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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2011 5:51 am 
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* Next Meeting: Saturday, January 12, 13:00 KI time in Alexander Rush's Hood *

Artifacts have recently been discovered in the cavern and the ages-- artifacts providing clues that could revolutionize cavern life!

I've been hired by the investigators working on these artifacts. I am their official representative on this forum. They don't want me to reveal too much at this time, but they want me to tell you that they need help. They need as many explorers as possible to join the investigation, because the puzzle ahead will not easy.

There will be a meeting in Alexander Rush's Hood on Saturday, December 3 at 14:30 KI time (4:30pm US Eastern) for anyone interested in the project. Note that this is right after the guild fair.

If you can't make the meeting, don't worry: all important information will appear here. Also, if you can't make the meeting and want to sign up for the project (to receive all of the missions), post here or send a KI message to Alexander Rush, 13924302.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2011 1:30 pm 
Ok, Simon, I'm in! I don't know how fully I'll be able to participate, but you seem to have allowed for that (Thanks!), so let's see what will happen. I sure hope you get a good response!

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2011 5:55 pm 
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I'm intrigued. And I just happen to have that Saturday off work. Marking my calendar now.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2011 5:59 pm 
I'd be there if I wasn't in Germany at the time... But thank heavens that all the imporant info will be here.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:46 am 

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That sounds really great. I can´t make it to the meeting but fortunately all the information will be here.

KI# 03475417

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2011 10:12 pm 
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The Guild and Group Fair is taking longer than expected, and unfortunately Alexander Rush had no time to wait, so the meeting will be postponed until next Saturday, December 10 at 13:00 KI time, again in Alexander Rush's Hood.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 04, 2011 9:36 am 

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Ah and I thought I missed it, *whew*. ^^

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 05, 2011 5:59 pm 
Definitely going to be there.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:25 pm 
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Just a reminder that the meeting is tomorrow. The quest will then be distributed to all who are interested.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2011 9:23 pm 
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Alexander informs me there was an excellent turnout at the meeting today! Here's the chatlog:

[spoiler](12/10 15:01:19) Chat.log started...
(12/10 15:01:20) adi waves hello
(12/10 15:01:37) Alexander Rush: Shorah everyone!
(12/10 15:01:51) Zyxia: shorah
(12/10 15:01:51) Ranger10: Everyones in the Auditorium
(12/10 15:01:54) Chronos: shorah alex
(12/10 15:01:55) Li Burumi: Shorah
(12/10 15:01:58) Hawu Meninp: Shorah
(12/10 15:02:01) Grandbad: Shorah
(12/10 15:02:02) Ranger10: Shorah Alex
(12/10 15:02:03) janeerah: hi
(12/10 15:02:04) Hawu Meninp waves hello
(12/10 15:02:06) Grandbad claps his hands
(12/10 15:02:14) Alexander Rush: I'm glad to see such a large group!
(12/10 15:02:22) Zyxia: hi adi
(12/10 15:02:47) Locutus: back
(12/10 15:03:01) Alexander Rush: Sorry for being slightly late; let's get started
(12/10 15:03:12) Ranger10: np : 0
(12/10 15:03:14) Ranger10: : )
(12/10 15:03:24) TheGreatMysterio: I have no clue what's going on.
(12/10 15:03:32) Alexander Rush: So my archaeology partner Ariana Brown and I
(12/10 15:04:02) Alexander Rush: recently graduated from college and came to the cavern looking for work
(12/10 15:04:22) Alexander Rush: So we were wandering through the cavern and the ages looking for something new to restore
(12/10 15:04:35) Alexander Rush: And for about a year we were unsuccessful
(12/10 15:04:59) Alexander Rush: But then, just when we were about to give up hope, we spotted something in a dark corner of the Museum
(12/10 15:05:30) Alexander Rush: It was a fragment of parchment with D'ni writing
(12/10 15:05:50) Alexander Rush: We could not make much of it until...
(12/10 15:06:10) Alexander Rush: a few weeks later we found another fragment in Gahreesen
(12/10 15:06:26) Alexander Rush: And the amazing thing was...
(12/10 15:06:32) Alexander Rush: they fit together!
(12/10 15:07:07) Alexander Rush: And they included the word "treasure"
(12/10 15:07:31) Alexander Rush: so then we were really interested and started looking for more fragments like never before
(12/10 15:07:44) Alexander Rush: And we've found a few, but it's not easy
(12/10 15:07:57) Alexander Rush: That's why we wanted your help
(12/10 15:08:15) Alexander Rush: Fragments could be anywhere in the cavern or the ages, and they're hard to spot
(12/10 15:08:40) Alexander Rush: Also they're hard to fit together
(12/10 15:09:19) Alexander Rush: It's as if someone MEANT for this message to be difficult to find
(12/10 15:09:47) Alexander Rush: How else could we explain such a scattering?
(12/10 15:10:08) Alexander Rush: Anyway, I greatly appreciate your willingness to help us!
(12/10 15:10:14) TheGreatMysterio: Excuse me, sir, what do the pieces look like?
(12/10 15:10:28) Alexander Rush: Please know that you will receive a share of anything we find
(12/10 15:11:11) Alexander Rush: They're about two to three inches across with rather large writing on them
(12/10 15:11:16) Hawu Meninp thinks he saw a fragment somewhere during last week, looking like a paper torn half
(12/10 15:11:41) Alexander Rush: Cool!
(12/10 15:11:45) TheGreatMysterio: Writing that you can see without a close examination?
(12/10 15:11:54) Li Burumi: Is it D'ni writing?
(12/10 15:11:55) Alexander Rush: That could very well be one of them
(12/10 15:12:05) Ranger10: are we doing questions at the end
(12/10 15:12:15) Hawu Meninp: it was definitely D'ni writing on it
(12/10 15:12:16) Alexander Rush: Yes it's D'ni writing; it's not like it's hidden or anything
(12/10 15:12:35) Alexander Rush: Questions whenever you want
(12/10 15:12:39) Ranger10: ok
(12/10 15:13:02) Gardonis: Whom do we notify if we find something?
(12/10 15:13:18) Grandbad: Piece in Classroom on the desk.
(12/10 15:13:30) Alexander Rush: So I'm going to send you a marker mission that helps you know what to look for
(12/10 15:13:32) Hawu Meninp: is it a competitive or a cooperative kind of task?
(12/10 15:13:42) Ranger10: so we just look in every nook and cranny then?
(12/10 15:13:49) Alexander Rush: It's cooperative of course
(12/10 15:13:55) Hawu Meninp: great
(12/10 15:14:01) Alexander Rush: Yes, they could be anywhere
(12/10 15:14:02) Thumbs up from Hawu Meninp
(12/10 15:14:14) Ranger10: cool
(12/10 15:14:27) Alexander Rush: Also please don't actually move the fragments when you find them; let us professionals take care of that
(12/10 15:14:44) Ranger10 nods her head
(12/10 15:14:52) Alexander Rush: Just report them either to our representative Simon on the forum, or to Ariana or me in a KImail
(12/10 15:14:52) Hawu Meninp: sure thing
(12/10 15:15:03) Alexander Rush: The forum is a good place for you to work together
(12/10 15:15:43) Alexander Rush: So, please wait while I add you all as buddies, and then send the mission
(12/10 15:15:55) Ranger10: : )
(12/10 15:16:05) Niysiechka has 32 fragments in her hat. She write it in notebook
(12/10 15:16:05) Grandbad claps his hands
(12/10 15:16:28) Gregorian wants to ask a question...
(12/10 15:16:28) Gregorian: what happens if you already received the mission last week at the last meeting and found all the markers?
(12/10 15:18:40) adi: i guess you wait until we leave and discuss it among yourselves :P
(12/10 15:18:43) Josie: shorah :) sorry I'm late
(12/10 15:18:59) Chronos: hey josie
(12/10 15:19:29) Ranger10: can we forward the game to others?
(12/10 15:19:36) Cyoor: So they can be in any age?
(12/10 15:19:54) Alexander Rush: Shorah Josie; short version of the story is that we're looking for fragments with a D'ni message leading to a treasure!
(12/10 15:20:12) Li Burumi: Pages. Bring the pages...
(12/10 15:20:16) Alexander Rush: Yes please forward it; we could use all the help we can get!
(12/10 15:20:25) Alexander Rush: They can be in any age.
(12/10 15:20:26) Ranger10: COOL!!!
(12/10 15:20:34) Josie: nice!
(12/10 15:20:41) Hawu Meninp: :D even in another game?
(12/10 15:20:58) Gete-aya'aa: do we get to keep a portion of the treasure if we find all the fragments?
(12/10 15:21:05) Alexander Rush: What do you mean by another game?
(12/10 15:21:11) Hawu Meninp: (just kidding)
(12/10 15:21:14) Gete-aya'aa: I just had to ask :-P
(12/10 15:21:15) Ranger10: can WE be any age too! ? lol
(12/10 15:21:43) adi: haha gete that would be fun
(12/10 15:21:44) Alexander Rush: You will get some of the treasure, but some of it must go to business purposes
(12/10 15:21:55) Hawu Meninp: I meant the offline Myst games of course btw :)
(12/10 15:21:56) Gregorian: well anyway i could act as a kind of guide if anyone needs help :) if that's ok with Alexander.
(12/10 15:22:37) Ranger10: Have you sent it yet alex??
(12/10 15:23:07) Grandbad will have to learn how to write a KI mail.
(12/10 15:23:13) Hawu Meninp: twenty of us here...
(12/10 15:23:16) Alexander Rush: Yes, if you find fragments faster than others, please let them have the thrill of finding them on their own if they want, but also help those who ask
(12/10 15:23:31) Gregorian: ok
(12/10 15:23:32) Alexander Rush: And we will ultimately compile one complete message
(12/10 15:23:34) Ranger10: Woohoo!
(12/10 15:23:40) Cyoor: How will we know when we have it, will it be like markers on the KI?
(12/10 15:23:41) Hawu Meninp: maybe adding us as buddies and sending it os still in progress
(12/10 15:23:46) Grandbad cheers
(12/10 15:23:48) Hawu Meninp: is
(12/10 15:23:53) Li Burumi: Where will the combo message be posted?
(12/10 15:24:16) Alexander Rush: Yes: we've arranged to use the KI's marker system to help you keep track of the fragments you've found
(12/10 15:24:29) Gete-aya'aa: hey Hawu, I can help you that writing a KI-mail thing if you want
(12/10 15:24:37) Grandbad: Cool
(12/10 15:24:37) Alexander Rush: Will be posted on the forum
(12/10 15:24:49) Alexander Rush: Now let me send you the quest...
(12/10 15:24:56) Grandbad leans left
(12/10 15:25:00) Gete-aya'aa: whoops, sorry, meant Grandbad
(12/10 15:25:01) Cyoor: For example if Grandbad finds one, can I also find the same one, or do we do it together?
(12/10 15:25:03) Annabelle leans right
(12/10 15:25:24) Grandbad: :)
(12/10 15:25:48) Hawu Meninp: thanks Gete, I already figured that outby now ;)
(12/10 15:25:49) Alexander Rush: Remember, only Ariana and I will actually pick up the fragments after you have confirmed the location
(12/10 15:26:02) Alexander Rush: So you can find them alone or together
(12/10 15:26:16) Cyoor: Ok thanks
(12/10 15:26:55) Grandbad: So when you pick up the fragments will that mean they are not there for others?
(12/10 15:27:25) Gete-aya'aa: no, Grandbad, ONLY Alexander and Ariana can pick them up
(12/10 15:27:48) Gete-aya'aa: all we do is find them
(12/10 15:27:53) Hawu Meninp: we just pick them up for checking them out and then we're putting them back?
(12/10 15:28:03) Gete-aya'aa: and report their locations
(12/10 15:28:06) Gardonis: The markers will still be there, presumably, after the fragments are gone.
(12/10 15:28:11) Grandbad: Thats what i meant, when Alex, Arian pick are they GONE.
(12/10 15:28:16) Hawu Meninp: or none of us should touch them?
(12/10 15:28:39) Annabelle: 1.lost rumors received
(12/10 15:28:44) Hawu Meninp: except the archeologists
(12/10 15:29:13) Gardonis: Pretty pink markers.
(12/10 15:29:18) Alexander Rush: You may touch them but not move them
(12/10 15:29:26) Thumbs up from Gete-aya'aa
(12/10 15:29:52) Hawu Meninp: ok
(12/10 15:30:00) Alexander Rush: We will collect them after we have received enough information
(12/10 15:30:11) Ranger10: Wow
(12/10 15:30:23) Annabelle: nov 18th
(12/10 15:30:26) Alexander Rush: So, you'll find our current fragments in our office
(12/10 15:30:28) Josie: so, we find them and report to you?
(12/10 15:30:36) Alexander Rush: Yes Josie
(12/10 15:30:40) Josie: ok
(12/10 15:30:46) Alexander Rush: and collaboration will take place on the forum
(12/10 15:30:56) Ranger10 thinks this is very exciting!!
(12/10 15:31:12) Hawu Meninp cheers
(12/10 15:31:28) Alexander Rush: There's a clue in this hood about where our office is, I can't actually mention it in case this log falls into the wrong hands
(12/10 15:31:53) Alexander Rush: So that's basically all my discussion; did I miss anyone's questions?
(12/10 15:32:13) Josie: do we report in pm or on the forum
(12/10 15:32:14) Ranger10: have you sent them?
(12/10 15:32:22) Alexander Rush: Also does anyone not have the mission?
(12/10 15:32:37) Alexander Rush: Yes I sent them
(12/10 15:33:07) adi: thanks btw ^^
(12/10 15:33:07) AZT: i don't have it.
(12/10 15:33:07) Gete-aya'aa: to help keep certain "others" from messing with the fragments, I suggest reporting via KI-mail
(12/10 15:33:10) Alexander Rush: If you want to collaborate with other explorers, use the forum; if you just want to tell me use a pm
(12/10 15:33:26) Josie: KI-mail, ok, thanks :)
(12/10 15:33:50) Hawu Meninp: '1. Lost Rumors' is it's name
(12/10 15:33:50) Gete-aya'aa: but then I'm probably just paranoid
(12/10 15:33:50) Ranger10: do we start anywhere?
(12/10 15:33:51) Annabelle: check on Nov 18th
(12/10 15:34:03) Cyoor: So how do we start? Do I need to be able open that lost rumors mail? (Laggs abit)
(12/10 15:34:39) Alexander Rush: Yes, Lost Rumors is our mission; I'd suggest finding our office first
(12/10 15:34:45) Ranger10: where do we start???
(12/10 15:34:46) Gete-aya'aa leans left
(12/10 15:34:52) Gete-aya'aa: hey Zyxia
(12/10 15:34:56) Ranger10: HERE!!
(12/10 15:35:07) Ranger10: cool
(12/10 15:35:20) Alexander Rush: So, thanks again for all of your support!
(12/10 15:35:30) Dulcamara cheers
(12/10 15:35:32) Josie: thank you for doing this :)
(12/10 15:35:32) Locutus thanks you
(12/10 15:35:35) Locutus claps his hands
(12/10 15:35:36) Hawu Meninp: thanks for letting us now about it :)
(12/10 15:35:38) Grandbad cheers
(12/10 15:35:42) Hawu Meninp: know
(12/10 15:35:43) Locutus cheers
(12/10 15:35:43) Niysiechka claps her hands
(12/10 15:35:48) adi claps her hands
(12/10 15:35:51) AZT: great!
(12/10 15:35:52) Zyxia claps her hands
(12/10 15:35:53) Cyoor: thanks Alexander
(12/10 15:35:58) Gete-aya'aa kneels down...
(12/10 15:36:02) Locutus bows
(12/10 15:36:03) adi: thank you mr rush
(12/10 15:36:05) janeerah: thx
(12/10 15:36:18) Grandbad salutes
(12/10 15:36:23) Ranger10: Thanks Alex and Arian
(12/10 15:36:26) adi: just guys please don't go shouting all the locations now!
(12/10 15:36:36) Ranger10: ok
(12/10 15:36:54) Gete-aya'aa: yeah, some of us want to have the thrill of finding them
(12/10 15:37:08) Cyoor: No spoilers :P
(12/10 15:37:15) Alexander Rush: And keep looking for the next meeting time, once we've solved the message!
(12/10 15:37:31) Niysiechka: Great!
(12/10 15:37:53) adi: what if we haven't solved until you make another meeting??
(12/10 15:37:56) Gete-aya'aa: oh, one question for us late-comers....
(12/10 15:38:15) Gete-aya'aa: which forum?
(12/10 15:38:41) Alexander Rush: The MOULa forum
(12/10 15:38:46) adi: ah!
(12/10 15:38:47) Gete-aya'aa: ok, thank you
(12/10 15:40:08) Alexander Rush: you can continue to look for the locations on your own, or you can keep up with the current investigation, whichever you want
(12/10 15:40:25) Niysiechka: Thank you Alexander!


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PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2011 10:40 pm 
Obduction Backer

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I would suggest posting your lists of fragments and any work on translating the message below, SPOILERED OF COURSE. :)

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 Post subject: First batch completed
PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 1:43 am 

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[spoiler]Haven't found any of the second group, so not many ideas about what the messages say.

First set of fragments:

w. I le
ore. I da
ur ke
o the wo
eak of th
e us no
as, I ca
ng. On
den Po
hir. Go
rthy; Al
ys. I a
ll sav
t is fal
e fo
re not sp
ly the Fo

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