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PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2007 12:29 am 

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Edited chat log- (took out most extra chatter and all the treats we had...)

(09/16 20:17:20) Chat.log started...
(09/16 20:17:34) Jenine: But don't want to spam
(09/16 20:18:03) Dudemom_2000: You mean like was done with the KI Chain.....ask if someone wants it?
(09/16 20:18:0Cool Jenine: Not sure about how to handle this. Too many explorers with questions and just want to help
(09/16 20:18:15) Jenine: Yes
(09/16 20:18:45) Dudemom_2000: That worked very well and I think Thend put in to give it to at least two other people in the message
(09/16 20:18:4Cool ghaelen: so the question is how to do it?
(09/16 20:18:53) Thend nods his head
(09/16 20:18:57) Jenine: We have never had the chance to play such an important part- want to encourage excitement
(09/16 20:19:01) ghaelen: oh, that's a good idea
(09/16 20:19:0Cool Dudemom_2000: Yes
(09/16 20:19:25) Jenine: And even if they get wrong answers to keep asking
(09/16 20:19:29) Lady Chaos: I doubt that anyone would be offended by it.
(09/16 20:19:29) Thend nods his head
(09/16 20:19:35) ghaelen: Thend, do you usually ask people if they want it?
(09/16 20:19:36) Lady Chaos waves hello
(09/16 20:19:42) ghaelen: hi Tristen, welcome
(09/16 20:19:57) Dudemom_2000: Lol, I think by the end of the week people were asking him for it!
(09/16 20:20:03) ghaelen: aahhh
(09/16 20:20:05) Thend: ghaelen, there is no other way - Unless I am sharing with folks I know well that would be interested
(09/16 20:20:15) ghaelen: ok, so that answers one question
(09/16 20:20:19) Jenine: I saw and wondered what it was- made me curious Thend
(09/16 20:20:23) Thend: They were Dudemom, but most importantly, asking eachother too
(09/16 20:20:45) Dudemom_2000: Yes people were asking each other if they had a particular issue....if they didnt have it...
(09/16 20:20:45) ghaelen looks at the message from Thend for an example
(09/16 20:21:32) Lady Chaos: When we had the KI-mail announcement on D'mala, no one complained.
(09/16 20:21:41) Lady Chaos: We didn't ask before sending. We just sent it to everyone in the Age.
(09/16 20:22:02) Jane: I really can't imagine people minding--it's not like the DRC messages that you can't delete
(09/16 20:22:09) ghaelen: right, lol
(09/16 20:22:10) Lady Chaos: Right.
(09/16 20:22:23) Jenine: I don't know many explorers but have overheard conversations and wrong info given. Would like a way to show them there is more info
(09/16 20:22:35) ghaelen: Thend, ca you send me yours again? I forgot this avie doesn't have it
(09/16 20:22:4Cool Thend: Thing is, Live is larger, even more diverse, if one example is used, then folks may get spammed from everywhere, we have to be aware of the consequences
(09/16 20:22:4Cool Jane: me too, Thend?
(09/16 20:22:5Cool Thend: All 5?
(09/16 20:23:04) Dudemom_2000: well, how about this.....send it out to as many as you can that you think would be receptive and have them pass it on.....then build a subscription list on top of that. Like my group does...
(09/16 20:23:34) Dudemom_2000: i think the Relayer buddy list would probably love to get KI mail in addition.
(09/16 20:23:3Cool Jane: it might be true, we're setting an example--other people might spam sutff that fewer would want
(09/16 20:23:41) Jenine: But all we have in cavern to communicate is KI mail and chat- I'm not going to interupt an ongoing conversation to correct someone
(09/16 20:23:41) Thend: Subs mean more avvies. Dudemom, it empowers folks and gets them into the habit of sharing if it is not fully automatic
(09/16 20:23:43) ghaelen: Dudemom, how do you handle the subscription list?
(09/16 20:23:59) Dudemom_2000: with great difficulty! lol
(09/16 20:24:09) ghaelen: lol, with different avies?
(09/16 20:24:16) Dudemom_2000: we are heading for 250 -300 now....not sure how many the buddy list can carry
(09/16 20:24:23) ghaelen: oh my...
(09/16 20:24:31) Dudemom_2000: and yes, we get a lot of main and alternate avies
(09/16 20:24:39) Lady Chaos: Dudemom, is this the Relayers you're talkinga bout?
(09/16 20:24:43) Dudemom_2000: yup
(09/16 20:24:46) Thend: We need the Cavern to work together and learn to work together, we can't and shouldn't handle everything on our own, give everyone responsibility, even a little bit, and it grows
(09/16 20:25:0Cool ghaelen: yes, send the mail, and ask the recipient to pass it on
(09/16 20:25:15) ghaelen: some will, some won't
(09/16 20:25:20) Dudemom_2000: and the buddy list is transmitted to by one relayer so that one carries them all. I have another alternate buddy list avie that has the list.
(09/16 20:25:24) Lady Chaos waves hello
(09/16 20:25:25) ghaelen: but the more that do will feel like they participate
(09/16 20:25:29) Jenine: I am willing to do that but we need a network to encourage the guilds - all of them
(09/16 20:25:37) ghaelen: yes, all the guilds
(09/16 20:25:46) Dudemom_2000: yes, I think more will send it on than not....someone is more likely to accept it if it is coming from a friend, too.
(09/16 20:26:00) Tristen: yeah
(09/16 20:26:00) Jenine: We will al benifit from them it needs to be encouraged
(09/16 20:26:02) Thend: This is more than about how we can organize, it's about how everyone in the Cavern can
(09/16 20:26:02) Lady Chaos: Do you see this as being a kind of initial introduction to the Guilds, Jenine?
(09/16 20:26:22) Jenine: Yes- just to send them to the structures forming
(09/16 20:26:27) ghaelen: oh Thend, this is impressive
(09/16 20:26:3Cool Tristen: can you help me with it I don't even know where it is
(09/16 20:26:43) Jane: I agree with Thend about the organization
(09/16 20:26:46) Dudemom_2000: well, the information in the KI mail or KI Chain - whatever you want to call it can be information and weblinks to all of the other guilds...
(09/16 20:26:50) ghaelen: what are you lookin for Tristen?
(09/16 20:27:0Cool Thend: (Tristen, on each table is a bunch of shirts, they should be 'clickable')
(09/16 20:27:21) ghaelen goes to help Tristen for a second
(09/16 20:27:32) Dudemom_2000: lol
(09/16 20:27:35) Thend: Dudemom, that would be a good idea for Sharaya's 'Job Day'
(09/16 20:27:39) Dudemom_2000: make sure he reads about the guilds!
(09/16 20:27:45) Jenine: We are going to have to learn how to share this information and it was mentioned in cavern would help- can't just use forums
(09/16 20:27:49) Cojaar helps Smile
(09/16 20:27:53) ghaelen: oh, you got a shirt!
(09/16 20:28:03) Lady Chaos: I think it's better to do it in-cavern.
(09/16 20:28:04) Jane: agree we need to learn how to do stuff in Cavern
(09/16 20:28:05) ghaelen: hi
(09/16 20:28:06) Dudemom_2000: yes it would be an excellent thing to have in place for job day....everyone can have a small KI Mail prepared
(09/16 20:28:23) ghaelen: that's a good idea, Dudemom
(09/16 20:28:29) Jane: would be great if people could play without ever looking at forums unless they want to--for more depth
(09/16 20:28:31) Jenine: Think we may need it before job day although I'm all for that too!
(09/16 20:28:45) ghaelen: Tristen, Cojaar, the info sheets on the tables are informative, too
(09/16 20:28:51) Dudemom_2000: yes, but we have enough time to start it now and work out any "bugs" lol
(09/16 20:28:55) Cojaar: Yeah thx Smile
(09/16 20:28:57) Thend: Jeninre, the more In-Cavern the better. Folks pay to be in Live, not be in the forums. This place has to come alive, with discussions, events, etc, etc
(09/16 20:28:57) ghaelen: we're talking if you'd like to join us
(09/16 20:29:07) Jenine: Also asked Reteltee to petiton the DRC for a notebook of his knowlege
(09/16 20:29:40) ghaelen: can you explain that Jenine?
(09/16 20:29:45) ghaelen: his notebook?
(09/16 20:29:55) Dudemom_2000: I would love to see journal entries continued here in the cavern from the various DRC members too outside of episodes....
(09/16 20:29:55) Jenine: Thought having an explorer contributed notebook may be a good sign
(09/16 20:30:00) Tristen: Yeah
(09/16 20:30:11) Dudemom_2000: yes and one with Reteltee would be wonderful
(09/16 20:30:12) Lady Chaos: I'd like that too, DM.
(09/16 20:30:13) Thend: Btw, I'll be working with ireen on KI Chain for the next Busy Week, as well, and making versions to place on Imagers too, to further test-run everything
(09/16 20:30:20) Jenine: He agreed- hope he is not sick of my pestyness
(09/16 20:30:26) ghaelen: lol
(09/16 20:30:31) Dudemom_2000: lol
(09/16 20:30:31) ghaelen: me too, Jenine
(09/16 20:30:32) Tristen: Yeah
(09/16 20:30:41) Thend: I think Reteltee wants to assist anywhere he is able
(09/16 20:30:47) Dudemom_2000: yes.
(09/16 20:31:05) Cojaar: Ok
(09/16 20:31:33) ghaelen: ok, so the Ki-mail is about the guilds in general, and is designed to show support for all of them
(09/16 20:31:45) Lady Chaos: What do you imagine this being, Jenine? A one-page precis about each Guild?
(09/16 20:31:46) Jenine: Yep!
(09/16 20:31:54) Dudemom_2000: So would you be able to come up with a small template on a sample KI Mail that we can use to draft ours for Job Day?
(09/16 20:32:0Cool Jenine: I posted a temp paragragh on the forum but it needs work
(09/16 20:32:25) Jenine: Want it to stay very general but encouraging
(09/16 20:32:25) ghaelen: or maybe one page about a short history of them and what Dr. Watson said about them?
(09/16 20:32:29) Cojaar: lol
(09/16 20:32:29) Jane: bye Cojaar
(09/16 20:32:41) Cojaar: Heeeeeeeeeeelp
(09/16 20:32:46) Lady Chaos: Including Watson's statment would be good.
(09/16 20:32:46) Jenine: No history- leave that to Reteltee he's the expert
(09/16 20:32:56) ghaelen: ok, no history
(09/16 20:33:20) Lady Chaos: Shorah, Ruby.
(09/16 20:33:20) Jane: hi Ruby!
(09/16 20:33:22) Dudemom_2000: or how about an overview of the guilds and if Reteltee gets a notebook, then he can put stuff like what Watson said..
(09/16 20:33:25) Jane: we're in the auditorium
(09/16 20:33:27) From Ruby O'Degee in (null) Kirel: hi yall
(09/16 20:33:40) ghaelen: and general info
(09/16 20:33:45) Dudemom_2000: yes
(09/16 20:33:46) ghaelen: that sounds like a nice one pager
(09/16 20:33:4Cool Ruby O'Degee: oops hi y'all that is soutern for hi
(09/16 20:33:52) Ruby O'Degee: oops
(09/16 20:33:55) ghaelen: hi Ruby!
(09/16 20:34:00) Jane: lol
(09/16 20:34:00) Jenine: Yep must stay neutral and short
(09/16 20:34:00) Dudemom_2000: hi Ruby
(09/16 20:34:06) Dudemom_2000: yes
(09/16 20:34:07) Thend: Hello Ruby
(09/16 20:34:12) Ruby O'Degee: hi is there a party here?
(09/16 20:34:13) ghaelen: hi abrownie!
(09/16 20:34:20) Thend: Two very good points Jenine
(09/16 20:34:24) Lady Chaos: And put a reference to the summaries on the tables here.
(09/16 20:34:2Cool Jenine: Could we use the forums to iron out the bugs of the message
(09/16 20:34:2Cool Dudemom_2000: yes
(09/16 20:34:29) ghaelen: we're in the auditorium, Ruby
(09/16 20:34:33) Jane: it's a non-meeting meeting, Ruby Smile
(09/16 20:34:57) Lady Chaos starts to laugh
(09/16 20:34:5Cool Jenine: Then how will we give it out?
(09/16 20:35:16) ghaelen: I think you should start it, Jenine
(09/16 20:35:22) Lady Chaos: I'd say just mail it to everyone.
(09/16 20:35:25) abrownie1371 waves hello
(09/16 20:35:33) ghaelen: doesn't the originators name show up on them?
(09/16 20:35:36) ghaelen: let me look
(09/16 20:37:11) Lady Chaos: Hi, Cojaar.
(09/16 20:37:4Cool ghaelen: well, Jenine, I thought your initial paragraph was a nice start
(09/16 20:37:52) ghaelen: on the forum
(09/16 20:38:06) Lady Chaos makes a note to re-read that.
(09/16 20:38:07) Dudemom_2000: ooh let me go check it out...brb
(09/16 20:38:13) Jenine: Could all of you look it over and make suggestions
(09/16 20:38:27) Jenine: Then how will we share it?
(09/16 20:38:31) Jane: do you want us to go read it right now, Jenine?
(09/16 20:38:37) ghaelen: sure, suggest here or post suggestions?
(09/16 20:38:47) Lady Chaos: You write it up as KI mail, send it to everyone. Simple. <G>
(09/16 20:38:57) Thend nods his head
(09/16 20:39:05) Lady Chaos: Note that whenever someone changes it, everyone's will change.
(09/16 20:39:0Cool Jenine: Whenever you have time... Doesn't have to be now. I don't have it in a KI mail yet so can't share here
(09/16 20:39:17) ghaelen: ok
(09/16 20:39:21) Jane: that's a good point, LC
(09/16 20:39:29) Jane: I forget about that
(09/16 20:39:31) ghaelen: then we could meet briefly again to start it?
(09/16 20:39:43) Thend: Best ideas are succinct as possible. Better digestion of them
(09/16 20:39:44) Jenine: How will we share it?
(09/16 20:40:16) ghaelen: well, if each of us has it, we could just start by asking friends if they would like it
(09/16 20:40:19) Jenine: And let the guilds not get upset- we want to help them
(09/16 20:40:19) Jane: once you get suggestions from the forum, you could write up the first one & we could meet so you could give it to us?
(09/16 20:40:37) ghaelen nods in agreement with Jane
(09/16 20:40:49) Jenine: Got a thread on the MOUl forum about viral KI mail
(09/16 20:41:04) Jane: really?! yikes
(09/16 20:41:23) ghaelen: lol, I did wonder about the "viral" part
(09/16 20:41:27) abrownie1371 waves hello
(09/16 20:41:40) Zola: sorry
(09/16 20:41:43) Jenine: Didn't know what else to call it???
(09/16 20:41:46) ghaelen: hi Manida, Zola!
(09/16 20:41:51) Thend: Viral's an okay descriptive word, but may be misinterpreted
(09/16 20:41:53) ghaelen: lol
(09/16 20:41:57) Jane: oh I misunderstood
(09/16 20:41:59) Manida: hi Smile
(09/16 20:42:06) ghaelen feels a little silly for misinterpreting...
(09/16 20:42:0Cool Jane: I thought you meant someone really had done a virus
(09/16 20:42:22) Jenine: Sorry..
(09/16 20:42:26) Zola: I've been around since before URU
(09/16 20:42:2Cool ghaelen: we're talking about supporting the guilds, Manida, if you'd like to join us
(09/16 20:42:31) Jane is relieved that she isn't the only one who misunderstood
(09/16 20:42:35) Jenine: I can edit or start a new post...
(09/16 20:42:53) Manida: thx, but today i prefer to play a bit Wink
(09/16 20:43:00) Jenine: Just would like input before we go public
(09/16 20:43:15) Jenine: Make sure not to step on toes
(09/16 20:43:29) ghaelen: maybe just the title, and replace viral with....
(09/16 20:43:31) ghaelen: hmmm
(09/16 20:43:56) Jane: "informational"? lol
(09/16 20:44:04) ghaelen: lol
(09/16 20:44:09) ghaelen: yes, that would work
(09/16 20:44:2Cool Jane: a bit corporate, but at least not alarming
(09/16 20:44:39) ghaelen: lol
(09/16 20:44:47) Jenine: on the forum I mean
(09/16 20:44:50) ghaelen: general section?
(09/16 20:44:56) Lady Chaos: There's a quick verison of what Jenine wrote.
(09/16 20:44:5Cool ghaelen: general discussion section?
(09/16 20:45:11) Jane: in the forums? I didn't look there this morning yet
(09/16 20:45:11) Dudemom_2000: yes, they have seemed calmer here recently.
(09/16 20:45:16) Lady Chaos: It's in the Guilds subforum. I jsut typed it up and sent it to you all.
(09/16 20:45:22) Thend: I stay away from forums unless absolutley necessary lol
(09/16 20:45:27) Jane: thanks LC!
(09/16 20:45:30) Thend: Thank you LC
(09/16 20:45:33) Lady Chaos: TY
(09/16 20:45:36) Jane: I'm with you, Thend Smile
(09/16 20:45:40) Veralun: gracias
(09/16 20:45:47) Lady Chaos: That's not intended to be final. Just a test sample.
(09/16 20:45:5Cool ghaelen: I'm trying to...
(09/16 20:45:5Cool Lady Chaos: Basically, copied from what Jenine wrote.
(09/16 20:46:05) Jenine: I am a little cool with my writing maybe you could warm it up a bit- friendlier
(09/16 20:46:07) Dudemom_2000: very nice. I like it.
(09/16 20:46:15) ghaelen: no, Jenine, I like it
(09/16 20:46:24) Jane: yes I like it too
(09/16 20:46:33) ghaelen: it's quite friendly
(09/16 20:46:43) Veralun: good one
(09/16 20:46:4Cool Lady Chaos: Note that I did some editing and amending on the fly.
(09/16 20:47:0Cool Jenine: LC thank you
(09/16 20:47:17) Lady Chaos: You're welcome.
(09/16 20:47:52) Thend: Looks good LC. Needs an 'e' in 'interested' in last sentence, but otherwise fine Wink
(09/16 20:47:56) Lady Chaos: It could probably be made more direct, and clear.
(09/16 20:48:05) Lady Chaos: Well, yes... I was typing as fast as I could go. <G>
(09/16 20:48:06) Jane: picky point . . . when it says "You reach them by selecting a shirt" the "them" seems to refer to "Guild Tables" rather than the pubs
(09/16 20:48:14) ghaelen: lol
(09/16 20:48:23) Thend is a good proofreader, but ironically typos all the time himself lol
(09/16 20:48:29) ghaelen: and don't forget the Kirel Baked Treats on those tables
(09/16 20:48:37) Jane: same here, Thend
(09/16 20:48:40) ghaelen is kidding...
(09/16 20:48:41) Dudemom_2000: that is a good introduction.
(09/16 20:48:59) Thend nods his head
(09/16 20:49:02) Jenine: Treats? Where
(09/16 20:49:07) ghaelen: lol
(09/16 20:49:09) Veralun: true Ghaelen we need them too
(09/16 20:49:15) Thend: Jenine, focus...
(09/16 20:49:17) Dudemom_2000: and then those interested in the various guilds could have KI mails that would add information....
(09/16 20:49:22) Jenine: I'f only we could bribe with food
(09/16 20:49:29) ghaelen: lol
(09/16 20:49:29) Lady Chaos: I made the corrections.
(09/16 20:49:44) Dudemom_2000: I mean those already participating and have knowledge....
(09/16 20:49:4Cool Ruby O'Degee: oh dear
(09/16 20:49:56) Jane: uh . . . did you get the extra "i" in "beiginning" LC?
(09/16 20:50:01) ghaelen: so there would be more KImails if they want more info?
(09/16 20:50:13) ghaelen: DRC approved.....
(09/16 20:50:30) Jenine: Guilds can deal with their own KI mails- maybe this will give them the idea
(09/16 20:50:31) Lady Chaos: OK. Fixed that one.
(09/16 20:50:41) ghaelen: true, Jenine
(09/16 20:50:45) Lady Chaos: Good idea, Jenine.
(09/16 20:51:46) Ruby O'Degee ruby sits quietly very concerned and develops a twitch
(09/16 20:51:5Cool Jane: better make a big pot, lol
(09/16 20:52:00) Thend wonders what he walked into
(09/16 20:52:05) Lady Chaos: Instead of twitching, tell us what concerns you, Ruby!
(09/16 20:52:06) Jane: lol @ Ruby
(09/16 20:52:11) Dudemom_2000 pokes Thend with an apricot
(09/16 20:52:15) Jenine: Sorry- so how will we share?
(09/16 20:52:23) Ruby O'Degee: no , I have no concerns
(09/16 20:52:31) Ruby O'Degee: itg was about the baked treats

(09/16 20:52:56) ghaelen: so, yes, Jenine, how will we share the KI mails?

(09/16 20:53:0Cool Thend starts to laugh
(09/16 20:53:0Cool Jane: sorry, Jenine we seem to have gotten a bit off topic . . .

(09/16 20:54:49) ghaelen: er.... the KI mail?

(09/16 20:54:56) Dudemom_2000: oh, yes back to the KI Mail
(09/16 20:55:09) Jane: KI mail? lol oops
(09/16 20:55:11) ghaelen: zola did you pick any other shirts first?
(09/16 20:55:20) ghaelen: what is KI mail?
(09/16 20:55:31) ghaelen: Hi ashanti, eillan!
(09/16 20:55:33) Jane: but it should substitute the maintainer's shirt anyway should nt it?
(09/16 20:55:33) ghaelen: welcome
(09/16 20:55:40) eillan: hi
(09/16 20:55:41) ashanti: shorah
(09/16 20:55:42) Jane: even if he did pick another first
(09/16 20:55:42) Zola: I know I had mine but I picked up the explorers kit
(09/16 20:55:43) eillan: what'
(09/16 20:55:46) eillan: s going on?
(09/16 20:55:50) Lady Chaos: Yes. It should give you the shirt you click on most recently.
(09/16 20:55:56) Jane: shorah eillan
(09/16 20:55:57) Zola: and my shirt disapeared
(09/16 20:56:00) ghaelen: well, I found after three shirts, it froze me
(09/16 20:56:0Cool Dudemom_2000: it is in your closet, Zola
(09/16 20:56:0Cool Jane: ah
(09/16 20:56:09) ghaelen: oh nooo
(09/16 20:56:10) Jane: shirt bug
(09/16 20:56:17) Thend: eillan, discussing food and shirts and Guilds
(09/16 20:56:20) Lady Chaos has no bugs on her shirt!
(09/16 20:56:22) ghaelen: we are talking about supporting the guilds, eillan
(09/16 20:56:27) eillan: ah
(09/16 20:56:29) Jane: maybe it crawled inside, LC
(09/16 20:56:32) Jenine: Shirt bugs? don't make me itchy
(09/16 20:56:35) ghaelen: about drafting a KI mail to pass on
(09/16 20:56:3Cool ghaelen: general information
(09/16 20:56:42) Lady Chaos: EeEEEKK
(09/16 20:56:46) Jane: LOL
(09/16 20:56:52) eillan: cheers
(09/16 20:56:52) Lady Chaos scratches furiously
(09/16 20:56:55) ghaelen: now Lady Chaos
(09/16 20:56:59) ghaelen: lol
(09/16 20:57:0Cool Lady Chaos: "Out, darned bug!"

(09/16 20:58:34) Thend: Jenine, how does this proposed KI mail differ from just telling someone interested to check out Kirel and the Guild info there?
(09/16 20:58:40) Zola: OK that worked thanks
(09/16 20:58:49) Jane cheers

(09/16 20:59:11) Lady Chaos: Thend, as I see it, this is more direct.
(09/16 20:59:11) ghaelen: so earlier is better
(09/16 20:59:19) Lady Chaos: It's easy to miss the Kirel thing.
(09/16 20:59:24) Jenine: I'm shy thought it would be a way to share... To afraid to interupt a conversation. Plus a reminder
(09/16 20:59:24) ghaelen: and Thend, I don't have to type it over and over
(09/16 20:59:2Cool Jane: the more info the better
(09/16 20:59:40) ghaelen: and it gets other people involved
(09/16 20:59:51) Jane: communication flowing
(09/16 20:59:59) Jane: people talking to each other
(09/16 21:00:12) ghaelen: hi narrymanic
(09/16 21:00:22) Zola: do you mine of I join
(09/16 21:00:25) Zola: in
(09/16 21:00:27) Thend: One would have to interrupt to ask if someone wanted the KImail, then there's the scrolling to send it to them, etc, but I see your point
(09/16 21:00:30) Dudemom_2000: come on in Zola
(09/16 21:00:30) Jane: come on in, Zola
(09/16 21:00:31) ghaelen: oh please do!
(09/16 21:00:4Cool ghaelen: great to have you
(09/16 21:00:54) Jenine: Hi
(09/16 21:01:00) Zola: thanks
(09/16 21:01:01) Lady Chaos: We're talkinga bout how to support Guild formation.
(09/16 21:01:12) Zola: cool
(09/16 21:01:14) ghaelen: and just support the guilds in general
(09/16 21:01:21) Jane: & foster communication in general
(09/16 21:01:24) Lady Chaos: I just sent you a sample KI mail/
(09/16 21:01:2Cool ghaelen: and talk
(09/16 21:01:34) ghaelen: and drink coffee and wine
(09/16 21:01:3Cool Jane: yes!!!
(09/16 21:01:3Cool Dudemom_2000: lol

(09/16 21:02:1Cool Jenine: Thend- is there another way? better?

(09/16 21:04:03) Thend: Jenine, just considering. Want to find the simplest way for communication, and fosatering it, and every different idea has its own answers to that. If word-of-mouth can't be done with this idea, or it would be too complicated, then yes, the step up to a KImail is probably sensible
(09/16 21:04:20) Dudemom_2000 nods her head
(09/16 21:04:2Cool Lady Chaos: Word of mouth works even better, but this needs more than the usual one line.
(09/16 21:04:30) ghaelen: ok, so we do our thing while we are in the cavern, and if the subject of guilds comes up, we can ask if anyone would like general information?
(09/16 21:04:33) Jane: well we could do both, Thend--talk to people when we have time or they want to
(09/16 21:04:37) Jenine: Thought we could counter the DRC with our own messages- show we have some power
(09/16 21:04:42) Jane: & send KI mails when that seems to work better
(09/16 21:04:49) Jenine: Work with what we have

(09/16 21:04:51) Ruby O'Degee: I like that
(09/16 21:04:55) ghaelen: oooohhh, now I see Jenine's plan...
(09/16 21:04:56) Lady Chaos: Right. KI-mail for when more detail is desired.
(09/16 21:05:11) Jane: I like the idea of countering the DRC!
(09/16 21:05:21) Jane: grass roots movement Smile
(09/16 21:05:23) Lady Chaos: Yes... Jenine is secretly plotting the overthrow of the DRC!
(09/16 21:05:23) Ruby O'Degee: me too Jane, just a little here and there
(09/16 21:05:25) ghaelen: shorah, Aura!
(09/16 21:05:30) Jenine: They are not the only ones that can issue messages
(09/16 21:05:33) ghaelen: we are in the auditorium
(09/16 21:05:35) Aura: Shorah everyone
(09/16 21:05:3Cool Thend can't help but like that particualr aspect either >Smile
(09/16 21:05:39) Jane: hi Aura
(09/16 21:05:42) Zola: I think there is a problem with w O M
(09/16 21:05:43) Lady Chaos: Shorah, Aura.
(09/16 21:05:54) ghaelen: to bad we can't send the DRC non-deleteable messages
(09/16 21:05:59) Jenine: lol
(09/16 21:06:00) Zola: If you are out for a couple of days you might
(09/16 21:06:00) Jane: LOLOL
(09/16 21:06:03) Lady Chaos: Zola, I don't udnerstand.
(09/16 21:06:06) Jane: I like that idea, ghaelen
(09/16 21:06:0Cool Zola: miss something but
(09/16 21:06:09) Jane: we'd show 'em!
(09/16 21:06:13) Veralun: maybe if we are nice to the DRC
(09/16 21:06:1Cool Zola: if it's on K mail
(09/16 21:06:27) Jenine: That' s the spirit I was looking for!!!
(09/16 21:06:33) Zola: then it s there waiting for you
(09/16 21:06:34) ghaelen: oh yes, a person could look again, Zola?
(09/16 21:06:39) Thend: Best of luck with that Veralun lol
(09/16 21:06:40) Lady Chaos: Good point, Zola.
(09/16 21:06:41) Zola: when you get bakc
(09/16 21:06:43) Veralun: because I see possibilities why this cannot be done with the cooperation from the DRC
(09/16 21:06:43) Jane: that's true, Zola
(09/16 21:07:01) ghaelen: Veralun they won't cooperate?
(09/16 21:07:04) Lady Chaos: I'd be nice to the DRC... if I ever saw them.
(09/16 21:07:10) ghaelen: or we should cooperate with them?
(09/16 21:07:12) Jenine: We can share our messages without the DRC
(09/16 21:07:14) Zola: AH yes the DRC
(09/16 21:07:14) Jane: lol LC
(09/16 21:07:20) Lady Chaos: I've invited them to parties. What more can I do?
(09/16 21:07:27) Jenine: We do all the time on the forums- we need in cavern
(09/16 21:07:41) Thend: Same here LC - nuthin' lol
(09/16 21:08:01) Lady Chaos: They didn't even come to the Day of Dancing.
(09/16 21:08:02) Jenine: I'll come to parties.... don't dance thought
(09/16 21:08:03) Thend: Okay Jenine, those are very good points
(09/16 21:08:10) Zola: what we need is group mailing lists
(09/16 21:08:19) Jane: I've never met any of them--I'm hardly ever on at the same time
(09/16 21:08:22) Veralun: true they do not like dancing I suppose
(09/16 21:08:31) Dudemom_2000: Nick does, lol
(09/16 21:08:33) Jane: you don't have to dance, Jenine
(09/16 21:08:3Cool ghaelen: awwww, I thought Laxman danced up a storm once
(09/16 21:08:46) Jane: just hang out & have fun Smile
(09/16 21:08:4Cool Veralun: wow
(09/16 21:08:49) Lady Chaos: Zola, you can sort of use your Buddies list as a mailing list, but yes. It could be better.
(09/16 21:08:50) ghaelen: maybe that was someone else
(09/16 21:09:00) Dudemom_2000: lol
(09/16 21:09:23) Zola: I can send one message to all my buddys?
(09/16 21:09:26) Thend: Zola, I was saying earlier, encouraging explorers to share is an important point, and a good habit to promote. More anonyous mailings may not best assist that. Though, like I said, every message/project has it's own way of best getting done
(09/16 21:09:36) ghaelen: oh wouldn't that be great, Zola?
(09/16 21:09:3Cool Veralun likes to dance with Cate and step on purpose on her foot
(09/16 21:09:47) ghaelen: lolol
(09/16 21:09:54) ghaelen: did you actually dance with her?
(09/16 21:09:56) ghaelen: wow
(09/16 21:10:02) Lady Chaos: Right now we can't do that, Zola. I meant that you can use your Buddies list as a reminder of who to send things to.
(09/16 21:10:13) Jane: but Thend, if we're passing on messages to people we know, it's not so anonymous
(09/16 21:10:20) Zola: AH yes
(09/16 21:10:27) ghaelen: well, I still think that the more personal approach makes new people feel more welcome
(09/16 21:10:30) Thend: Jane, who said only people we know?
(09/16 21:10:36) ghaelen: and not so much like newbies (and dumb)
(09/16 21:10:45) Jenine: What if I want to send it to someone I don't know- just run into
(09/16 21:10:53) Jane: well I wouldn't send them to strangers unless they asked or said OK
(09/16 21:10:57) Dudemom_2000: I prefer to send the message to either people I know, who I know will want it and pass it on, or people I meet that express an interest in it once I tell them....
(09/16 21:10:5Cool Lady Chaos: Or at least lets them know that we were all newbies at one time.
(09/16 21:10:59) ghaelen: you can always aks about that
(09/16 21:11:01) Thend: We gotta do that, PLUS reach out, and encourage everyone to do the same, no one slips through the cracks on my watch if I can help it Wink
(09/16 21:11:09) ghaelen: yes, DM, networking
(09/16 21:11:13) Veralun: once the KI posting is started to ppl we know they will pass it to others
(09/16 21:11:17) Jane: you are good at that, Thend Smile
(09/16 21:11:19) ghaelen: yeah
(09/16 21:11:21) Veralun: ppl will speak about it
(09/16 21:11:22) Jenine thanks Thend
(09/16 21:11:2Cool Dudemom_2000: yes, that's the word, ghaelen! Networking
(09/16 21:11:31) ghaelen: yes they will
(09/16 21:11:43) Dudemom_2000: and they will pass it to their friends, etc.
(09/16 21:11:44) ghaelen: they will talk to people I will never meet
(09/16 21:11:49) Veralun: right
(09/16 21:11:54) ghaelen: but the message will keep going
(09/16 21:11:56) Lady Chaos: Yes. That's why it's called "viral."
(09/16 21:12:00) Dudemom_2000: six degrees of separation!
(09/16 21:12:13) Lady Chaos: Shorah, Kerryth!
(09/16 21:12:14) Thend: The Cavern needs a change in perception of how we do things we already do here. We have a wonderful foundation of folks
(09/16 21:12:15) ghaelen: so maybe replace "viral" with "networking?
(09/16 21:12:17) ghaelen: lol
(09/16 21:12:20) Jenine: It seems to be our only available tool
(09/16 21:12:23) Dudemom_2000: hi Kerryth
(09/16 21:12:24) ghaelen: well hi, Kerryth!
(09/16 21:12:2Cool Jane: also, if I have a purpose to be online & talking to people, I will probably be more social & talkative too
(09/16 21:12:32) Kerryth: Shorah!
(09/16 21:12:32) Thend: Hello Kerryth
(09/16 21:12:34) ghaelen: nice to see you
(09/16 21:12:34) Jane: hi Kerryth!
(09/16 21:12:3Cool Dudemom_2000: yes networking sound better
(09/16 21:12:41) Thend nods his head
(09/16 21:12:42) Veralun: You can use the forum and the imagers to attent the ppl on the KI mail
(09/16 21:12:43) Lady Chaos thinks Jane has a big problem with being social
(09/16 21:12:46) Lady Chaos starts to laugh
(09/16 21:12:4Cool Thend: Networking is sooo important
(09/16 21:12:52) Jenine: Networking is much better TY
(09/16 21:12:54) Jane: lol LC
(09/16 21:12:5Cool Thend lol's at LC
(09/16 21:13:01) ghaelen: yes it is Thend
(09/16 21:13:0Cool Dudemom_2000: So that is what I am doing when I am Bevin hopping?
(09/16 21:13:09) Lady Chaos: People appreciate networking that isn't the precursor to control.
(09/16 21:13:20) ghaelen: and it is important for socializing, too
(09/16 21:13:27) ghaelen: and for meeting people of like mind
(09/16 21:13:39) Kerryth: And getting past one's own shyness.
(09/16 21:13:42) Dudemom_2000: yes
(09/16 21:13:44) ghaelen: each of us will go out into our various circles, and talk about this
(09/16 21:13:45) Jane nods her head
(09/16 21:13:47) Jenine: Although viral got some of you here Smile
(09/16 21:13:52) ghaelen: lolol
(09/16 21:13:52) Dudemom_2000: lol
(09/16 21:13:52) Lady Chaos starts to laugh
(09/16 21:13:55) Jane: lol
(09/16 21:13:59) ghaelen: ah ha ha ha
(09/16 21:14:03) ghaelen: that was good, Jenine
(09/16 21:14:06) Dudemom_2000 sneezes
(09/16 21:14:07) Jane: LC & ghaelen got me here Smile
(09/16 21:14:14) Jane: I missed the thread
(09/16 21:14:16) Lady Chaos: Yep. Twisted her arm...
(09/16 21:14:19) Jenine: Their great!
(09/16 21:14:22) Kerryth: I just this second found it on the forum. Smile
(09/16 21:14:22) Jane: forced me! hahaha
(09/16 21:14:33) ghaelen: glad you did, Kerryth!
(09/16 21:14:36) Dudemom_2000: well, I saw the thread and decided to come. THIS is the type of meeting I envisioned
(09/16 21:14:42) Thend: I just fall into things like this, I don't know how I get anywhere lol
(09/16 21:14:43) ghaelen: well, I saw the value in the idea
(09/16 21:15:01) ghaelen: and these old boots can move when they need to
(09/16 21:15:0Cool Jenine: Me too- Positive and productive- no needing control
(09/16 21:15:0Cool ghaelen: [email protected]
(09/16 21:15:0Cool Lady Chaos: Well, um, Thend, I know this will embarrass you, but it could very well have something to do with the fact that you're a nice guy.
(09/16 21:15:09) Jane: you do seem to have your finger on the pulse of Uru, Thend Smile
(09/16 21:15:12) Thend: But good point Jenine, and I agree with ghaelen
(09/16 21:15:21) Dudemom_2000: I would like to see more impromptu meetings like this and I would like to see others interested in the other guilds come
(09/16 21:15:23) Ruby O'Degee: and I just wanted to listen to any valid reasonable idea
(09/16 21:15:27) Thend flinches
(09/16 21:15:34) Dudemom_2000: Thend is Uber!
(09/16 21:15:36) Jenine: Call me anytime
(09/16 21:15:43) Lady Chaos: Ok, Anytime.
(09/16 21:15:4Cool Jane groans
(09/16 21:15:52) Thend: Thank you Jenine Smile
(09/16 21:15:56) ghaelen: sure, got an idea? get together and see what happens
(09/16 21:15:5Cool Ruby O'Degee groans too
(09/16 21:16:00) Dudemom_2000: thanks, Jenine...great idea
(09/16 21:16:04) Jenine: If we show we care about the future it will come...
(09/16 21:16:05) Dudemom_2000: yes.
(09/16 21:16:13) Kerryth: true
(09/16 21:16:24) Jane: & we will have a hand in it
(09/16 21:16:2Cool ghaelen: it's amazing how much gets done when there is no agenda... or maybe only one agenda, like food
(09/16 21:16:30) Lady Chaos: Well, the future comes whether you want it or not. Caring is more likely to make it a good fugture.
(09/16 21:16:32) Dudemom_2000: yes
(09/16 21:16:33) Thend: She groans, They groan.. and Thend groans, as well
(09/16 21:17:03) Jane: thank you, Jenine
(09/16 21:17:05) ghaelen: thank you, Jenine! this was really a good idea
(09/16 21:17:07) Jane: ooooooooh
(09/16 21:17:10) Lady Chaos: What? They don't blow up in your face!
(09/16 21:17:13) Jenine: Now anyone want to show me how to "share" a KI mail!!!

(09/16 21:24:59) ghaelen: ok, so we discuss the paragraph on the forum, and once that is set, Jenine types it up and we all come to get it?
(09/16 21:25:03) Lady Chaos: You're welcome... but it's basically what Jenine wrote.
(09/16 21:25:04) Jenine: Could we still post a final draft on the forum to let anyone share?
(09/16 21:25:07) Dudemom_2000: sure
(09/16 21:25:17) ghaelen: oh, we type one up ourselves?
(09/16 21:25:25) ghaelen: from the forum paragraph?
(09/16 21:25:34) Jenine: Yep
(09/16 21:25:36) Kerryth: I don't think you can paste text into the KI. Or can you?
(09/16 21:25:39) Lady Chaos: Depends on how unified an approach you want.
(09/16 21:25:40) Thend: Info should have no restrictions, as long as it's passed along accurately
(09/16 21:25:42) Lady Chaos: No pasting.
(09/16 21:25:44) ghaelen: ok
(09/16 21:25:49) ghaelen: sounds good
(09/16 21:25:49) Jane: I don't think so, either, Kerryth
(09/16 21:25:50) Dudemom_2000: nope dont think you can, Kerryth
(09/16 21:25:52) Jane: have to retype
(09/16 21:25:59) Kerryth: Well, sometimes it would be handy...
(09/16 21:26:00) ghaelen: hi Rihm!
(09/16 21:26:1Cool ghaelen: a lot of things would be handy with these KI communicators
(09/16 21:26:2Cool Lady Chaos: Yes... such as reliability.
(09/16 21:26:36) Thend: Sure would Kerryth, but like the original D'ni that came to the Cavern, we need to live humbly here lol
(09/16 21:26:3Cool ghaelen starts to laugh
(09/16 21:26:45) Kerryth: Indeed.
(09/16 21:26:52) Jenine: Had a version of KIpod- but never heard if it was considered... Smile
(09/16 21:26:59) Kerryth: And type quickly.
(09/16 21:27:03) Lady Chaos: I mean... relinking to an Age two or three times just to show up on everyone's lists is a bit uch.
(09/16 21:27:07) ghaelen: yeah, that was funny, the KIpod
(09/16 21:27:13) Veralun: lol
(09/16 21:27:15) Kerryth laughs
(09/16 21:27:1Cool Dudemom_2000: I submitted a feature to have a couple more buddy lists so you could specialize
(09/16 21:27:19) Zola: well noe that I've had my fill and gained 20 LB I have to run. Thaqnks for letting me sit in.
(09/16 21:27:20) ghaelen: huh, people are on my list today
(09/16 21:27:23) Thend: Jenine, do you think you will be doing more of these sorta KImails then?
(09/16 21:27:25) ghaelen: lolol
(09/16 21:27:2Cool Thend: Seeya Zola
(09/16 21:27:31) Lady Chaos waves goodbye
(09/16 21:27:31) Jane: ooh a KIpod is a good idea!
(09/16 21:27:33) ghaelen: great to see you Zola!
(09/16 21:27:35) Zola: What Forum are we talking about?
(09/16 21:27:37) Lady Chaos: Bye, Zola...
(09/16 21:27:3Cool Kerryth waves goodbye
(09/16 21:27:39) Dudemom_2000: bye Zola
(09/16 21:27:39) Jane: bye Zola
(09/16 21:27:42) ghaelen: the MOUL forum
(09/16 21:27:44) Lady Chaos: The Uru Live.
(09/16 21:27:45) Veralun: CU Zola
(09/16 21:27:55) Zola: thanks
(09/16 21:27:55) ghaelen: probably in the guild section, right, Jenine?
(09/16 21:27:57) Dudemom_2000:
(09/16 21:28:02) Lady Chaos: Guilds, yes.
(09/16 21:28:05) Jenine: If we need them- think we should. I'll bug Reteltee and see what he thinks...
(09/16 21:28:1Cool ghaelen giggles at bugging reteltee
(09/16 21:28:21) Lady Chaos: If we need what?
(09/16 21:28:24) ghaelen: yes, you should do that
(09/16 21:28:24) Jenine: Really want the guilds to realize they can do this too
(09/16 21:28:25) ghaelen: lol
(09/16 21:28:43) Dudemom_2000: yes. lead by example!
(09/16 21:28:47) Jane cheers
(09/16 21:28:47) Thend: Okay Jenine, then consider a name for your missives, for identification from other KImails out there, name-recognition
(09/16 21:29:01) Lady Chaos: Exactly. The Modus Operandi of the Rooftop Volunteer Group!
(09/16 21:29:01) Dudemom_2000: not KI Mail
(09/16 21:29:03) ghaelen: the title, you mean?
(09/16 21:29:06) Dudemom_2000: lol
(09/16 21:29:07) Dudemom_2000: yes
(09/16 21:29:12) ghaelen: huh?
(09/16 21:29:12) Jenine: I sent him a resume a month ago- told me I was hired but what was I to do for his cause
(09/16 21:29:19) Dudemom_2000: I like Thend's
(09/16 21:29:19) ghaelen starts to laugh
(09/16 21:29:24) Thend: Possibly anyway. Unless you want them to look as DRCish as possible, which is also a great idea
(09/16 21:29:3Cool ghaelen: make them look guild-ish
(09/16 21:29:40) Thend: LOL Jenine. That Reteltee
(09/16 21:29:52) Veralun: If this works we can make a workthrough for this on the forum and I can sticky that topic
(09/16 21:30:05) Jenine: Made me come up with my own tasks - smart man
(09/16 21:30:07) Lady Chaos: That would be good.
(09/16 21:30:0Cool ghaelen: oh, I like "sticky"
(09/16 21:30:16) Lady Chaos hands Gh aelen som eglue
(09/16 21:30:17) Veralun: because this is valuable info
(09/16 21:30:25) ghaelen: Sticky Guild KI Mail
(09/16 21:30:30) ghaelen: no, no, no
(09/16 21:30:33) Dudemom_2000: nope
(09/16 21:30:35) Jane: lolol
(09/16 21:30:59) Dudemom_2000: something the KI Chain was
(09/16 21:31:01) ghaelen: maybe just Support our Local Guild?
(09/16 21:31:03) Lady Chaos: That's what Eskimo use to hold their houses together. Igloo.
(09/16 21:31:04) ghaelen: your
(09/16 21:31:06) Jenine: Must contain the word support! stays generic
(09/16 21:31:0Cool ghaelen: no, no, no
(09/16 21:31:16) Jane groans again at LC
(09/16 21:31:25) ghaelen: lol
(09/16 21:31:2Cool Jenine: Guild Support Network KI Mail
(09/16 21:31:29) Veralun: remember when you want you post stickied and edit later that you have to make 2 posts and use the second one for editing
(09/16 21:31:3Cool ghaelen: oh, that's nice, Jenine
(09/16 21:31:43) Jane thinks secretly that that was a pretty good one, but doesn't want to encourage LC, lol
(09/16 21:31:51) Dudemom_2000: the GSN
(09/16 21:31:56) ghaelen: GSN
(09/16 21:31:59) Lady Chaos feels encouraged anyway... as she's incorigible
(09/16 21:32:01) ghaelen: huh, nice
(09/16 21:32:05) Jenine: love to play with words
(09/16 21:32:17) Kerryth: That's really good.
(09/16 21:32:21) ghaelen: so make two posts, Jenine
(09/16 21:32:2Cool ghaelen: right?
(09/16 21:32:30) Jane: yes she is Smile (@ LC)
(09/16 21:32:35) Thend: jenine, that could go along the bottom of the KImail, and the info about passing to 2 interested people (if you wanna use that) should be in there somewhere as well
(09/16 21:33:00) Veralun: yes
(09/16 21:33:06) Thend: The name could go*
(09/16 21:33:23) Lady Chaos: I just updated the KI mail with the GSN info. <G>
(09/16 21:33:24) Jenine: Ok, hope someone was logging I'm going to miss it all
(09/16 21:33:33) ghaelen: oh yeah
(09/16 21:33:42) ghaelen: I think we will have logs
(09/16 21:33:45) Dudemom_2000: lol put a sponsor at the bottom: "Brought to you by Kirel Baked Treats, the treat of the Cavern!"
(09/16 21:33:52) ghaelen: lololol
(09/16 21:33:53) Lady Chaos starts to laugh
(09/16 21:33:55) Kerryth roars with laughter
(09/16 21:33:56) Jane laughs
(09/16 21:33:57) ghaelen: oh that's wonderful!
(09/16 21:33:5Cool Veralun: lol
(09/16 21:33:5Cool Jenine: lol
(09/16 21:33:59) Thend: Jenine, in the end, just do what you thinks best. I talk a lot lol
(09/16 21:34:11) Thend: lol Dudemom
(09/16 21:34:15) Jenine: No! love suggestions
(09/16 21:34:22) ghaelen: perfect
(09/16 21:34:2Cool Dudemom_2000: well, a little levity you can change it periodically
(09/16 21:34:40) ghaelen: yes, start a story
(09/16 21:34:44) Dudemom_2000: I do have a great commercial for GlowPits (tm)
(09/16 21:34:4Cool Lady Chaos: And I jsut updated it again.
(09/16 21:34:53) ghaelen bursts out laughing
(09/16 21:34:56) Dudemom_2000: you know when you go to Descent and get that glow that never goes away
(09/16 21:35:05) ghaelen: oh wow
(09/16 21:35:15) Jane: my copy isn't showing the updates, LC
(09/16 21:35:15) ghaelen: absolutely we should do that
(09/16 21:35:24) Thend: Well, fun is an important vehicle around here along with huumor, everyone gravitates towards something if it has a sense of those
(09/16 21:35:24) Kerryth: Neither is mine.
(09/16 21:35:4Cool Dudemom_2000: well, Thend's had that bit of humor at the end....
(09/16 21:35:51) Lady Chaos: OK. Sent it to everyone.
(09/16 21:35:51) Thend: Jane, it may update upon relogging. Borky ol' KI's
(09/16 21:35:59) Jane: ah maybe so, Thend
(09/16 21:36:05) Kerryth: That's what I was thinking.
(09/16 21:36:09) Jane: but his earlier updates came into mine automatically
(09/16 21:36:1Cool Kerryth: Maybe the problem is new.
(09/16 21:39:24) Dudemom_2000: my KI is borked....Thend isnt really here...he is in Nexus....he is just a figment of a Kirel Treat!
(09/16 21:39:26) ghaelen: maybe you have to send it
(09/16 21:39:3Cool Kerryth: But it didn't update when it WAS the last one.
(09/16 21:39:40) Jane: hmm maybe so
(09/16 21:39:46) Thend snickers to himself
(09/16 21:39:54) Jane: lol LC, got the uru grin
(09/16 21:39:56) Dudemom_2000: I got it!
(09/16 21:39:5Cool Lady Chaos hands Thend a snickers bar
(09/16 21:40:04) Dudemom_2000: The Uru grin is it!
(09/16 21:40:0Cool ghaelen: are there other updates besides the grin?
(09/16 21:40:09) Jane: but not your previous updates?
(09/16 21:40:11) Jenine: This may be why we should have a master copy on the forum. Just in case....
(09/16 21:40:1Cool ghaelen: good idea
(09/16 21:40:19) Jane: good point, Jenine
(09/16 21:40:22) Kerryth: Oh, I got that one!
(09/16 21:40:3Cool Thend cannot eat and groan at the same time, so passes it on in the spirit of sharing that is the Cavern
(09/16 21:40:56) Dudemom_2000: could you put "information brought to you by the Guild Support Network?"
(09/16 21:41:3Cool Jane: eating is definitely more important than groaning
(09/16 21:41:56) Kerryth: Way more important.
(09/16 21:41:5Cool Dudemom_2000: yes
(09/16 21:41:5Cool ghaelen: anyone see the update?
(09/16 21:42:00) Jane: ah got that update
(09/16 21:42:00) Lady Chaos: I got the updated Uru Grin version...
(09/16 21:42:05) Veralun: now we come to the problem scrolling the message
(09/16 21:42:16) Dudemom_2000: I love it!!!!!
(09/16 21:42:1Cool Jane: got the network message, & the baked treats too Smile
(09/16 21:42:24) Kerryth: Excellent!
(09/16 21:42:25) Dudemom_2000: I got it all on one page
(09/16 21:42:27) Thend: 'brought' needs a 'g'
(09/16 21:42:31) Lady Chaos: And I got the newest.
(09/16 21:42:32) Jenine: lol yep got that one
(09/16 21:42:35) Jane: yes it's on one page for me too
(09/16 21:42:4Cool ghaelen: k, done
(09/16 21:42:50) Kerryth: I think your screen resolution makes a difference.
(09/16 21:42:56) Thend: Thanks LC
(09/16 21:42:5Cool Lady Chaos: And I corrected some spelling.
(09/16 21:43:16) Jenine: would screen res help finding the treats or are they all gone?
(09/16 21:43:32) Jane runs to get the 2nd plate of brownies
(09/16 21:43:33) Lady Chaos hands Jenine a bag of Kirel Baked Treats
(09/16 21:43:35) ghaelen: how can I tell if I have gotten the correct corrected version?
(09/16 21:43:3Cool Veralun: I think we need to avoid that in future, because a lot of ppl do not know how to scroll
(09/16 21:43:3Cool Kerryth: The treats are never gone.


Finished with more food!!! but you get the idea...

Thanks again everyone!

"Always consider the Whole, Atrus. Always look at the interrelatedness of things and remember the 'whole' of one thing is always just a part of something else, something larger." wisely spoken by Anna- "The Book of Atrus"

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2007 2:39 am 

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Jenine, this is a wonderful idea. You have my support. Just let me know if there is anything I can do to help. :D

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


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