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I have reassembled logs from Dr. Watson’s recent visits to the Cavern, for anyone who wants to catch up (formatted to Question and Answer format).

Dr. Watson shows up in the City late at night 09/10
(Source ... 56&t=31623)

(09/11 07:22:22) Dr. Watson: Michael Engberg came to find me.
(09/11 07:22:40) Dr. Watson: And find me he did.
(09/11 07:23:29) Dr. Watson: As for what I will do, that remains to be seen, really.
(09/11 07:24:56) Grieyls: How is Engberg by the way? Is he ok?
(09/11 07:25:19) Dr. Watson: Yes, I believe he is.
(09/11 07:25:22) IBnetweasel: Yes...we were concerned about Engberg after the events concerning his was sad
(09/11 07:25:32) Dr. Watson: Very sad, indeed
(09/11 07:25:58) Dr. Watson: There is a great deal of sadness.
(09/11 07:26:47) BlueArrow: What is your current relationship with Mr. Henderson lately?
(09/11 07:27:35) Dr. Watson: I have spent a great deal of time with Phil Henderson these last few years.
(09/11 07:27:53) Grieyls: That so, what have you two been up to?
(09/11 07:28:47) Dr. Watson: That's a long story, Greiyls.
(09/11 07:28:49) BlueArrow: Do you have any clue who "he" is that phend keeps mentioning?
(09/11 07:29:37) Dr. Watson: I'd hazard to guess the "he" was likely "me"
(09/11 07:29:50) Grieyls: We were hoping that
(09/11 07:29:51) Dr. Watson laughs.
(09/11 07:31:14) Skotte: here's an interesting question fFor you. are you aware of any ages which the D'ni have never set fFoot in?
(09/11 07:31:43) Dr. Watson: There are many, Skotte.
(09/11 07:31:55) Dr. Watson: More Ages that they haven't been to than that they have.
(09/11 07:31:33) Timbo: Have you been aware of what's been going on in the cavern? Events like Wheely's death? Or have you been... out of touch?
(09/11 07:32:27) Dr. Watson: I was not aware until Michael came.
(09/11 07:32:49) Dr. Watson: We've had our own struggles to deal with.
(09/11 07:33:14) Meg: it all ties in with m-theory and multiple universes.
(09/11 07:32:25) Meg: isn't earth a d'ni creation of sorts?
(09/11 07:33:52) Dr. Watson: Meg, That's a long topic for another time. The answer depends on your perspective.
(09/11 07:35:00) Grieyls: Do you know where Engberg is Dr Watson?
(09/11 07:35:16) Dr. Watson: At the moment, no. He's around here somewhere.
(09/11 07:33:02) Grieyls: What sort of struggles?
(09/11 07:35:00) Dr. Watson: Most recently, the Bahro conflict, Grieyls.
(09/11 07:35:19) Grieyls: I see, yeah that has many concerend
(09/11 07:35:53) Dr. Watson: Their conflict spans hundreds of Ages.
(09/11 07:37:22) Dr. Watson: For now, we are protected here.
(09/11 07:37:36) Dr. Watson: That may not always be the case.
(09/11 07:37:24) Meg: i remember feeling crushed a few years back, as i'm sure you guys felt too. now here we all are again :D
(09/11 07:38:40) Dr. Watson: Indeed, Meg. I was devastated. But that's life, I suppose. You try to deal with whatever comes up and move on.
(09/11 07:38:40) Skotte: others have suggested the new guilds are DRC hubris.
(09/11 07:38:49) Skotte: what do you think of the matter, Mr Watson?
(09/11 07:39:56) Dr. Watson: Guilds are fine, in and of themselves. They provided D'ni with stability to last for nearly 10,000 years here in the Cavern...
(09/11 07:40:21) Dr. Watson: And who knows how many thousands of years before that.
(09/11 07:41:19) Meg: *cricket cricket*
(09/11 07:42:30) Dr. Watson: It all just depends on the people involved. (sorry, just choosing my words carefully.)
(09/11 07:42:55) Grieyls: Dr Watson, can you shed any light on this colour business Phil has been going on about?
(09/11 07:42:59) zreyasa: Dr. Watson IS Phil okay?
(09/11 07:43:26) Dr. Watson: Colour business? What's he been saying?
(09/11 07:43:28) Skotte: so, i understand :)
(09/11 07:43:43) Grieyls: Not sure myself, something about the colour blue
(09/11 07:43:56) Meg: well..phil has been sounding sort of...stoned
(09/11 07:44:01) Prime: It's dificult to descibe what phil has been saying...he is still very....incoherent.
(09/11 07:44:04) Meg: he says "man" a lot
(09/11 07:44:08) Dr. Watson: Hmm, I'm not sure what he's refering to.
(09/11 07:45:17) Dr. Watson: Phil is Phil. His time alone with the Bahro haven't helped his social skills.
(09/11 07:46:06) Dr. Watson: But that may be why they
(09/11 07:46:12) Dr. Watson: get along so well.
(09/11 07:46:19) D'ja vu: maybe we just need to learn how to listen better for Phils comments to make sense
(09/11 07:46:51) Dr. Watson: That may be true, D'ja vu.

(09/11 07:48:06) D'ja vu: yeah, the bahro were all over the library and was wild
(09/11 07:48:38) Dr. Watson: They are still around. You get used to it after a while.
(09/11 07:48:58) Prime: Doctor...are you planning to rejoin the DRC...your experience, training, and insigt would be invaluable.
(09/11 07:49:35) Dr. Watson: I have a great deal to think about on that subject, Prime. I have made no decisions or commitments yet.
(09/11 07:48:42) Skotte: some people have come to the interesting observation that "bahro" is a word which simply means "beast people"
(09/11 07:49:06) Skotte: so there is some initiative to start calling them a more decent respectable name "Vakhro". linking people.
(09/11 07:50:16) Skotte: fFrom an academic standpoint, Dr watson, what do you think of this?
(09/11 07:50:33) Dr. Watson: They are not offended by "Bahro".
(09/11 07:51:19) zreyasa: they understand outr language, Dr. Watson?
(09/11 07:51:56) Dr. Watson: It varies by individual.
(09/11 07:52:21) Dr. Watson: They pick up on emotion very well, though.
(09/11 07:52:19) Grieyls: But by that you mean some of them do understand us, yes?
(09/11 07:53:33) Dr. Watson: Some of them seem to understand some words very well, others not so much.
(09/11 07:53:08) Timbo: You've comunicated with them, then, Doctor?
(09/11 07:54:13) Dr. Watson: I have tried with varying degrees of success, yes, Timbo.
(09/11 07:53:21) Dr. Watson: Yeesha has no problem communicating with them. I still have a hard time.
(09/11 07:53:41) Grieyls: So you've seen Yeesha recently?
(09/11 07:54:32) Dr. Watson: I have spent quite a bit of time with Yeesha over the years. When sh'es been available.
(09/11 07:56:45) Dr. Watson: She has been to many of the Ages that are much more involved in the conflict.
(09/11 07:56:10) Prime: We have been told the bahro war has spilled over into releeshan...are the d'ni ok?
(09/11 07:57:08) Dr. Watson: For the moment, yes, Prime.
(09/11 07:57:36) Timbo: You've been to Releeshan too, then? Wow.
(09/11 07:57:51) Dr. Watson: Indeed.
(09/11 07:57:57) Prime: And what is the word on is my understanding that is the bahro home I can't imagine the state it is in...
(09/11 07:59:12) Dr. Watson: Noloben? It is one of many Ages the Bahro have lived in for who knows how long. I wouldn't say it's their "home Age", though that's always a possibility.
(09/11 08:00:15) Dr. Watson: It is one of the Ages with the most heavy fighting, though.
(09/11 07:59:45) Grieyls: Well do they consider it thier home age, do you know?
(09/11 08:01:00) Dr. Watson: Some of them consider Noloben their home, just as some consider this their home, or any of thousands of Ages, for that matter.
(09/11 08:00:41) Grieyls: Do you know what the issue is that they fight over?
(09/11 08:03:31) Dr. Watson]: Such a long story. The short version is that they were recently given the ability to choose their own destinies.
(09/11 08:03:56) Dr. Watson: And different groups of them are making different choices with their newly-found freedom.
(09/11 08:05:24) D'ja vu: And the different choices are causing strife.
(09/11 08:06:45) Dr. Watson: Indeed. Some of them are intent on revenge and destruction. Unfortunately, they have the potential for unbelievable destruction when they put their minds to it.
(09/11 08:07:14) Grieyls: That is not good to hear, hope they come to their senses
(09/11 08:07:28) Dr. Watson: I do, too.
(09/11 08:07:51) J'on: Dr. Watson, Phil mentioned that he has visited Releeshan, have you been there also? If so, have you seen Atrus?
(09/11 08:08:16) Dr. Watson: Yes to both questions, J'on.
(09/11 08:09:47) Meg: wait..does atrus know about the cavern renovations?
(09/11 08:10:06) Meg: does he know
(09/11 08:10:07) Dr. Watson: Hmm... there's always a chance, though it would be a very small one.
(09/11 02:11:08) Dr. Watson: Well, thanks for the warm welcome. I'm going to finish collecting my Nexus links and head to bed. I'm sure it's going to be a long day tomorrow.
(09/11 02:12:06) Dr. Watson waves [/spoiler]

Yesterday (09/11) Dr. Watson visited the Watchers Pub and answered a lot of questions:
(Source ... 56&t=31636)
Questions and Answers only

(09/11 21:42:18) Whilyam: Dr. Watson, Great to see you again
(09/11 21:42:48) Dr. Watson: Thank you, Whilyam.
(09/11 21:43:28) Dr. Watson: I'm just looking to see what all has changed in the time I was away.
(09/11 21:44:13) kyashii: watson, Michael Engberg is missing
(09/11 21:44:58) Amun Aten: he isnt missing anymore
(09/11 21:44:59) Dr. Watson: Michael is around here somewhere.
(09/11 21:45:47) Thend: Dr Watson. We have a lot of questions, as you may understand
(09/11 21:46:13) Dr. Watson: I'm sure you do, Thend.
(09/11 21:47:09) Thend: We'd also like to simply hear what you'd like to say
(09/11 21:47:49) Dr. Watson: At the moment, I'm just getting my bearings again. I don't really have anything to say.
(09/11 21:48:36) daht: Dr Watson, is what Cate said true - you are no longer interested in the restoration?
(09/11 21:49:03) Dr. Watson sighs.
(09/11 21:50:25) Dr. Watson: As far as resuming my position the DRC, no, I'm not interested.
(09/11 21:51:07) Thend: Dr Watson, Engberg brought you back. Why did you come?
(09/11 21:51:57) Dr. Watson: Engberg seems to think I'm needed here. I came to see things for myself.
(09/11 21:52:24) kyashii: there is a bahro civil war going on watson...
(09/11 21:52:37) kyashii: Or soon to be at least
(09/11 21:52:54) Dr. Watson: Indeed, there is, Kyashii.
(09/11 21:52:54) Desert Eagle: yes, you're needed! maybe you can shed some light on this: why, exactly, are the Bahro fighting each other?!
(09/11 21:54:21) Dr. Watson: That's a long story, Desert Eagle. But the gist is that they have freedoms now that they're not used to, and different groups are choosing to take different paths with their new freedoms.
(09/11 21:54:28) kyashii: Dr. Watson, did you know that Phil is ALIVE?
(09/11 21:55:21) Dr. Watson: Yes, Kyashii. I've spent a great deal of time with Phil these last few years.
(09/11 21:54:32) Pryftan: Dr. Watson, was Myst V based on your own experiences? If not, who was it who set the Bahro free?
(09/11 21:56:15) Dr. Watson: Yes, Pryftan. I gave the Bahro the tablet.
(09/11 21:56:46) Dakro: I'm not sure if that's a good thing....
(09/11 21:57:08) Desert Eagle: I thik he is talking of the real thing here, not a computer game
(09/11 21:57:38) Dr. Watson: It definitely has had consequences, Dakro, but I still believe it was the right thing to do.
(09/11 21:58:12) Dr. Watson: (No I have not played Myst V).
(09/11 21:58:42) Janine: Dr. Watson, what do you know about the wedges we've been collecting in our reltos?
(09/11 21:59:24) Dr. Watson: I'm afraid I do not know anything about them, Janine. I have not seen one yet.
(09/11 21:59:58) HeadCheese : Would you LIKE to see some? I would gladly invite you to my Relto.
(09/11 21:59:36) ireenquench: Dr. Watson... with the current Bahro situation, what can we explorers actively do, should we leave the Cavern?
(09/11 22:01:06) Dr. Watson: Ireen, That's a difficult question to answer. Just before I left, I came to the conclusion that this Cavern should not be restored... that Atrus was right to start anew.
(09/11 22:01:36) Dr. Watson: I have not changed my opinion on that. But the fact is you're all here now.
(09/11 22:04:46) Lontahv: Dr. Watson, do you still like pizza?
(09/11 22:05:04) Dr. Watson laughs
(09/11 22:05:22) Dr. Watson: yes, Pizza.
(09/11 22:05:42) Pryftan: Dr. Watson, some of us feel this war is not our own. Others would stand behind Sharper at Noloben if he would let us..
(09/11 22:06:59) Dr. Watson: We are not prepared for a war. going to Noloben (or any of the Ages where the war is raging, for that matter) would not be a good idea, in my opinion.
(09/11 22:07:18) Whilyam: Can we stop Sharper from going?
(09/11 22:08:01) Dr. Watson: Unless Sharper has changed a great deal from when I knew him, I don't know that you'll be able to change his mind.
(09/11 22:10:31) Zen6219: In you first appearance in the caven, you seemed open to the idea of rejoining the DRC. Now, you're not. Why is that?
(09/11 22:09:47) Selee Tayoy: What was your purpose for returning to the cavern?
(09/11 22:11:39) Dr. Watson: I said I had a great deal to think about, Zen. I have thought about it, and decided not to.
(09/11 22:12:35) Dr. Watson: as for why I came back, it was at Michael Engberg's request and I wanted to see things here for myself.
(09/11 22:12:13) Thend: Dr Watson, does the Art of Writing 'piggyback' itself on the powers of the Bahro?
(09/11 22:13:16) Dr. Watson: They are very similar, but not identical, Thend.
(09/11 22:14:48) kyashii: Dr. Watson, were you able to learn the D'ni language during your absence?
(09/11 22:15:08) kyashii: Did yeesha teach you?
(09/11 22:15:21) Desert Eagle: kyashii, since he used to work on the translation of some texts, I think he already knew the language before leaving
(09/11 22:15:51) Dr. Watson: I have learned a great deal while I was away, but as with many things, there is still a great deal more I have to learn.
(09/11 22:15:35) Pryftan: Dr. Watson, as the one who set the Bahro free, why do you think they killed Wheely? Phil mentioned she was somewhere she shouldn't have been, can you elaborate on that?
(09/11 22:17:40) Dr. Watson: I do not know the details of Wheely's death. I won't hazard a guess at this point.
(09/11 22:19:11) Junee: What are the bahro fighting about? All we know is that they have chosen differently, but it's obvious they disagree about something.
(09/11 22:19:31) Desert Eagle: hey... why should we be in any danger in this war? after all, we helped to free the Bahro!! shouldn't they be thankful to us?
(09/11 22:19:40) Shadotter: maybe they want revenge against teh D'ni and we're the next best thing
(09/11 22:21:07) Dr. Watson: Some have chosen to use their freedom to take revenge. Other bahro have chosen to defend us.
(09/11 22:21:47) Dr. Watson: many of them are thankful. Or they likely wouldn't be protecting us.
(09/11 22:21:09) Lontahv: If you relesed the Bahro Dr. Watson, would that mean you have some authority over them? according to Phil, it was through ours and your actions that the Bahro were freed.
(09/11 22:22:26) Dr. Watson: I have no authority over them. That was kinda the point of setting them free.
(09/11 22:22:29) Pryftan: So the other faction blames us for enslavement at the hands of the D'ni?
(09/11 22:23:09) ireenquench: I dont understand why their revenge would be directed at us, unless they saw us as tied to the Dni. Do they consider us D'ni?
(09/11 22:23:10) Dr. Watson: I don't know that the other faction cares much who they hurt.
(09/11 22:24:00) Selee Tayoy: Please, Are the D'ni survivors in danger?
(09/11 22:24:48) Dr. Watson: Yes, Selee, there is danger in many Ages.
(09/11 22:25:14) Lontahv: Which ages are the safest Dr. Watson?
(09/11 22:25:18) Scarlette: Is there danger here, as Douglas has implied?
(09/11 22:25:31) Amun Aten would assume NO age is perfectly safe.
(09/11 22:25:53) Dr. Watson: I don't know that any Ages are safe.
(09/11 22:25:38) Thend: Dr Watson, I like having control over my own protection, plus I totally don't like seeing our community in mortal danger. Why would you suggest we stay? Why exactly should we stay here?
(09/11 22:26:09) Relayer Corps: Should we leave the cavern?

(09/11 22:25:57) Rabenschwinge: Thend, no one told us to stay here...
(09/11 22:26:31) Shadotter: Is the surface really any safer?
(09/11 22:26:52) Dr. Watson: that is a question you'll have to determine for yourselves.
(09/11 22:27:14) Dr. Watson: I can't make that call for you.
(09/11 22:28:27) Dr. Watson: The Bahro can link to the surface as easily as here. Why would it be safer?
[Q missing]
(09/11 22:30:02) Dr. Watson: I have been many places, Nonphat.
(09/11 22:29:51) Xanos: Dr. Watson, are there any non-Bahro helping the violent side?
(09/11 22:30:23) Dakro is curious to hear the answer to Xano's question....
(09/11 22:30:57) Dimitrios is curius to hear the answer to Xanos too
(09/11 22:31:25) Dr. Watson: Not that I know of, Xanos, but I can't rule out the possibility entirely.
(09/11 22:32:34) Clarissa: Dr Watson, what is Atrus' view on the Bahro?
(09/11 22:32:55) Dr. Watson: Atrus wanted them to be free.
(09/11 22:32:45) Trevor1013: Do you know if Escher actually exisits, and if so, do you think he may be a part of this?
(09/11 22:33:43) Dr. Watson: Yes, Esher exists(ed?) but has not been heard from since the Bahro were freed.
(09/11 22:36:05) Shadotter: Do yo0u think using the snake symbol would be a good idea as a defensive measure?
(09/11 22:37:16) Dr. Watson: I don't think the snake symbol will be of much help now.
(09/11 22:37:45) Pryftan: Dr. Watson, if the Bahro are free, does that mean the symbols have no power over them any longer?
(09/11 22:39:26) Dr. Watson: they are no longer obligated to obey the symbols. Some still choose to, but its their individual choice.
(09/11 22:39:39) Scarlette: Dr. Watson, we are all hoping you can give us some direction and clarification as to the choices the explorers need to make?
(09/11 22:40:06) Selee Tayoy: I greatly appreciate this time you are taking to come visit us and answer questions, thank you.
(09/11 22:40:53) Dr. Watson: I am sorry if you were led to believe that I would have all the answers. I have more questions than answers myself.
(09/11 22:41:52) Desert Eagle: hey... I have a question... who created the Tablet and the Symbols? Was it the Bahro, or the D'ni?
(09/11 22:42:56) Dr. Watson: I do not know who created the Tablet. Yeesha doesn't know who created the Tablet.
(09/11 22:43:42) Pryftan: Dr. Watson, where is Yeesha now?
(09/11 22:45:22) Dr. Watson: I do not know where Yeesha is right now. Last I saw her was a while back on Releeshahn, but she moves around a lot.
(09/11 22:46:04) Veralun: Dr Watson, does Yeesha have a daughter?
(09/11 22:46:30) Dr. Watson: Yeesha has no children.
(09/11 22:46:57) [ Shadow ]: Is she single? =)
(09/11 22:47:19) Dr. Watson laughs.
(09/11 22:48:19) Scarlette: Dr. Watson, Phil says that you said we shouldn't be here... and that you're right. Is this true?
(09/11 22:51:06) Dr. Watson: Scarlette - I think the current restoration effort here in the Cavern is a mistake, as I said before I left.
(09/11 22:51:56) Nonphat: Your being awefully quiet Dr. Watson. Are you feeling alright?
(09/11 22:52:38) Dr. Watson: I'm tired, Nonphat.
(09/11 22:53:30) Scarlette: What can we do to help?
(09/11 22:53:53) Dr. Watson: I don't know, Scarlette.
(09/11 22:54:56) Dr. Watson: in the words of someone wiser than I am "Find a way. Make a home."
(09/11 22:56:08) Cavern Book Club: do you know anything about if yeesha will come speak to us explorers someday?
(09/11 22:56:58) Dr. Watson: CBC - I can't rule that out.
(09/11 22:57:45) Rabenschwinge: Thank you for being so patient with us, Sir.
(09/11 22:57:56) Selee Tayoy: Yes, thank you
(09/11 22:58:11) Dr. Watson: and thank you for your patience as well.
[Explorers thank Dr.Watson]
(09/11 22:58:42) Dr. Watson: Thank you.[/spoiler]

Now, while reading up on this, I stumbled on a lot of really good questions that Dr. Watson didn’t have the chance to answer, as people were so fast with asking them. I collected those open questions as well, for those interested in reiterating them. This is just an idea to help those who might be unsure what to ask or who would like to follow up on things. Of course there are tons of other questions that could be asked as well ;)
I sorted them by topics, for easier digestion and added a few suggestions (just ideas, take ‘em or come up with your own.)

Explorer questions of those present in Watchers Pub, 09/11

Suggestion: Ask if Dr.Watson wants to ask the explorers questions, if we can help him with our knowledge. (See section “Artefacts”)


(09/11 21:46:19) kyashii: Watson, what did yeesha say? (Suggestion: Rephrase to: What’s Yeesha’s agenda now, do you know?)
(09/11 22:41:02) AtionSong: Dr, do you know what Yeesha thinks about the Bahro war?
(09/11 22:00:04) Dakro: How has Yeesha played a part in this war?
(09/11 22:44:05) Thend: Dr Watson, Yeesha would have the knowledge of Atrus in Terahnee, why did she think all Bahro would be 'good'? Did she intentionally mislead us to free them?
(09/11 22:48:59) Grigori: Dr. Watson, do you know how we can call/contact Yeesha?


(09/11 22:41:07) Dimitrios: dr watson how you manage to went where Atrus and the D'ni survivors are? Where is this book?
(09/11 22:46:32) Pryftan: Dr. Watson will we ever have access to Releeshahn? It seems like if anybody is in the most danger, it would be them.. the last remnants of the Bahro's slavemasters.
Junee: Do the D’ni mind that we are accessing their ages? (rephrased from memory)
(09/11 22:24:42) Mister Cloak: what were the reactions from the survivors on Releeshan when they learned the Bahro had been freed?

Freeing the Bahro:

Difference/connection between freeing the Bahro through returning the pillars and handing them the tablet?
(09/11 22:27:22) Dimitrios: You freed the bahro. Do you know from whom?
(09/11 22:55:59) Red Dog: Doctor Watson, I have a friend who would like to know this--what about the Art? Did the freeing of the bahro mean the end of Writing Ages?

Bahro conflict:

(09/11 21:59:19) Junee: But the tablet was some time ago, no? Then why are things starting to happen now and not sooner?
(09/11 22:22:39) Veralun: Dr Watson, why are some angry?
(09/11 22:24:30) Rabenschwinge: If we could talk to them... could they be convinced were meaning no harm to them?
(09/11 22:25:35) Pryftan: Dr. Watson, is there anything we can do to try and be ready, or we entirely at the mercy of the good Bahro?

Bahro in general:

(09/11 21:50:13) Relayer Corps: Dr. Watson, do the bahro communicate by sensing emotion or auras, or do they have a laguage like ours?
(09/11 21:59:32) Relayer Corps: Dr. Watson, should we try to communicate with the bahro? And if so, what is the best way?
(09/11 22:01:36) kyashii: Dr. Watson, in YOUR opinion, what should we do if we encounter bahro here in the cavern?
Tichelle: Can we learn the Bahro language?

Please note: Dr. Watson just returned to the Cavern, he might not have answers about newly discovered artefacts. He has mentioned not having seen the wedges some of us have on our Reltos... encourage him to explore. We should encourage him to explore all newly released ages, take the first journey and other journeys, check out symbols, inspect wedges, and the sparkly phenomenon.

(09/11 22:20:44) Ti'chelle: Dr. Watson. Do you know about the large stone on Minkata? And are those Bahro language symbols? Can we learn those?
(09/11 22:35:03) AtionSong: What is the explanation for the sparklies? Are they placed by Yeesha, or some larger force?


(09/11 21:53:12) Whilyam: Do you have any idea why Phil is mentioning colors?


(09/11 21:52:35) Zen6219: What is Mr. Engberg most concerned about?
(09/11 21:48:25) Whilyam: Why have you decided not to return to the DRC?
(09/11 22:06:27) BlueArrow: Dr. Watson, what was the reaction of the DRC when you returned??
(09/11 21:53:02) Junee: What did the DRC think about that you didn't want to return to them?
(09/11 22:12:49) Songe: do you like the changes [to the cavern]? (Suggestion: Rephrase: What’s your take on the new DRC under Cate?)
(09/11 22:12:48) Grigori: Dr W, should we trust Cate? Do you trust Cate?

Watsons vision and role

(09/11 21:48:09) Janine: Dr. Watson, it has been rumored to us that you may guide us in the face of the troubling times to come, how so?
(09/11 22:03:16) Mar'ith: Dr. Watson, your last journal entry says that you believe you are the storyteller. Do you still believe that?

Explorers role: Watson: “Find a way. Make a home.”?:

(09/11 21:58:21) Dakro: Do you know what can be done on our part Watson? TO control the bahro problem we've heard so much about
(09/11 22:04:58) Thend: Dr Watson, we may not be here for long, we have no reason to become involved in a life and death war that no longer involves us. Are we descendants of the D'ni?
(09/11 22:08:06) Junee: Are we a reason for the war between the bahro?
(09/11 22:28:32) Thend: Do we put the Bahro in danger if we have the potential of learning the Art of Writing?
(Rephrased): Is there anything specific you’d suggest us to explore and investigate on?


Pryftan/Dimitrios (meshed): Dr. Watson, do you know what happened to Calam? If he was murdered, by whom?
(09/11 21:53:43) Lontahv: Mr. Watson how do you feel about explorers writing their own ages?
(09/11 21:58:50) Dimitrios: Dr Watson do you know if the Great King (Alhsenar) is alive?
(09/11 22:09:27) Wiijon: Dr. Watson do you know anything about the book for Ahnonay or do you have it?
(09/11 22:34:14) AtionSong: Do the D'ni in Releeshahn still like to be called D'ni, or do they have a new name now, like...Releshah'ni?
(09/11 22:01:24) Lontahv: Dr. Watson How does Cyan know the events that they put in the game Myst V?
(09/11 22:10:57) Lontahv: What do you know about the support beams in the shaft in the Myst V game?

Explorer wishes:

(09/11 22:12:38) Veralun: Dr Watson can we expect some posting again from you on the DRC forums?
(09/11 22:16:21) Selee Tayoy: Can you please publish your findings in a journal then, please
(09/11 22:30:42) Selee Tayoy: Please Dr. Watson publish your findings in a journal so we know what you know.
(09/11 22:31:04) Desert Eagle: Selee's idea is a good one
(09/11 22:31:24) Lontahv: I like it too.
(09/11 22:31:27) Mister Cloak: I agree with Salee's idea as well
(09/11 22:31:41) paul147: And me
(09/11 22:31:56) AtionSong: Seconded
(09/11 22:32:23) Songe: Thirded
(09/11 22:32:32) Jade_Dragon: fouthed
(09/11 22:32:38) Dimitrios: Vote me
(09/11 22:32:54) Thend nods his head
(09/11 22:59:04) Pryftan: Dr. Watson will you consider making a journal or something chronicling what you have learned about the Bahro?[/b]

Last edited by ireenquench on Wed Sep 12, 2007 5:24 pm, edited 1 time in total.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 7:12 pm 

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Thanks ireenquench!

I have been thinking too- and my other thread about restoring the cavern got locked cause it went way off track...

But what if we are the ones deceiving ourselves?

What if we have been brainwashed by the DRC to think we have no power in how the cavern proceeds? We patiently wait for "episodes" and ages thinking that that is the only way to play the "game.

This month we have been given guild pubs and a number of characters have been telling us straight out that the guilds are the way of the future. Reteltee has repeatedly told us that by banning together we are going to be a stronger group. Nick White said last night the guilds were going to be the way to go. Dr Watson has said he does not want to participate in the cavern the way the DRC has been running it. Engberg has mentioned he does not think he will rejoin. The balance of power has to shift with the guilds (us) and the DRC (them).

We have been begging and complaining we want more- I think we are going to get what we want. The tools are coming. How we use it will be the next hurdle for all of us!

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 12:15 am 

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Awesome editing Job Ireene, thanks so much for doing that, now i feel i can keep up a bit, having been at work these days,...thanks again...and it is good to see Dr Watson about :)

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 12:23 am 

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Jenine wrote:
But what if we are the ones deceiving ourselves?

What if we have been brainwashed by the DRC to think we have no power in how the cavern proceeds? We patiently wait for "episodes" and ages thinking that that is the only way to play the "game".

Check out Dr. Watson's speech in Blabbity's Bevin. Jenine you may be closer to the truth then you think. 8)

And kudos to you Ireene for taking the time to edit those chatlogs. Believe me it is very much appreciated. /giving standing ovation

All things come to those who wait.

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