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This is a text transcript of the Rand Q and A and the Panel Discussion at the 2009 Mysterium Town Hall at Cyan HQ in July prepared by Marten and I. We welcome any additions or corrections to this effort and want to thank the Mysterium Committee for continued wonderful work to help keep our community alive, vibrant and evolving with the Myst series and events in the Cavern itself. This was completed to best of our ability from excellent video from Zib and Tomala without whom this would not have been possible, and we much appreciate the wonderful welcome that Rand and all at Cyan gave to our fellow explorers at this event, which shares some very interesting news, information and history of URU, Mystonline URU Live, and the future plans for MystOnline Open Source. Thanks always to Rand and all at Cyan over the years who have brought us this wonderful D'ni Universe and the unfolding story in the Cavern. And Thanks to RAWA for some additional history and corrections below in the responses.

Story, Characters, and Personal Experiences
In Game Characters and Developers of Mystonline URU
Mysterium 2009
Cyan Headquarters, Mead, WA

“Town Hall”

Panel and Rand's Q and A
Cyan HQ
Mysterium 2009

“Town Hall”

00:03:07 – Alahmnat (Gary) introduces the town hall .....

I don’t know how many of you have been briefed on exactly what we are going to be doing here, but basically we are going to be discussing telling stories within the Myst and URU universe, JD Barnes, Brian Fioca, Echo McKenzie, and Douglas Sharper are here.... so let me do a few introductions but I need to give this chair back,.. (applause) I will let you guys take over from here, because you know what you are doing better than I do,

Panel from left to right:

“J.D. Barnes” is Blade Hamilton

Brian Fioca is… Brian Fioca

“Douglas Sharper” is Ryan Miller

“Echo McKenzie” is Eleri Hamilton


Blade Hamilton (J.D. Barnes) (Player): Blade Hamilton: I would like to thank everybody for coming and , I would like to take the chance to thank all the people from Cyan who are here, both former and present, thank you very much for hosting us and thank you very much for giving us a world that we all care about so much that we are willing to come out in 100 degree heat for, so, thank you very much, ,

[Applause for Cyan]

The panel is very open but we are going to talk about the concept of where does story fit into the D'ni Universe in general and Myst and URU and all the different incarnations, and we're going to start going through the panel with What do you think is most important about story in D'ni , in any version of it, book, game, whatever, , start from that end and work this way.

Eleri (Echo McKenzie)(Player) : , I think one of the most important things about story is the absolute wealth of material we have to work with, there's so much of it, there's so much detail that you can pretty much go to any point, any resource that Cyan has given us and start working with it and build a story and create ah, aspects of the universe that are your very own so that I think is my, I think is the biggest asset in my view.

Douglas Sharper (Ryan Miller)(Cyan Employee) , I would follow that with depth, the story's Depth, taking from Tolkein, and Lord of the Rings, you've all heard the stories how he created a massive backstory [before] he started actually writing the story... I think that would be one of the things that we tried really hard to do, is create a massive back story that sometimes you heard, sometimes you didn't, but what that did was solidify the story that you did hear and make it seem more realistic, make it seem more exciting really, just more real and so I would say that the depth was one of the key points, the main highlight of the story for me, for D'ni.

Brian Fioca (Player) I guess extending from Depth, I think one of the unique characters of the story that the Myst universe has is it draws in YOU, all of the Myst stories, the ones that we all know, involve you very personally and specifically, I think that's the key to making it work, I think, landing on Myst Island, and being on Riven, and being in the Cavern, and being part of the groups that formed, and affecting everything in the story, in your own way, actually, that combined with the depth and the breadth, just sort of makes it all affect everybody.....I think that is part of the key of why it works.

Blade Hamilton (JD Barnes) (Player) , I don't know what more I can add to that, , but, yeah, i think it, you know, we talk about depth, the detail, I would refer to as texture, in a sense that no matter what you actually see, you know, whether it’s the books, a machine you see in an Age, whatever, you know that there's something else behind it, there's potentially hundreds of years of history that might be behind it, it's not just story, it's archeology, it's being in a world that’s obviously more than,, and it's presented in a very real way, we don't just, you know, here's our dictionary and it's, Okay, Everybody turn to page 25 and it will tell us what it's all about, , it's in a sense that, it's presented to us as you can see life, and very often what WE see in it is what we see in it, , no matter what the designer had in mind, we add our own attachments, we add our own depth to it, we add our own meaning, to things that the designer may not have ever even thought of, and I think that’s the mark of, a real mark of artwork that we're not willing to... [you say something that means something that other people can mean things with what you did. ???]

Ok lets open it up to questions ...

Brian Fioca: I am curious about something, I know that most of the people here on this panel have evolved, everybody here, well most of the people here in some ways, I am curious about how each of us or each of you did it, and , and what are the secrets for getting people to come along into the story you were trying to tell and get them involved in what’s going on?

Blade Hamilton: , I know that as JD Barnes one of the things that I focused on was not actually a sub plot, I focused on personality. , J. D. is a person, ...he has history, he has [feelings?], and he interacts with people and that way he became very personal, one of best things that I saw was where I was looking at some for, and people said they really enjoyed talking to me because I responded, I remembered who they were, it was like, Oh, yeah, How's it going? How’s the family? That sort of thing. So it was really for me about making those personal connections. And hopefully by the fact that I had some people looking to me, I could make those people become important, trying to so and so made some great art ...and that’s how he made an expanding connection of influence.

Brian Fioca: I think for me actually it was largely a factor of getting people to go the direction they already wanted to go, , I didn't need to know very much about the history of D'ni, or anything - as a matter of fact I didn't - when I was sort of playing my role, it was really easy for me to come into an area and find somebody that wanted to talk about what was going on, and just let them talk, let them talk and then let them get other people involved, and help direct the conversation the way I kind of wanted it to go, and ... just sort of see where it went, and like I think the most successful people in getting the story going in URU and all those sorts of online communities, don't drive too hard, they don't have an agenda, they HAVE an agenda, but they don't drag us along with them, they let people go in the direction they want to go, they take them there, they sort of open their minds to new things, very gently and see what’s going to happen that way ...and the ones that I saw that were NOT successful I think were just too aggressive in trying to force people in the direction they weren't really ready to go down or weren't really interested in, so [Indecipherable].

Ryan Miller (Douglas Sharper): So, first off though I am sitting here for Sharper, I am just the guy that typed the stuff a lot, I represent a team of people obviously, a plan, so we probably came at it with a little different perspective with wanting to get you guys involved so that we didn't have to be on the computer as often, [laughter]... and I mean really we talked about this a lot, like, how do we get ... how do we kind of pass the [he makes air quotation marks] "Celebrity Status" on the players because really there were, there were a few people, characters in the game, Sharper one of them, who kinda got this celebrity status, that was cool coming out with Sharper, now, unlike ...these guys (points to Blade and Eleri) we didn't need to remember names, Sharper wasn't that kind of guy, [laughter], [he] just ignored you anyway, , but no, so we kinda wanted to just pass the celebrity virus on to people if you will, and part of that came with Brian and we kinda wanted to create this player who was in the game more than we were and kinda of pass it on and say hey, he's .... almost like Sharper being here now and Sharper likes this guy and he's connected with him and he's giving HIM information ... and really at the, really maybe at the foundation of all of this we want information. Which was why Sharper I would say was more of a celebrity because he has information, he's Cyan, he can give you information you can't get otherwise, so everybody wants to talk to him, maybe you will be the person that has got some information, and we wanted to give that out little bits here and there, but really, at the end, we really just wanted to create other celebrities in the game.

We started to do that, I am not sure we ever did that completely successfully, but that was kind of the goal.

Eleri: Echo started out completely, almost an experiment. , I just had this little scene idea in my head and so said "Let's go with it",... she was very evolutionary, she became what people thought she was, so when people started interacting with her and saying 'Oh, she does this, oh, she does this, oh she does this" then sometimes she would do that, sometimes she would, you know..... She really, I mean those of you who are authors or writers, you get it when a character has a mind of their write something and all of a sudden it's like Whoa, she did what? A lot of stuff I just wanted to be there and be present, and interact with people and see what happened and how they would react..., she would kind of do her own thing sometimes, sometimes she would just be sitting there, and people would get curious and then it just spread, it spread so much faster than I expected, that all of a sudden everybody was talking about the crazy ghost chick, and then from there it was, Well she is a seer, she is a psychic, well she's this, and I was very careful never to have Echo say any of those things, because that wasn't, that wasn't what she would do, that wasn't like her to say, Oh, yes I'm the cavern seer. But the stories she told, some of them, I made up on the spot, as people were asking me questions, some of them I would do a little bit of research, I do story telling as a hobby anyway, I do oral story telling as a hobby so some of them I would take and adapt, stories I knew I would give them a D'ni flavor, other times it was just, come up with something, so. So that was, just kind of, Echo just being there, being present, She did the you know kind of immersive thing where she acted like she really was in the cavern, but she never gave anybody flak for not doing it, but it would spread a little bit that she was being like that to other people, and would respond like that, so it was a little [Indecipherable] that way.

Dadguy: Can we ask questions?

Blade: Oh yeah, please.

Dadguy: This is for Sharper, I was curious, if while you were doing your thing in the game, if you had a team there where you were sort of discussing what they wrote and wanted to do and whatnot, and how did you choose these celebrities?

I mean how did you find, that guy you took hunting with you...

Ryan (Sharper): Rils.

Dadguy: Rils? I mean, did you look around for a days and try to find someone who was very active and personable, likable maybe, ... and then, who pulled the trigger and said ...that’s the guy right there..?... And then, of course he could decline to be part of it, I suppose... How did that happen?

Ryan Miller: Well for the first question, the team, sometimes we would have a team, sometimes it would just be me, because we had talked about it enough, and that kind of gets back to the depth, Eleri was saying, we knew who Sharper was, he was a character, when you got into Sharper, start to know what he would say, how he would act, his back story, his parents, all of this stuff we would talk about it and where we want to kinda take it, so most of time it would just be me and RAWA would come by and whatever, unless it was a big story, major point in the story, when we really needed to hash it out perfectly which was pretty rare. As far as Brian, I don't remember…

Brian Fioca: I remember actually, it is a really disappointing story, I was in the city like the third day that I was there, like really early on after Prologue opened, and Sharper was in the city looking for people who recognized him, and [looks at Ryan-Sharper] and you were basically saying, 'Does anybody know who I am?' So I was, Oh, I remember you from the Journal… so I started talking, and the DRC came up and , I was like yeah it's a shame that they are blocking us off, we should revolt, and Sharper was like, Yeah! and then we talked a little more and the next thing I knew, I came back on a few hours later and like four people were looking for me saying Sharper decided that they needed to talk to me about a revolution, so from then on it was like 20 hour days straight.

Ryan Miller: Now that does sound very random but again, once we were in there as Sharper, I mean it all makes sense, you're kind of playing the Sharper character, this guy comes along, oh you recognize me, hey, we should do a revolution? Yeah, we should. It just kind of goes from there, so again, from the depth and the character of him...there were certain people that would fit, it just ... oh this person would work with Sharper, this person is kinda underground, maybe not everybody knows him and maybe he's got some harsh feelings towards the DRC or whatever, .... this person obviously doesn't fit, so it's weird how those characters kinda take on their own role, when you're in there and the game is happening you find people that are attracted to Sharper that would work with him and it just kind of takes off on its own

Brian Fioca: He stayed in character, the whole time he was asking me if I trusted people, that he would go to and like "mini-celebritize" them and it was all kinda of on my shoulders to make sure that they were okay, ....and I only did a good job on that part of the time...

Blade: How about Rils? On the expedition to Negilahn? How'd you pick Rils?

Ryan Miller: I, sorry, before I came here I was going over old notes, to try to remember half of this stuff, I don't remember the exact way that I found Rils, does anybody ? RAWA?

RAWA: He wanted to go out and look and see, he wanted to go out of the pod and wanted to tell what was happening out there.

Ryan Miller: So he came to us kinda of thing,

Eleri: He was doing the D'ni Zoological Society....

Ryan Miller: oh that's right...

Eleri: ...was an expedition to see the animals...

Blade: And Rils is actually a biologist in real life...

Ryan Miller: We did find that out quickly, in talking to him, ... so again just in the game Sharper goes in to the game just like you guys find friends or people you mesh with, that you would go on an adventure with, I mean Sharper became this character, we're in there and Sharper, people come up to him, they are drawn to his character, just like you find friends, he finds friends, it works and we go make those friends celebrities and whatever. Take it from there.

Blade: Do we have any questions? Or if not, open...

Simon_Bitdiddle: I have a question. Now, Scars...there's a ror that there was a player that lost track that URU was just a game ... they were calling for somebody to go down and rescue, somebody call the police, somebody get some rescuers down there... essentially, how does that type of level of interaction kind of change the way the story feels, does that make you think you need to limit it back, or is that something you are actually shooting for?

(Panel members discuss amongst themselves)

Brian Fioca: I don't remember that specific case, but I had to deal with a lot of those, people who would come in and are, just so lost in it, they feel like they are part of it, I couldn't tell whether they were being serious or not, actually if they [were] thinking that it was real or just trying to get so much recognition that they were just really selling it hard, and it's challenging because people... I'm not sure I don't remember this specific guys?

Simon_Bitdiddle: Oh, that was for Scars, during the actual time when they were trapped, there two girls were trapped and the Bahro, apparently, and people were trying to tell her, or tell the people that were still down there to draw signs for water, draw [Indecipherable], try to get the Bahro to recognize them and release them.

Eleri: I think I remember that somebody was a little, do we need to call the police, do we need to… you know...

Brian Fioca: I think that some people like, just lose touch, and they are not, I mean that’s fine but you kinda of have to manage them in a different way, because they could easily disrupt what is going on for everybody. You don't want somebody in there who is going to ruin everybody else's fun because this is not good. And you don't want to make a scene so you kind of have to sort of do what you can to manage it, I have had a few times where I have had to, I mean it was me and Sharper actually in a situation where someone had come up and kind of started to try to dominate the scene, like there was story trying to unfold, and we just had to try to play them down or distract them in some other way so that they wouldn't .... it sounds mean but we were trying to make sure that everybody else had fun and .. it was a challenging situation, we had to be sensitive... but you also have to make sure that everybody else was involved.

Eleri: Its really a fine line being able to do story and interact with people in a place that supposed to be real, and it’s real people sitting there, and it’s real people playing themselves, being themselves and in some cases being a little tangential from themselves, , and still understanding that it’s a game, but it's still real people and because it's very personal... when you go into World of Warcraft, you're playing an orc, you're playing [Indecipherable], you're consciously stepping outside of yourself, in URU you are still yourself, and so that line between just a game and virtual reality is very very blurry, which I think was really good in that with Scars, it hit everybody like a ton of bricks, Nobody was left unaffected by Scars, you could sit there and go, it’s just a game, this is all characters, but you were still feeling it, and I think that was kind of a hallmark of the potential that was there, to have that sort of, we can sit there in our heads and go this is just a game but our hearts are going, oh my god, .... somebody just died and I just watched it happen.

Blade: I think that sort of connection is great, well, once again, a lot of people … in that community have commented about the fanatical nature of Myst fans,.......but it is fact that it is not just we being invested in the story ourselves, we have become part of the story, URU is more than just than, for a lot of people than just a couple of games, it's a community, it's why we are here, several of us come to Mysterium every year, ...we can talk the same language, whether it’s English or D'ni, you know, that sort of thing...once we get around these people, feelings can get hurt because we can feel things that ordinarily we wouldn't, but at the same time, it allows us to make connections that we normally wouldn't make.

Eleri: I remember a specific instance where I actually in cavern, as Eleri, yelled at Vid, in cavern, (makes mock yelling noises)… I just chewed, it was when he was sneaking into the city, when it was supposed to be closed off, I just chewed him out, up one side, down the other... I get an IM on the DRC fors, a couple of days later, he said, "I am so sorry!"... I go "It's in cavern... you're fine, I'm not mad at you at all, really, I'm sorry I didn't communicate that clearly, before I started yelling at you... I should have IMed…, hindsight being what it is, I should have IMed him and said, "Going IC now! Trust me!", so he would have been warned, because he thought I was really mad at him and he was hurt and he was upset and he felt bad and then I was hurt because I'd upset a friend very deeply, so... I did it to greydragon once too, messaged him and said, "Whatever I say in Cavern is not what I am thinking, trust me."

Crowd: What's done in the Cavern, stays in the Cavern.


Ryan Miller: I just want to say from our perspective, , I mean we created this cool experiment and this hideous experiment at times. I don't know if you have heard of the Stanford prisoner experiment, in the 70's they took college students and within two days friendly college students who are playing prison guards are beating friendly college students who were being prisoners, who are organizing a revolt and I mean this is what happens to humans when you are put in a new situation and surrounded by an environment that is different, you suddenly start to take on these roles, and so it does speak to URU that this became more of a game, it was an environment in which we lived, that part of it was really cool except for when it did leak out of the cavern and we seeing on fors people whose feelings were really hurt or who were angry with us or they were angry with each other, as the creators of this game that was not really what we want, for people to be mad at each other in real life. so, I am not sure that we ever really had time to figure all that out, ... the experiment, We LOVED that everyone got so involved, We tried to be real careful and didn't sometimes especially with Sharper and stuff that went on there, you know, we got people mad and ticked off at us and angry, at even the whole Wheely thing, we, people got really involved and so we were always finding, man, it's so cool how involved everyone is, but also let’s remember this is a game, and that’s about games in general. I remember we were at a conference in Boston, with a lot of game designers, and there was a whole session on people saying, you know, we are hearing, people playing online games, and the babies screaming in the background, and its like oh well, hold on a second I gotta kill this dragon first, and while the baby is screaming, ...and I'm not cool with that, most people weren't, so there's some responsibility in creating something like URU, and I think we were trying to figure that out, and then if you were angry with us or you ended up hating your friend, please forgive us.

Eleri and Blade: Any more questions? Any questions?

Marten: For each of you, what moment in the story , was the best moment for you and what moment was your greatest disappointment?

Blade: You were doing great until that "and", Marten.

Eleri: Do you mean specifically URU or … the mythos as a whole, or as we were playing our characters?

Marten: Let’s narrow it down to the characters. The involvement of the characters. For those characters, what was your most shining moment and what was your most disappointing moment?

Eleri: My favorite moment was linking into the Cavern one day and having somebody walk up to me and say, tell me a story. That was it. That right there. And then starting and having a crowd gather. Not because it was a crowd but because it was people wanting to hear. And one of the things that I did with Echo...was wanting to tell the stories of D'ni as it was, was something that was dear to me as a person, there's so much of D'ni, you know we're always running around in this desolate Cavern, and Echo could see it filled with people, alive, and with a living thriving community and that’s what she wanted to share, with everybody else, so having somebody come and say, tell me a story, tell me a story about D'ni was, was amazing ... and then I sat and went, “[explitive] now I need to come up with a story!...Okay! !” [Crowd laughs] And it ended up being a pretty good one! But, , so that was (makes panicked motions) “Okay, here, let me go AFK (away from keyboard), listen to the stones…” … Echo going AFK was me going “Okay what am I going to do?” Worst moment for me, I got a lot of insults, I let them roll of my back a lot, but there was a part that was like, I could see, almost a contingent, not a contingent of people but this mood among some people of, "she's just insane, she's crazy, we really should just make fun of her all the time, and I was worried about that growing because I didn't want that to take away from the stories she was telling, I didn't want this idea that she was a seer or a psychic, or however she was getting the stories I was afraid of that overrunning the stories she actually had to tell.

Ryan Miller: The highlight for me was, I don’t know if - it wasn’t really Sharper directly, but I mix them all up because we were in on all of them, was the whole Wheely thing, I remember we were all, and Rand back there, Carl was here, I remember we were all in the QA department, that night, I think the bahro came, and was, I don’t remember if it was when they captured Wheely? But I just remember we were all walking around getting chilled, and we were reading what everyone was saying it was like man, this is so cool this is working, people are emotionally engaged in this story big time, just like we wanted them to be, and they were they were eating it up and we were eating it up, We were like, this, man, this is what this game can be, and Wheely had built up to this moment, we had a dramatic conclusion, we had props that fed the story, we had stuff written out, it was probably our most planned out story as well which was probably why it came off the best, or at least in my opinion, m, But That was the moment where I think for most of us, correct me if I am wrong, We were just, that was exciting ....and this could be so cool if we could dedicate this amount of time and content to everything in the game, this would be an amazing story all the time.....

Rand: By the way.....that was about a year in preparation, we put people into the cavern, Karen my daughter, played Wheely, a year before .... To me, she had no agenda, other than just go around and make friends and be herself as Wheely, a year or more before anything happened, so it was a long, long part in there, so that even made it more, drawing to a close was huge, you see the potential.

Blade Hamilton: One of the comments I saw on the For right after the death of Wheely, someone was like "I was just talking to her, we took her through Kadish Tolesa, we were friends,.... [sobs]” … horrified... it was a character, everybody knew but still…well, that’s real to me... so…

Brian to Ryan: How about worst?

Ryan Miller: Worst? [thinks for a moment] Try to ah, remember here, I don't know, I don't know, do we have a worst?

Rand: To me, Ryan and I are like only one person in the game, we would do stuff, we talked a lot about it, it would the , a lot like, in my mind, our inability to, to, really give a celebrity thing to get that balance right, to try to get people who, to engage in the game but we weren’t sure how to pass the torch of celebrity and then people started to get mad and ...."You’re not you're not part of that,” I mean you guys talked about the same thing, “No, I am” but “No, you’re not”, you would give out information and they would [Indecipherable], and sometimes you didn’t have the information (to give out)… how do you do this? And we were trying to juggle, figure it out at the same time and got kind of disappointed. We started something and would think it would work and then it would fall and we ripped it down.

[Attempts to get Rand to come sit at the front are unsuccessful]

Brian Fioca: [the most exciting thing for me ]...I was mainly involved in Prologue, would be the Guild Hall collapse where Phil disappeared, aka died, aka whatever, ... that was so well put together, so coordinated, all of the characters were there, it was cool, there was so much interaction between the population at large and the characters, and the environment… like when the Guild Hall actually collapsed it was a physical effect, it actually happened, you could see it and it was so amazing to have all the energy going and people kind of arguing about what’s going on and all of a sudden there is proof, okay wow those guys are right, and I'm sitting there saying what did you do to me, you’ve been saying that you can do this the whole time, and now Phil’s gone what am I doing to do and Kodama is laughing at me, that was quite a highlight to me, it was just the culmination of a lot of stuff.

A disappointing thing for me actually was not really a story thing, it was sort of like my own kind of folly, Ryan (Sharper) was talking about the prison guard experiment and one of those cases was when Sharper came to me after we had some secret meetings and one of the people that was in the secret meetings went and told Engberg about some things that we were talking about in the secret meetings, things about blackmailing the DRC members, something like that, , which of course was supposed to be really secret because we were supposed to be the good guys, , which we were [Crowd laughs] , And so, so Sharper comes to me and says, “Yeah, about that, You need to take care of this, he needs to be dealt with,” and kind of left it at that. He said, “It is your job to deal with him,” and like, that was pretty open ended, but the way he said it... it was like really late at night and I had been playing real long, so I was kind of hazy, and so I immediately found him. He was in the city, I went in there, and in front of the entire full city I berated him for a long period of time, just totally discredited him, made him look like a idiot in front of everybody there, like I was really mean to this guy in a way that I feel bad about to this day. I publicly ousted him and everything.

And he sent me an e mail later saying, “You know I have never really cried because of a video game before, “ [Crowd makes Awwww sounds], and but then he said, “I figured out what you did, and in retrospect it was awesome and I am really glad to have been a part of it, but… that was really intense.” So like for me, that’s kind of like wow, did I really do that? I mean, it was me, like, I am using my real name, and people were posting on fors like, this guy is evil, … my mom can Google this and see “Brian…”… it was it was a really tricky thing, but it was a lot of fun.

Sharper: That is now my biggest disappointment. Because I told him to do it. I’m sorry.

Blade: My best experience, I had a lot of really good experiences with this character, I had lot of fun, it came at a time when I had been laid off so it became kind of, here was my way to be part of something, and this is a story that I have heard from a lot of people, that URU became that thing that got them through whatever thing was going on at the time (in their lives), so I had a lot of good experiences, I think my absolute favorite one was when I walked in, as JD I used to wander around, and I walked into the Beginner’s Bevin and there was a ResEng orientation meeting and he said and you should talk to J.D. if you want to know about some stuff… and I go, ah ah ah, .... “Why thank you very much.... I appreciate it” (turns and makes gasping noise)… it was just off the cuff… that was a compliment, that was a big thing. Just to know that, what I had done there had been noticed.

I think the most disappointing part, there was, the fact was that… you begin to see the potential for these stories starting to really gear up, Echo was starting to catch on,.... people were starting to show some interest in the Lara docents and that sort of thing… and then when URU was shut down.. .we had all these stories ready and now we don't know what to do with them, and...I think the most disappointing thing was that everyone had that feeling, we care so much and we don’t know what to do, and we all went in different directions and that sort of thing, and so there are a lot of stories that I want to see and I want to hear from people that people talked about... (Gives examples of some story ideas he’d heard)... I hope that someday it will all come back together and people will be able to tell their stories again, whether it’s on the Open Source, or Myst Online or Second Life, or fors, or whatever,

Eleri: I think there is still a huge amount of room for us to be telling stories, and for us to be sharing the work Marten does with his videos, those are stories that he tells, the artwork that people do, the work that the DLF does, we may not have the space of URU to go tramping around in right now, we may not have that for months, years, who knows, but all of that information about D'ni is still out there and we still have those seeds, to grow our own stories and I think it is important that we keep doing that, because it’s the heart of D’ni, it’s the mythos of D’ni, it’s the stories of D'ni that brought us all together in the first place, and I think that's what's going to keep the community woven together, ... it’s continuing to share our stories, about ourselves, about things we are interested in D'ni, or outside of D'ni, that's, we're a part of that mythology now, and to be a part of a living mythology like that is an incredible gift that Cyan gave us, it’s an absolute gift. Most people don’t get a chance to be part of a living, growing, dynamic mythology. It's something we read in books, it’s something we watch on the screen. And We were alive in that. And I think we can sustain that even without the Virtual World to go running around in, and that’s what I'd like to see happen.

Blade: (Asks for more questions)

Questioner: Is there still room in this great environment for what I would call a true neutral, ah, because,...yeah, you're laughing, [points at someone on the panel] that was one of the things that I tried when I was dealing with Scars... I refuse to be involved in any of this, my concern is actually right around me right now (gestures around the room)...end of story… and, ... pardon me (clears throat), and ah, where can one go in that environment, do you have to end up stepping away... [Indecipherable]

Brian Fioca: I think I have a perspective on this, I was ... when I was involved, the neutrals were an interesting group because my goal was to try get people involved in one direction or another, vilify me or get behind me, that sort of thing, and the people that were saying, I don't want to be involved with this, like stay away from me, that was fine, I respected that and I tried to avoid certain places so that I wouldn’t politicize things, or just come in and barge into groups,...but, I think though that, that's a big part of it, in terms of moving the story along, I had trouble with people who just didn't want to interact with the story because like we wanted to go somewhere, we wanted to take you somewhere, and maybe there were two sides there, maybe there were three, maybe there were none, but there were, there were trends and currents going on and we wanted to take you along with those currents and see where we ended up and the more we get involved the more fun it is, and the people who just didn't want to be involved in it, just to appreciate the environment, totally respect that, it’s a beautiful environment, puzzles and game, but we wanted to make it into something more living and alive and its a shame that we kind of came across wrong to some people, I think but I think there should always be a place for people like that interact, part of the big thing about URU was, it was a big chat room, really it was, we sat around and talked, like what do we do here, and, that shouldn't be taken away, at all. I think that is really important, and it should, like for me, when I was done being in the story, ... I took breaks by just going out to different Ages with people and just talking, and that's important, and I think we need that, but so that’s my perspective. It’s kind of a complicated balance.

Blade Hamilton: I think in terms of how you enjoy URU and how you enjoy the story, of course, there’s puzzles, there’s background...and then there’s community, you don’t have to be part of the story, it’s not… it is always there, and the other parts are always there too, so if that's not your thing, if you don’t want to get, if you’re not interested in what this faction might be saying or that faction might be saying, there is enough in URU to not, to not worry about that. , but when you get into the story, noone’s true neutral, there is no such thing, everyone has an opinion, even… even everyone who has an idea of who who they’re avoiding... life is dynamic, people take sides, sometimes people take the wrong side, sometimes they take the right side, sometimes people take sides that don’t do anything... but when you’re there and the story immerses, there’s always your side. At the very least. So… there’s no such thing as a true neutral, and there’s no such thing as a true neutral party..

Ryan Miller: , I don't know... I mean, to say that much more, it’s the same… for people who wanted to get involved in the story, it was there, and we wanted to make it... exciting and engaging and emotional, for people who didn't, great, enjoy the environment, ah, for a time the story was, and this was because of all the situations, it was the thing keeping it going, we weren't adding environments, like we had wanted to, so the story was kind of the thing, keeping people I would say to a large degree, excited about the game, but again, neutral parties, honestly everybody would have liked to have explored more as well, we were kind of beginning to establsh sides, you know, neutral parties and it would have been great to see where it goes,.....

Blade Hamilton: A final few words from everybody.....before we go ...

Eleri: Keep thinking, seriously, you know, keep thinking about this sort of thing, keep dreaming, that's what keeps us glued together, is that we all share this common thread of loving Myst and Cyan and D'ni and URU and Riven and Exile... it’s our Foundation and as long as we keep with that then we're together.

Ryan Miller: Not to get too cheesy here, but, I, the URU story was really cool but ah, I'm way more concerned about real stories and real life, and you all have a real story, we all do, we're all making real stories, I would encourage you to learn from the URU story about the stories that matter, what do you take from that, from interaction with neutral, with evil, with good, I mean that's always, at least my point, I dont think we always just wanted to make a video game, we wanted to make a video game that made people think, and that mattered, affected the real story, to a degree, otherwise we're just making cheap entertainment and that’s, that doesn’t excite me. So, it's amazing to me that all of these stories in here came from the URU story, that alone makes me feel pretty awesome. And that we did a successful thing because it’s amazing that you guys all like each other and even come here year after year or go somewhere year after year, because of a virtual story and the virtual story enables you to connect on a real level and enables you to get into each other's stories in a real world and that matters to me. So I would encourage you to, ya, keep dreaming, keep doing cool URU stuff but also just, to keep creating your story in your life and get involved in other people's stories, on a real life basis, that’s what really matters to me.

Brian Fioca: I'm similar to that. I found for me that the story of URU actually sort of enhanced my real life, the way I interacted with people taught me a lot about who I was and what I could do in the real world. I learned from URU some skills that actually I use today in business , getting people excited about things, that is such a useful skill, like telling a story is you taking people on a ride with you, and getting them excited about the things that you are, and that is so valuable, and personal interaction in the real life and I gained so much from having that opportunity, and the story enhanced my life by bringing me to my wife who is here today, and ah, so I owe a lot to the story of URU and the world that was built here.

Blade Hamilton: Ah, good time to think, ah, I really dislike the phrase "just a game" because, , URU, and Myst, they are games but obviously there's more there, ah, just like there's more to (Indecipherable)... there's lots of stories to expand on, .... so keep expanding. And to those people who…(Indecipherable) URU, fanfic, videos… keep doing it, don't stop, take risks... because I don’t see (Indecipherable). And if you don’t I’ll be mad at you. (Crowd laughs) So go for it.

00:50:50 Presentation of Wet Floor Sign

Presented to Rand (“Bob the Janitor”) by K’laamas

K'laamas.... and it was always kinda in the back of my head, just kind of as a "what if" and I kind of worked it out, so, Rand, .... [presents the Falling Man wet floor sign with text in D'ni to Rand]

Rand: I keep thinking this needs to be referred to Falling Man instead of Mysterium, so like, ah.... that’s cool, that’s Awesome! I am going to have to figure out where to put that.
[Rand is obviously VERY pleased and touched.]

RAND Q and A

00:52:03 Rand: ...and if you know me, you know that I always give away too much information too…

Crowd member: No such thing.

Rand: and I am feeling especially generous so whatever you want to know, just let me know.

Simon_Bitdiddle: Are we re-opening the cavern?

Rand (pointing at someone else): Yes?

Questioner: At Cyan isn’t the Resident (Restoration) Engineers’ job officially the worst job in the company?

Rand: The residents?

Questioner: [Indecipherable]

Rand: Oh my gosh, no. I can't really answer that but I think that employees strive to beresidents.

[Lots of crowd talking]

00:52:50 Mysteriuma13 (?): I have a game question, It took me three years to beat Revelations, it was slowed by computer problems, but I have to ask, What were you thinking when you created Spire because that area was terrible, in the prison age, and I remember sitting in (Sirrus’) chair going, “what were you, what, no, no!”, because I just thought it was the worst prison age in the world...

Rand: ,..... It was probably, you know, the one that was the most thought out and the best before it was ever build. It is funny because some of those later games… Myst, we threw it together, right? like we drew it on paper and we had this instinctive feel that felt good to us and, and with Revelation, it was, I specifically remember, it was a huge, huge production, we weren't quite as involved, but I remember Ubi Soft saying, we have tested everything in this game, over and over with people, the puzzles are perfect, everything is perfect and I'm thinking "Cool!" and then I was playing part of it, the very first part with Atrus saying.... "A little higher, a little lower" (rand motions up and down) .... and I am thinking... Did you test THAT ONE? It’s the first puzzle and even I don’t want to play anymore.

Anyway, Next?

00:54:30 Questioner: I am fascinated by psychology, which is one of the reasons that the MYST games are amazing to me…

Rand: I agree...

Questioner: …there’s a lot of psychology involved, and one of the things I was wondering, two questions actually, both regarding Atrus, first was, I got the impression through Catherine’s Revelations Journal and from the Rime Journal that Atrus was somewhat neglectful to the boys when they were growing up, is that true? Or am I just reading into things?

Rand: No, no, that's true, yeah, I think that… caused… some of the problems, yeah,

Questioner: and I also wondered how much does, , Atrus' response as a neglectful parent, how much does that have to do with a reaction to Gehn's parenting, or “parenting” (Questioner makes inclusive motion) as the case may be?

Rand: I think it's, .., I‘ve got to reach back to the story, and {glances to other staff} Ryan probably can help with this too, it was, , that was always part of the flow, was that Atrus had issues, he’d been raised by his grandmother and his father had been missing for a lot of years, and he becomes, history in some ways, repeats itself, mm, and m, with his boys and here he is intent on certain things but he misses the point of his own family and causes further distress so yeah you picked on something that we thought was a thread and that flowed through there and also we thought that with Yeesha in particular the tide changed and finally it was like hit in the head with a two by four, and like what am I doing, and everything got put into Yeesha, which shows up in her character, I mean she's really quirky and has issues but it was never from neglect, she was, she got everything that her mother and father had to offer, which is what we wanted.

Questioner: Did Atrus ever tell Yeesha why the boys were imprisoned?

Rand: Did Atrus ever tell Yeesha... (looks at ceiling) I could make something up, but [laughter] I don't think that parts been written necessarily, ...I don’t know....

Rand (to RAWA): RAWA? Did Atrus ever tell Yeesha why the boys were imprisoned?

RAWA: I am sure he did.....

Rand: Yep, sat her down and said, here's the story dear, I was a bad father and now I'm better, something like that ........... just DON’T TOUCH that book! Okay, next!

00:57:15 Questioner: Are you ever going to write about Sirrus and Achenar's past?

Rand: No.

Questioner: Why?

(Someone in crowd asks for the question to be repeated)

Rand: Are we ever going to write about Sirrus and Achenar's past...probably not. There's too many cool things moving forward (makes circular motion with right arm) , if we do it, it would be very light, , but I think we tried that in comic books, and {looks at RAWA)...yeah, so we probably won’t, we have some cool things moving forward, the story that excites us is the one moving forward, that kind of went from URU on and we didn’t get to tell because there was.... COOL STUFF! that someday might be fun to ....put somewhere... {Big Smile} Go ahead. [pointing to new questioner]

Marten: Any progress with the Book of Marrim?

Rand: Any progress? You know someday we are going to get that thing going....[Laughter] Have I mentioned it’s a great story and we want to do it right and bla bla bla bla bla?... and yeah, , at this point we’re… we don't have a lot of resources to pull it off but yeah, we still hold out hope. We have actually a LOT of projects that we think are really cool, and that’s in our list of really cool projects that we don’t necessarily have time or money to pull off but that one’s close to all of us, we love that book and that story that are there waiting to be told so, but no progress to answer your question directly,
instead of beating around the bush, ...Anyone else?

00:58:52 Questioner: What are your feelings about the potential for the movie about the Book of Atrus?

Rand (correcting): Yeah, the book of Tiana, I am really excited, its been a really cool thing, we, ok, so, lets see, this is one that’s fun to tell a little bit, , we see all these crazy games being made into movies, like What, you are making THAT game into a movie? What is wrong...[Indecipherable] … we have novels and stories, you know, and you pick that????

So anyway, you know the Mysteriumacs, right? You know, I am getting my mystery-somethings confused... the Mysteriumac guys sent us their stuff years and years ago, they had done a lot of work and I think you saw on that note I wrote on the website whatever that was a year or so ago, it was, that was exciting for us, let’s do this grass roots, let’s not go to Hollywood and ....whatever (makes a dismissing motion) lets see if grassroots-wise, we can make connections and let’s these guys do this, and the main way I think that things get done is passion and those guys are real passionate and frankly, we're not real connected and we get kinda tired and I'm kinda old in case you didn’t notice... [holds up pony tail] I am holding onto the last bits of brown hair that I have, riight there... m, losing it fast, , so that younger passionate generation, and stuff they have and story to tell, like Let's Do it, and there’s a lot of hurdles you jp over and lot of things that they
had to accomplish, and just recently, within the last month or two, they started making all kinds of connections and finished a screenplay kind of stuff, and Myst came out on iPhone, which got a lot more buzz going because it kinda did good and they got some inroads to present what they had done to people who could actually help them get movies done and the only thing lacking was the official “option” and I don't even know how Hollywood works on all of this, but at some point they were like, can we have the option on this, and we were like....oh, What's that? (Rand Makes open hands motion)..

Okay! ....

And no, they said, we can't just say okay! We have to sign papers and stuff, ....Okay!. Papers… So we talked about it and it involves trust in both directions, but frankly I would rather work on trust than contracts, because it is only as good as the trust anyway, so I'd rather sign, I'd rather work on trust with somebody I trust than sign an 800 page contract with somebody I don’t, , so we let them have it, Basically we gave them an option for like a dollar and said, Okay, it's yours, lets see if we can make it happen. So they officially are the keepers of the Book of Tiana, they’ve got the Screenplay that they wrote, they've got some nice connections that they've made, some thru fans, some through just the interweb, people saying I know somebody here and here, and Oh I played Myst back in the day and what kind of a movie were you thinking, it’s like Oh, no, there’s a book, we have a screenplay, here it is, got a package and so, they are in the process now of officially doing that, saying we have the option, let’s go, so we're right at that cusp where somebody could go, Okay, cool we want it, let’s do it, and then it sits in development fiery abyss for another seven years or something like that, ........or
not. But this is the best way I can think of to get it done, so, Yeah, we're Excited.

01:02:49 Questioner: So do you want a part in the movie?

Rand: Of course I WILL be Atrus!

Questioner: [Indecipherable]

Rand: I figure, we’ve been talking it over with my daughters and family, it’s like, I'll probably have a cameo in the coffee shop or ...maybe I can say something like ... "Bring me the doughnuts” or something.

[Laughter and applause]....Better be somebody handsome who plays Atrus, that’s all I can say. (Big Smiles) Oh, you know who I want to play Atrus? Somebody Brought this up, I want that guy on Lost, ...(snaps fingers) Faraday...that’s his name? He's cool, that guy is cool. I love that character. He's kind of got just enough geek in him...[Rand makes twirly motions with his hand) Sweet.

Okay Next, in the back....

Mesnab: Speaking of future and on the cusp, and open is there any information about Open Source and where that is going....????

Rand: I can't ....

Someone yells: Vid says is it MORE yet???

Rand: What’s that?

Eleri: Vid says is it MORE yet?

Rand: We ah, we, lets see here, We're rolling down the, ah, I'll make a story out of this...we'rechugging down the open source path because we don't really have anything else to do, and we're hoping for things to do because we've laid off people we don't have any income and we need kind of money and then this other deal came in where people said well hey, we'd kind of like you to use your engine and do this stuff for us, and suddenly Mark DeForest who was the engineer of the Open Source Train, choo choo -[makes pulling whistle cord motion], suddenly got involved in other things and we have our plans laid of what we need to do, and some of it is just technical, we'll pull certain things out that are, that we’ve licensed that we can't just let the public use and we have to, we have plug ins that we have to be careful with letting out, and we’ve got a plan about how to do it but suddenly Mark DeForest was engaged in money-bringing-in-work so that took priority, so we still have no other plans other than to do Open Source and like to move it out there, this time we are thinking we want to do
something a little different... boy its been a while since we did all of this, ..but it’s… we’d like to run the server, or run servers, and, but still have Open Source where people are able to build stuff and adjust stuff but We'd be more the keeper of it. mm. and see where that goes, cause it seemed like that might be a cool way to do it that way, we'd keep things going but its still passing thru a filter, m, but anyway that’s the plans, and as soon as really we run out of work we will get back on that.

[Audience laughter]

01:05:56: Questioner: A followup question. Are you planning on releasing the server code and the engine code separately so you could just run URU and (plug) another engine into it, or does it have to be together?

[Crowd murmuring]

Rand: I think it is a fit together kind of thing, and some of that is, we, I mean, OK so, we planned for the future we’ve opened it up where, all of this is this weird parallel with the D'ni universe (Dunney) where we want whoever wants to be a write to be a writer, and , at the same time there is like these you know Master Writers who we like to think of ourselves as, who potentially like could make new books that we could add in that might be income producing but keeping it all together
and letting you guys write stuff that could be fun to experiment with and potential for us to stick a book in and it would be like, oh, cool, that continues the story seems like a cool way to do that, so, I think we are planning on keeping things tightly tied together.

Eric: Can I have a raise?

[Audience laughs and applauds]

Rand (jokingly): You’re Fired. ..... I should have done that more subtle-like. “Eric, there’s something I need to talk to you about, would you come into my office?”

K’laamas: Six years ago here I asked you what you thought of Exile and you said you liked it but you hadn’t finished it. Three years ago you said you had finished it but you hadn’t finished Revelation, have you finished playing Revelation yet?

Rand: No (laughing)

K’laamas: FAIL!

Rand: I never got past the Atrus part...seriously I couldn’t stand hearing myself saying that stuff. I remember recording it… I didn’t even know what, necessarily what the game was and they had me in the sound room like reading these things and I’m thinking, Okay, Less Frequency a little higher frequency, little Louder, a little quieter, whatever it was....[makes flapping motions] lower, higher, lower...oh my gosh… and then when I got to that part, I couldn’t stand hearing myself....somebody get me past this....

Blade Hamilton: I have a question, … have you ever had something you thought was really cool in one of the games that the fans never really picked up on?

Rand: Now thats a great question, yes. tons of stuff but unfortunately I cant remember it right now...but mostly not puzzle related stuff as much as story related stuff, like we would throw stuff out there story wise, thinking the fans would, because the hive mind works in Mysteriumous ways, once the hive mind latches onto something it is like a done deal (makes close wave motion), you guys dissect it, you know chomp chomp chomp, and spit it out, you know, but sometimes getting the hive mind to understand, you have to latch on here that was ...and to be honest with you, it’s because there is so much noise, that you
guys never know what is a red herring, what is random, what is ...information that might actually mean something, the MOST FUN thing that took the longest for the hive mind was the Mysterium in New Mexico, that we thought you guys would completely just disintegrate that, we thought somebody would pick it up because there were bill boards and newspapers and stuff .... and (makes wind blowing across motions) all we heard was the desert wind. So that was kind of funny. And there were other little things, yeah, I wish I had time to think about those, RAWA do you remember.....

right now he is saying: DONT TELL EM about the billboard .... [laughs]

for Heavens sake, ZANDI was AT Mysterium in new mexico, ZANDI was THERE! in flesh and blood! Whats it take you people????

Crowd: We guys like the random things we dont get the obvious...

Questioner: When you have a chance can you come up with a Rand's Game list kind of thing, in a kind of a list?

Rand: , you mean thing that you missed?

Questioner, ah ya,

Rand: (holds head) I dont have time! (smile) ah , if something comes to mind i will jot it down, but actually what i need to do is do that concurrently, because stuff that is gone is a lot of times gone, ah, by the way, the whole blending of the real world and the virtual world is like a, the coolest thing ever to me, i love it, like blurring that line.....and making people really angry. so you guys need to get every single piece of information around you ALL the time, you never know what might be part of the game. (evil smile)..... or not.

Questioner: -: You know I've always loved the MYST mythos because it was so deep and so rich, but, even though it's clearly Cyan's masterpiece it's not the only thing you've ever done, you did the Manhole, Cosmic Osmo, Spelunx, and very recently Cosmic Osmo's Hex Isle.

And just a couple of years ago in Los Angeles, Mysterium, the very last night there were a few of us that just sat down and played around in Cosmic Osmo [ran out?]. It was really fun, and so, while I certainly want to see more of the MYST universe, whether it's the book of Marrim or Open Source URU or something official from you big or small, I can't help but be curious have you considered making something entirely new, completely outside of the MYST universe?

Rand: Oh, yeah.

Questioner: And not necessarily, just, big and revolutionary like another online thing, or new interface, maybe even just a simple, single player game?

Rand: , yeah. So the question was, in a nutshell, liked MYST, deep story, but you also did some fun kids projects, and other little things, do you ever plan on doing stuff that's not MYST in the future, even single player, and the question (answer) is yes, we've considered that, and , we have, there's actually a few ideas, which are probably hanging on the walls around here that have come and gone, Latus (pronounced "Lattice") which probably everybody knows about, there was a project called Abduction which was more of a single player game that we thought was really cool, well, some of us...

And, , all, I mean, there's a few more, there are little other internal code names of things that we thought were unique games, but ... weren't sure... publishers... once again, we're not... we're a dying breed here, without a big development house, so, having things smaller and tighter and cleaner, and in inexpensive parts of Europe and China are the way things are going.

So, we've got to figure out how to make that work and maybe the iPhone is a way to do that, because it's somehow easier and quicker to do things on an iPhone, and you don't work with a publisher and you get it out easier, and the proceeds come more directly to you,, so it's "straighter," - but, those are all things on the blackboard, that may see the light of day, and we'd love to do that aren't related to MYST, but it's just figuring out how to do them.

From the Audience: Do they have an app for that?

Rand: There's not an app for that.

Marten: I have two of sets of related questions. One, what is peacock? I saw that upstairs, and two, is Something Else, quote-unquote is "Something Else" still somwehere on the burner someplace?

Rand: Hmmm. Which "Something Else" is that?

(crowd): Laughter

From the Audience: The original.

From the Audience: Oh yeah.

[Lots of indecipherable crowd murmuring]

Rand: Anyway, I wish there was someway I knew which Something Else...

From the Audience: Peacock?

Rand: Peacock! Peacock is, , that's funny I forgot that was up there, Peacock is like... Robyn and I did , two "hypercard utilities" back when we were learning hypercard, like before the days of Manhole, or right in that area, and one was Peacock, and one was Mockingbird...

RAWA: Canary.

Rand: Canary. That's right, Canary, we changed it to Canary. Copyright reasons. So, Canary and Peacock. Peacock was a hypercard database import/out-export tool which, by the way I used, recently, I think for MYST for the iPhone. I thought, "Gosh, I've got to get this data out of here, (smugly) I'll use Peacock!" And Canary was a, it was a midi sequencer done in hypercard that we actually used even on Manhole to do something used before we could do like, recorded music, and you could, it actually had midi input capabilities, so you could hook up the keyboard and play, you know, whatever you wanted, and it'd come up and you could slide the notes anywhere you wanted, and then , change the instrents to whatever you wanted, and output it in a hypercard button that would play that song, so, yeah, Canary and Peacock, there you go that's reaching WAY back, way way back.

Eleri, I think I saw you next.

Eleri: So, when we were down in Austin, you told me there was one of those PreAfter stones out there.

Rand (Smiling big): There's WHAT?

Eleri: One of those PreAfter stones, things still out there!

Rand (jokingly): I don't know what you're talking about!

Eleri: Is it still there?

Rand: Where'd you hear that from?

Eleri: Did you go check on it?

Rand: (Laughs) You know, maybe everywhere you look you should just dig a hole. [Maybe you'll find it]

Simon_Bitdiddle: Alright, this is an URU question.

Rand: Whoa whoa wait, hold that thought. How many people were, knew about PreAfter? Or, knew anything about PreAfter stuff? Not a lot. Yeah, not a lot of hands. How many people are like, "PreAfter, what the heck are you talking about?" Yeah... it was a little "Pre-URU" , alternative reality kind of game that we did. Which, by the way, I mean, the stuff we... even the little things we did in Riven, that you may not be aware of, ... (to RAWA) what was that guy's name on that whole thing? Guildmaster, ...

RAWA or Audience: Telanis?

Rand: Was it Talanis?

From the Audience: The URU [Indecipherable]?

3D World and Game Developers Group Linkedin
"We Build Worlds"

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Rand: It was the stuff we had during Riven. We had some crazy games going on during Riven, , where, this saying to D'ni would show up, it was on CNN, but only because they interviewed Josh and it was on the screen behind him and it would show up in different places and then, there was a website you could go to, and there was phone numbers, and there was this whole game outside of the game. And I think it was actually the first ARG ever done, and eventually like somebody got...

RAWA: The winner got a beta copy of Riven.

Rand: That's right, that's right it was before Riven, got a beta copy that was on a burned CD, and :

From the Audience: Five burned CDs?

Rand: And they couldn't reveal anything. In a gen... in a stroke of genius marketing on our part, the winner was not allowed to talk about it. (Laughter) Maybe we should've re-thought that. It seemed really smart at the time. "Oh, and they shouldn't say a WORD! AWESOME!" That's why we're... that's why this building's empty! Okay.

Eric L: But Nobody talk about how cool it is. [Indecipherable]

Rand: Yeah. So, so, the, so anyway we had someone call the phone

RAWA: At a specific minute

Rand: a specific minute, during that minute, and offer a phrase, in D'ni, and it was a specific day, a specific minute only they had to call us live and they did it. And it was kind of obscure, on how they, on how it all came about, andsomebody did it, who is lost to history now, I don't know who it was. It was a female voice, that's all I know, who won... somebody called, like, the minute before, or and not on the minute, and if they called at the wrong time I think it was Ryan Miller, who was like "Hello?", and they're like, some d'ni phrase they'd say, and he's like "Who is this?," and they hung up. And went awww, I guess I messed it up. They didn't call... we were like, "Maybe they'll call back!" .... Nope! Missed it by THAT much! Ahhh, then somebody, like, nailed it. Said, , called up and spoke in D'ni, and won the prize. So that was cool.

OK, go ahead.

Simon: Alright. This is a question about the Pod Ages.

Rand: Pod Ages. Yes.

Simon: I understand that there were animals for the first one. Where are the animals in the OTHER ONES?

From the Audience: Dead.

Rand: Animals are like really hard to do. Pods, on the other hand, are really easy. So we worked on the pods first, always planning that we'd get time to stick those animals in.

Simon: What was the animal for the BROKEN POD?

Rand: What was the broken - I don't even remember - was the broken pod, that wasn't the dark one?

(Crowd): Yeah, the dark one.

From the Audience: The flashing strobe lights.

Rand: Maybe we made that dark so we didn't have to put animals in. Did we mention that our budget got REALLY tight, at the end there? Had to come up with content, and it was like, pods, with nothing in 'em... yeah, we wanted to put stuff in,

Simon: I mean, it wasn't wireframes right?

Rand: Exactly. By the way, how many of you liked, , wait, was it Minkata? Was that the, like, desert one?

Crowd: (Agrees)

Rand: How many of you loved that. That was big, it was big, wasn't it? We were designing Minkata, and there's nine guys in a room and we're like ok, we just made the pods, now what? BIIIIG! BIIIIG pod! Oh but the engine can't handle it. Well, don't put anything in there! Just... desert! But big, big desert! Any of you like, explore the edges of it?

Crowd: Oh yeah. And there was nothing there.

Rand: Sweet.

[Indecipherable Crowd talking]

Eleri: ... wander in a direction for half an hour.

Rand: Yeah, didn't you just wonder, what's out here? (Running motion)

Rand: ... a part of my sick, twisted mind. Minkata was just ten miles in every direction, versus, what was the puzzle where you just had to stand in one place for like 13 minutes?

Crowd: (Groans) Watcher's Sanctuary

Rand: (Laughs) So don't, you didn't like that one? Because [Indecipherable] okay, I hated it but it was pretty cool? Thirteen minutes! What game would make you stay in one place without touching the mouse or keyboard for thirteen minutes? I thought that one was great.

Crowd: (Groaning, laughing)

Rand: I had to push hard to get that one through. Everybody here at the office was like, "We don't need to do that." I was like, YEAH! NO WAY! Thirteen minutes you just stand there, like don't move, They won't believe it's true! I thought that one was great. And how many of you read the entire book of, , you know, the Prophet? All those pages. Yeah, I tried, that was good stuff right there. People write all that stuff!

OK, more questions, sorry, I'm out of answers but questions?

Simon: Which one of you do we have to blame for the pellets taking FOREVER?

Rand (pointing): Oh. RAWA.

RAWA: Thirteen minutes was too short.

Simon: Also, who do we have to blame for the pellet, the light monitoring machine breaking?

The Crowd: Oh, the Dalak?

Simon: Yeah, the Dalak.

Rand: What was the light monitoring machine?

Crowd: (Explains)

Rand: That was... that was probably... lack of funds. "We'd better shut down the light monitoring machine." (makes turning off lever motion with hand)


Blade: As the community goes on, you know we've got projects, and guilds, and... how, what would you like the community to do with your world?

Rand: Wooooooooooo. (Makes round open mouth expression). Well, mean, the interesting thing is that people are entertained in a different, in a lot of different ways. And you know how the discussion between the neutrals and the... the sidetakers, but there's much more that that, there's neutrals and sidetakers and helpers and instigators and ... and then there's creatives, and then there's, ah, followers, and then there's lurkers, and just like there's different kinds of human personalities, so the interesting thing is, if you're not making content, some of those personalities are satisfied because you build relationships and get to do those things, but it's the content that keeps us going but the hardest part of all of this is, i mean, i don't want URU to become Second Life necessarily, thats not a dig on Second Life, it's just there's so much stuff in Second Life that I don't even know, it's hard to cull through it all, but I, I think you guys making
content that shows up in the world is like somehow the key to it staying alive and us being able to add things being maybe that are more them "Blessed" only because we know where the story arc should go and we don't want to tell you because its cool but if we ever get the chance you will like it, we don't want to ruin that surprise,

so if at some point we release Open Source and you guys can get back in the Cavern and, and Ages come out that are like D'ni Writers who write Ages that are ....not like the Masters but like people who are learning to write ages, I think that is kinda cool.....Because what that means is, and this is where we always wanted to go,... is that there will be people who are Creatives, who want to do that, there will also be people that are maintainers, or testers, who want to join the Guild of Maintainers but who first go and and go...., I fell through the World here, ........ [laughter]...Good thing I had a maintainer suit on for falling forever, ah, There are people who are cartographers who want to docent those new ages and put them somewhere, there people who, who want to translate things in the Ages or help docent things in those new Ages, there's people who want to be helpers in those new Ages, and in all those things it would be cool to
have Guilds to correspond to them in real world, we were starting to go that way ... to me, it's taking the idea of the D'ni Guilds and moving it to practical application if it goes Open source, what really, how, what new guilds would there be, so people can merge their personalities into that kind of thing, that's what I love, that's what I would really love.

[points to new questioner] Yes?

Questioner: Okay, being a physicist, engineering kind of guy, so what resources do you need, talking about what you would like to do..... the problem is you don't have it...[indecipherable] What resources do you need to accomplish that?

Rand: The Biggest issue we have right now is we built these tools, for us, and there are, ...there's primary stuff, stuff that we had to license, people we had to pay money to, and embedded in the engine and that we can't just release to the public necessarily and its not just the server engine, its actually the tools that work in 3D Studio Max so that you can build the Ages too, and there's the problem of people, normal people don't necessarily already have 3D Studio Max but enough might have it, and theres plug ins that work in there, so all is kind of, detaching the pieces, and the weirdness that we built, to get it out to people so they can do it, so that just takes a technical resource ability, people who know the insides of it which at this point is limited in our company.

Questioner: But you're basically...earlier you were, essentially saying there's... in effect you got one person who is tied up, that implies if here were cut loose you could get it done, is that correct?

Rand: Ya, I think it would take, Mark DeForest probably knows his stuff in the engine as good as anybody we've got right now and he doesn't even work here, he works in the Tri Cities area, But he's working on other stuff. It would probably take him a month or so of culling through this stuff, maybe two months, although he's good at saying it would take say, 90 days for everything he has to, so.

Questioner: I used to use a 2 and a half multiplier. [Indecipherable] So in essence you are saying it isn't a great deal of effort.

Rand: No. It's not a great deal. It's just we don't have even a little deal of people and resources right now, so, and just, we were going down that path and it's like, well, we got a little money left and hopefully we can get some jobs but while Mark's waiting, maybe we can get this to Open Source, and for some of that Mark isn't even getting paid for, so.

Questioner: Any creative way to arrange to do that with, say, talented volunteers?

Rand: , I would think so, , its a little bit hard with talented volunteers because you guys would be working with Code you haven't necessarily seen before, although, a few of you may have, ,

Questioner: Not that I am volunteering mind you, but I figure if I bring it up all of a sudden maybe something might happen.

Rand: Right, right and I think that's another Guild, ... in a weird kind of way, , that, of people who are working behind the scenes so to answer your question, YES. I think it's possible. ....There's some technical issues there like what do we send and how do we send it and who do we send it to, and who is the keeper of that stuff, and ... but at this point it is kind of just... sitting there, so we have no problem, ...oh, by the way....another reason we don't have necessarily a lot of people in this building is that I don't have a problem with just giving it away if people can use it at this point, so... it sounds like fun, just a matter of making the right connections, tying it up.
[Continuing in Tomala’s video at 06:58]

Yes. [Points to new questioner]

Questioner (Oscelot?): Who decided the Maintainters should wear red shirts?


Rand Points

Rand: [Indecipherable] ... you can see them easily that is all that matters isn't it?... oh, ok, we are going to run out of time.

Alahmat: We are going to run out of time, [Conclusion]

Downloadable Word File of Entire Transcript: ... cript.doc/

Video Raw Feed: Zib:

Video Segment: Tomala You Tube:


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Here is a detailed Descripton of the first "mysterium", the real life combination of clues and events that Rand refers to at which the Real Zandi help keep some of the history of URU accessible to all: I do not recall presently the source of this as the website that was on the document in my archives is no longer active.

Journey #1

This was the very first journey that the majority of people knew about. Preperation for it began in in June, 2001 however it didn't truly begin until May, 2002 before ending sometime in 2003. Its purpose was to interest people in Yeesha's message by engaging them in a series of puzzles which would culminate in them going to D'ni and beginning Journey #2. Much like the other journeys, this one was split into several parts. However unlike future journeys, each part could only be completed once.

Zandi Prime

This began in 2001 when Jeff Zandi went to an inn called the Carlsbad Inn on Highway 62 near Carlsbad, New Mexico. He approached the manager and asked to place a picture on the back of his billboard and offered good money if he were allowed to do it. The manager of the inn told Zandi of a local sign man and a contract was paid for the sign to be placed for 1 year from June, 2001 to the end of May, 2002. The picture that was put up also had the co-ordinates N35 09.770, W106 43.084. Apparently Zandi's first intention was to have a series of co-ordinates attached to the image on the billboard, however for reasons unknown Zandi changed his plans.

In May, 2002 Zandi made a series of cryptic posts on the DRC forum to get people to go to the sign on the billboard which would be taken down at the end of May. It began with the Billboard thread as well as page. He made a final post in the form of changing Victor Laxman's username into his own and adding a PS note which can be read in this thread. For the first post Zandi's e-mail was [email protected] with the his e-mail changing for the second post to [email protected]. The original "e-mail" were co-ordinates to the billboard with the second one involving a website located in New Mexico which would have served to reaffirm that the location was in New Mexico. However the people following Zandi's clues misunderstood the co-ordinates at first and thought they pointed to a location 24 km south of Carlsbad.

Next Adreitz, one of the members of the forum, discovered a puzzle on Spyder's website, someone who had secretly released information from inside of Cyan through puzzles. His connection to Zandi isn't known, although it is possible Zandi contacted him somehow and asked his help. However after completing Spyder's puzzle, the members of the forum were still unsure what to do. The sign was taken down unseen by anyone from the DRC forum.

The Next stage was during the Mysterium event where Myst fans got together. One of the attendees had a shirt that he wore with a picture of a spiral. The purpose of that is currently unknown, although it may have been worn with the hopes someone would ask them about it so they could provide some information. During Mysterium Zandi also sent a fax to them on the 19th of July, 2002. The members of the DRC forum finally understood where Zandi's co-ordinates were pointing to.

The DRC forum members approached the members of the Yahoo New Mexico Geocaching forum about going to the GPS co-ordinates. While a couple did, it wasn't until Jim of Team Ziacache went and spoke with the inn manager that the sign was discovered. After this was announced by Jim, Zandi sent him and another geocacher who had been involved a link to a picture gallery Zandi had set up. At this stage Zandi had placed three pictures in the gallery, one of the t-shirt attendee during Mysterium, a partial of the picture that had been on the billboard along with a spiral design on a piece of paper. The DRC forum members eventually tied each image to three e-mail addresses Zandi had.

The DRC forum members hit a dead-end until NetWatcher called the sign man in New Mexico and discovered the co-ordinates that had been attached to the image on the billboard.

Zandi One

The co-ordinates connected with the sign on the billboard were to location around Boca Negra Canyon. Initial searches of the area didn't reveal anything so Zandi sent a further hint in an e-mail to a geocacher that can be read here. Geocacher Dave Plugge went to the area once more and after some further digging found a spiral. When Zandi planted the spiral is unknown, however it is possible he planted it back in 2001. Engraved on the back of the spiral was the work preafter which led to Zandi's website

The website's intention at this stage was to have a spiral dim after each part of the journey had been completed and would then link to whatever the final solution involved. The following spiral would then link to a clue to begin the next part of the journey. Zandi sent one more hint in a post on the geocaching website which can be read here. Dave Plugge sent the e-mail of the spiral and the first spike was dimmed and then linked to a page with the picture that was sent.

Zandi Two

Zandi placed a new link on the preafter website that led to a webpage that he updated with h a series of 10 digit numbers with the message "Personal proof is required." below those numbers. The DRC forum members were quick to realize the numbers were ISB numbers, which Zandi chose based on the letter of the first word in their title, and released them in an order that when the first letters from the titles were taken and placed together it spelt "ITS BENEATH THE TREE." The forum members didn't realize this at first but did realise they needed to send pictures themselves and the book, which they did.

Zandi edited the pictures to have numbers on them. The numbers pointed to specific words in the Myst books that had been published by Cyan Worlds. He used the format Book.Page.Paragraph.Word with the book corresponding to the D'ni numeral on the cover of each book. When placed together the words were to co-ordinates to the Tent Rocks monument in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He placed the images on his website and the explorers were quick to discover the co-ordinates. They also now they discovered the hidden message in the book titles.

Before Zandi revealed the final number, a website was set up to track a radio that Jim of Team Ziacache, Dave Plugge, and Mike S when they went to the location that the final number would reveal. Already knowing that they needed to be somewhere at Tent Rocks, the 3 geocachers went there on the day that Zandi revealed the final number. After the number was revealed, the 3 geocachers found the spiral and took a picture of it before e-mailing it to Zandi. Zandi then dimmed the second spike and placed a link to the picture with the third spike leading to the next clue.

Zandi Three

Zandi selected a number of albums and took a word or number from each that when placed together would lead to a payphone number with the message "Be there October 26, 6 o'clock". To begin with Zandi placed the numbers 075992544726-7 onto the page. The first group of numbers are the Universal Product Code to Graceland by Paul Simon. The 7 referred to Zandi's wish for there to be 7 people in the picture that was to be sent to him. The purpose of having 7 people in the picture would be to foreshadow the fact that there would later be 7 journey cloths in Journey #2. However the 7 was misinterpretted by the forum members to refer to the track number. After they began searching for clues in this manner, Zandi finally sent them the message "Get off the track" which resulted in them correctly interpretting the 7.

After Zandi was sent a picture of the album with 7 people in the picture, he updated the page with a track number and time. The forum members worked out the purpose and the message was worked out. When Zandi called the payphone he provided the GPS co-ordinates N34 58.942 W107 29.185 and the third spiral was quickly discovered.

Zandi Four

On the 1st of November, 2002 Zandi provided a link to a page titles Uru with a list of requirements that would be needed to enter D'ni, along with a message for people who did met those requirements to e-mail Zandi. The Uru title was to further the idea of a gathering that had been previously introduced in the group photos sent to Zandi. This page was updated on the 13th of November, 2002 after many people had e-mailed Zandi to say that he had enough people who met his requirements for now. The requirements Zandi had posted were not intended to be exclusionary, but were merely necessary to meet if someone wished to journey to D'ni. Aprroximately 1 week later a selection of people who had e-mailed Zandi was made and invited to begin Journey #2. Only a small percentage of those who originally e-mailed Zandi were selected, how they were selected is currently unknown.

While this was happening, Zandi Four had also begun on the 1st of November, 2002. Zandi had selected 14 movies to be used to encrypt his message "BE READY FOR A HIKE" which was in reference to those who he would invite to D'ni. He did this by providing the IMDB ID along with the message "Unique group proofs are required" along with the message to hint that the number was related to movies "Books... CDs... ??...". For this part of the journey Zandi decided to have pictures with the movie and a certain number of people in the picture. How people knew how many picture each movie required is unknown although it appears the first was done by luck witha barrage of proofs sent to him, with the successful one being with four people in it.

After each proof had been sent Zandi would then place a quote on his website that corresponded to a specific scene in the movie. The explorers were able to get the scene numbers which when placed together corresponded to a URL on the preafter website, as well as the hidden message warning of a hike. However they misunderstood the numbers and thought them co-ordinates that were somewhere in Bluff City. Zandi stopped them from planning a trip there by sending the message "Bluff City. Don't go there" hinting that the numbers had purposely been a redherring. He then went on to say "Use the number at the site" which resulted in the URL:

On the new URL Zandi had placed "Before and after" underlined with beneath it "Washington ------ Berlin." This was an old palor game that required a 6 letter word so that "Washington ------" and "------ Berlin" resulted in something that made sense. The answer was quickly discovered to be Irving. After it was discovered Zandi placed two more of these puzzles on it and the three missing words hinted at Millennium Park in Irving, TX.

On the 26th of November, 2002 Zandi posted the date 11/30/02 and time 2pm below the palor game puzzle before finally posting "Be at the fountain" the next day. On the 30th, DRC members LRBolt and Sowden went to the fountain at the Millenium Park at the correct time and met Zandi there. Zandi gave them the coordinates to the edge of the De-Na-Zin Wilderness alongside the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico. He also gave them the cryptic message "For the next stage, it's in your face." On the 1st of December, 2002 Rbnh00d222 went to the location and found the next spiral hidden in a rock formation that looked like the profile of a face when viewed from a certain angle.

Zandi Five

This last portion of the journey began on the 5th of December, 2002 when Zandi posted a link to a new page on the 9th spike rather, which was unexpected as it was expected that the link would appear on the 5th spike. Zandi decided to have those who had the four spirals to meet and take a picture of the meeting with the spirals. However because they were spread out across at least two states, the owners of the spikes began to decide to just mail the spikes to a central location. Upon seeing this Zandi posted a message on his website asking them that this wasn't the preferred solution, but could be done if the owners meeting together was impossible. Eventually the owners of the spikes arranged to meet in Santa Fe, New Mexico on the 21st of December, 2002. Upon receiving the picture of the meeting, Zandi changed the spiral design to the hand present on journey cloths. The reason for the original design is still unclear.

Zandi Six

Zandi took down the requirements to go to D'ni on his website on the 2nd of January, 2003 before he sent this e-mail out asking people to sign up once more. Those that did receive an invitation to go to D'ni were later sent this e-mail.

Zandi Six began sometime in 2003 when Zandi asked for pictures of hand symbols from the journey cloths that people had made. The larger the symbol and more public the place the better. Zandi would accept a certain amount of pictures of the symbols of a certain size and public area before raising the bar and requiring a larger size and more public area. Those that he did accept were sent a t-shirt from him with the hand symbol on it and a link to the preafter website. This was the last part of the first journey.

Timeline of URU


Gehn returns to D'ni and begins restoring it.


Gehn returns to the Cleft and takes Atrus to D'ni to help him restore it.


Atrus and Katran link to Averone in order to seek help in reaching D'ni.


Atrus returns to D'ni and begins gathering the D'ni to begin restoring the city. They eventually abandon the idea.


John Loftin discovers D'ni


Dr Watson's first expedition to D'ni


Last year D'ni is completely uninhabited


Formation of the D'ni Restoration Council


Cyan expedition to D'ni


Major expedition brings needed machinery and tools to City


Restoration is started on The Island (Ae'gura)


DRC begins restoration of the first neighbourhood


DRC allows first authorised explorers to visit D'ni and a few Ages


Zandi convinces the DRC to let numerous people into D'ni


The gates to D'ni are closed due to a lack of funding.


In December Laxman approaches the other DRC members about returning to D'ni.


The DRC open the gates to D'ni once more.


Cate introduces herself to the Explorers.


April, the Cavern is closed for continued restoration work.


The Cavern will be reopened, sometime farily soon, once preperations are completed.

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Just a note, Brian is a fan not a Cyan employee.

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Thanks for the transcript! :D

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Thanks to CrisGer and Marten for the transcript, this is dripping with interesting information about the characters and the history of Cyan and Uru. I've got to say, regardless of what our future ends up being, at least we've had an incredible history. Also, Eleri, I didn't mean to make you feel bad! I just tend to forget that alot of people enjoyed acting a lot more out-of-character in cavern than I did, since I usually just went around approaching the situations as myself most of the time. I feel bad because you felt bad because I felt-RECURSION.

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thanks Tweek, we had made that change but it seems to have crept back in, in the various stages of editing. thanks a lot for the sharp eye. :) correction made re Brian.

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First of all, massive appreciation to CrisGer and Marten for working so hard to complete the transcription. I do have a very minor quibble: the inclusion of every "um" in the conversation is driving me batty! (Not a far drive, I admit.) No worries, I will import to a word processor and use find/replace to hunt them all down and destroy them. :P

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Hi Deius, sorry about that, i thought about it but decided to keep things as totally accurate as possible, and hoped ppl could do their own edits if it bothered :) in normal speech it flows right past us, so such interruptions stand out more in text i guess. :)

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Not every "um", "you know", "of course", and "like" is in the transcript, but while assisting Cris (who did the vast, vast majority of the transcribing - though I did offer copious edits), I reasoned it was better to leave the more pronounced pauses in the transcript because I felt it is easier to read and listen to the audio at the same time that way.

I am sorry to those whom it bothers. 8)

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Well, um, you know Marten. It's like, of course, um, uh, you know, perfectly uh, um, like, understandable um, that, um, you, uh, um like you know, um, of course, uh, like, um, took uh, um, those things um, you know, like, um, of course, like, you know, out. :lol:

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the transcript has been de-ummed.

Enjoy this remarkable event, and I look forward to seeing everyone in the Cavern when time and life allow. Have a nice day and Shorah.

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What a mighty job you did here!!! Thank you both so much, dear Chris and dear Marten!!!
... and thanks to Tomala and Zib as well... :D

I am so glad that I have the chance to finally understand and know what's actually been said
on this great historical event, at Cyan HQ's Townhall... esp. as a German lol... I really had a
hard time to understand anything while watching the generously established Live Stream...

What an awesome historical recap and stunning behind the scenes "Making of..." revelations
and exposures... So vivid, so alive and intimately provided by our precious members of the
venerable Great Tree and Cyan, our dearest Rand, Ryan, RAWA etc...

As of the way/the style the transcript is provided... I really like the added gestures and the
"pronounced pauses" as Marten called them, as they're conveying a more vivid and personal
touch, a feeling of being addressed and being a part of...

Now, that it's been de-ummed... haha... there are still the "ahs" and "oh, yeahs" and other
colloquial expressions etc... keeping the whole alive... Still very inspiring...

This is a real treasure we have here right now... Thanks a lot again to all involved... :D

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 14, 2009 5:39 pm 
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the transcript has been de-ummed.

Ah! So that explains all the instances of "Mysteri" that I just noticed while reading the transcript... (no kidding.)



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PostPosted: Fri Aug 14, 2009 6:38 pm 

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:roll: oh my :) fixed thank you Mowog

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 14, 2009 7:07 pm 

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Thanks guys. Much appreciated. Read it through. Understood most of it. What bugs me is that some things that were mentioned or hinted at were so obvious to the speakers that they were never explained to us uninitiated... WHAT BILLBOARD??? :? :? :? WHAT PREAFTER STONE???? :? :? :? for crying out loud!!!

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