a whole thanking those who have contribunted the most in the last month would be a simple way of motivating a lot of people. You could send out a message once a month thanking so-an-so for their efforts.
(09/10 21:09:19) kyashii: what pellet recipe do you reccomend Mr. Laxman??
(09/10 21:09:39) Victor Laxman: That's exellent, JWPlatt.
(09/10 21:09:56) Narbada: pellet recipe please
(09/10 21:10:05) kyashii: mr. Laxman, do you have a pellet recipe you would reccomend to us???
(09/10 21:10:25) Valdez: Mr. Laxman do you have a reccomended pellet recipie?
(09/10 21:10:27) Trevor1013: Yes, do you have a preferred pellet recipe?
(09/10 21:10:40) Telmora nods her head
(09/10 21:10:40) Valdez: or don't you know?
(09/10 21:10:41) Tayrtahn: popular question tonight
(09/10 21:10:45) Narbada: pellet recipe please
(09/10 21:10:47) Victor Laxman: Quill, I sent one last month, and intended to send another update, but wanted to have this discussion first.
(09/10 21:10:47) SuperGram: I don't think it would be aq bad Idea if we were given an exact recipe
(09/10 21:11:26) JWPlatt: Great. Is there more you would like to say between our questions?
(09/10 21:11:41) Victor Laxman: as for the recipe... No, that's up to you.
(09/10 21:11:49) Valdez: darn
(09/10 21:11:52) Jotmo: Darn
(09/10 21:11:54) Mobius me hands out cheese to go with the whine
(09/10 21:11:58) Telmora is sorta bummed...
(09/10 21:12:00) Mar’ith: Mr. Laxman, could we have explorer totals on the hood imagers, rather than individual uploads?
(09/10 21:14:38) Victor Laxman: I'll see what I can do, Mar'ith. No promises.
(09/10 21:14:57) Joey Zoonishii: But I've got a recipe that makes an orange glow.... The Bah'ro one is…white...
(09/10 21:14:58) SolarShine: the bahro one is bad for the lake. you need to aim for an orange glow, not a white light.
(09/10 21:15:14) Trevor1013: Sorry if this is off topic, but have you talked to Michael Endberg yet?
(09/10 21:16:29) Victor Laxman: I haven't spoken with him yet.
(09/10 21:17:05) JWPlatt: I'm sure Mr. Laxman also has the qualifications to answer that, Tayr
(09/10 21:17:26) Dakro: Mr. Laxman, if you were to give an estimate, based on the progress made by pellets, how long would you guesstimate for it take to have the lake restored?
(09/10 21:18:19) Joey Zoonishii: Well, do we want orange light, Mr. Laxman?
(09/10 21:18:25) Victor Laxman: That remains to be seen, JWPlatt.
(09/10 21:18:46) Dakro: Orange light is good, just getting that out of the way....
(09/10 21:19:08) Victor Laxman: That depends on you all, Dakro.
(09/10 21:19:45) Victor Laxman: Yes, the bright orange is "best"
(09/10 21:20:18) F'lessen: Mr. Laxman, can you tell us about the stained glass windows? Will they be installed today?
(09/10 21:21:25) Victor Laxman: They were meant to be. F'lessen. Have they not been installed?
(09/10 21:21:47) Trevor1013: Not as of yet
(09/10 21:21:48) Valdez: no
(09/10 21:21:50) Kelden: Haven't seen any
(09/10 21:22:00) F'lessen: no,not yet
(09/10 21:22:01) Victor Laxman: I'll see if something came up. Sorry.
(09/10 21:23:30) Tai'lahr: Mr. Laxman, is it possible that the D'ni technology we use might be affecting the Bahro?
(09/10 21:23:35) Tayrtahn: [[Mari probably crashed while sending a forward input]]
(09/10 21:23:36) Victor Laxman: well, "increase" is not as important as "consitent"
(09/10 21:24:12) Kelden: Consistent, right...Gotcha
(09/10 21:24:16) JWPlatt: Okay, whoever does the chatlog, please edit/replace "increase" with "consistent" please. :)
(09/10 21:24:28) Gondar: Mr. Laxman, in case trhe question was lost in everyone cheering.. have you or the DRC come across any areas similar to the bahro cave Wheely was trapped in, in o about the city? Or evidence of ones there?
(09/10 21:25:04) Victor Laxman: Thank you all for your kind attention.
(09/10 21:26:07) Victor Laxman: good night.
(09/10 21:26:08) SuperGram: Thank you Mr Laxman
(09/10 21:26:12) Trevor1013 claps his hands
(09/10 21:26:12) Dakro: Laxman before you go, Gondar has a question
(09/10 21:26:25) Victor Laxman: yes, gondar?
(09/10 21:26:53) Gondar: Sorry, I asked if you or the DRC had come across any other bahro caves or similar areas in th ae'gura or city areas.. or evidence thereof
(09/10 21:27:12) Gondar: Similar to the ones Wheely was trapped in, or the ones linked by Yeesha's journey etc
(09/10 21:27:23) Victor Laxman: No, we have not.
(09/10 21:34:54) Victor Laxman: Good night.

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The same log has been posted Here, so I'll close this thread.

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