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 Post subject: Der Clan
PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 3:03 am 

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For anyone who is not interested in fan storylines this would be a good spot to stop as I think that's what this is about. I'm posting this on MOUL forum in hopes we can encourage more explorers to join us. There is a thread already going on on the German Reallife Forum.

Let me introduce Der Clan. At least those that I'm aware of today (babelfish translation of name):

DerBetrachter (The viewer) KI NR: 4 077 149
DerVerkuender KI NR: 4 077 992
DerhalbVerraeter (The half-hinter) KI NR: 4 083 937
DerWaechter (The guard) KI NR 4 152 916.

And some backstory. I was visiting hoodmates in NULP hood the other day and the fahtehrthtehs popped in for a couple of minutes. On the fahtehrthtehs' heels another mysterious character linked in and posted a message on the hood imager. At the time I'd thought he was a friend of the fahtehrthtehs but upon discussion it became clear that he was not but rather was a member of Der Clan. Oddly enough also they seemed to have the same agenda -- Community.

Der Clan have dropped by a couple of times since but the first time only to say they were hoping for more explorers. The second time they seemed ready to get the story rolling and had a hood member post the following message on the imager:


The time has come and the old game starts anew. Do you still remember the very first riddle? Someone will be waiting for you very close to that place. It won't be easy to find him but you will recognize him. He will give you more instructions.

Der Clan

In subsequent chatter with Der Clan visitor the time of 12:00 cavern time is mentioned. I'm not sure but I think that's when he meant this person with 'more instructions' would be there.

On one of the earliest visits Der Clan member had requested that we look through the Bevin telescope. We took that to be the "first riddle" mentioned in this message. So, looking through the telescope you see the city from the lake point of view. That's the Ferry Terminal probably. So we hustle to the city to see if he is there. Nothing. Not really surprised since we have a location and another time. But it's nice to be on the chase once again.

So, I'm asking any who may be interested to meet us at the Ferry Terminal in the public Ae'gura Saturday at noon cavern time to help us find this guy and see what he has in mind. We're working on German and English translation capabilities so it will go easier. In fact we had a French speaker with us today as well. By the way this is not the first visit to the cavern by Der Clan. We couldn't find any details but they were here before back in the day.

(/edit) Okay, here is the chatlog from Friday's visit from Der Clan:

(03/26 20:02:02) DerUeberbringer: Shorah
(03/26 20:02:08) MarkusV: Shorah
(03/26 20:02:08) Old Man: Shorah
(03/26 20:02:20) Al Bina: aloha
(03/26 20:02:21) DerUeberbringer: ich hab fuer euch eine nachricht
(03/26 20:02:27) bri: Shorah
(03/26 20:02:29) D'n Alor claps his hands
(03/26 20:02:38) Al Bina: (i have a message for you)
(03/26 20:02:56) DerUeberbringer: kann die fuer mich jemand auf den Imager tun?
(03/26 20:03:01) Old Man listens intently.
(03/26 20:03:18) Al Bina: (he wants someone to transfer it to our imager)
(03/26 20:03:25) D'n Alor: ja schick sie rueber
(03/26 20:03:52) DerUeberbringer: lade sie bitte auf den Imager
(03/26 20:04:09) Al Bina: (still transfering)
(03/26 20:04:15) DerUeberbringer: danke Hordath
(03/26 20:04:47) Hordath: erste raetsel hm in der stat ?
(03/26 20:04:55) D'n Alor: maedels geht mal ein stueck zurueck bitte
(03/26 20:05:09) Hordath: ich sende nachricht weiter an euch
(03/26 20:05:18) Al Bina: danke fuer die Nachricht
(03/26 20:05:22) From Kai-Uwe in Kai-Uwe's Relto: nabend
(03/26 20:05:54) From Old Man in German NULP's Bevin: Shorah Kai-Uwe
(03/26 20:05:55) To Kai-Uwe: Hi Kai ... Bevin DerClan ist grad hier
(03/26 20:05:57) From D'n Alor in German NULP's Bevin: hi kai
(03/26 20:05:57) Domi: Nabend kai-uwe
(03/26 20:06:04) Kai-Uwe: hi ho
(03/26 20:06:06) DerUeberbringer: eines muss ich euch noch sagen
(03/26 20:06:24) Mysteria: ja
(03/26 20:06:30) MarkusV: He has on thing more to tell us
(03/26 20:06:32) Al Bina: (I have to tell you one more thing)
(03/26 20:06:41) DerUeberbringer: dies ist in 2 teilen geteilt
(03/26 20:06:57) DerUeberbringer: der erste muesst ihr heute rausfinden
(03/26 20:07:16) Al Bina: (there are two parts of this and you have to find out about the first one today)
(03/26 20:07:33) DerUeberbringer: wenn ihr dies hat, wird an den bestimmten ort morgen zu finden sein
(03/26 20:08:20) DerUeberbringer: habt ihr dies verstanden?
(03/26 20:08:26) Milli: ja ok
(03/26 20:08:31) Al Bina: ich nicht
(03/26 20:08:34) Susi: und da soll noch einer sagen mein deutsch waere schlecht ,lol
(03/26 20:08:35) Domi: Naja es geht...
(03/26 20:08:37) bri: Ich nicht
(03/26 20:08:38) D'n Alor: du meinst wenn wir heute das raetsel loesen dann wissen wir wo wir euch morgen treffen ?
(03/26 20:08:41) Hordath: letzte satz von ueberbringer unverstaendlich !
(03/26 20:08:56) Domi: Finde ich auch...
(03/26 20:09:05) DerUeberbringer: so ist dies Alor
(03/26 20:09:11) Hordath: aha
(03/26 20:09:14) Al Bina: (If you solve today's riddle, you'll know how to find us tomorrow)
(03/26 20:09:16) D'n Alor ist proud
(03/26 20:09:25) Old Man nods his head
(03/26 20:09:34) Old Man: Thanks Al and Markus :)
(03/26 20:09:37) D'n Alor: und wann? um welche uhrzeit?
(03/26 20:09:43) Al Bina: no prob
(03/26 20:10:02) DerUeberbringer: wieder um diese Zeit 12 Uhr URU-Zeit
(03/26 20:10:03) D'n Alor: same time as today?
(03/26 20:10:20) D'n Alor bows
(03/26 20:10:24) Hordath: gut gewaehlt !
(03/26 20:10:35) D'n Alor: danke Ueberbringer
(03/26 20:10:35) Susi: Das alte raetzel , meint er dass vor jahren ??
(03/26 20:10:37) Old Man: careful with times chaning Sunday morning?
(03/26 20:10:42) Old Man: changing
(03/26 20:10:48) Susi: oder gab es gestern schon eins
(03/26 20:10:50) DerUeberbringer: nun wuensch ich euch ein gutes gelingen
(03/26 20:11:02) D'n Alor cheers
(03/26 20:11:05) MarkusV: yeah but not a problem tomorrow is saturday :)
(03/26 20:11:06) DerUeberbringer: Shorah
(03/26 20:11:07) Mysteria: danke
(03/26 20:11:09) MarkusV: Danke
(03/26 20:11:12) D'n Alor: Shorah
(03/26 20:11:14) Old Man: right
(03/26 20:11:15) Hordath points
(03/26 20:11:15) Al Bina: (12 Uru time OM)
(03/26 20:11:16) Mysteria: shorah
(03/26 20:11:18) Mysteria waves hello
(03/26 20:11:22) Al Bina: bai
(03/26 20:11:22) Old Man: thanks Al

Some extraneous comments have been edited out. Babelfish thinks 'DerUeberbringer' is 'The deliverer.' See also that the NULPs helped me to understand what was going on by adding English comments and translations in real time. This is how I am able to participate as I understand very little German. This is, after all, an international game and the agenda is 'community' or at least that's my focus. Thanks again NULPs. :) (/endedit)

(/edit2) Some more information from MarkusV that just in case Der Clan refers to the 'first puzzle' from their previous visit to the cavern the location might be the cliff edge behind the library in Ae'gura. That previous visit by Der Clan was January 2005.(/endedit2)

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 Post subject: Re: Der Clan
PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 7:43 pm 

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The following message has been posted by Der Clan on the German Reallife Forum:

Shorah liebe Gemeinde,

wegen der aktuellen ereignis (MOUL Server down), haben wir zu folgt entschieden:

Wenn der Server vor 18 Uhr wieder läuft, werden wir wie vorgesehen fortfahren.
Falls der Server nach 18 Uhr bis max. 20:30 Uhr wieder läuft, werden wir das Rätsel auf 21 Uhr verschieben.
Wird keines von diesen besagten Uhrzeiten eintreffen, werden wir es auf Sonntag verschieben.
Die genaue Uhrzeit werdet ihr am Sonntag auf den Imager in der Gemeinde "NULP" lesen können.


and the Babelfish translation:

Shorah dear municipality,

because of the current event (MOUL server down), we have too follow decided:

If the server runs before 18 o'clock again, we as intended to continue.
If the server runs after 18 o'clock upto max. 20:30 clock again, we will shift the mystery on 21 o'clock.
None of these mentioned clock times will arrive, we will shift it on Sunday.
_ the exact time will it to Sunday on the Imager in the municipality “NULP” read can.

The clan

As you can see, Babelfish is not very good with grammar. So, my interpretation:

I had a quick calculation of these times considering 18:00 means cavern time. This seems unlikely since 18:00 cavern time is 2:00am in Germany. This would still be the most likely, though, IMHO, since it is even less likely to be German time since the originally scheduled 12:00 cavern time is 20:00 in Germany which is beyond the stated 18:00. So, I am at a loss to interpret the times in this message. Is it possible to have times posted in the forum converted automatically to the local time of each individual reader as per their profiles? In the middle of all this, most of Europe, including Germany, is switching to Daylight/Summer time overnight tonight. That makes the 2:00am Germany time actually 3:00am Germany. Sigh. In short, your interpretation of the timings is as good as any and perhaps moot since the servers are still down. Yeah, yeah, I've reread this several times and it doesn't make any sense to me either so I'm leaving it the way it is. :|

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 8:54 pm 

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Maybe I can help.
What "The Clan" says, is:

Shorah, dear community,

because the MOUL-servers are down, we have decided the following:

If the server runs till 10 a.m. cavern time, we will continue as planned.
If the server comes back between 10 a.m. cavern time and 12.30 p.m.cavern time, we'll start at 1 p.m. cavern time
Otherwise, we will defer to sunday. For more details, look at the imager of the NULP-hood.

The clan


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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 8:59 pm 

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Hello Old Man,
no, 18:00 meas German time, so this is 10 Cavern time. But you know the server is still down.
So I will write the clan that he think for our frinds in the USA and Canada. :wink:

I hope tomorrow we are back in Cavern. :roll:


[ok Mucol was faster]

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:29 pm 

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Here's Sunday's update.

A message from DerClan posted to the NULP Bevin imager by DerVerkuender:

Subject: Neue URUZeit fuers Raetsel

Shorah liebe Gemeinde,

da der Server gestern nicht mehr angelaufen ist, werden wir heute das Raetsel fortfahren.
Die neue Zeit ist um 10 Uhr URUZeit



and the Babelfish translation:

Subject: New URUZeit for the mystery

Shorah dear municipality,

since the server did not start yesterday any longer, we will continue today the mystery. The recent time is at 10 o'clock URUZeit

The clan

I'll interpret this to mean DerClan will appear at 10am cavern time today.

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 4:05 pm 

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Yes Old Man it is 10 Cavern time :)
So in one hour it begins.

I hope I can be there.


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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 4:47 pm 

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Oh I forget,
Our think is, the Clan member will come to Ae'gura.
So please looks for a user with Der in the front of here name ( but not DerMoni :) )

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2010 12:35 pm 

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The game servers were back up Sunday morning and The Clan posted on the NULP hood imager that the scheduled time to begin searching is 10am cavern time. We met in NULP hood and as a group went to the city to search. Al Bina finds DerAuftraggeber downstairs in the library. Here is the pared chatlog from that meeting:

(03/28 19:05:34) From izza in D'ni-Ae'gura': hat iwer etwas?
(03/28 19:05:53) Al Bina: so, alle da
(03/28 19:06:06) Hordath: sagte doch in rot

(03/28 19:06:10) DerAuftraggeber: Shorah zusammen

(03/28 19:06:27) DerAuftraggeber: ihr habt mich gefunden
(03/28 19:06:38) Al Bina: (you have found me)
(03/28 19:06:46) DerAuftraggeber: wollt ihr unser raetsel weiter machen?
(03/28 19:06:53) Menolly: Ja
(03/28 19:06:54) Hordath: x
(03/28 19:06:59) Old Man: :)
(03/28 19:07:00) Al Bina: (do you want to continue the puzzle)
(03/28 19:07:00) lor: Yes
(03/28 19:07:04) DerAuftraggeber: dann moege es so seien
(03/28 19:07:07) SonRonny: ja
(03/28 19:07:09) Old Man: yes please
(03/28 19:07:11) Al Bina: ja
(03/28 19:07:14) lor: Yes
(03/28 19:07:33) DerAuftraggeber: waehlt einen von euch aus, den ich das naechste raetsel anvertraue

(03/28 19:07:58) Al Bina: (choose one who will be told the next riddle)
(03/28 19:08:06) DerAuftraggeber: so moege er vortreten

(03/28 19:08:06) Old Man points
(03/28 19:08:13) Al Bina: Hordath
(03/28 19:08:15) SonRonny: Hordi
(03/28 19:08:16) Hordath shrugs
(03/28 19:08:17) Old Man: Hordath
(03/28 19:08:56) Hordath: danke fuer das vertrauen friends
(03/28 19:09:04) Menolly: )
(03/28 19:09:06) Al Bina: (he may step up)
(03/28 19:09:08) DerAuftraggeber: Hordath, ich werde dir das naechste raetsel geben
(03/28 19:09:09) From izza in D'ni-Ae'gura: was heist das raestel jetzt? was muessen wir tun?
(03/28 19:09:11) Al Bina: (thanks for your trust)
(03/28 19:09:21) DerAuftraggeber: verteile dies dann an die anderen

The message as given to Hordath by DerAuftraggeber and distributed to the rest of us:

Findet den Ort

Shorah Sucher,
Diesen Ort muesst ihr finden:
Findet den Ort wo es hier mehrmals gibt aber doch nur einmal da ist.
Es gibt dort mehr Lichter als sonst wo.
Einige Tueren sind weg, die anderen gehen nicht auf.
Obwohl es einen bekannt vorkommt, ist es doch nicht bekannt.

Findet einen von uns dort und ihr habt das Raetsel geloest.

The message as translated into English by Al Bina:

Shorah searcher,

You have to find this place:

Find the place that exists more than one time but is still there just once. There are more lights in this place than anywhere else. Some doors are missing and others don't open. Even if it seems familiar to you, it isn't.

Find one of us there and you have solved the riddle.

Shorah, Der Clan

(03/28 19:09:24) Menolly: Warte izza
(03/28 19:09:26) Al Bina: (I will tell you the next riddle)
(03/28 19:09:43) From izza in D'ni-Ae'gura: okay...
(03/28 19:09:44) Al Bina: (give it to the others)
(03/28 19:10:29) Old Man: thank you
(03/28 19:10:35) DerAuftraggeber: hast du die mitteilung bekommen?
(03/28 19:10:39) Menolly: Danke :)
(03/28 19:10:44) lor: Danke
(03/28 19:10:48) To izza: und verteilt ja
(03/28 19:10:55) Al Bina: (did you get the message?)
(03/28 19:10:56) Menolly: Al kannst du das auf englisch uebersetzten ?
(03/28 19:11:01) Hordath: und verteilt ja
(03/28 19:11:05) lor: Not yet
(03/28 19:11:06) Sirius says DOH!
(03/28 19:11:12) Old Man: I have it, yes, thank you. And thank you, Hordi.
(03/28 19:11:16) Al Bina: ja np Menolly
(03/28 19:11:24) Menolly: Danke :))
(03/28 19:11:32) DerAuftraggeber: gut, sucht diesen Ort und ihr werdet jemand von uns finden
(03/28 19:11:43) DerAuftraggeber: viel erfolg

(03/28 19:11:47) From izza in D'ni-Ae'gura: danke
(03/28 19:11:51) DerAuftraggeber: Shorah
(03/28 19:11:53) Al Bina: (good, find this place and you will find one of us)

(03/28 19:11:58) Hordath: heute ?
(03/28 19:11:59) Al Bina: (good luck)
(03/28 19:12:08) Menolly: Al bina will translet it for your in english
(03/28 19:12:11) Al Bina: (H: today?)
(03/28 19:12:14) DerAuftraggeber: ja heute noch

(03/28 19:12:22) Al Bina: (yes, today)

(03/28 19:12:23) Hordath: ja
(03/28 19:12:27) Menolly: Lol

(03/28 19:12:37) lor: I dont have the message yet

(03/28 19:12:46) Filtik: hat ihr eine idee wo das sein kann?

(03/28 19:13:05) Old Man: I'll forward them to you, lor.
(03/28 19:13:05) Milli: lol
(03/28 19:13:13) lor: Thanks
(03/28 19:13:14) Menolly: Ah
(03/28 19:13:20) Menolly: bevin:)
(03/28 19:13:35) Hordath: ok bevin
(03/28 19:13:43) Menolly: Aber das andere
(03/28 19:16:20) To Menolly: binhier gelandet habt ihr ein entschluss gefast ?
(03/28 19:16:33) From Menolly in D'ni-Ae'gura: Wir kommen gleich
(03/28 19:16:45) From Menolly in D'ni-Ae'gura: Al will erst noch auf englisch uebersetzen
(03/28 19:16:57) To Menolly: thx
(03/28 19:18:09) Filtik: hordi, wo biste?
(03/28 19:18:43) Hordath: linkraum
(03/28 19:18:48) Lusche: Hi leute
(03/28 19:18:54) Filtik: hi
(03/28 19:18:59) Hordath: ich hab n faden verloren
(03/28 19:19:03) Lusche: Schon ne idee?
(03/28 19:19:05) Filtik: und, weisste wo der ist?

(03/28 19:19:39) Filtik: hast mir schon gegeben
(03/28 19:20:00) Hordath: ok
(03/28 19:20:00) From Wori in (null) Kirel: In Kierll gibt es einen DerZielMann
(03/28 19:20:14) Hordath: ich denke mal er befindet sich in irgendeiner gemeinde
(03/28 19:20:31) Hordath: oha wori is gut
(03/28 19:20:59) To Neighbors: wori meldet in kirell ist derZielmann
(03/28 19:22:08) DerMoni: Ja, am Heektisch...
(03/28 19:22:24) DerMoni: Bzw. wo der sein sollte

In Kirel angekommen (Wori has found DerZielMann in Kirel)

(03/28 19:22:38) DerMoni: Hier hordi
(03/28 19:22:53) DerZielMann: Shorah
(03/28 19:23:04) izza: shorah
(03/28 19:23:05) DerMoni: Hi Zielmann
(03/28 19:23:07) Wori: Shorah
(03/28 19:23:25) DerZielMann: ihr habt mich gefunden
(03/28 19:23:50) DerMoni: Ja
(03/28 19:23:57) izza: oke und jetzt?
(03/28 19:24:08) DerZielMann: ihr habt also das raetse geloest
(03/28 19:24:21) DerZielMann: glueckwunsch

(03/28 19:24:27) izza: danke ^^
(03/28 19:24:42) From SonRonny in (null) Kirel: ja er ist hir
(03/28 19:24:58) From SonRonny in (null) Kirel: hier
(03/28 19:24:59) DerZielMann: somit habt ihr den ersten teil des raetsels geloest
(03/28 19:25:25) From DerMoni: Teil 1 von 200 :-)
(03/28 19:25:33) To DerMoni: lol
(03/28 19:25:38) DerZielMann: somit werdet ihr das naeste raetsel bekommen soweit es ist
(03/28 19:26:17) DerZielMann: das war bisher nur der anfang
(03/28 19:26:33) DerZielMann: es werden weitere raetsel folgen
(03/28 19:27:00) DerZielMann: nun wartet in der gemeinde auf einen von uns

(03/28 19:27:06) DerMoni: Ok
(03/28 19:27:11) DerZielMann: Shorah
(03/28 19:27:13) From Rainforce in Rainforce's Relto: hi alle zusammen / everyone
(03/28 19:27:44) Hordath: nun denn in die gemeinde ?
(03/28 19:27:55) izza: ja.. :)
(03/28 19:27:55) Filtik: jo

Zurueck in der Gemeinde (DerZielMann instructed us to return to the NULP hood where another Clam member would be):

(03/28 19:32:54) Hordath: nein das raetsel war das finden des Zielmannes

(03/28 19:33:22) Hordath: ein weiterer Clan member kommt hier her daemnaechst
(03/28 19:33:40) From DerMoni in German NULP's Bevin: Der Verkuender...
(03/28 19:33:42) Hordath: da ist er
(03/28 19:33:47) DerVerkuender: Shorah
(03/28 19:33:52) Old Man: Shorah
(03/28 19:33:53) Old Man waves hello
(03/28 19:33:54) Hordath: hi
(03/28 19:33:55) izza: shorah
(03/28 19:33:58) Al Bina: aloha
(03/28 19:34:03) izza: i translate in english.
(03/28 19:34:09) Hordath: please
(03/28 19:34:09) Old Man: thanks
(03/28 19:34:15) DerVerkuender: ihr habt unseren ZielMann gefunden
(03/28 19:34:23) izza: (you found our man)

(03/28 19:34:30) Old Man: darn! :(
(03/28 19:34:31) DerVerkuender: Glueckwunsch an euch
(03/28 19:34:41) izza: (congratulations to you)
(03/28 19:34:58) DerVerkuender: ihr habt somit dieses raetsel geloest
(03/28 19:35:07) izza: (so you solved this riddle)
(03/28 19:35:23) DerVerkuender: ihr werdet in den naechsten tagen ein weiteres raetsel bekommen

(03/28 19:35:24) Old Man: excuse me please
(03/28 19:36:06) DerVerkuender: es war nicht gedacht das ihr dieses raetsel auf die schnelle loest
(03/28 19:36:12) Wori: Kannst Du genauer sagen wann?
(03/28 19:36:15) izza: (you will get another riddle in a few days)
(03/28 19:36:27) DerVerkuender: aber dies zeigt, das man nur gemeinsam stark ist
(03/28 19:36:32) izza: (it wasn't planned that you solve it that quick)
(03/28 19:36:51) izza: (but this shows that you are only strong together)
(03/28 19:37:00) DerVerkuender: nun verlass ich euch auch schon wieder
(03/28 19:37:12) izza: (now i will leave you..)
(03/28 19:37:18) DerVerkuender: bis ich mit den naechsten raetsel zu euch stosse

(03/28 19:37:21) Domi: shorah :-D
(03/28 19:37:26) Hordath: shorah
(03/28 19:37:28) izza: (until i have a new riddle for you)
(03/28 19:37:31) izza: shorah
(03/28 19:37:38) Domi waves hello
(03/28 19:37:41) DerVerkuender: Shorah
(03/28 19:37:45) MarkusV: Shorah
(03/28 19:37:45) DerMoni: Tschuess und danke
(03/28 19:37:50) Hordath waves goodbye

So, The Clan was surprised that we were able to solve the puzzles so quickly and stated that new clues would arrive in a few days. And an updated list of The Clan members:

DerBetrachter (the viewer) ........ KI NR:--------- 4 077 149
DerVerkuender ........................ KI NR:--------- 4 077 992 (NULP member)
DerhalbVerraeter (the half-hinter) KI NR:--------- 4 083 937
DerWaechter (the guard) .......... KI NR --------- 4 152 916
DerUeberbringer (the deliverer) .. KI Nr:---------- 4 144 074 (blue)
DerAuftraggeber (the client) ...... KI NR:--------- 4 075 682 (red)
DerZielmann (the goalman) ....... KI NR: -------- 4 146 438 (green)

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